Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Yo yo yo welcome to the algebra 1 vs geometry rap battle where we determine once and for all which math class is truly superior listen to both sides and comment below who you think won are you ready look at me it's algebra the first high school class i'm the foundation for everything it's me students must pass we .

Teach compound interest which is very useful but you spend half the year on triangles triangles our class is so great we have algebra one and two too bad you only get one year and you spent it on proofs students like us more you're far from their mind let's face in high school geometry you're a waste of time .

Woah vocal stop right there i'm the waste of time you're telling everyone to find your ex but why why stop telling students to find x we get a dude she's gone sure we have proofs but can you beat polygons you may have two classes but we only need one for visual learners this class is more engaging and fun 3d shapes are useful unlike your .

Expressions we're the best class you're the second


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