Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Urban Planning vs. Architecture: One Planner-Architect’s Perspective

I don't think you have to choose at all I think it's possible to do both I did that exact same thing when I started off my career as an architecture undergraduate I actually became quite frustrated because we were dealing with discrete building projects the discrete building design challenges and I was really interested interested in how all .

The different pieces fit together and how it had to incorporate the history of a place of the social aspects of the place the equity issues of a place so I continued with my architecture studies and my architecture training but supplemented it and shifted my career towards urban planning so that I could do both I could do the design piece and .

Actually do the physical design of a project but also think about it in terms of a larger scale and think about these larger issues and a nice thing about being both an architect and urban planner is that I get to work with a huge variety of different types of people it could be a structural engineer that I'm working with on a building .

Project and then I might be working with a transportation engineer or other kinds of larger scale consultants on a project and being able to weave all these different pieces together is really challenging and interesting and I think makes for a better design if it's informed by these types of larger issues architects when they .

Project they are really thinking about the the building design and trying to solve for the building and they're typically working for a client who is telling them you know I need to fulfill this this in this in this time type of schedule whereas with a planner they have a larger responsibility not just to a client but to a whole bunch of people .

Whether it's a city or thinking of in terms of long term planning as well so I think it's important for architects and planners to talk a lot more there needs to be a lot more collaboration a lot more multidisciplinary types of projects because that's how it is in real life there's no way that one discipline could ever tackle these complex issues we work .

With transportation engineers we work with hydrologist we work with ecologist we work with Community Engagement folks we work with habitat specialists we work with structural engineers and we work with retail specialists it's everybody that we work with artists organizations and educational institutions it's it's everybody and it has to be that way .

As cities change as Changez these rolls are going to continue to change as well we have so many major challenges ahead of us whether it's housing affordability or resiliency challenges or climate change I think these kinds of divisions are going to go out the window it's all just going to be all hands on deck everyone .

Needs to work on these problems together


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