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Hello everyone welcome to buy juice exam prep the comprehensive preparation nav for all exams good evening all of you welcome to this post gate exam counseling session and guys today we are going to share the opportunities you can get based on your gate scores so this is going to be a big session for all of you .

And i know most of the students are waiting for this session so now we are here with this session and we are going to share all the important information related to your uh the opportunities that you may get based on the gate score yes satya sir over to you uh first of all uh warm welcome to all the students and .

Hearty congratulations to all the gate aspirants irrespective of your result because you have appeared for the gate exam itself means you have a courage you have a courage to appear for such kind of such a prestigious examination so guys result definitely yes i agree in the .

Competition but guys we are here always with you so this is i know i believe it is the most abiding session most important and useful session for all the gate aspirants and see we are not of course we will talk about gate 2022 result and according uh opportunities .

But but if you are a gay 2023 aspirant or 2024 aspirant even still it would be useful for you because you you get some idea regarding iit's nietz selection process that cut off and all so don't think it is only bounded to 2022 aspirants and this .

Post-gate guidance is very much required because in the gate there are generally three phases before gate while gate after gate all the three are important before get how you perform how you prepare while exam how you perform the three hours performance matters and after the result .

What kind of decisions you take how you motivate yourself and to what iiit you appear or you apply for because based on that your career will decide because some cases sometimes you might be eligible for let's say some iit but because you are in hurry and you you have applied for some nit and you have .

Joined nit after that you realized that even for ayata he was eligible so it's gone guys or like i can't say go on case but you would regret that's why this kind of guidance sessions are very very required for you guys uh because when i was in my graduation really i am lack of these kind of .

Guidance i and many of my friends were actually we were searching where we get this kind of guidance so here byu's exam prep is bringing such such a guidance see don't think like me and amsterdam is giving guidance don't think in that way because we are not giving you some .

Approximate some assumptions we are giving you the cut offs based on the true true results based on some authentic information so definitely this guidance and this score versus opportunities career opportunities score versus your admissions .

Probability definitely will help you to give you a better idea so if we need to start a session definitely i request every one of you please do like this session and share as much as possible because many of your friends might not know that this kind of session is happening many might be waiting for this kind of .

Session so please help your friends help your uh co get appeared students to understand about this post gate okay so please try to share through whatsapp telegram instagram facebook twitter everywhere in your student community as much as possible me and .

Anshul sir we will try to clear many of your confusions many of your doubts regarding your iit iisc psus and many other doubts regarding your gate rank okay so let me let me greet .

Let me invite kedar ranjan work13 very good evening very warm welcome guys we are excited to meet you all and again hearty congratulations to everyone who have secured a good rank even even if you have not secured that's fine we are here with you don't worry please .

Do attend this session and try to share as much as possible yeah over to you and yes good evening good evening all of you yes ranjan we have seen your comment that you have secured 343 ranking gate computer science so everything we are going to share which college you can definitely expect and you are going to get that so don't worry .

In this session your all doubts will get clear good evening good evening so guys keep sharing keep sharing the session with all your friends so that we can have maximum students and they can take the benefit of this class and now we are going to start this postgate counseling session .

Yes so in this session we will be guiding you like based on your gate score because gate score is uh the only important thing that matters and on the basis of gate score only you you can get the admission you can secure the admission so guys do like the session and before starting even uh let me just tell you .

One thing that we have started one unique series on youtube mastering concepts for gate 2023 and for all these branches we are conducting this free online youtube course so you we are conducting this for mechanical civil computer science doubly and pc and these are the schedules for computer science uh we are going to take the sessions .

Uh at 8 pm and the days will be a little different uh what is mentioned here but don't worry all the notifications will be we will be sharing in our telegram groups so that you don't miss any session based on this gate 2023 yes hi hi nitish yes uh nitish we will be talking about psu as well so first of all those who .

Are not aware uh like what is gate score and how you know uh what is the total weightage of the gate score so let me tell you one thing year to year gate marks and gates poor will vary for the same rank for example one guy in gate 2021 who have secured all india rank 300 the same guy or the other person who is going to secure .

300 in this year gate 2022 may have a different marks in different gate school now what is important for your admission purpose gate score is the only thing that is important for your admission right so the final admission list the final list will not be prepared based on your gate rank whether you have secured all india rank .

250 or 300 so everything that matters is your gate score why because iit they calculate the gate score so that they can compare the past experience also because as you know the gate score is valid for three years so if someone has appeared in gate 2020 gate 2021 and gate 2022 so how they are going to compare on the basis of the .

Performance so great score is that parameter which will decide the admission yeah so guys every one of you know even before you appear for the gate exam preferably you might have gone through it gate score is a normalized score based on the number of candidates .

Appeared based on the past qualified candidates this cutoff and this will be decided so what amsterdam was telling is absolutely right let's say in 2021 you have secured 70 marks 70 marks and your score is let's say some x and .

For that you got let's say some air 300 the same candidate if appeared in gate 2022 for the same 70 marks his score may vary his rank may vary because it it is based on the number of candidates appeared so what iiit's consider or iisc or nit is majorly what .

They consider is it your marks or is it your air means basically they will see your score right so please mind that when you are appearing or when you go through any notification please do mind that so guys now we will be trying to present your gate score versus institute before .

That could you please mention what is your gate score just open your gate scorecard once and please mention what is the score that you have attained in this gate 2020 two yeah uh yes yes like like uh .

Sunny has given his score his or her yeah i think his score in the same way everybody please do mention your gate store we will try to present the previous cutoffs of all premier institutes of our country iit's iisc and ids .

Accordingly you can also assess yourself where you fit where you can apply for uh yeah yeah good good good great great great to see all responding positively yeah over to you and sir yes so many students are getting good results as we can see like ranjani is saying 7 49 .

Gauge score and aadhar she sings 732 and they belong to general category so definitely guys this is a really good score and yes we have other students also rohit raj 565 obc category 2020 pass out this is a really good score based on the category i would say yes guys so before even telling you the gate score for or the cutoff for all the .

Iits and the iasc and the nits let me tell you one thing that we have 23 iit's and one isc so as you can see here we have isc bangalore and then we have the eight iits we can see the top eight iids or the old iits so most of the students they target these old eight iits why because the .

Placement the placement and the coursework there is so good that uh you you when you get the tag of iitn being an iitn that is not just the tag that is that is the value which will be added when you uh pursue your mpeg from these premier institutes right so we have iesc bangalore and then we have uh old eight iits and then we have the new .

Iits so this is the scenario so after this one we can uh let we can tell you uh but we have these top nips total we have 31 nits out of this we have these top three first we can see nit trichy war england and sudarkal sometimes their ranking uh may get interchanged these top three but they are going to be there on top three that .

Nits and then we have the other nits like nit calicut japore boga so these are the top nits that you should definitely aim for out of the total 31 nits okay yes this is uh kumar raghavendra this is for ces branch only so this session is uh cs specific okay .

If you are from other some other branch so you uh we are other faculties also from your branch they are also conducting and they have already conducted these kind of sessions where you can get the idea what kind of opportunity you can get based on your gate score but this is let me tell you again this is for computer science only .

Yes sir so yeah so we have triple it's also like triple i t hyderabad triple at bangalore and then other triple it's also are there but let me tell you one thing triple i t hyderabad they conduct they conduct their own exam and i hope most of you have already filled the application for triple it hyderabad .

Because the placement level at tripoli hyderabad is almost same as old iits i can tell you that 44 45 lakhs is the highest package and 25 flags is the average package right and but other if we talk about other triple it's they they uh they they give the admission based on the ccmt portal so what is coap what is ccmt we will be talking about uh .

In the upcoming sessions but today we are going to talk about the first thing that we have the gate score based on the premier institutes and this is the other institute that you may opt for apart from this there are lots of other institutes private universities state universities you can also apply based on your game score so let's start guys .

Previous slide i would like to just have a word with our students so guys uh as anshul sir was telling definitely see iit's nits no doubt they are premier institutes they are like a dream for any any graduate to pursue their masters or their education in these institutes but still as anshul was telling there are some .

Other institutes which are sometimes better than these iits or nits of course i may not say but dance and nips there are institutes like if you take cye pune college of engineering pune even the placements in coe are pretty good pretty good and in the same way vit velour institute of technology they .

Also do the same way very very good placements see always always the institute where you pursue will give you a platform and will give you an opportunity to undergo for an interview or apply for a job but ultimately the performance should be yours right so why why we are motivating you .

Towards iits or nits means the environment over there will provoke you to grow yourself to move towards the better education towards better learning that is that is what iiit s why they are famous because the environment that they .

Provide there ultimately any type of candidate will be driving unknowingly two words towards the quality towards research towards learning the topics towards learning the concepts that is the reason why anyone wanted to pursue their studies in these institutes .

But yes bits not not less than seminaries bits very very great university very great institute similarly dtu so that is what so here we would like to tell you where you can fit and definitely some might be having .

Multiple options like you might be eligible for some iit even nit even some other institute so it is up to you where you have to but definitely you give priority for iits then nit or some triple it's uh what answers are said like some triplets are in on par .

With mits so nits or triplets accordingly so guys whatever we are trying to tell you please try to understand and if you have any doubt please raise your doubt right now or even the one who watch this session after uh once extreme if you have any doubt please do post in the comment box .

And don't understand in your own way okay this is a a caution to every one of you try to understand what we are trying to project if you have any doubt in regard to that please do get clear by asking us as a doubt in the comment box or in the chat box okay rohit kailash yes yes please be .

Patient we are we are here for that only we are trying to solve all of your doubts we will definitely answer every one of you okay yeah over to answer okay so kailash based on your gate score we can clearly tell that if you are from sc category and 640 is the gate score you will be .

Getting iit you will be getting all the top iit's i can tell you that all the old it is definitely you are going to get so let's start with iasc so this is the cutoff this is the actual cutoff that we got from the reliable resources and this is the actual cutoff based on gate 2021 admissions so you can see here that i see they they uh have .

The three specializations basically computer science and insuring ai is there and computational and data science that means serious is there so if you are interested in computer science and engineering you can see the cut off from general category it was 680 last time .

Why it was 680 you can uh because last year they they changed the parameter little bit actually the earlier they were conducting the direct conditions but in gate 2021 what they did they had the weightage of gate score 70 plus 30 was the weightage for the written test 30 .

Weightage was there for the written test and you can see the candidate the last candidate who got the who secured the admission in iasc had this gate score from general category that is 680 and you can see the entire you can see the entire row of computer science and engineering the gate score is too low the gate score is .

Too low right okay so and if we talk about the second specialization that is ai there you may get uh based on see there are various parameters like for computer science engine they recruited uh they secured the admission through written test plus grade score but for ai you can see directly you can see the general .

Category it was 838 it was way too high so based on this if you can see now you have your gate score now compare your gate score with this one if you have if you have the gate score above 680 or 650 around if you are from general category definitely you may have the chance but the point is you have to you have to .

Perform really well in the written test you have to perform really well in the written test then only uh you may get uh admission in the you know one of the premier institute uh we can say the you know almost the top institute that is isc bangalore yeah it is india's india's top institute without any doubt we everyone everyone has to agree iisc .

Iii and one more thing if you are interested into research guys definitely iisc is the best option for you if if you are looking for placement then you might think you you might need to think a bit but if you are into research definitely iisc provides best best tools .

Best environment best support for your research no doubt yeah so ranjan are you asking 749 is your gate score and you are from general category so uh what i would suggest you is definitely you should fill uh the this application form for iasc okay .

Because i hope all of you are aware of this that we have the common offer uh acceptance portal that is coap but you have to fill the application for all the iits and iasc separately okay it's not like just you have uh registered for coap and you will be getting the offers based on your gate score no for every iit you have to fill .

These application uh form based on your gate score obviously if your gate score is too low then you have to think whether which one to fill okay but if your gate score is too high then definitely you can feel for all the top uh institutes like iac and old iits okay this is very important point yeah uh .

I think uh who is this hurry definitely your rank is much much eligible for iits yeah definitely there are chances for iits because uh eight zero six score is not a little number small number definitely you would be eligible for iits iisc .

Depends because you can see uh for a specialization like cp definitely your your score is very much value and right is from obc category uh obc category definitely i think for any specialization you are eligible uh yes and your score is triple six a rank is eight zero six score is triple .

Six so definitely you can apply as you can see for computer science six okay yes sir yes so you can see here obc 640 was the cut off last year and you are having triple six so definitely you should go for it right you should definitely apply for it if your gate exam didn't go well don't .

Worry but the point is if you are really confident that yes i will be performing better in the written test because 30 is not the small greatest return test is having 30 percent weightage and this time also that is going to be the same 70 is the weightage for your gate score 30 is the weightage for your written test so if your gate score is .

Around this much like 640 680 700 minimum and if you perform well in the written test you may secure a seat in isc yes guys can you be little more clear are you looking for a better placement or you are looking for uh what .

More more insight into ai then is it mni mnid bhopal or coe we would be able to tell if if you are looking for a placement then definitely i suggest coe college of engineering pune uh if if you are looking for more into ai .

I mean you want to pursue your master's in ai then you want to publish or you want to do take some patent kind of stuff then yeah then mnit you might need to think some other even mnit i don't suggest then that you might need to think some other .

Institutes okay yes and abhilash chandra abhilash and you are having some doubts that i'm interested in placement score is 720 obc category can i skip isc for iatm see why do you want to skip iasc right that is the top institute right you have isc and iit bombay that is almost equal they are .

Almost equal so why do you want to skip for iatm uh i can understand uh if you are from a madras only that's why you want to apply for iatm if that is the case you can decide but still i would suggest you to it's about just for two years right and uh your your career will be your career is going to take a boom i would say if you pursue m tech from you .

Know iasc so 720 gate score obc you are there definitely so don't skip yeah don't skip iasc that is uh you know the students they dream of this right they dream like we will be getting admission we want to pursue impact from this premier institute so don't skip it that is my suggestion rest you can uh take your decision .

are you from civil or computer science please mention again maybe then we can better help if you haven't understand and i can see kedar pattak saying 741 score a general category any chance of old iits definitely definitely you have .

Chances you have chances more chances so guys as you can see from iisc this is the cutoff and uh let me tell you one thing that ai last year uh if you if you talk about the placements also so for from ai it is uh you know more than computer science because as all of you aware all of you are aware of this that ai is offering so .

Many opportunities and the package in terms of package it is you know students are getting average package is more than computer science at iasc this one okay so you can see the cut off compare your gate score and then decide and if you are lying above this definitely you should fill the form and then prepare for the written test obviously yeah yeah .

Guys uh if you are really eligible better go for the trending trending technologies trending domains because you know ai ml ds data science iot of course iots little now became outdated but but still if you have some trending opportunities grab them because if you don't update you will be outdated .

So always try to prefer if you you are eligible okay if you are eligible for csc and ai definitely you give priority for ai and of course your interest matters so that is what i suggest yes you are from civil so i'm sorry for this .

But we cannot uh properly guide you because we are from computer science background you can watch the civil engineering session they have also conducted a state count counseling session you can please watch it and you can you will be getting the better idea yeah sir and many experts are there to guide .

You in a better way yes and uh if i talk about guys one more thing if you are mentioning your gate score please mention your category also because category is very important right in deciding whether you will be getting it or not so as i can see kajori ghosh uh you have mentioned your gate score .

But category you haven't mentioned so please please mention your score plus category don't mention your rank we are not worried about rank your gate score and the category so before answering uh your doubts i think we should further uh proceed yeah yeah guys i request you please let us let us proceed because we have .

We have included all iit's mit is cut off so let us let us first complete our presentation so that you will get i think with this presentation itself many of your queries are answered will be answered so yeah sir let us go ahead yes please hold for a while guys so guys now we have iit bombay so you .

Can say it offers computer science engineering specialization and ms by research so both things are there so you can see for general category for a direct admission because iit bombay they offer direct admission for some seeds they may conduct interview so this trend whether they will be conducting direct admission or interview sometimes .

It may change you know uh on the basis of every year so they may change the criteria once they release the notification then uh they will be telling okay this is the criteria we are going to follow this year whether it is going to be a direct admission totally or it is going to be interview based or mix of direct interview .

Okay so as you can see here for general category and ews it was a 750 last year so if you are having uh your gate score around this much 750 so definitely you can opt for it you can you should definitely fill the form and try your luck right try your luck and uh for cut off if you talk about this obc non-creamy layer so it was 675 .

If you are having a score around this much or more than this definitely you can fill the form for scst it is 500 and for ms switchers which is 700 630 and 467 so now you can decide based on the cutoff yes if your score is around this much definitely uh you can you can uh secure a seat at iit bombay some new iit maybe like iit thirupathi .

There is a chance for your score yes yes and guys at the end of the and at the end of this you know ppt we have summarized whole thing based on that you can just analyze okay if this is my gate score definitely i will be getting this one if this is my gate score definitely i can apply for this one i i may secure a sleep so all the summarized thing is .

Also present so let's proceed further and now we have iit kgp so iit kharagpur uh last year uh so we have a computer science general category it was a 776 right ews and one more thing always the gate score the cutoff of gates for for ews will be greater than obc category so as you can see here for ews it was 731 .

And obc it was 682 so now you can decide whether you are lying in this range only see even if your gauge score is less than let's talk about general category even if your gate score is less than seven seven six let's say uh 760 765 still you should definitely fill the form for iit kharagpur okay it's not .

Like okay this is the fixed thing it may change it may change uh you may get uh admission you know if you are having 765 or 770 right and if you are having higher than that definitely you are having you know very high chance to secure a seat in iit kgp okay .

Yes so now yes every every doubt we are going to take uh yes ranjan can i get iit guwahati at 749 gate score so yeah we will be telling you we will yes we will be telling you the uh cut off also last year cut off based on that you can itself you will be getting the answer right whether you .

Should apply it or not or you will be getting seed or not okay written test will be online uh it is not going to be offline shakti written test is going to be online uh okay like if we talk about iasc so they are going to conduct uh online written test only it's not going to be offline may be difficult .

To get for general category for 460 score in nip jaipur but still you can wait you can just give it a try yes yes okay so so you can see here for uh yeah so for iit madras this is uh very high the cutoff was very high for a general .

Category it is 816 right so you can see the direct admission direct admission uh based on that c for cs branch obviously it was 723 ews 761 yes we are trying to give you full analysis exactly in today's session itself if you people permit uh a few people let us go .

To the to the complete analysis but still if you have any doubt unanswered definitely you can post if you have any doubt which is not answered through this presentation you can definitely ask us we will try to sort it out yes and abilash you are saying ms interviews .

Offline so last year or in gate 2020 gate 22 121 they conducted these interviews online only right so most probably this is going to be the trend interviews will be online they will be sharing some you know uh some google meet link or something like that and then from your home only you can uh .

Attend those interviews if you get shortlisted but still it depends guys because uh you know sometimes they change the criteria so based on the notification only we will be getting to know okay whether uh this is going to be a trend in this year also or not yes .

Asking shall i apply for iisc iisc with score 710 um yeah you should definitely apply see if you are confident uh in written test depends like you may not get the required specialization but there are chances to get into iisc but specialization doubtful .

But definitely you should give a try yes yes because last year it was 680 for computer science so you should not lose hope if you are really aiming for iasc and so improve your knowledge further for written test because written test is going to be mostly the aptitude or uh most probably it is going to be aptitude based only right and few technical .

Questions they may ask in that written test so it's better to prepare for it and definitely apply for it if you are going to uh if you are having good knowledge then you may secure a suite in ies and i think we should help our friends regarding how the interview sessions would be in iisc iits with those kind of sessions also i .

Think we can help our friends yes definitely definitely we will come up with those sessions also interview guidance sessions me and schulzer will definitely will try to help you out what kind of questions you may get in the interviews okay don't worry don't worry we will be .

Always with you guys till you get admission into definitely we will be with you uh abhishek kumar singh it was not for uh it was for m tech okay for iasc i have shown you the cutoff for mtech it was clearly mentioned there that is it is for m tech not for ms i have not .

Mentioned the cutoffs for ms see even uh you know last last year there was one student who was who secured rank around you know 1500 or something so that student secured uh you know seat in isc for ms okay so this is also possible right if you are having good conceptual knowledge and if in those three hours of gate exam .

You didn't uh you got you know you got panic or you didn't perform well it's not like the game is over no the game is the game is on still on until yes the game is still on until you until you lose your focus right so that is very important so 1500 rank and you can say you can see ms by research uh she got the admission so that is also .

Possible if you are if you are having good conceptual knowledge conceptual knowledge uh jay was asking people asking triple six core obc category which i80s can i get for aj that is what we were trying to tell you let we present all iits and their cutoffs .

Are followed by nits and their cutoffs so automatically you can get you can understand for what iits and nits you can apply for because here clearly we are presenting for obc category for iit bombay what was the cutoff for iit delhi what was the cutoff iasc ism and 90s so you can get a list of uh institutes .

Where you fit for right so just you keep everybody keep watching it and make a note if your score fit in this fit for that particular institute make a note of that institute okay yeah .

Yes so uh highest marks in csc it was 81 this time it was 81 this time yes uh jalage 569 gauge score general category which uh top nits are new it is according to placement if you are if you are from general category 569 is your gate score so i would say yes you will be getting uh nits i'm not saying i'm not saying .

Top n90s right it may uh it may be difficult for you to secure a seat in top like this yeah guys nit warangal cut off is sometimes more than i-80s you know that not eight twenty more than you it is sometime i remember around 820 was the cut off for 8 20 or 8 10 was the cutoff .

For nitwaranga so it depends guys so 569 you may get nits but don't expect old nids and shakti uh iit is in dhanmath now you can say iit bhan right that is also good for mtek definitely and the package is also very good here right and .

Yes definitely if if you are if you are getting this much score you should apply for it okay see if if someone is getting a score of 800 plus then that can get need not to worry right because you can apply just for three four iots if you are targeting like ise iit bombay delhi and then if you are targeting kanpur maybe address .

Yeah madras so these it is you can fill and the rest you don't have to even appear for ccmt i would say okay so for nits and triple its you don't have to be worried about yes uh uh g through which college i will get for .

Score of 525 ews category serious branch 5285 okay uh yes triple i t yes triple i t delhi and triple i t is yes it is a possible as you are from ews category so in ccmd you may apply for it right abhishek kumar yeah it was true but it is slowly changing they are offering uh .

Good placements even for post-graduate students also now yeah what you heard was true i i'm not denying it but now it is it is changing they are making the pg students also eligible to apply for the btec interviews so .

You will get the same opportunities or even sometimes better also yes and raj uh you are saying do cut off change for every round see if the seats are filled right if the seats are filled then uh then they are not going to uh you know go further in the upcoming rounds like you have five to six rounds .

In this uap if i'm talking about so if the seats are already filled then there will be no further intakes but if the seats are still not filled and if someone has not applied for it in that case of in the upcoming further rounds the cutoff will vary but this is the cutoff that we are showing till the last round or till whatever was the last .

Round for that particular iit or isc okay so minimum push yeah definitely you can apply for all top eight iii's with your score 776 is a .

Very good score definitely you are eligible to apply for all top eight iii yeah iisc may be but still you can give it right but iiits you can be very much confident of getting a call like you you you may get a call from iit kuwaiti and iit roorkee and iit so guys don't uh don't think that iit .

Hyderabad is a new iit and it is not good see the placement level in iit hyderabad is almost you know you know booming i would say and it is going it is competing with iim ahmedabad yes yes and uh yes sir and and the placement level is uh you know very much good in iit hyderabad and the research work they are doing that is keeping them .

You know uh basically you can say it is almost getting close to the old it is so if you are aiming for placement definitely you should think about iit hyderabad see first you have iac and then you have top eight old iits after that your target should be iit hyderabad if you are aiming for iit okay after that it should be iit hyderabad then you .

Can think about triple id hyderabad even iit bhu is also i think yes yes even see even new iits guys if even new iit is also offer a good placement but the point is 20 to 30 percent candidates will get good packages in new it is i'm talking about the rest the candidates would be getting i know below average or average packages .

Right and the remaining candidates will get maybe less than 10 lp so this is the thing in the new it's so if you can maintain your performance uh throughout your mtech and your you are having good skill set then definitely you will be getting a tag of iit from a new ips and your skill set that coding skills basically decide your placement even if .

You are from new iit you will be getting a good package of around 25 30 or maybe 35 likes or maybe more than that if you are really good enough yeah let us let us present uh further mit cutoffs also yes yes yes so guys as you can see here for our nit war so that is one of the top three nits we have so ccmp round one it is the cutoff .

For 2021 last year so as you can see for open category or you can see on reserve category it was uh 727 to 742 so if your gate score is uh in this range basically they offer two specialization computer science and information security another one is computer science engineering so you can opt for any one because the placement is really good for both the .

Specialization so you need not worry about the placement for this one and you can see if your gate score is in this range definitely you can apply say if you are having a gate score around 750 plus i would say 740 750 plus you will be eligible for all the nid's you don't have to worry about it you will be eligible for all the triple .

Itunes except reply to hyderabad because they conduct their own exam their own separate exam yeah noob studios what you want about vn90 i mean an 18 outpour uh 19 okay placements are okay like not on par with the top three nits but still okay .

But what you are looking for then we can actually tell if if you ask us just talk about mitv not poor what what you are actually expecting you can you can just uh let us know what is your gate score and your category based on that we can suggest you whether you you may get admission in nit nagpur .

A little uh above then i triple it delhi okay okay because uh you can say uh the first if you talk about the rankings also for triple ids so at the top you have triple id hyderabad no doubt about it then you have bangalore and then you have other triple .

Ids so you can go for any one if based on your gate score whatever you are getting so yeah it actually depends on your interest if you ask a suggestion definitely i would suggest to go for the trending technology trending domain ai yes .

Yes seriously yeah first ai then i would suggest to go for cds then cse and uh no your gate score is 460 general category definitely you should apply for this you know ccmt you may get succeed in nit nagpur so if you are uh specifically looking for an id not maybe .

You are from there so if you are aiming for it and definitely you should give a try through ccm yes yes and in ccmt you don't have to fill the application for all the united it is uh the common for that for all nikes and tripolis .

Oh my god these people are actually trying to give rankings for the institutes rather than finding their score where they fit for nihal if you are talking about the placement according to placement what should be the uh preference see both uh trichy and warrangal they are you know .

At uh the peak level we can say because their ranking uh their ranking changes every year or almost uh or you can say every two years right based on how they are performing in terms of placements and research work so these are the criteria's based on that uh it decides the rankings so but the point is if you are really aiming for placement and if .

You are really good in your coding skills then even if you are from uh triple i t bangalore or nit nagpur you may get a really good package i'm telling you this okay guys so whether you know or not i'm not sure uh there is an institute from vizag .

Which is a very normal institute i mean it's a university but not so renowned from there a candidate has secured a package of 39 lakhs 39 lakhs uh it happened in 2021 and as it was a online placement now everyone are equally eligible to apply for .

So he just got a 39 lakh package uh a candidate from vizag yes and he he has pursued not from so-called iit rna so definitely our iit or mit helps for our placements again i am telling .

You should work hard it should be in your you in you your performance definitely matters then yes iits and 90s all that logo brand matters okay and rohit which it is offered ai course so basically uh few it is they haven't still offered these ai specializations but they are working on it and soon they .

Are going to release it but every time it depends on the notification sometimes uh they uh you know they close this specialization also this is also happens right because with the time they keeps on changing obviously ai is in demand now it is on peak so based on the notification only we can tell you okay this iit or this you know .

Isc is offering as we can say is offering ai clearly we can say and it is mentioned in their uh portal also website also you can clearly see so this is the thing that we can uh decide we can uh give you the suggestion based on the notifications yes yes okay so now as you can see uh we have .

Nit richie uh that is also one of the top three nits but as you can see the cutoff it was a very high uh 767 to 784 for open category general category and for ews it is uh seven seven seven zero seven to seven thirty five and then you have four other categories also shakti new iit's versus triple i t bangalore versus old .

Nits so i would say first go for uh new iots because uh new it is it's not like uh nothing is good there as they are having a tag of iit so iit having the tag of iits itself is a big thing right and if you are really good in your coding skills you you can get a really good package i would say 25 30 like package .

Also because there you have to maintain uh there you have to perform in the placements it's all about your skill set okay so then we can say it is triple i t bangalore and uh old before even before even triple i t bangalore it is old nits top three top four nits yes so you have to definitely pursue your .

Masters then you think of the placement but based on your gate score if you are binding it to directly placement no there is a bridge called amtec or me in between so you are directly thinking of placement means somewhere you are missing think of that place yes yes and guys here we have .

Also mentioned the cutoffs for 2020 gate 2020 okay so as you can see uh in 2020 they conducted the direct admission so as you can see the for csa and ai the cutoff for general category it was 880 and 884 it was way too high but now as they have changed from gate 2021 onwards they have changed the criteria they have added 30 uh weightage to the .

Written test so it's a big big advantage for those students who have not performed well uh in this gate exam right if we are having normal uh normal package normal sorry normal gait score so for few it is uh we even we weren't able to get the exact cutoff for 2021 so that's why we have mentioned here for 2020 okay so for 2020 .

Cutoff for iit madras it was 799 for general category so you can see here you can group go through this pdf we have mentioned the cutoff score for every category for iit kanpur many students were worrying about iit kanpur it is a 750 it was 7 15 gate 2020 right so you can say in gate 2021 also it was .

Around that only the last cutoff you can say and in 2022 it is going to be around 750 to 780 okay around this much energy right sir how will be iit jordan for placement in csc as i told you uh new iits are also good but 20 to 30 percent uh .

Students can uh secure a very good package very good placement uh if you talk about new it's okay it depends again it depends on your skill set only uh for nihal 749 general category should i fill guwahati rookie definitely you should fill both yeah you should fill both because you have much probability much .

Chances are there for you exactly yes yes yes and most probably you will be getting this uh gohati for sure 578 sc category utkarsh you have chances of new iits definitely and uh night is also kash yes yes uh suhas just wait i have seen your doubt just wait for few minutes .

Because based on your gate score we are going to generalize everything the summary we are going to provide you you can just you will be getting a clear idea okay this is my gate score so definitely i will be getting admissions in this one and if this is my gate score i may get admission in this one so everything will .

Be cleaned through clear through our summary that we have prepared here and now if you talk about gate 2020 iit daily cut off so for 2021 uh the website uh the data is was not available on their official website also they have not released it but for as per gate 2020 it has mentioned that they conducted uh their missions through two mediums one .

Is direct if you are having general category if you are from general category and if you are in top 100 i would say so you may be having a gate score of 900 around 900 or 900 plus so that was for general and direct in direct admission and for if you are having gate score around 800 then .

Through interview you may get admission in iot daily why it is high in iot daily because that is a capital and most of the students they prefer north india and uh for you know their pursuing their intake so this is there are many factors involved and it is always in demand it is always in demand we will try to cover these stipend .

Details and the pg course details in a separate session yes for every for every iits and uh notifications when they are going to release for every iit we will try to conduct a separate session for that so that you may get a clear idea about it okay so for iit kharagpur it is already .

Mentioned and iit hyderabad yes this is also we need to discuss here for gate 2020 it was available the data from gate 2020 779 was the general cutoff so you can see it is very high it is it is a very high you can see right so iit hyderabad is now in demand and it is almost getting into you know the category of old diets so you should .

Definitely uh think about it as i told you after all diet is the next thing you should look out for is iit hyderabad iit guwahati 770 in gate 20 20 70 for general obc it was 660 and then you have other categories you can see if you are from scst or you if you are your gate score is around 540 520 then definitely .

You will be getting admission in iit guardiols okay so this was the cut off overall cut off that we have mentioned for from 2020 as well so that you can get a clear idea okay this is going to be the range yes one more thing here i would like to discuss is a meeting mumbai so neeti mumbai they offer the courses for .

Management courses so they have here three courses pgdie sustainable management postgraduate diploma for sustainable management and we have other programs also so based on your interest and your eligibility you can opt for if you if you are aiming for i know after your b tech you want to go for uh mba management courses then this .

Is the best opportunity the package is also very good in native mumbai so but uh mostly students they want to pursue m tech but yes this is also one of the option and yes uh the package is very high very high i would say it is the average package i would say is 15 to 20 25 lakhs around this 20 to 25 lakhs yes how to change category one students .

Are just asking how to change category from general pray to god that you will be in you know science category next time okay so yes iit ropad yes you can see uh gate 2020 uh it was 721 general category 605 obc ews it was 685 so based on this you .

Can decide iit gandhi nagar also new iit's 721 gate a general category gate score cutoff okay and then we have ews 721 obviously it is 709 iit patna again uh 678 right you can get admission if you are having this much gate school you can get admission in new ips right you can see here there you .

Have to really perform well and now we are here now most of the students will be getting answers here in this slide this is the summary this is the crux see if you are from general category if your gate score is 800 plus all top colleges you are going to get all top colleges .

If you are from obc 700 plus is your gate score again all top colleges scst 550 plus st 450 plus so you if you are lying in this range you don't have to worry at all you will be there in premier institutes of india that is this is this is gates core .

Please don't confuse we are not talking with air or rank parameter here we are talking with score base code please do remember yes yes that is out of thousand guys so don't be confused here okay yes and uh here we have ews uh will be applicable uh see every time they release the .

Notification you can see that they will be having some quota for ews category also so don't worry about it you have lots of options abhishek is asking triple i t hyderabad well says old night is blind three and nineties top three and nineties definitely better i can say thank you to .

Hyderabad but other nits if you compare yeah you know students they are getting the average package you know almost equal to old iits i would say some of the old iits so this is a big thing guys tripoli hyderabad and nitis topanits you can as i said top three united is almost equal okay yes and this is uh here i have .

Mentioned we have mentioned that general category 750 to 800 gate score then you may get some old iits as we as we have shown you the cut off also for the previous years you may get top and i t's definitely definitely you will be getting top nineties iit hyderabad neeti mumbai iit and that means all the new iits you .

Will be getting so this is this is what we have here you can see for obc category also it is defined for scsp it is also defined clear yes guys so i hope i have we have answered most of your doubts abhishek or your doubt is already answered okay .

Uh normalization was not there because actually it is based on the difficulty level of the exam that is why rank they may get changed okay if you are getting same marks this year and uh you know the previous year your rank will be different based on the difficulty level of the exam okay so as you can see here pihu gate .

Score 477 general category uh then you should apply for nits you should apply for nits and some new iits also some new it is definitely you should apply sugars here in this slide itself answer is there 578 general where you fit c definitely .

If you are 578 you need to look for most mostly for mits or new iits new iits and you should definitely go for nits and some triple its also yeah okay those they are going to conduct from .

The ccmt portal only right and what i would suggest to you is if you are really aiming for a good college prepare for triple t hyderabad guys because they that is the you know one of the premier institute i would say uh if you compare with the old it is so if your gate exam didn't go well and if .

You are having to a low score gate score prepare for triple it hyderabad seriously with full concentration and focus definitely uh you may you may secure a seat there okay so that's it guys uh from our side we have tried to discuss the cutoffs for all the premier institutes the top .

Institutes and we have summarized it also uh so you can what you can do is what you can do here is you can uh just revisit if you if you have joined just now just revisit again this entire session and you will be getting uh definitely you will be getting an idea okay if this is my gate store i should apply for this yes .

Okay yes guys great guys so yeah i understand because uh specifically if if you are looking for .

Your score exactly in which college means that is very difficult but i we try to give you some clarity some idea yeah the range so we are trying to uh tell you that please figure out .

What institutes you fit for and you concentrate for those fine if you are not eligible for iisc bank loop come on pg let's say there will be some 36 or 54 seats in iisc bangalore so all 50 000 students can't be in iic bangalore that's okay .

So if you if you fit for let's say mit uh vnit let's say nit nagpur fine that is okay right so concentrate for that are what institutes you fit for please try to map yourself with this uh presentation and definitely uh i'm sure star will be sharing the same in uh sars telegram group if possible i'll also share the same pdf in in my telegram .

Group okay so try to figure out where you fit for and try to join also at the same time at the same time if you have any other uh exams psu exams like bark is or any other keep keep applying for them .

Because you have prepared for gate means almost your preparation is done for those exams and uh your doubt is message 780 ews see if we talk about previous year trend ongc the cutoff for general category it was 810 around but if you are from ews .

Category definitely uh you may get a chance uh to get shortlisted for this interview purpose also okay so that that's it guys from our side so if you have joined just now again i'm saying just a revisit once again the entire session you will be getting a good idea okay based on our gate score .

These are the opportunities that i may get okay and don't worry guys we will be conducting uh several sessions based on every iit's whenever they are going to release the notification so don't worry about it you will be getting the entire clarity just stick to baiju's exam prep okay and do subscribe to this channel so that you don't miss any notification and .

All our classes that we are conducting both in general and technical yes yes yes we will do all kind of sessions that you people require iit specific sessions nid specific sessions interview related guidance sessions definitely we will be doing this so keep attending all the sessions keep sharing .

These sessions information to all your friends because this may help even for them also make many people benefit out of this okay uh yeah yeah i think all all these questions are already answered so please do watch this session again we have mentioned in the beginning only .

We have mentioned uh what are the preferences you should have okay if you compare with new iits okay so in the beginning it is mentioned you are again asking the same thing just revisit once again the session you will be getting the entire uh you know the order of you can say the iits and new ideas and old iot okay .

Yeah thank you so much guys thank you so much for joining this session okay so i wish you all the very best again once again congratulations to all for your uh gate result okay see you in the next session till .

Then good night from my side have a great time guys yes congratulations to all of you guys uh from our side and uh you have done your hard work definitely you are going to get uh you know the you will be achieving your goal like which iit or which in ideas you want to prefer so we .

Are with you don't worry we are with you we will be conducting several sessions and till you get your the you know till you get your seat in nits or iits we are with you we will be guiding you in through your entire journey via we were there earlier also before gate exam we are here with you after your exam also guys we are here don't fear yes okay so .

Good night take care thank you all for joining this we'll see you in another yes guys have a great time take care bye thank you all right thank you sir thank you bye


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