Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Science vs Political Will – Who Loses? You Do

I just wanted to say i i think about this a lot is like if my kids get sick from this years from now and they come back and will they say what did you do did you know i mean i think about that's what kind of got me basically changing my whole life direction .

To to work on this issue was what do we do what wait i was like hold on brain damage because there is documented brain damage um from exposure and i worked with kids with brain damage i knew that it's me the cancer was like okay but not everyone gets cancer .

Maybe we can do these things to support you know not that i'm saying cancer is okay what i'm saying is but the brain damage if everyone is brain damaged what do we do how do we fix that you know and um so i just think about about kids you know did you know this .

I mean they're gonna ask did you know did anyone mention that there's all this science it's it's all right in front of us it's all here there's no lack of of science there's just lack of political will and we're and when we when the history books are .

Written you know what were you doing that's how i think of this actually issue and that's what i've been telling our policymakers too is we're telling you this information and now what are you going to do about this you have this information .

So my feeling is very similar to what you're saying we are the ones that need to put the pressure on and use the word pressure because i think the politicians need that pressure to pay attention they need .

Corporations need the pressure from us as i say with these liens which are legal vehicles that don't require a court that you have to convince that are part of the system we can put pressure on but we have to do it so what's key here is simply making that decision .

That this is urgent and we have to go for it that's and the question is if you knew why didn't you do something well now you know so everyone here is part of i know therefore i must do i think you made a justified comparison .

But i think a closer comparison is global warming so as you see the powers that be who are in bed with governments worldwide are literally having a handful of complete prostitute research scientists tell give people a suspicion that global warming may be fabricated .

I just read a study just this last week five days ago on this so that's more a comparison i'd like to relate to when you don't see something now if i came at you with a knife people would say knives are bad but you don't see what's hitting you these are invisible waves and people .

Have a really difficult time believing in what they see no less what they don't see that's what we're facing at this point so if a person come came back let's imagine it's your child that's not born at this point maybe he's going to be born in the next two or three years .

And comes back to 2020 an incredibly important year it's a year of vision remember 2020 is perfect vision and they said christ in 2020 the the one time in history the other day i was i was on a show and coretta and martin were friends of mine .

It was 20 20 20. and they said what about coretta and martin what did they want to do and i said harmonize humanity so that everything would be okay so that's what people are going to ask us our child is going to ask my .

Grandchild i just saw two my grandchildren one is three weeks old i just saw today they're gonna say granddad you know you were some kind of an authority how come you didn't get up and yell and scream enough to stop them because by the way all of my chil all of my friends .

Have cancer and when i go to medical conferences and speak they whisper in my ear because they know who i am and say please don't call cancer a catastrophic disease because today they're trying to water it down that it's a chronic disease that's how widespread it is on two occasions they asked me not to call .

A catastrophic disease a catastrophic disease and i said if you want me to go out and speak i'm on the on the schedule here uh i'll go out if you don't want me to say what i'm i'm here to say i won't go out so find somebody else to substitute that's what people need to do .

Do you think do you think we're fabricating these things do you think we came here tonight to make things up are we a comedy routine are we serious people that are trying to save your ass and everyone else's ass that's a real question we have here and the later is true and .

You've got to have enough courage to want to save your own butt and forget your own butt if you're as selfish as that individual that stephen mentioned a while ago if you don't care about your children your grandchildren your neighbors your friends worldwide well you deserve to be zapped .

By this stuff as far as i'm concerned when you ask the question steve i ingended in my mind was i was a reporter looking back 20 to 30 years and because i'm optimistic i truly believe we're going to raise and we're going to fix it it's going to be in the courts that's why i was so .

Interested in italy that's why i'm so interested in berkeley there's actually physical actions happening in the world it's a start but if all of us start behind it moving this groundswell of support with the problems we see with the technology .

I hope it looks like the cancer uh that was caused by cigarette smoking look at that history it's pretty clear 30 years ago i smoked cigarettes right and i thought it was a good thing it was a big man right big man on the campus and and and that's how they got us do you know that research at that time .

Knew exactly the links between cancer and smoking and and so i'm optimistic that all of us rising to the occasion will bring this to the courts eventually and it will stop in some form and by the way there's so many different technologies that really replaces what they're doing .

And they're just not considering because it's financially driven by motivated service providers you


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