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Amateur Vs Pro Architecture Photographer Shoot The “DOME HOUSE”

What's up guys I am Lee Morris I am here with world-renowned architectural photographer Mike Kelly and we are standing in front of one of the most iconic homes that's currently for sale in Charleston this is the dome house to all of the kite boarders but technically this house is named the eye of the storm today Mike and I are going to be .

Competing and we're going to be putting Mike's skills to the test we're gonna see who can come up with the best photographs of this house do you think you're gonna do all right I'll be okay not a chance let's do this so the other day I got a message on Facebook it was a filtered message .

Request and it was from a realtor in town that I don't know and he said leave you know the dome house and I said yeah of course I know the don't mouse this is where all the kite boarders go this is like the craziest looking house in all of Charleston seems like the world the dome house is up for sale would you like to .

Live in it for a week like yeah of course I want to live in that house why why do you want me to live in the house and he just said I have a feeling that the person who buys this house is probably not gonna live in Charleston it's probably gonna be somebody from New York LA you have a big reach with F Stoppers and so if you could do .

Something with social media that would be fantastic and you can just live in the house but I was brainstorming what could we do and I thought Mike Kelly's in town let's have a little competition here I think we should do one interior one exterior okay put them online see who wins do you like that why don't we just do three shots of our choosing that .

Way you'd probably get you enough coverage cuz like I feel like two shots isn't doesn't tell the whole story of the house you know I'm saying that's the problem yeah you're absolutely and I don't want to have to have make people judge six pictures it should be a simple thing but at the same time two shots isn't enough to really tell the whole .

Story I'm worried that we don't have time it's seven o'clock right now sunsets in an hour okay we'll do three images each yeah and you want to just you think of me whatever you want and yeah but I think we're gonna be a series though that is seen together yeah coherent maybe we'll put them all in one image and have the judged .

Independently like that like which series is better I like why don't we start scouting we have just two camera guys here so we'll take one with each of us and we can kind of just give our thoughts all right let's go let's do it so here we are out in the front I've got a 5d SR and a 2470 f/4 with image .

Stabilization this is just my general scouting setup that I've used for pretty much all my gigs and I'm out there just kind of planning my shots let's go out back and take a look I think I've discovered my first location here and it's going to be this really interesting fireplace but then what I also love about this is we get these really cool .

Windows which I will be able to see the beach out of I can also see the top window which is curved which shows that this whole place is actually a dome shape and you can see the balcony upstairs and you can see out of the balcony and you can see a little bit of the sky as well so this is the most interesting composition that I could .

Come up with and kind of show a lot of elements in the house at the exact same time – I don't like seeing the back of chairs so I'm just going to pivot these out all right so as I walk around I started to see this like really abstract sculptural form to this house and I think whatever composition I settle on I'm gonna want to use that kind of .

Negative space and a really like unique curvature to make something almost almost minimal and abstract more than like a here's a picture of a house I want to make an interesting photograph of architecture which uses abstracts and a little bit to our advantage all these sand dunes behind me could make some really interesting like .

Tatooine desk photographs if I'm someone going out on the beach and see how that looks so one issue that I know is going to be a problem is right out this window is a big tree that's blocking the view I know for a fact that that tree is on this property and if you wanted to trim that tree you could and you could see the beach a little bit better probably .

What I'm gonna do after I get everything that I need in here I'm gonna walk out and I'm gonna get another shot right past that tree and then that's what I'm actually going to put in the window I don't think that's cheating I don't think that's cheating the potential buyer of this place because literally you can see the beach right here alright .

So don't tell Lee but there's an epic shot right now I said I was gonna be scouting but this is too good not to take for the competition plus I only have an hour and a half so screw it there's this amazing cloud formation right behind the house we're out here the lights pretty soft it's a little bit flat but we can make it worth water .

Really love of those clouds out there it's almost like the heavens have opened up and said take this picture right now and win this contest and shut me out immediately cuz look at that it's so good so I'm just gonna line this up do a handheld bracket really quick I might just use a single exposure with the lights bright enough I don't only need a .

Tripod so let's see if we can get away with this now if I was Mike Kelly I'd have a camranger and I'd have an iPad so that I wouldn't have to keep walking back to my camera but I'm not prepared I own all those things and I forgot to bring them so I'm having to walk back and forth to .

The camera look he doesn't even have the camera level I don't know how he thinks he can win when the buildings like is gonna fall over this try huh it's like moving around and you can use the cube but that might confuse me I don't know you know you know I've got I've got a secret weapon what's that I have access to this tutorial series on architectural .

Photography yeah are you gonna watch some of that I've already seen it the guy's a douchebag what he gave some good tips in it all right I didn't bring a camera injure but I did bring some PocketWizard so I'm doing this old-school style I'm gonna be triggering the camera with this because this tripod head is so wobbly every time I touch .

This like it literally moves so I don't want to touch the camera anymore I just want to do this remotely so now I'm gonna run into the other room get the Profoto trigger and when I'm going to throw it on the top of this camera and then I'm gonna walk around and start popping some light around the room so it's got a 24 millimeter tilt shift on .

Here and arcus was cube and I got a cam ranger which we has forsaken you can borrow camranger if you want I don't need all that fancy-pants stuff all right so while he's fumbling over there with his janky us tripod and lights and everything I'm just gonna tell you my setup here so I have a cam Ranger which lets me see instantly and wirelessly the .

Shot that I'm framing up and I'm gonna do a little bit of light staging as soon as he gets done with his clown show I'll go in there and make a shot so right now I'm just walking around I'm popping light all over the scene the problem is I can't see what I'm doing cuz I'd only the cam Rangers comes running back over to the camera I'm sure my exposure is .

Wrong but let's discuss okay there's potential there's potential here so now let's go outside and let's shoot through this window and see if we can get some interesting shadows to be casted all right so while they're outside I'm going a little wider I was at 24 that's usually when I go to I'm gonna go to 17 but I'm not gonna use the .

Entire width of it even if Mike beats me in the competition I feel like this first shot is respectable he's got some nice light but I don't he's taking a picture of a fireplace I could be totally wrong and he could win so maybe you never know before I move on to the second shot I want to get a better sky shot I never got a really good sky shot .

Inside so what I'm going to do is I'm just going to shoot right over here we're getting some really nice colors and then I'll drop this guy in using Photoshop later so I'm just I'm just using live view on camranger like this is why this is so helpful I can see exactly what I'm doing as I move things around whereas we had to go back and .

Forth to the camera I hope that his eyesight lined up with the viewfinder and everything so this is just a perfect way to kind of style the room as I move around it the methodology to my styling here is I want this to look a little bit beachy I don't want it to look too stiff and too you know over the top perfect it should be casual right this isn't a .

5-star Hotel in New York City this is a beach house in Charleston so I'm not gonna go all out I want it to look like it feels it feels casual here feel soft nice beautiful inviting light should the staging and styling should be a little bit casual okay we got the outside shots that we need for the first image for the second image what I'm going to do is .

Actually shoot right around in the same area I'm gonna back up a little bit I'm going to shoot this furniture that we have here but more importantly I'm going to shoot really wide and I'm going to show this incredible view that this house has all right so Leigh's been running around like a madman I've just kind of been chilling out here come's .

Making more noise anyway I'm gonna spend some one-on-one time with my shot here make sure everything is perfect before I finalize it so right now I'm just bracketing on this shot I want to make sure that I get a nice sky all the foreground elements and everything and then I'm once again I'm .

Going to start popping light on the furniture and on the house itself well I'm hoping the plant is gonna look nice in the shot but maybe I should just pull it out to save it from being a potential nightmare and post I do think the lighting here right now is really nice it's soft and directional I don't think now is the time to add light I think a .

Good composition and perfect styling will outweigh not having a festive lights for the shot so that being said I'm gonna go ahead and bracket and to put these together in Photoshop and hopefully we get a nice end result what I think is gonna happen is this will be my daytime shot I've got an exterior I'm gonna do a Twilight upstairs in the .

Bedroom sort of that view looking over the beach so I'll have three shots that really tell the story of the house I'm gonna try to hit this edge right here to create some interesting lights on that so I'm hoping I can do it like this all right that one was a little bit easier I didn't do much staging at all if I had to rate this image I'm not that .

Happy with it I definitely like the one that I got inside more but I do appreciate the fact that you can actually see the beach here alright so when you come to this house this is where I think Lee's going wrong I don't know this could all backfire so who knows I look at this view and I am like in awe of how amazing this is you have .

This epic sunset you've got perfect white sand Atlantic Ocean beaches cool waves all the kite boarders I think there's absolutely a view shot and I think he's making a mistake if he's not gonna wanna so the first thing I want to do is compose around the architecture I'm gonna do a little styling of these chairs out here but I .

Really want to make sure I set myself up for a nice shot with these really nice leading lines in this view that's the most important thing so I'm gonna find the shot first and then I'm gonna do a little bit of styling in a few minutes I probably got about 15 or 20 minutes left of light I'm not in too big of a rush but I do want to stay aware of what's .

Happening out I do want that nice Twilight ocean view I think we're gonna get it perfectly there's Mike right up there you worried Mike there's nothing you can do to stop me now for my third and final shot obviously I have to shoot the outside of this thing I mean this itself is so unique and you either love it or .

You hate it but hopefully when you pair the shot at the outside of this with the beautiful interior shots you're gonna love it the main problem that we're having with the external shot right now is it's kind of stormy out here but this is a hurricane house this house is literally named the eye of the storm so if I have .

To have this gloomy look on the outside it's really not the end of the world it's kind of interesting if anything it might make it look more artistic so I swapped the furniture over something a little more modern here I wasn't really loving that sort of Tiki style I'm gonna run out and grab a table let me think what else that I can see Mike's camera .

Set up on the top balcony up there and I do not know what he's doing unless maybe he's shooting skies as well but he certainly can't have that be one of his three shots because he's not getting the house at all all right so I've updated our furniture got something a little more modern in there it's also gonna be a little bit darker so it's not doesn't .

Draw your attention the darker chairs are gonna make you focus on the view grabbing your eye and going right to the left of the frame your eye should hopefully I haven't checked it out yet but hopefully follow the leading line of the balcony out to the view rather than having your attention grabbed away by those white chairs so that's my hope .

That that will work in theory we're gonna check it out and see how it looks in practice so the yard has a pretty nice lawn that's right in the backyard but if I move back further closer to the beach here it kind of makes it look like it's in the woods or something and I love it I think I think it makes the house more interesting to show it in .

This environment rather than just kind of make it look perfectly green and manicured so I'm just moving around here trying to find interesting compositions somewhere that I just want to stay and shoot all the way through sunset alright so that looks a lot better I'm gonna have to do some tweaking of furniture here I'm gonna adjust things a little .

Bit it's a little bit busy with the table and the blanket I've spent like 20 minutes on this shoot just tweaking blankets I'm getting kind of sick of it someone's got to be quick but after that I think the shots ready to go then we gonna sit here and enjoy the view so this is actually working quite well we've got a pretty decent exposure going .

On right here I am going to grab the Profoto I'm gonna light just a little bit of these like bushes and stuff right around here and then I'm gonna run under the dome and I'm gonna light up under the dome and see if I can get a little bit of glow under there I should have CTO gel with me and I forgot to bring it but my hope is that because there's no .

Lights under the house at all it's gonna look blue in the picture but then in Photoshop afterwards I can just change the white balance and make it look orange to match the other lights inside I got a hurt you he's running around like freaking out all of a sudden I think he's the the the realization that he's gonna lose his .

Donning on him he's gonna get a lot of the underside of the house I think from that angle he's gonna get that sort of unrenovated interior her stacks of wood here he goes he's gonna hurt himself running like that so I obviously stole this technique from Mike his first tutorial he's done it in every tutorial this is the first time I've seen an .

Architectural photographer flash plant but it works well I just need better shoes than flip-flop all right let's run under the house and see if we can like be under underside of this thing okay so Lee went around and did all the work for us of turning on the lights and I think now we're setting up for a .

Beautiful Twilight shot here as you can see I have a nice interior glow inside the house I've got almost the right light outside you've got this wonderful leading line that takes us out to the view and all these sand dunes in the beach right there I think it's a really nice shot I'm gonna let Lee continue to run around like a madman and I'm gonna .

Sit here and watch the Sun go down once again I wish I had a camera Ranger I'm sprinting back and forth from the camera it's getting really dark so let me go check and make sure that I got this all right guys so I think the lights about right I'm gonna wrap up this last shot up here we've got a nice glow from the interior a nice blue glow from the .

Exterior everything's coming together very beautifully alright guys so we've wrapped up shooting how confident are you with your images I'm very confident I am worried about who thinks who shot what image that's my major concern that's an interesting point because you're known .

For the dusk night shots and stuff and I was the one out there doing it and I don't know where your dusk night shot is it's just having a nice enjoyable night you know just watching the sunset from the balcony and seeing what what unfolded in front of me so okay well we don't want to show each other our images I've seen like a test shot that you did .

Just one but what we're gonna do we're gonna go back and Photoshop them and then we'll come back together and we will reveal the original and the photoshopped images on each one and then we're gonna put them up for voting all right so a couple of days have passed we've had time to edit our pictures we are now going to reveal our images for .

The first time are you feeling confident I'm feeling really good I you you came in today just like totally feeling like you were gonna win anybody worried just knowing that you weren't outside for that final dust shot exterior that gives me some confidence because my turn turned out and I have a question for you did you even shoot the exterior of the .

House yes that's the first thing I shot when I showed up oh yes I thought you were just scouting for a later show I saw that there were these epic clouds out there and I was like we're doing it right now okay well why don't you go ahead and pull up your images here there we go alright there's my before okay .

Exterior okay so that's before editing that looks really nice I can't believe that you've got the birds birds yeah very lucky and there's the final oh that's nice I think that's pretty nice yeah that's very nice yeah yeah that's better than I better than I expected matter George strangely another day a handheld oh wow .

My tripod is like David let's go scout and I give this whole spiel about how it's important to scout I'm gonna get out there I'm like this is the picture just taking right now and save the frustration we had this amazing clouds that's there's no sky a place where there's no shenanigans there that's all natural so I see that you have chosen .

Not to remove the house or the power line that wasn't getting paid I literally have 11 o'clock last night like should I do this it's like no it's fine okay so I left it there well big fan definitely definitely like that one all right what's next let's see we'll go with the interior I guess yeah so here's .

The you saw a little bit of this right yeah before you got there yeah I know you've you've been saying oh you've been living there for a week you got to see all the angles I didn't think about this at all yeah but an hour before you got there I did start walking around trying to find something right and I'd even consider this and I don't know why it .

Seems kind of dumb I think this is a nice one there's the final shot I sort of wish that I did some lighting here because there's like a little thing of a few things that bug me here and there but and I think it wasn't the right time of day for the shot I'm gonna start whining and complaining I love this angle I like you said I think you could .

Do it in another time of day I think you could probably flash it a little bit and you could change out these windows you actually make it look a little better right I'm worried though with our montage at the end where three images have to fit gonna be so small this is so wide yeah there's a lot of detail going on and it could look kind of jumbled up .

Right I'm really relying on the power of those clouds in the exterior that's my vertical big shot in my mind ties to kind of okay hold it off the other fire yeah all right let's see your final shot and then the final shot here here's the before yep yep and then it was a lot that looks that looks great I have to say I had a very similar idea .

For my second shot I was shooting on the the downstairs porch patio area and I liked this composition better so let's see your three shot montage very nice very nice I will say though the bottom left looks a little jumbled to me I'm sorry I was this I spent more time putting this together or the editing the damn pitches I didn't know how I should .

Have shot a horizontal I should have shot all three vertical yeah or something but like I said I'm relying on starpower of my sky and my birds over here – kind of I think these are these are clear what they are at this moment I'm feeling pretty confident here's why here's why I I introduced sky replacements flash pops lots more .

Post-processing than you did and so I'm curious if people are gonna think that my images really think about you and this kinda think of how hard you had to work equal pretend I'm my level oh I didn't have to I knew the good sky we're gonna was gonna be at a certain place at a certain time I got the picture yeah you're you're pulling out skies and .

Left's and rights and going crazy and you know what it's all about the finish all I care about alright so I was you were running around I was sipping mai mai tai here's the first shot and this this is kind of a funny story because you saw me while I was working through this a lot I was flash popping all over the place yeah .

And I ended up going into Photoshop and I made the most complex edit ever for this shot and then I grabbed elements of this shot I think I like the highlights that were up here on this like window and I was painting them and then I just looked at the shot and went you know what this shot straight out of camera looks good yeah so I'm just gonna .

Replace the the view and so here's my final shot that's pretty awesome I'm gonna admit so I did like hours of Photoshop yeah and then I threw it all out the window and it's literally the only thing I did would you learn that from ah this tutorial that I have access to so this is this is really good far better than I thought but I like I said .

If you can get this in the morning sunlight with the Sun coming in well I mean that's kind of what I'm replica over here with the with the strobe out the window yeah the only problem I have with this is that you don't get you don't know the house you don't understand I I agree but I completely agree but but to me this kind of feels .

Like a Mike Kelly shot more than you're wider shot you you're always about zooming in and getting details rather than wide shots of the whole room well I thought I did get two nice other details feels like I got to do one wide shot see what happens yeah alright nervous yet no that's still confident huh okay so here's my composition come you get all .

The I didn't get any kiteboarders I didn't even get any of that they were all they all packed up when I started shooting I don't love the composition as much as yours and I feel like the furniture and the bottom writes a little jumbled yeah this was a very simple blend as well or I just blended in like a flash pop from the side yeah on the .

Chairs and just a little highlight on the thing so I I think this is just two images pointed if I had to score where we're at so far I really love your other image but I think my equivalent of this is better than yours I completely agree I never wonder one I don't really agree with you yes if we could if we could choose the dream team photo .

Yeah it's we're tied up at this moment but we got one more to go but you are about to be destroyed because this is the image that I've spent the most amount of time on I have I have used all of your tricks to create this shot okay so here's my composition all right all right are you ready yeah this looks like it looks like alien or something .

University predator in the background does it does so it's cool I just think it's a little over the top think it's over the top I think it's cool it's like a movie poster yes I don't know if I agree I agree I like it I just think it's a bit much so I think if if you have a lot of Michael Bay fans in the audience you'll win if we have a more .

Refined so the visionaries you have snipers audience yeah I might win I do like it so there is my montage I feel like my weak link is the porch shot yeah I think it'll be it'll be tight but I think I'm gonna win I do think your interior was a nice shot but I am I like my exterior is better both of your exterior is better than laughs .

Interesting so see what happens interesting now are you going to make any excuses when you lose I I will be disappointed if that happens yesterday yesterday Mike was like you know I I don't know if the people who are gonna be rating on this are sophisticated enough architects really appreciate the amount of work and .

Everything I'm like well now you make an excuse to get out of this that's pretty solid montage though it's a yes it is a solid montage I mean he says that aren't amazing like you have you're lacking your mind in your montage I think I I feel like I beat you on my interior shot and the shot of the dome itself and I feel like you beat me very easily on the .

Porch shot but I do not think that you're much better than mine here's the thing mindset mine tells a story it sets the mood it's a warm summer afternoon with the birds and the pink in this clouds and it's totally South Carolina there's just feels like we're going to Mordor or something I agree but I think if people are looking at an .

Image online what are they gonna stop and enlarge and look at for longer all right well at this point it's up to you guys so we're gonna put these online right now up for voting we're not gonna say who took the pictures and we're gonna do two different polls which one is best and then who do you think took each set .

Of images I think people are gonna think that my pictures were taken by you and then especially all the youtubers who hate me they're going to specifically vote against your pictures because they think I took them and it's gonna backfire on them and you're all going to give me the W for this competition if your reverse psychology works all right .

Well we're gonna put this up and we'll meet back maybe next week once the results are in and I will drink your tears from a mug when I destroy him what the the results are in and it's almost like I'm a prophet because exactly what I said was going to happen .

Happened and the vast majority of people online seventy percent of people believe that my images were yours and almost the exact same amount right at 70% of people preferred my set of images to yours I am a terrible architectural photographer I printed out just some random comment this is I'll start with the number one comment on YouTube a second set destroys .

The first it's painfully obvious the second set belongs to Mike sorry Lee there's no contest sorry second set is immensely better the first set didn't look like they did any Photoshop or Lightroom work look at the sky second set clearly Kelly if I'm correct I believe Mike Kelly did four through six the dramatic shadows and lighting .

Seemed to be his style Lee needs to either buy some thicker shirts or stop appearing when it's cold wait a minute how did that one get in there that's like anything pretty confident four through six is Mike and I have to say four through six are also better I like all six shots but the amount of detail in four through six is just on .

Another level Mike Kelly knows how to do a fatality I like the mood color and composition in his photos four five and six very easy the professional architectural photographer took four five and six four to six to win for me so much drama captured in an elegant way it's obvious first three are not for Mike Kelly and .

Lee had a good chance of incorporating a flock of birds but then yet in his images are pretty horrified Mike's images normally have a buzz the energy to them which four to six seemed to have four to six easy peasy so much more mood Lee would be a good real estate photographer though unless my picture .

Unless Mike just discovered Lightroom's of an yet function I'd say the first set is definitely Lee's I'm going to laugh so hard if all of us bomb this and it turns out Lee took four through six image four through six our showstoppers well Lee I printed out some comments on my own and I want to say one in particular stuck out to me okay .

It said the evident contrast of colors proportions and delicate composition on the first set the balcony shot in particular is definitely Mike's signature so the first set of photographs were definitely shot by Mike okay there's another one oh I guess I'm the only one but I think the editing and .

Image is four to six is much heavier handed than what might Kelly would tolerate Mike's work has evolved to look much more natural overall so there are some positive comments yeah I found those two out of the hundreds of hate for literally hundreds what is it about this that makes people .

So angry in the comments my favorite part of the whole thing oh it's so sweet I'm I do the critique the community and stuff and so people love to talk to me because I do it with two other people yeah you know that's totally fair so I I am immune to it at this point and it's kind of funny to me when people you know get get really critical of my .

Work like it does it used to really bother me yeah it has no effect on me at all yeah you're the nicest guy in the world you're super talented everybody loves Mike Kelly so you are not accustomed to the hate like nobody says these things for you I get some pretty stupid comments some time to time but like this is just like like a fire .

Hose yes because they all were so sure it was me they just knew it was me and I'm reading these comments just licking my lips ah it's beautiful and perfect so I have just read having the time of my life just refreshing every few hours oh there's another beautiful comment it's obvious a professional with years of experience took the second set only in a .

Mature way you haven't taken a picture with a little architectural picture in five years I edited this out of the beginning of the video just because it didn't really fit in the video but I actually used to shoot architecture in real estate long before I met you yeah I was never great at it but I did used to do this and then .

When I met you and I started doing tutorials with you like I learned 99% of what I know now because of you but I did have experience in it and then everything that I did for this tutorial or for this competition I learned from you and from your tutorials so it's like I'm using all of your tick tips and tricks against you right so when you say .

Well you know is a nice shot of the interior but you weren't turned out underestimated your have seriously well I just showed up like like you saw in the video I had an hour and a half to make three pictures I'm like and then I saw you running you're like this sweat pouring down your face you're running back and forth and lighting things and .

Moving things yeah like okay he's just freaking out but I was like I'm just gonna submit three solid decently composed nice pictures yeah maybe a little heavy on the vignette I don't know I thought they were pretty cool and you were like in a marathon sprint and I and I know you and I'm like you know you're a hard-working guy but you also .

Wanted to leave those people I know at all so maybe I could have kicked it up a notch but I did want to do a good job like you know I'm I'm always competitive I want to do a good job I certainly expected to lose to you but I wanted to give you like a run for your money you know but I the reason why I was running so much is just cuz I didn't .

Have a camera and I was so afraid that I wasn't going to get a third shot done right so I was I was hurrying because I just felt like I have to get this done like I will lose automatically if I get too done and you get $3 I still think my pictures are better you still think your pictures are better like it's very clear pictures are not better your pictures .

Are very different I don't think they're trying I don't think they're trying to be something that they're not I think they tell the story of the house I think they're honest I think it's simple I think it captured the mood of that evening so that's it the composition was nice I think it was you know some of the photos were slightly .

Abstract and interesting whereas yours like here this is picture of a house with some cool light and I you know obviously the audience disagrees with me but I was like here this is you know a house on the beach we've got these epic clouds you got they put the birds take gonna leave it could've left them could have taken them .

Whatever but I think it you know they were straightforward honest photographs of a cool house I didn't go nuts with the lighting and I also think that the the montage this is maybe a little bit of a patrick Hall excuse but the montage worked against me in the fact that I had high rewind whose idea was the montage maybe we .

Would put them on one image and have them judged independently like that like which series is better foot-in-mouth here but uh I you know when you look at I think when you look at you know the interior I think my balcony and my exterior are fine in the montage but the interior definitely gets lost because it's it's it's definitely busier and .

When you condense it down it gets a bit more confusing I will admit responsibility for that screw-up with the sky replacement it turns into you know like alien vs. predator or Independence Day it might as well be like a laser beam coming down abduct people from the home it's a little bit up over the top okay great .

Well it's a it's an over-the-top house too you know yeah and maybe you told the story about overnighted I told a different story there's no doubt you have always told me this is what I learned from you and your tutorials and working from you you've always said what's going to sell a house betterly .

50 shots that you see on Zillow that are just wide-angle that show like you know everything about the house or three to five incredible images that are in a magazine right that blow your mind and it show of little details of the house and I'm like yeah that's a really good point right and that is what I did I judo through you I took your technique .

And tossed you on your own head we're gonna have to do this again one day right like you have to avenge no I think I think we just totally do it again I think we should find another house in a different locale somewhere and try it again and now I know you know what be what the endgame is here all right guys I think we've had enough fun here at .

Least I have if you'd like to learn all of the tips and tricks that I completely ripped off of Mike to beat him in this competition head over to f-stop komm slash store you can see the where art meets architecture series we have one two and three with Mike and in all honesty I I would never have beat him except I worked with him for years on .

These tutorials and I just literally copied everything that he said in those tutorials I did against him perfectly so you you can be better than Mike Kelly all you have to do is watch us for more free content every single day head over to F stoppers calm thanks for watching guys we'll see you next time maybe when we compete again good job thank you .



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