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big dipper the ups and the downs of a quite unique fixture whatever the circumstances whatever the situation whatever is at stake there is no match quite like a manchester derby well it's the 187th manchester derby the 50th since the premier league began the .

Blues are certainly overdue a win here at the etihad stadium having lost the last three in a row there is absolutely no logical reason why they shouldn't record a victory today man for man the better team in much better form they are without doubt the side who others the fear the blues are easing their way into the .

Final third leonardo silva just with a couple of step overs and interesting to see how united's try to cope with the blues rotations and they're not going to because it was a simple move down the left it was passed into the box goodness only knows he was supposed to be marking to .

Bruno but you know what who cares it's city one united nil already well alistair there's there's patience about this girl city's just been patient moving the ball left to right if they eventually move the ball up into uh the final third is bernardo silva where he sees the ball in the pocket uh he has a bit of patience .

Greenish then receives it brilliance runs inside he plays a loophole to bernardo who flashes it across towards the penalty spot and wow is kevin de bruyne who gets their first side foot into the near post nothing united can do brilliant start by manchester city it was one of those moves sean wasn't it .

There was just trademark city there were just those little rotations just those little movements little bits of give and go and all of a sudden they wait for a gap to open up someone doesn't track a runner nobody tracked kevin de bruyne and he just had this most simple of side foots from about five meters out from goal silver plated .

Up to ilanga and now united are coming at city all of a sudden and pomp has played a terrific ball and sancho is advancing towards the edge of the city penalty area and united again have plenty of bodies in sancho takes the shot and scores the goal and united are level well it smelled like a game there'd be .

Chances for both sides and yeah just had a hunch that it might be a player who once was part of the city academy that might have a say in it laid off to stones city just inching their way into the final third map joao cancelo joining in in the left wing position on it goes to greelish greelish .

Just skips away from a couple of challenges but it's a good tackle by wambasaker and now united have it back and united are going forward with numbers but city have won it back from them and that's terrific play by foda and foden is i promise you there'll be more goals i .

Said city we're gonna have plenty of them the way united were playing so open and they scored with their very next attack and de bruyne is on a hat trick well i'm just trying to catch my breath because i'm looking absolutely crazy myself i mean we have really got a derby on the number of shots that were taken just .

Now but greelish relish heads it into foden the take flicks it over maguire's head goes for the shot bernardo follows in dennis de bruyne who actually gets the shot in from the rebrand uh it's been none though this has been absolutely brilliant play by city again bernardo goes with the fresh shot .

It's saved by the gear and then it's kevin de bruyne who actually just side puts it in he's on fire trick this game is absolutely fascinating because this can either be a absolutely brilliant move by pat with grealish or likewise for manchester united with pogba being front tactically it's a .

Really really brilliant game corner which de bruyne and foden are hovering over the delivery of once again stones is up by the goalkeeper reelish is in there as well and it's gone deep this time and it's hit by you will never see a better set piece but the one we've just witnessed at the .

Yeti had a quite breathtaking move they've worked on it on the training ground it couldn't have gone better to plan than on derby day and city's top scorer gets goal number 20 of the campaign and it was a quite magnificent set piece well we just saw a brilliant bit of build up to get that corner .

Phil sorry kevin de bruyne he knocks it he knocks the corner in and then my first thought was is actually knocked in floated with not a lot of pace but that was so it allowed morris to just come onto it just on the d and he side foots this ball while morris has the technical ability to hit the ball with that way the technical ability that .

It takes to half volley that into the bottom corner while the gear goes for it but it can get nowhere near it an absolute superb strike by mahrez who's been on superb form brilliant goal by city his city at their very very best and moving the ball around they're got .

Their swagger they've got their mojo and they've got trophies in their sights they want their fourth premier league crown in five years and they now want a fourth goal against united as walker gets down to the byline he plays it across and the volley is brilliant from trial cancello to hayer makes the save that would have been the goal of this or .

Any season there was a generation of city fans who had to sit back and take all sorts of stick from extremely swaggering cocky arrogant united fans who thought that their domination of the game would never end and that city's plight would stay horrendous as city go .

In and make it 4-1 unless the intervenes it does the flag intervenes he looked offside mahrez he was i think i thought they'd given it up but they haven't they've actually got the dotted lines out now and we're talking about fractions here .

And he's on side and i think it's 4-1 it is it is 4-1 the fans in the ground are about to discover that city you've got a four well i never riyad mahrez who just cannot stop scoring he scored for the fifth match in a row he's got more than 100 goal involvements as a city player .

60 goals 41 assists and he's capped off the most wonderful performance city four united one the flag had gone up he looked offside to me he looked offside to the assistants but the var dotty lines came out and they said mahrez you were on side he's got two goals city have four for so many years united fans used to turn up .

And wonder how many they were going to win by against city as they went towards another title now the game has completely turned around and united are some 22 points off in the distance now worried about making the top four for city this has been a quite vintage display and one which will live long in .

The memory sean how do you sum up that well how do i sum this one up well an absolute master class from manchester city from front to back the ability to cope with the the different tactics that united had first came with but once they got to grips with that tactical adjustment it was all about city .

Pep guardiola what a genius in terms of the level of performance he's got these players playing reply from jayden sancho marres to 21 goals this season more than 100 gold involvement 61 goals and 41 assists the blues have been brilliant city 4 united one today playing out united could not deal with .

Manchester city they really couldn't try to press and and they knew that if they pressed they would bypass that press and who came in a result but this one i think bypasses that a brilliant performance by uh manchester city absolutely superb two goals for de bruyne two goals for .

Mahrez one can be broken down every player i thought to a man was absolutely superb sensational um this this one will be remembered for a long long time i thought the last game at um old trafford was a sensational you


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