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Post GATE Exam Counselling | CE | GATE Score vs Opportunities | BYJU’S GATE

All so guys we basically hope and pray that everybody is fine and shine guys as you are aware about the fact that yesterday night last night we have received the result of the gate basically it was a very important result which was expected to come today as per the date given by the iit .

Kharagpur but as expected as most expected because the gate result comes before then they announced so last night we have received that basically results so guys can we know that how you have performed and how much rank and score you are getting in your gate exam so guys can you please let us know that quickly everyone everyone quickly .

Let us know that and meanwhile guys can you please share this important session among your friends all of them who have given the gate so guys they basically they can get aware about what are the opportunities waiting for them basically with this session so guys welcome to our session on post gate counseling okay so in this today's .

Session we are going to be discussing in detail that what are all the opportunities through the gate score okay be it your masters okay when you whether you want to go for psus or mtech okay what are all the opportunities that you are going to get okay so yes so i have got a message from abhishek very good abhishek .

We guess abhishek has scored in rank of 1002 very good congratulations of this and i hope that you get into a very good iit with your preferred branch okay so in the today's session we are going to be telling you in detail that what are the options available with the students who are having a score from a 1000 to 800 okay .

Then from 700 to 800 or 600 to 8700 like this categorically we are also going to tell you that what are the opportunities waiting for you okay what is best for you whether you should go for iit's nighties triple it is what niti mumbai what all are the options that are standing different of you so join fast .

Quick everyone it is going to be a very uh important session for you all okay and all your queries are also going to be answered over here okay so you can ask us anything that you the doubts you are having in your mind okay and we are also going to be planning further such sessions okay which will help you at every stage of stage of your uh journey .

So guys have you shared the session with your friends everyone have you shared the session with your friends and guys please do subscribe to our channel because basically this will give you or this will help you in the future also we are as sir told as rohan sir has told basically we are going to .

Bring many such sessions for your guidance guys and basically you can also contact in our telegram groups respective telegrams groups if anything you want guidance from us so we will bring session on that you can contact me in civil bianca and you can contact rohan sir in civil by rohan sir so you can search on the telegram and guys we .

Will be also sharing this ppt with you guys so basically that will also be the benefit for you so guys please please please it's a humble request from my side basically please do share this session with your friends let many people join this right now let many people join this right now so let us start everyone .

Starting on guys okay so any one more notification guys so gate 2023 series also is also running for you so this is a full year series in which we are going to be providing you the complete study plan for complete one year okay for all the branches .

Mechanical civil computer science and electrical and uh communication right so at eight pm it is going to be conducted and it is going we are going to be there at 8 pm with you guys for the whole year okay so you are going to get a very complete set of preparation from here and guys these are the current scores that the students have scored in the .

Gate so these are the cut off marks okay qualifying marks guys basically by qualifying marks are important let us basically also make you a bar aware about it basically if you are preferring to go for empty then basically if you have qualified gate and basically on the basis of your gate score you are going for the m tech in any of the college .

Like iits nits basically then basically you are eligible for mhrd scholarship which is 12 400 right yes yes so this makes you eligible for that scholarship right so if you uh so this year for the general category the cutoff marks is 34 30.4 for the obc is 27.3 and for scsc is 20.2 as you can see as compared to the previous years your .

Generally category has already almost remained the same okay not too much difference and similarly in the other categories also there is not too much of a difference in the cut-off market i will just basically let the students know about it basically i have taken one session on this basically expected what expected rank how much basically would .

Be your cut off and what could be your gate score and guys basically you can watch the session on the youtube that is present over there basically what were the basically the expectations given by the tentative uh cutoff given by the by jews exam prep so guys that is nearly accurate and i also told you in that session basically those will be .

Nearly accurate so you are finding that the expectations of baijus are same to the actual actual scenario right and these are the marks which are scored by the topper this year okay as compared to the previous year this year the toppers marks have drastically improved improved .

His score is 97.36 guys so basically this is after normalization his score is 97.36 and his gate score is 1000. definitely 1000 right basically see it is not necessary that you are topper of that particular year and even though your gate score will be thousand basically this thousand is the topmost gate score given by the .

Iit and you can see over here in gate 2022 in gate 2020 basically the topper gate score was not thousand it was 980 it is relative to the previous two years exam also the difficulty level also so guys these are the opportunities opportunities after given from the gate sir please so guys what do you get from gate okay .

What are the options that are available with you after you get a gate score so the first and the foremost so this is based upon that what are the students want to go for so in civil engineering if i talk about civil engineering so most of the students they prefer psu jobs or government jobs because the packages are higher and the .

Mtech does not add that much of a value after two years of specialization until and unless you are having a different mindset if you are having a mindset of a job then psu and government job is a option for you right now the first option after the gate examination is poc and government jobs in this government jobs there are some state level jobs .

Also so we are going to be doing a detailed session on what are the available psus what are the pcp issues that required q2 great in the past and what are the psus that has already given the notifications regarding the recruitment okay so we are going to be coming up with the special session for this okay so we are going to be .

Addressing all your doubts regarding the psu recruitment what are its cutoffs okay what are the psus what are the uh how many seats are there what is the procedure how how to prepare for interview so we are going to be answering each and every thing about that okay in a separate session which is going to be taken for psus only okay so .

Right now what are what is the next option now if you are more oriented towards higher studies or you are more interested into going into more depth so you can also go for research oriented jobs okay research oriented jobs as in bark okay so it is a research oriented job then you can also go for higher studies okay higher studies you can if .

You are more towards uh research then you can take a research course such as masters in science msc right higher studies you can go for m tech okay in indian universities or you can also go for foreign universities there are certain options for the foreign universities also but although i would prefer you to go for indian universities .

All only until unless you are more inclined towards foreign right and then we have some management courses which are offered by niti mumbai right so these are the all the options that you get after gate gate yes guys basically see there are foreign universities just to add what rohan sir .

Has told basically you can go for your m tech in in uh countries like singapore and there are certain colleges basically in germany also we which recognize these gate score so that is basically a very important thing and the secondly the point is this basically why rohan has suggested please go for indian .

Universities rather than foreign universities because of one thing and that is basically expenditure right and that is basically expenditure that's why rohan has suggested you to this point definite yes so definitely abhishek you can definitely get a better rank okay all you need to do is so since you have .

Already got a thousand run okay you may not require to do that much of a hard work that you have done up till now okay so now your focus should be more upon that what are the mistakes that you have done prior okay if you are going to start for your preparation now once again i would also recommend you to start preparing for .

Focusing on engineering services okay more than gate now okay now your focus should be to get to actually get all india rank one in engineering services okay if your if your aim is all india rank one you will definitely crack a job in engineering services okay and gate is uh the slaves of gate is not different than .

That of the engineering services you will definitely get a good rank in a gate also there is always uh it has always been seen those the students those who perform very good in engineering services also perform very good in gate also yes congratulations praveen you are uh for your rank okay .

And praveen definitely you can get it just just wait for some few more minutes basically we are going to head towards to that slide basically up to what rank you can get up to uh psu so we are going to head towards that just give us a few more minutes to get to that slide sir proceed .

So first of all let us discuss if you are suppose if you are going for a master's degree right so what are the specializations that you can go for and what is the sequence of the course specializations so the generally in our civil engineering okay structural engineering is always preferred over the other .

Branches because first of all it is more in demand packages are higher okay and it good it gives good placements also okay then we have construction technology and management and after that geotechnical engineering transportation environment water resource earthquake ocean and rock .

Engineering okay so this is the sequence of preference this is based upon the demand of the industry yes yes yes yes so guys basically the point is this like structural engineering as sir told as i have worked in the construction industry also in the private sector also and sir has also worked as a designer after his m tech .

From iic guys basically sir is am tech from isc right so basically now the point is this uh basically the structural job are always preferred and these are most repeated job guys you become a design engineer and which is integral part of any construction company because without getting things designed so basically you cannot move .

Forward you cannot move forward right guys so thereafter construction technology and management this is also getting very high day by day the reason behind this is very simple that basically you know that today we are a developing country and slowly slowly basically we are towards basically moving towards the developed country and .

For that the infrastructure requirement is very important right guys so basically since the infrastructure requirement is very very important that's why these two branches construction technology and management and transportation engineering these are basically improving these were basically at the rank of fifth and sixth some .

Point of time basically water resource was above but now since the demand the need of the r basically these branches are getting up and you get very good packages over here there are certain seniors of mine who have done basically in this branch and they are doing exceptionally good in the industry right now and having a pay package of .

Nearly 20 lakhs nearly 20 lakhs so guys yes this is the sequence as per the industry but if your interest is aligned more towards any of the particular branch if you are more if your interest lies in any of the particular branch then obviously then this list is not useful for you right then you will follow your interest only .

Okay in that case you should always follow your interest okay then the branch does not matter okay then this category does not matter right and so what are the options available with you okay what are the options available so you can go for either m tech program .

Okay which is more of an industry based program so mostly in most of the iits and in nit obviously only gate score is applicable and most of the iit's also only gate score is required direct admission is there but in certain iits for example i uh in iit bombay right for structural engineering they conduct a separate exam also they take an .

Interview also okay and like that say similar wise there are certain iits which also take interviews for the mtech program also for next is your m tech research or also referred to as msc program okay over here see they say m tech is your two years program it is your two program but m tech research is a 2.5 to three years program .

In this you will be provided with the project which you will have to compensate yeah this is you have to complete that work okay be it take two years b take 2.5 or b take three years okay you have to complete until unless you complete you will not be awarded with your amtec research so in this you will be required to appear for an .

Interview also and the next is your dual degree program in which you will be provided with the mtech plus phd okay so in this your gate score and interview will be taken okay and uh so the student who is giving me that he has got a fire uh 542 .

Rank right no i guess your score is your 542 so yes there are some options okay interdisciplinary branches you can also go for okay so in this today's session we are going to be telling you what are all the options for you also okay so you can uh stay tuned and we are going to address your doubt also sir i would like to add one more thing what you have told .

Over here to the students basically guys if you go for m tech only and write m tech research and basically after that let us say while performing or while pursuing mtech during your college you get more inclined towards research right you want to pursue basically phd also from that college then basically you can also get .

Converted into phd degree right you will have that option during your basically work basically it depends how sincerely you are pursuing your mtech and how good basically your guide is basically assessing you is he assessing you right yes sir after one year you can convert your to convert your degree to the dual degree program .

There is option esd sir i guess in psd the stripe is also higher yes get a good stipend and basically in phd if you are purchasing phd then you can you are also eligible for a house and the accommodation facility in that college if i'm not wrong so basically college will be take care of your all the expenditures right of all the .

Expenditures this is actually the dual uh the other way also if you are supposed in a dual degree program and in case after in between you uh you are not for comfortable with completing with your phd so then you can also take your msc degree if you if in case you have done that weightage of work you can you can .

Get your msc degree and get out of there okay that is also option available with you okay yes caution you can get basically so many students are asking about psu's psus so let us tell them the ranks also yeah basically as they are they're basically we also understand the fact that their heartbeat is getting uh higher and higher and higher right .

Basically yes yes madhuvi parashati you can get basically we'll just just show this we are going to bring that there is a very high probability so uh i will be straight forward okay there is a very high probability that you will get a psu okay but that does not uh assures it okay that depends how many uh psus are coming with it that will bring .

Very soon and basically how many uh seats also they are having yeah but for us if you ask in general category top hundred for we saw 175 150 yes yes and for category sc and st it could reach up to 250 and was in some cases up to 300 yes right so so guys these are the ranks these are the ranks which you can .

Expect the psu's call and you can join any psu yes madhubi yes you definitely will get into some of the iits but the point is which branch do you want okay so we are going to be telling you okay just have a little bit of patience let us introduce to you all the iits okay that are recruiting uh sorry the the which offer so this is your .

Mhrd scholarship okay which if you are qualifying your gate then you are eligible for this mhrd scholarship so you will be provided with the 12 400 per month of stipend which is for your contribution in half time teaching assistantship or half time research .

Assistantship either of these two okay one either one or either this or this okay so can you please share which one did you prefer and what did you do during your iiscm tech so guys uh in the iic since there is no b tech students so the teaching assistantship is uh not available in the .

Iic so half time received research assistantship is over there so over at iic so we were we were we had to work with our guide in order to help him in the laboratory okay sometimes we have to cast some concrete cubes for we have to contribute in the project okay and we have to work with the guide .

Over there okay so there is not too much of a load okay you can say that it is uh not too much okay you will enjoy over there at the end of the day so you will have fun at the end of the day you will learn and have fun over here over there and guys basically i will just tell you that iisc .

Bangalore is the most reputed college for master's degree in our country and you have the best minds available over there and basically when you join mtech over there those professors will the word i am not getting over here but if you allow me then they will grill you a lot but during that grilling you will learn a lot and you will come out from .

That college as a gem and guys you will be having lot of confidence in your life and lot of enlightenment also so that matters a lot guys that matters a lot and after that after that your value in the market will get many folded many folded multiplied so that is the impeccable thing so guys don't worry .

For the hard work just worry about basically getting the knowledge from the person who is capable of you giving the knowledge yes definitely sir so see guys right now you i know that as a civil engineer each and every one of you is more focused towards psu recruitment right but that .

Will take another seven to eight months okay when i did my m tech there were certain students who were waiting for their psu recruitments okay and while they were waiting for their psu recruitments they were they completed the mtech also now they have their mtech degree also and .

Their psu also there are a lot of my students and some of the students they quit their m tech in between and they joined with the psu that is also not an issue okay so but right now psu is going to take some time psu recruitments are going to come your interview is going to happen then you .

Are going to get your result now the more important thing right now is which college to choose for your mtech okay psus okay as per your rank as per your interview you are going to get and for that we are going to come up with a very detailed session okay that is uh more you students are having more doubts in .

That okay so in this post gate guide uh counseling session we are going to be telling you uh what are the options that you are having right psus we will tell you separately a very detailed session is going to be connected most probably day after tomorrow okay so moving on and anjali i'll just add one more thing over .

Here what rohan sir has told basically see psus notification are coming separately and basically we will be letting you about those notification in our telegram group that is civil by anker and say we'll buy our answer so you can join that telegram group and please don't forget to subscribe our channel because if you .

Subscribe our channel you will be getting the shorts also from our site in those shorts basically we will be also bringing one minute shots for the details of all these sessions so guys you will never ever miss these details you'll never ever miss this for that all you need to do is subscribe to the baiju's exam prep channel right so i .

Will be we will be notifying you all the important notifications regarding your psu regarding your iits okay whatever the information new notifications are going to come we are going to be notifying you in an in our shorts okay which will be constantly updated on our by jews exam prep platform so quickly click on the subscribe button and click .

On the bell icon if you want to stay updated with each and everything so certain uh iits have already given their uh m tech uh forms okay like iiic okay and one more iit has already given and i am going to update you soon enough on my channel also okay and i will also upload a short regarding .

That okay moving on so what is the preference order for iit's okay so this preference order over here so first is we are having iic bank road then we have iit bombay delhi kanpur kharagpur madras rurki varanasi and your .

Goatee okay these are your main iits first of all the old iits are the main iits right nice and these are the new iits basically we will just like to add some point over here basically these are since these are the new iits you will be having you will be having certain branches in nits also which are available in these new iits and certain .

Branches available in nits now as per the perspective of the placement as per the perspective of the placement basically what we are suggesting that you can get placements better than in basically certain nits relative to these basically iits but guys basically if you want a tag of iit right which may which you may regret after 10 year then you .

Should go for this right but this is the gamble right guys so for that what we have decided myself and ruancer has decided soon we will make a new telegram channel for you and basically over there we'll be providing guidance because we know that basically choosing these colleges and the branch becomes very tough for you right sir .

Basically it's like basically you are getting same branch in different colleges then you can compare but you are getting different branches in different colleges then which branch would be better and which college would be better basically in terms of region in terms of basically pay package in terms of the knowledge in terms of .

Basically the ambience so all these factors play a very important role over there and for that we are going to basically open a new telegram channel for you and we'll be guiding and meanwhile you can just connect us in civil by rohansen and civil bianchita if you face any difficulty guys so if we talk about expertise right so first of .

All let me comment a little bit about iic bangalore okay now if you are more inclined towards industry okay if you are more if you want an industrial job so i would recommend you to go for iits you i would recommend you to not to go for iic bank load because in iic bangalore the mindset of the ic bangalore is not towards the industry it .

Is always towards the research and it will always remain towards the research their preference is not getting you placed their preference is to do research okay so if in case you are going to ic bangalore then only make this take this decision if you are really want to go into academia okay if you go on to uh if you really want to .

Study further to go much deeper into your subject okay then i would prefer you to go for iic bangalore okay and if in case you are going to ifc bangalore you have to work it yourself college is not going to help you get you recruited okay first point thing next is if you are going to iit then iit bombay and iit .

Delhi are going to provide you similar type of recruitment packages iit bombay is good for structure it is uh more uh it is very good for structures iit delhi is very good for geotechnical geotechnical and rock mechanics also guys rock mechanics also and there is very little difference if we call if we say that in .

The placement category there is a very little difference in terms of other iits okay so it depends upon your uh regional location also okay it depends on your uh choices which you are getting okay what are the branches you are being offered in the various iits okay so it depends upon all those things which choice you should make for your iit right .

After that we just have to cut off slides we have the cut off slides for you guys so don't worry so we have already uh seen all the cutoffs cutters for all the iits and we have given you a very uh organized data that based upon what gate score what are the iits that you are going to get okay so we have categorized .

All the things let's get to that so here is the preference for entities also okay so quickly you can see these are the better these are the top six sanities so like certain nitis uh like your united patna right roper and uh mandia so these are offering better these are you may be a better option for you as .

Compared to those iits right but if in case you want iit tag okay then you can go for that right show them another another slide see guys these are the also the uh nits which are going for basically your gate score on the basis of gate score you can get admission into them but basically .

As for these orders you can expect the pay packages from them as per these you can expect the pay packages from them right again again we are repeating so can we move to the next slide please so here is the preference order for iit so now the i8 triple i t sorry triple ids will not offer you the pro branches of civil engineering right but they will .

Offer you some of the interdisciplinary branches which may of which will offer you good packages so you have to literally dig a little deeper into this triple it's and we are going to come up with the separate session for triple it is on byu's exam prep platform okay so we are going to make a separate session for triple itis but for the .

Uh your sequence so what is the preference so this this is the preference of triple it is uh allahabad go earlier right so like this this is the preference folder for the triple iits but i will not go in too much of detail .

Right now because it requires uh a lot more analysis basically you don't want to waste your time because we know that we are more interested for the cutoffs but we will definitely tell you what are the options with you based upon your gate score considering all the iit's nits and triple it is clear and meanwhile if there is any doubt in your .

Mind if you have anything in your mind do not feel shy just comment in the chat section no one is going to see you who is asking such a stupid doubt right so over here you can ask anything whichever there is whatever is there in your mind exactly and next in mumbai need mumbai right so guys this is very good college for .

The management people basically for like there is one course over here right post graduate diploma in industrial engineering and post graduate diploma in manufacturing management this is the basically very good course for the mechanical people and basically this course pg dpm that is post graduate diploma in project management .

Exceptionally good guys exceptionally good and basically the point is this there is one point uh which is the bad point for this college that is basically the cost itself it requires around 9 to 10 lakh rupees to get basically the expenditure of this college will be on the higher side but the point is this the point is this basically that the pay .

Package when you come out from this college will be equivalently good and you can repay the entire amount in one year and guys basically there are many banks also we are financing for this college there are many banks they are giving the education loans for this college so guys in this college basically you will be having .

Requiring gate score gd and personal interview these things are required right guys but this college does not recruit only basis of your great score gd this college also takes in account how you have you have performed in the past that is basically what is your score in 10 12 and all that right guys so that is also very very important .

Uh pawan kumarji what uh what is basically what is your uh category what is your category sir for cs electronic code yes triple it is best yes juan ji exactly exactly you are on bank on target so let us show them the next slide please okay so uh one more thing that i would like to add .

On is that uh in this see if you are suppose we are more towards the management side so i would like to ask one thing that who do you think in the world are having the highest pay packages the highest pay packages are with the project managers only yes they have to manage thousands of crores worth of .

Projects and if a person is managing thousands of crores worth of project okay you can imagine what could be the packages he might be demanding it is all based upon its skills so if you are good enough okay then you can these are very good options for you but one thing over here that .

As for a civil engineer you can only opt for these two options okay this is not an option for civil engineering this is not the option for civil engineer right so these are the two options for the civil engineers and yes pro project managers they are a big deal so moving on so in this in order to get into niti .

Mumbai okay so uh along with your vtec percentage your academics also matters your class 10th has weightage class 12 as weightage b tech gate score group discussion and there is a respective weightage for each and everything okay so they will be looking at all your past records also okay and these are the cutoffs for the niti .

Mumbai okay and along with the gate percentage what is the minimum criteria for general category it is 760 obc eight 684 so sc 509 st 509 and ph 509 okay which course is better out of these three civil engineers definitely project management definitely but if you talk about seeds .

Seeds are maximum in industrial industrial engineering okay if you talk about seeds seeds are maximum in industrial engineering this is more inclined towards mechanical people and production people uh what is your gate score ashish mariaji can you just let us know gate score so that better we can guide you .

Just we are about to get those slides foreign that yes you have bright chance you have bright chance for psus so stay focused everyone okay we are going to definitely come up with the separate session in which we are going to be sharing you the past records for the psus also okay very soon enough so .

Stay tuned okay with the baiju's exam prep subscribe subscribe to the channel and click on the bell icon so that you do not miss the session okay and we are going to help you in every possible way for this we are also going to take a very uh individual we are going to be starting a telegram group okay which will be launched very .

Soon and in that group we are going to be taking up all your doubts all your queries and we are going to be addressing all your queries regarding your ps use mtag and it will keep on continuing to make a good connection with you all okay we want to connect with you now .

Let us continue okay and here are the options that are there if your gate score is within eight hundred two thousand just to interrupt you guys i can only see that there are many people live only very few like are you not liking our efforts for you .

Are you not liking our efforts for you guys and did you hit the subscribe button did you hit the subscribe button please do hit that please do it that there is very small increment guys so that's much do not worry everyone yeah that much you can tell us whatever bring it or not then we .

Will be motivated to bring such saturn in the future yes as forward is asking that do we have any separate session for psu chances yes we will have that session but tell us how are you basically appreciating this session right so just appreciate it i know everyone that you guys are some of you might be feeling .

Little demotivated also and some of you might be very happy also right but if in case you are not scoring expert as expectations right when i scored all india rank of 96 in gate 2020 right i was expecting i have my aim was all india rank one and that was a bummer for me but .

but but but the thing is your hard work always pays off now today i am standing over here and teaching all of you and it is a very good privilege for me and i love this and now today i feel that whatever hard work have been done and has already been paid off .

Similarly you also guys whatever hard work you have done it is going to pay off either today or tomorrow okay but wherever you are most suitable where is your wherever is your place you are going to settle over there only it is possible that you are getting a very rank which is very far behind like you suppose you are getting a 800 rank or .

900 rank but you have done a lot of hard work maybe you are suitable for a bark job maybe you are suitable for some other good job this is not a place for you to get a job your place is somewhere else it is already decided but you will get based upon your uh you have to keep your patience right .

So always stay positive okay never get that negativity affect you so same is the case with me as i am an ex-ies officer but i never thought that i will get into teaching but now i enjoy this more so i have quitted my job moving on so guys uh here here are the options if .

You are having a gate score within eight hundred two thousand okay so if you are having a gate score within 800 000 then psu options are over there you are going to get your interview calls for the various psus okay and most probably you are going to crack a job in a psu also if in case you are inclined towards the psu but if in case you are inclined more .

Towards the mtech degree in that case you are going to be getting the options of branches from all the iits and iic so it is up to you you don't need to focus upon the nitis you will get a preferred branch in any one of the good iits okay then coming to the next that is 700 to 800 right now if you are having a gate score .

Within 700 to 800 then you are going to get your uh like in 2016 i scored an all india rank of 366 right in and my gate score was 774. so i got m tech degree in ic bangalore one thing that i would like to point out over here in iic bangalore the first year is common for all the students okay the first year is common for all the .

Students in ic bangalore you are not categorized with any of the branch over there you are common all the students are common in as a civil engineers only after first semester semester you are you are awarded with a branch based upon your preferences over there they will take your gate score also into consideration and .

Your first semester marks also into consideration i guess 70 30 weightage is there 74 gate score and 34. you are first semester marks okay so you will be provided with the civil engineering over there in the first semester okay and in the later semesters over there one more option is there now when you are awarded with the branch over there there is a .

Option with you that whether you want to do one you have to take your majors what major subject you want to choose okay what major subject you want to choose for example like i took a majors in structural engineering okay and you can also take one minor subject .

In which you have to complete some minor credits okay you have to acquire some minor course credits and i took that as geotechnical so i did some geotech courses also along with structure so i am provide i am avoided with the m tech degree in structural engineering with the miners in geotechnical engineering so like this .

You can take this minor whatever as per your choice okay it may be of computer science course also okay so you can take your minus as per your uh as per your requirement right arjun ji basically definitely you can get structural engineering from any of .

The iit any of the iit your gate score is very good very good you will get definitely structural engineering from any of the iit let let us basically let us have a separate session for it a detailed cutoff will be sharing over there which psu can i get this rank yes sharmaji basically you can .

Get most of the psus over here right for that we are going to have a separate session very soon we will be bringing a detailed session basically whatever the previous year cut off for each and every psu right guys let us basically one of them one more thing so a lot of students like you are asking so what i will get what i will get right now which psu i .

Will get which m tech i will get so one very important point that you have to remember over here you can get whatever you want if you you know yes if my rank is this i have some chances over there right but you will only get if you think if you do not think that your preparation time is over if you stay in touch with your subject interviews play .

A very important role and i am telling you a lot of students lose their touch after the gate examination and in the interview they are blank okay so it is very important that your preparation is still not over your journey is still on until and unless your empty whatever what is the meaning .

If you are getting all india rank of uh let us say 17 and you are not getting into any psu because you have lost the touch and you are forget everything and in the interview you are blank so you have to be interested in the syllabus it does not require you have to study too much just study for i will say two hours a day .

That's a very important point what is the uh what does it take to study at only two hours a day an hour in the morning hour in the evening so you guys want basically what should be your preparation strategy for the interviews of the psus and for the interviews of the iits right we can bring a session on that you can just let .

Us know in our telegram channel also so we are going to be definitely taking a session on your interview guidance on your gd guidance whatever you may require okay we are going to come up with the sessions so guys for gate score 700 to 800 so these are the based upon your previous year cut off marks or previous year my data which has been uh .

Obtained from their respective websites okay so we have categorized it based upon 700 to 800 score these are the options which are available with you for structuring if you are opting for structural engineering if you are opting for geotechnical and if you are opting for transportation engineering okay the pdf is going to be provided to you on .

Our respective telegram channel where i am also going to be providing on my channel telegram channel you can note down so you can search civil by rohan goyal so we'll just share the link we'll just share the link meanwhile i've shared mine and okay so these are the two groups in .

Which we are going to be uploading our pdf you can take a screenshot and you can join the group okay so let us continue okay so these are the options which are available for you for 700 to 800 and furthermore if you are opting for environment you are going to most probably get in any of the iits but .

These are the preferred uh places where you may go for uh environment for environmental engineering so these are the preference wise we have taken into consideration right so these are the for water resource aerospace remote sensing and ocean engineering right these are the best colleges for these respective courses and in this skate .

School if you opt for over there then you don't have to worry for the placements from these colleges that is our thought behind this then for uh further you can also go for enlightens but i guess you will definitely uh opt for iits only okay and knight is will not be your preference right so we can skip this .

Uh what is the gate score deepak kumarji 449 i guess gate score is 4.49 that is your rank 449 is a gate score i guess and basically what is your category also please do let us know then we'll be in better position together if you're asking us any of your doubt okay mention your gate rank your category okay more .

Than more than rank mention your gate score and your category okay then only we are we will be able to help you out okay without category we cannot help you because these are the mandatory requirements for to enter into these colleges deepak ji is telling that deepak washington yes deepak ji you are .

Eligible for each and every iit each and every iit and whatever you will pick it will be like a midas touch whatever you will pick that will be yours for sure in case of winners it it used to get converted into basically gold so that will be your goal like gate score 381 uh pretty obc uh chances are tough but you can go for .

Nits chances are little bit see if in case you are not scoring very good in your gate right in gate 2022 if you are having a very rank which is very way behind and including you are not having any gap preparation gap or your gap is very less only one year okay then in that case you .

Can go for gate 2023 okay because you can extend your gap a little bit up to two years and you can prepare in a better way and score a better marks okay but if in case you are having a larger gap okay more than two years so if you are having such a larger grab later on it will be difficult for you to justify your gap so .

You should go for a m tech degree okay but if you are very much determined that no i will crack it in this year only and if you are not comfortable then you can go for the preparation also but it is recommended to not increase your grab beyond two years okay sir uh basically uh ashwiniji is asking .

Where to see gate score suniji you can see gate score basically if you get scorecard that is written over there uh best cake designs for mechanical chandra sir and basically sardana sir would be taking session so he will better guide you for again and again for guys psus you guys are asking us continuously so let us tell you that again we have .

Already told in this session for general category you can expect near about 100 to 120 into psus for obc category near about 150 to 200 and from 200 to 250 you can expect in scnst category these could be the calls of psus on the basis of gate rank see in basically for your calls of psus .

It is very tough for us to decide on the basis of gate score so it is better to go for the gate rank because toppers only get top 200 and 300 people in the various categories they only get chance to join psu on the basis of call from the psus so that is the point that is the point is further guys it may the values of uh the psus may .

Also differ based upon the how many recruitments are coming some year it happens that the requirements are very less so the cutoffs get high and somewhere the recruitments are more than the cutter will go beyond right so it depends upon the recruitments also so no yes definitely you can get amtek in iit .

Delhi okay for the given gate score but don't expect it for geotech and for structural engineering and for uh this construction planning management it could be for the other branches it could be for other branches like rock mechanics and all that uh neon steroid ge basically yes you can also get uh you have a good chance for .

M tech from iit m tech from iit so basically don't worry about it we are going to just conduct a separate session for it okay so guys is uh drove a 3g there is a tough time it's a tough task but don't get demotivated you may have a chance go for it let us .

Go further let us see right so here are the options for if you are having a gate score from 600 to 700 so these are the options for the iit's iit monday bhu and patna or you may also go for better and 90s also if you if in case you are not more towards the iit tag okay and .

Believe me my friend uh a job in hand is better than uh later on right so here is the structural engineering iesm dhanbad iit bhu and geotechnical injury is a good option for you jio informatics is also offered in iit kanpur that is also a good option for you guys .

Environment in ii hyderabad and iit delhi see this iit delhi is a little doubtful okay so you can check okay uh then your structure is running no no no no no iit bombay this is this will get yourself filled very soon very soon yes sir yeah this is this is not uh .

Even uh hyderabad you can get yes you can get over there okay but uh this it won't be definitely not okay then for transportation iit guba hati or iit darling yes delhi transportation you can get 600 to 700 right so college preference and basically the .

Branch preference also matters not with the iit only and here are the options for you for india the 90s right in case you are not getting your preferred branch in any of the iits then you can also go for the nitis also okay so you can take the nit so these are the uh categories as per the cutoffs provided by the respective .

Entities from the from the website okay and it has been uh given that the structural engineering transportation geotechnical okay so these are the entities in which you can get right so menu is asking somebody please don't spam please don't spam we will read your comment basically please don't span by a single comment if everybody does that .

Then you will be not in position so please don't do it please don't do it it's a humble request right what's your comment let's take it uh civil engineering gate score 721 air 800 final year student right obc cgpa right what do you want psu in psu basically .

There is less chance there is less there is no chance in psu but yes you can get iit's empty iit's all right general category three zero one rank no ng basically we don't very little chance very little .

So there are some state psu's also right like in punjab we have pspcl okay if suppose if that is recording if you are from that particular state or and there are uh mahara in mp also one psu is recruiting from gate okay it depends it depends okay it is all upon uh the recruitments which are being offered okay but you are .

Definitely going to get some interview calls you can expect an interview call up to 500 rank also okay they may call you for interview so guys you have to prepare okay now you never know okay this psu recruitment getting into a psu is also a luck factor is also there okay luck factor also plays a role so you .

Have to stay focused you have to prepare no matter what you are even if you think that no i'm not going to get into ongc suppose let us say you are getting a rank of 100 and you are asked for intervenor in dc still you should focus right still you should focus i will go and prepare myself in such a way that i will get the .

Job okay you will get to not get it is up to you are uh what place have been thought for you you are best for okay maybe your best for some other place okay then that is not the right place for you right your fit over there do not get disheartened for anything okay everything happens for good only stay always positive guys yes .

Or no yes or no deepak kumar g is asking basically 449 any nit structure obc yes you can get nit structure there is a little bit chance for it yes roy g sir i'm in third year my marks 32 is it a good score no real nitrogen that's not at all a good score good .

Score basically like the topper has scored 97 mark this year so i would suggest you to get 97 that's a good score right but if you ask me good score the top 100 rank that is a good score so please don't mind it i'm being truthful as i'm being a teacher or a mentor i'm telling you the truthful point okay so this is a .

Pack gender it is another punjab engineering college uh right this is a very good college also very college guys for your mtech okay this is a very good college yes yes yes pawan kumarji very soon in a day or two we are going to have tomorrow basically it's a holi so that's why uh we are just keeping it low profile .

Tomorrow as we will be also busy definitely we are going to see guys we are going to come up for a psu session in which we are going to be discussing what are the pre what are the past psus who have recruited what are the cutoffs for each and every pieces although it is a subjective thing based upon the recruitment uh how many .

Vacancies are there okay what are the good psus okay everything is going to all your doubts are going to be addressed in that psu session i know that you guys are want to have a session separate session that is why i have not covered a psu session over here that is why we have not considered it in this session we .

Want to keep a separate for you okay so just stay tuned definitely day after tomorrow we are going to come up with the psu session okay definitely that's a promise from our site all right so these are your further for environmental water resource construction technology and management and our urban planning so .

It is also offered in uh an iit junction for okay this is a very basic you guys this is a very good branch today there is very much need of urban planners urban planners like basically you see there are many cities in your city those are getting converted into smart city so this the people who have done m tech .

From this branch they have very good scope over here so guys if in case you are not getting anything uh over here if you are not getting into any good of the any of your preferred college okay there are some college which which uh take m tech without gate also okay so i .

Will we will be telling you all those also we are going to do a session on that as well that what are the options without gate examination okay be it your job okay be it your mtech okay so we are also going to address that point also okay in the coming session okay so there we have a lot of sessions lined up and we we are .

Going to address a lot of your doubts like one of the ajay gupta has asked me what are the possibilities to get something that we have only cracked the gate examination right so there are not too many options that cracking the gate examination is a very easy thing anyone can do it and there are very less chances to you can .

Get something in some college right but that does not leaves a mark right you have to leave your mark in the society basically things will not be served to you in platter you have to make your own platter .

Right brother so let's move forward so based upon if you are having a gate score from 500 to 600 okay so you can opt for iit tirupati or iit jammu okay and for transportation iit bhubaneshwar geotech iit boom nation and for geoinformatics in ism and also yes so and uh environment also .

Rewarded source also and so these are the iits which which you may get on this score range right and for you may get a better id and 90 also okay so your structural engineering would be much better than the previous options yeah right transportation .

Engineering will be a better option right guys basically nit surat uh surprisingly in previous couple of years they have come up with a very good placement basically with this branch so guys you can definitely opt for this because there are many things many things which are uh making us to suggest these .

Colleges than the other colleges right guys because you know there are many nits you know there are many iits now nowadays that's why that's the point guys so this is the basically for gate score 500 to 600 so these are for geotechnical and geoinformatics okay yes and for environmental water resource okay .

Similarly for waste management also you can go for a native varanga and suratkal okay for construction technology and surat marine structures nit surat kal earthquake engineering nagpur and jaipur and urban planning surat and nagpur right you can opt for these as well we'll be sharing this pdf guys in our telegram code and similarly for .

Gate score from 4 400 to 500 okay so these are the options okay so you can i will share the pdf on our telegram channel so once again once again i will tell you you can join our telegram channel you can search it on the telegram itself you can do it right now itself you want you can search civil by rohan goyal .

Or you can search he will buy x i e s anki sharma yes sir i have just i have just shared the link of mine and roberson will be soon selling his uh sending his link to guys so basically you'll get the link in the comments you can join that channel and the pdf is going to be uploaded over there okay yes kiranji yes definitely you have a .

Good chance you have a good chance now the interview also play a role over there interview will also play a role over there so guys that was the session from our site now what do you have to do if you have liked the session please do hit the like button and please do share this with your friends and guys do let us .

Know in our telegram channel guys basically what do you want from our site we are over here to help you because the our motives the badgers exam prep motives and myself and rohan sir motive is only single that is guys we are striving for your success so you know us right what you want definitely will help you we'll bring sessions for you guys .

And basically we are also we are also planning to bring beautiful sessions for you for that you don't miss any of the session what do you have to do you have to subscribe our channel so guys you will be getting the notification of it there is no personal vedanta for it there is no personal vedanta for it why we are telling you again and again to .

Subscribe because coming month would be very very important for all of you guys because there will be lot many notifications for ps use there will be lot many things required for the basically admissions in iits and basically nits we'll be bringing separate sessions for it we'll be bringing separation for .

It so guys do subscribe to the channel if you want further such assistance and you do not want to miss out on anything we are also going to be updating you through our shorts which will be uploaded on our youtube channel by use exam prep so if you like the session click on the like button and click on .

The bell icon so that you can get notified with our updates okay thank you everyone and i hope the best for each and every one of you okay we are always been a very good audience and have been listening very cleanly and hey this is the time for us to help you guys and you have done your part of job and now we are going to help you in whatever means .

It is required we are going to come up with the telegram channel which is specifically designed to help you to connect with you so that you can connect with us as easy as possible and we can address your doubts in that group okay we are also going to be uh taking any zoom sessions or sessions also over there on that telegram group if required .

Okay soon we are going to be launching that telegram session very soon enough okay so stay tuned with us subscribe and thank you everyone and uh someh basically just i'll tell you that please contact in our telegram group we'll share the previous year cut off with you so you'll be having a very good idea over there right very good idea over .

There so sir let's wish them happy holi guys and you also wish us very happy holi so let's basically take rest tomorrow let the result get consolidated and day after tomorrow again we'll be back with a beautiful session and guys basically just to let you know that tonight at 9 30 p.m i'm having a toppers talk .

With all india rank 25 arjun and basically please do join that session let's learn from his story basically what did he do and he got such a beautiful rank all india 25 so guys please do join with that so thank you everyone take care guys happy holi guys happy holi i wish you all the best bye .


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