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41 Ways to Protect Yourself from Burglars in Seconds

If your mailbox is brimming with newspapers flyers and other correspondence and junk mail while you're away it also sends potential burglars a message that nobody's been home for a while have someone collect your mail and suspend your subscriptions if possible .

To keep your mailbox from advertising your absence since we're on the topic of leaving your house for some prolonged period of time don't forget that it's best to keep this information as private as possible you can share vacation plans with your trusted people especially if you need .

Them to check in on your house while you're away but social media is definitely a no-no thieves are known to monitor other people's posts about upcoming vacations in order to find their next target creepy and here's another way you can make it .

Look like somebody's still home when the house is actually empty i know leaving a light on isn't exactly the best for your wallet but it's just for when you go on vacation and you can always put that light on a timer that goes on just at night if you're a dog owner like me one added bonus of having such .

An awesome pet is that the sight or sound of one can keep burglars away and if you don't have a pooch just fake it put up a beware of dog sign for instance it'll make thieves less likely to choose your house as their target a built-in wall safe is the best measure .

By far but if you don't have one you can still use your imagination and find lots of places to stash your valuables a decoy book or toy is good enough or you can even get more creative by making your own hiding place like a sliding pile in the bathroom .

While burglars are more likely to break into a house from the first floor they can see an opportunity in a tall growing tree that looks right into a window on the second floor you'll do best by cutting or trimming it so that no one can make their way in from there .

Yeah this sounds pretty obvious but you shouldn't forget that burglars love silence they prefer to go about their business quietly so that they don't bring attention to themselves makes sense right so if they come in and trigger an alarm that wakes everybody up they've already failed and will want to .

Retreat as fast as they can a vast majority of burglaries are perpetrated by people who have been to your house before whenever you invite someone you don't know inside you're basically letting them window shop for goodies and scope out any security measures .

You've undertaken if the potential burglar finds your house to their liking you're almost guaranteed to get robbed later these strangers might disguise themselves as service workers like electricians or plumbers so always double check that a company has .

Sent someone to your house i bet you have an old smartphone that you don't use anymore after upgrading if so download an app that records only sounds on this phone and hide the device somewhere near the entrance before leaving home switch on the recording now this method will only work if you won't be absent for long because .

After a few hours of constant work an old phone's battery will probably run out if you have suspicions that someone rummages through your things while you're away take a photo of everything you have on your table or in your drawers before you leave .

After you come back compare the picture with what you see when leaving your home carefully place a glass filled with beads next to the door before closing it this way if someone gets inside while you're away they're bound to tip the glass over if the entrance doors opens inward of .

Course the bees will roll all over the floor and the intruder will surely try to pick them all up remember to count the beats in advance that bumbling burglar is unlikely to have found them all hey instead of pricey security cameras why not use a video baby monitor hide the camera in .

The entrance hall and you'll be able to see everything happening near your door online a major disadvantage of this method is a limited coverage area usually no more than a thousand feet it means you probably won't be able to check if everything's okay at home from your office .

But if you have some suspicions it's a good way to confirm or disprove them leave a glass of water on a rug right behind your entrance door which again opens inward when someone opens the door it'll tip the glass over and the water will spill and the rug will absorb it if you have a thick wool rug it's .

Unlikely to get dry anytime soon and you'll find out that someone was in the house during your absence if you're going to be away for a couple of days this method obviously won't work because well even the thickest rug will be dry by the time you get back leave the front door a bit ajar clean .

The door handles and spray them with invisible uv glowing paint since the door has been left open it won't be a problem for you to get out of your home without touching the painted handles an unsuspecting invader on the other hand is sure to leave hand .

Or fingerprints on the door handles when you get home you'll be able to see these prints under uv light you come home from work only to find that your house has been robbed santa styled and never leave your toolbox outside it's like an open invitation to break .

And enter try leaving a pair of large work boots on the porch makes it look like there's someone home someone pretty big and strong who's going to risk that kind of trouble if you're not afraid of a juiced up electric bill leave a radio or tv on when you go out .

And grandma's classic keep a lamp on with a timer now it looks like someone's home make sure it's on from 10 am to 3 pm that's peak intruder time burglars famously leave hidden marks outside your house maybe a scratch on a tree or a line of chalk somewhere on your .

Mailbox it's their special code to remind them which houses have security and which ones don't you can be crafty too if you feel like something's wrong mark your house to see if there were any unexpected visitors while you were away leave some cookies under your welcome .

Mat if they're crumbled when you get home you know someone was snooping around cute dog pictures sure but be careful what you share with your followers remember that intruders can easily find you on social media an innocent status update like finally on vacation .

Just makes it way too easy you know share with your friends not with the whole internet burglars are experts remember that they might see a broken window lock in the background of your latest selfie or notice some expensive jewelry while you're busy doing a tic toc dance it gets even easier when you post what .

Your amazing boyfriend bought me for my birthday now they know what you have and where it is in your house your trash is sort of like social media too it can give away a lot of things about you one word shredder make sure any paper with your name .

Phone date of birth passport number credit card numbers gets turned into confetti before dumping it in the trash just watch out if you're wearing a tie and don't forget to rip that address sticker off any packages you might get now a lot of burglaries are done by people who have been in your house .

Before they already know where everything is whenever you invite someone you don't know inside you're letting them right past all that security that took you so long to install if a potential burglar finds your house appetizing .

You're almost guaranteed to get robbed later so if you absolutely have to invite someone in don't keep anything super valuable on display it might trigger unwanted attention as much as you might want to out do your neighbor take it easy on the front yard fancy stuff .

Burglars have a good eye for value if you put your money time and effort into decorating your front yard you're probably doing the same thing for the inside of your house keep your front yard nice but simple it'll save you from unwanted attention sunscreen isn't the only protection you need on vacation .

Your house needs protection too before setting off on a trip ask your relatives or friends to keep an eye on your house or apartment have them feed your fish water your plants let everyone see that people are popping in now and again and don't forget the thank you souvenirs most burglars will try to break into .

Your house from the ground floor it's much easier but that tall tree growing right by your upstairs window looks so inviting keep any trees trimmed so that it's impossible to climb in if you still prefer good old cash to credit cards don't stash it under your mattress or in .

The freezer that's what banks are for if you have to just keep enough around for your monthly expenses the place where you store your valuables matters if you have something to hide remember the kitchen and bathroom are usually the least interesting places for intruders if you have a gold ring with a 24 karat .

Diamond good for you hide it under the tub or in a packet of pasta your bedside tables the first place they're gonna look get creative and hide your valuables before you set off on that amazing trip inside a jam jar in a ziploc bag inside of a bag of flour .

Uh-oh giving away all my secrets wait can you hear that sounds like someone's knocking on your door and you aren't expecting anyone well maybe that's just your neighbor come to ask for some garden tools again you get up to go downstairs but then you hear the noise of metal scratching in the keyhole .

You stop frozen in fear seconds later you can hear the door clicking the problem is that you live alone first let's make sure there really is someone in the house but you should be very quiet in case there's a burglar look outside the house to search for traces can you see anything suspicious .

Is there an unknown vehicle close to your house maybe you can spot some footsteps or broken window was the fence gate open there might also be hints inside the house but be careful if you're looking for them make sure you can't be seen maybe there's some lights off that are usually on or maybe there's some mud on .

The floor that wasn't there before listen carefully to the sounds maybe you can hear some footsteps or movement or the creak of a door wait did you hear it looks like someone bumped into your tea table okay it looks like there really is someone in your house so your next step is to try to get out .

Of the house to be safe if it's possible leave all together both the front door or the back door or even a window works if it's a bit risky you might want to try and escape an injury is nothing compared with your life if escaping is not an option then lock .

Yourself somewhere bedrooms are usually the first rooms burglars check because that's where most people keep their valuables so it's better to stay away from them still if there's no other way bedrooms better than nothing lock it and pretend you're asleep but if .

You can then better hide somewhere else the bathroom is a great choice because it's usually not of interest to burglars now stay quiet the burglar probably won't spend more than 10 minutes in your house if the intruder doesn't find your inside .

You'll avoid confrontation the most important thing is you staying safe so don't move or make any noise as soon as you're safe and hidden call the police immediately remember when calling them always give your location first in case something happens and you're not able to .

Finish your conversation at least they'll know where to go if you can do it without being noticed try to study the intruder as carefully as you can make sure to remember their height body type the way of walking hair color race gender age and any other specific details you might notice .

Anything you can spot will be helpful if you can look outside and see the vehicle remember its brand color and the license plate number then wait again just freeze and never leave the place you've chosen until the burglar leaves or the authorities arrive and help you out but burglars don't go to any random .

House they don't want to be noticed so they choose their target very carefully and you can make it so they don't pick yours make your house an open space the greenery makes the house harder to observe so burglars pick those houses that have .

The most of it make sure to trim all the shrubbery that hides windows and doors turn on the lights as soon as it's dark every day of the year illuminate everything the porches the driveway the yard both the front and the backyard first it makes the surroundings more visible .

And burglars will prefer to stay away second it makes an impression that there's someone home and they don't want anyone to be there when they break in lock all the doors and windows people forget to close their bathroom window and burglars know it very well .

There should never be a way in don't leave any secret way to enter the house in case you forget your keys if you know about such a way so do burglars if you have any trees too close to your house cut the branches so it's not possible to climb it and get into any of the windows keep all of .

Your tools and store ladders in a locked garage don't ever keep them lying around when you don't use them because they can all be used to break into your house don't have any spare keys hidden in random places outside the house better give one to a neighbor you trust when you move into a new house or .

Apartment change the locks if possible make sure that your doors look modern and reliable old and bad doors that are easy to crack attract burglars don't throw away copies of documents or unnecessary checks just like that burglars can check your trash to learn more about you .

So shred documents into itty bitty pieces before you throw them away don't leave boxes from a new plasma tv expensive phone laptop or gold watch near your house don't show anybody that you're well off make sure that the house number is clearly displayed and can be easily noticed .

This way the authorities or any other help will be able to find your house way faster


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