Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Botany Final Eden Park Vs One Tree Hill 1st XV Rugby

take on One Tree Hill botany downs our undefeated this season and One Tree Hill will be looking to change that not only are they playing for the trophy but they're also play for a chance to join the won a competition next year joining us and coming through today .

We've given door and combat load is thank you very much italic very good afternoon to everyone what an occasion we have here tonight at Eden Park here in Auckland back to back to back games and a Tom what a special occasion is for these one B players possibly the only time they get to play at Eden Park well any .

Opportunity to get to play and a finals fantastic but to play in a final it eaten park need to so much and enjoy that beer they're respected city fire happened last week One Tree Hill spitting tango Dora and bottom e beating that melon Roscoe grandma let's have a look at the starting lineups now for both these teams first of all the your .

Way side One Tree Hill and two players to watch out for will be the haves combination up to fire and story seven years experience between the two of them both your teaching students they're gonna bring a lot of experience to the halfs combination this afternoon and having a look at the bottom knee seem for this afternoon three players to .

Watch out for will be the back three Jacob Jackson Jordan Chi and Quintin Hill eight years experience between the three of them and know that they're gonna show a lot of pace this so Eden Park in Auckland a wonderful spectacle will have today three back-to-back games and here come the teams onto the park one tree huh .

Crowd bullying for the big one a game that you'll be commentating and about two hours time to looking forward to that but business fine here botany Downs College One Tree Hill College real opportunity for both these sides that never really featured Ricky Lee in 1a for sex the inspiration for a lot of these colleges but today it's .

Just all about trying to win a trophy what an opportunity for the boater to trying to make us stand and particularly for the One Tree Hill College beer and they've never featured and wanted I've never been an apply offer for a chance to get into to won a so today chance for them and such keen to soak it all up to on the on this fantastic arena he it's a .

Special time for both these two schools they'll be in high spirits regardless they'll have a chance to paint and the one a next year's they plate for the promotion/relegation game next year but right now finals footy and a special time for these two skills to get some Eden Park glory conditions absolutely perfect as you just saw on the screen .

It's a sunny day here in Oakland they might be able to clamp but it's not gonna rain that's for sure well I say that that's for sure now but conditions pretty good there is a slight breeze line across the ground but shouldn't I think the players the botany side were undefeated this year so far 12 and out they finished top .

Of the table in the 1b and they won their semi-final respectively last weekend taking on 3rd place One Tree Hill 10 until they finished third on the table the matter Pete second place Tonga door last weekend as well so both teams out on the park now they're in their final house all righty let's go solo for the Hawkins .


well the referee is called a stop to it but what a fiery exchange from both I could starting off with a Christian home and ended up being quite bloodthirsty talk yeah look that is a scene setter if we've ever seen and we see a lot of hackers around land row the first thing .

Maybe around the country and that is about as good as you are going to get so yeah and just a note then also the the Botany down steam I know I've got a number of players who are playing today we're also involved in a national choir competition tonight so I've just had a bit of a warm-up and so now they're ready to play and let's see if they can .

Get the job done here this afternoon for a story so we're set to go here Eden Park the first game of three and the one be final for 2017 about to get underway One Tree Hill to kick off two botany college ah Denny downs college right to left as we can see it's at the Garden of Eden here we go – boy it gets things underway and botany .

Will have it just inside their own 22 – begun work beg run to get things going now ball down the short side thought Ernie continued to drive the way up the park got a bad start what a bear return Becker comes walk now mother run they're from botany ball in hand at the moment shorts I play for one tree physical that's going to be for .

Carrying from the the botany downs college for tech in particular the likes of scent and vitae the blindside flanker there's lots of physicality you gonna get a lot of that as this games like game goes inside line a perfect for a good game of rugby the when decided to pick up go from right to left so in favor of One Tree Hill right now but .

They are in for a good physical game today is opportunity see the first scrum of the afternoon one decay can we have here I didn't perhaps three games back to back alive on the rugby channeling sky so to pawn these the scrub got pre shot and I'll have to do it again just the enthusiasm of playing in a final and in this arena particular and they'll be .

Keen to everybody wants to make a statement don't and the first scrum doesn't matter if you're playing in the under eights or the All Blacks tonight scrum time it's all about making a statement upfront and you expect nothing less of of two these two sides of course men in the round-robin just a few weeks ago botany I was running on that .

Occasion and but by all accounts that was made up of a physical front pack dominated game plan so scram on behalf way scrum under pressure One Tree Hill get it out to pry it out it comes a story now top here on the charge last little wrap around right here from Ellie Sarah as he moved his .

Way up to the 22 now One Tree Hill to Pine on the charge this time Deena you only pressure on bottom is One Tree Hill bring it out again up to the 22 to pie story rect good recycling of the boy at the moment out to pyre again Malala moving the way across true but this is good meters at the moment made by One Tree Hill now I pick and grow makarora .

Outer comes into the backs again stepping his way this time the big number six water comes and maybe a chance the begged a teardrop heading on the patch maneet opening the prior football story down the shore time puts on the stamp and grabber now the race is on at the back and doing well is bulk he's picked .

Up the stretch nice thing up for me the chance to clear their own loins here deep inside the 123 no advantage and a penalty for the white books the exciting stuff that from One Tree Hill on the attack great wraparound story feeding Ella Sara and the Fords it was the scent of one almost from one through two eight .

Everybody had a bit of a go everybody had a bit of a carry got their hands on the ball mistake just on the goal line give us botany the chance to clear but given its an indication near of the expansiveness that the teams want to play yeah absolutely wonderful little wraparound move story had the break good support .

There as well from alley sadder and One Tree Hill making good meters but now Rodney have a chance to settle things down here but just net from their own teeny to corner look to Phoebus line it's one against the head One Tree Hill habit to fire I don't well back here but I still have positioned on the low stormy it's like a .

Store gay the stop of makarora got the pass on again that's the pig number six again Moroccan nail touch and go good manners at the moment from the Dark Blues as they continue to move there at the park this is FINA .

The support they keep it going Emily Santa Steven meters in from the bottling line One Tree Hill in heart attack two pyre digging it out bring a de comes again now if I ever picked up and drove her back up the pasture pyre flings it out the back door there's time TOEFL money to top any managed to get the off road offers .

Partner and now One Tree Hill just inside the bottom me 22 go again Bonnie my have stolen this year once again nice expansive tracking one tree hook yeah Riven story the first five you let dark it was pretty fired up in the 10 Jersey for One Tree Hill College great offloading here from the Fords wonderful carry from feet out and their .

Story right on his shoulder as you'd expect into the 22 asking a lot of questions of their botany downs college defense breaks and again probably the most impressive part of us is there a full attention yes they turned it over yes they made the mistake at the end but in the first six minutes of this game One Tree Hill college asking botany .

Dunn's a lot of questions defensively and so far botany though have had all the answers the initial break from ahora from number four One Tree Hill came from knee downs not committing enough numbers to the breakdown and that's what they've been doing in One Tree Hill identified that and running there so bonding nice .

Titties come off the back boy now it comes again a stab and grubber kick from vult and at the bank they have time here identify Eva wrapped in the tackle a little bit isolated one tree Hollander a bit of pressure here they managed to get the ball out again out to pyre digging in front looking to hit the short side in left .

And right comes the open instead all football but it's still there for won't evil picking up the scraps this time Antonio Vila the captain but can go to pyre got the pass on toll Kia Sephia another run again now they move it out they go quickly get got the off blow ball there again for offer on the halfway at the moment now another pick .

And go this time maka door got the offload story puts a little chipping bases chances awkward ball One Tree Hill managed to again out the back door so market spice at the back here for under a bit of pressure by Eva that one turned onto Tricia Nixon bottoming swirling in defense .

Taken back and it's simply a five-meter scrum coming up here it is exciting stuff Chladni down scholars getting their hands on the ball that offloads it doesn't find the man then turning the big One Tree Hill pack around and then just a little bit of help to skelter at the back here wasn't it just probably needed someone either .

Banging into touchup couldn't do it and then almost ended badly for them botany downs have come from being on the back foot for most of the first half to being in the position well to be fair to One Tree Hill botany haven't really had the ball at all and that little attacking play there really was from as you say Tom helter-skelter stuff opportunity for .

One tree sorry black me should I say the first real attacking opportunity every time I've hit the board have kept it down we've just had a blood burn replacement Sully I see a buffalo is coming off just to get tidied up and he will be replaced by number 18 Tate and Sherman we've only had nine minutes of this game .

But really a mantra he'll have had all the ball or the position and right into the field he actually botany with the scrum five meters out they could they could inflict a little psychological blow here on One Tree Hill even though I haven't had any ball that they one visit down into the twenty two yield some points then that could be a big moment .

In this at the start of this game botany with the scram nice and steady here they come right it's the ball on AG a nice sort of wraparound play here comes right again got the all started with the scrum that scrum was Isola the river in fact you could have argue that could have kicked .

The ball inside the scrum they freed it to the backs and then they were always on the front foot botany downs college you watch this here the scrum is moving it could've kept moving they decided the backs to take a chance with that lovely little wraparound and then it's just powerless there's a lot of players there .

Strengthen the withers feet and over it's a great load bar money right to get it out to Queens and Hill in Queens and Hill is the 200-meter sprint champ for a Counties Manukau so he's got the pace and he's also showed a lot of individual power to get that try there's blood .

so now the conversion opportunity here from Harry volt your 13 students easy cut 7up Bottomly lead no one tree know we'll have to get back on the horse after this that really dominated as I said dominated position dominated territory and they find themselves seven Hill down on the scoreboard she's got a .

Target they did some great stuff in that first ten minutes Watney just took their one opportunity and perhaps that's an example of the way this game might go quick restart down the left-hand side is going to bounce up all the loop button to touch it goes and bottom knee will get the line I just step from their own 20 – what an .

Entertaining first 11 and a half minutes we've had lovely attack from both sides particularly from One Tree Hill but then brought me when they had that one opportunity just got to take it particularly in big finals if you want to win the finals you've got to take every chance that comes your way and they've sent a message that they are .

Here to play Tom has put another try score not corn at the back and so now One Tree Hill with the advantage on the ball by either doing we oughtta clean up the strips now to pyar era comes machi trying to make some inroads up the middle of the rat supplier again gets it .

On now won't we have looking for some ball in here no advantage to the doc boots and that is we're leaving Quintin Hill Taylor Tom Aquino talked about the speed of the man look at him going foot on the accelerator and a wonderful tackle that was a table that had to be made it gets through that's the 22 coming into shot quintanilla choice Cora .

And he is dangerous any opportunity space the Quentin helped One Tree Hill College will be keen to keep the ball away from him because and that was special real example of that speed that he's got your team to bottom two teams from the Oakland won a competition so halfway for One Tree Hill Mogador goes high and now to fire on the .

Charge again taking all the defense and other advantage coming up here for the back blues now advantage another penalty possibly in kicking range maybe there's a strong went down here but it is in favor of One Tree Hill so if they did go to us kick the wind was behind him we're .

Gonna go for the touch line here mister tire here's the penalty top great great line this from me tougher smashing into the defender targeted probably one of the smaller players on the buildin Harry Volk just charged it up right at great line set up the penalty again One Tree Hill he comes to pie and it comes don't .

Forget on the charge up inside the 22 they come down to fire short so I play Tree Hill looking at start up the phases as they go forward a bit further awkward ball from One Tree Hill botany doing well to put pressure on a rock time and I've got the turnover that's fantastic reward for great defenses Volk puts in the box it to .

Clear and now purely at the back got the pass on awkward rugby at the back but it's still in analyst for one tree huh so they can go from fee now driving his way up the park all here again for one tree who ride on the halfway to fire under pressure perfect story born the inside keeping it alive here One Tree Hill out it comes again it's pretty .

Special just kids remember they're just young young men learning their trade and this is pretty special stuff from One Tree Hill a good to see I mean you're nothing optim I think sort of held back by the occasion this is a final remembers a there's a trophy up the prayers but you just look at the way they're taking the .

Border to contact and it's not just backs its forwards it's tight eared props as Lucy had prompted hookers everybody's got the skills it's a it's a real feature that we get to see on land rover first fifteen rugby year after year and we're seeing it again here this afternoon .

Stevie scamper botany and a penalty to boats so give them a chance to settle things down clear their lines it's not it's not a clear advantage we just get the feeling that botany at scrum time there's just a little bit of dominance there it's not not much but I've just ended a couple of penalties I see the .

Platform that set up the try and this is a good opportunity go inside One Tree Hill College half again and when they've come down here well they've only been here once and it's the school as we look down the beach of the bottie downs reserves looking for a bit of impact from them in the second half they continue to drive now but brings it ends .

Here they come again bodily on the charge just inside that One Tree Hill 22 platform is sick now go on the feet Dino Dino advantage chance to go for three and increase the lead and now a chat let's ever listen everyone to see another quick one here okay you informed .

Me to come over the top this contact record formed have a chat to you guys you can see there the captain Antonio Villa for One Tree Hill college over the ball but deemed to have not let the player goat so penalty in favor of botany again just an example here of botany dancer over the advantage line it's been a bit of a feature of this .

Game so far the team's you know if you're able to give it a their advantage line to get in good field position good recycling of the ball and this is an opportunity though for botany downs to extend that lead Harry Volk is 15 meters and from touch here but the wind is against him so hopefully he could get this over to be a .

Good confidence booster for his team here comes Harry Volk he shared that one so the school will remain seven points the mill 22-metre restart coming up here for One Tree Hill just didn't look comfortable with that kick that he it's not happy about it either and should expect Harry vault sorry I seem awfully all has returned from the blood burn had .

A bit of a breather and he's really funny to toy with the restart again down the party goes on the charge my shorts I play awkward rugby walk and Gregor there but still managed to regain position just inside the One Tree Hill half volt Becker comes a game the bulk ice attacking at the rack but the ball still there now advantage and .

Other penalty subordinate another chance for three people certainly look at it Antonio Vila captain before Montreal eight decide they'll take that shove a look at Raymond four feet up here down driving forward my wallet trying to bring him down for One Tree Hill eventually they brought him down but she we've seen some skills from particularly .

That the type 4 is definitely different this afternoon both sides net front row for botany Buffalo ludecke for fita Monat opening Villa and offer for the One Tree Hill College first would think pretty special stuff from the type forwards the school see it's been absolutely secure this afternoon so far it might be the one be final but at the .

Moment he playing like 180 players his Harry Volk with the three-point opportunity and he's got that one Tim no bottom me lead you much better strike that trim area vote in hindsight when you look back on that earlier what was a bit of a bit of a shank really and probably just reward that score line I think given 10 points to no thought knee .

They've just taken their opportunities when they come down One Tree Hill he'll have hit a lot of ball greasable field position that's just now it's starting to swing back sar one tree hill with the restart of guy to fog its legs underwire psyche begin to step from there on 22 Bob shots are tied .

Vantage another penalty for the white blues Hillary's they started telling us but Tom but take it here they come bulk on the church rag Doug moves around to the halfway it's an elf botany Wine Train help let seen the rock may suits a turnover Bobby have done well to regain it taking up the grounds now looking at .

Halfback Becker comes skip in as well try to anyway a game that accounts for kids touch it goes nice little run there from Jordan cheap but One Tree Hill will get the line you just ran it a real estate the neck in there the threat out wide with Quintin Hill Fondy downs fullback honey pass that from ludecke the hooker that's .

More like a half Bank that one just freak she on this outside but good defense they're up to the task there One Tree Hill College and then he needed to be pleased the lord out nicely taken to fire quick hands story ball on the inside here i ran up the pack from le solder a gang trying to leave the pressure at the moment bonnie trying to .

Come through the rack here but One Tree Hill done well to regain position now Malala papaya puts on the box who's under this one at the back it's going to bounce up going to bounce up superbly fantastic check bounced away from real estate at the back and a line a bit inside the Botany 22 he hasn't been a first option .

All the time today to fire the One Tree Hill College halfback but this time when he did go to boot found good ground good meters and if they are gonna get themselves back onto this game on the scoreboard One Tree Hill field positions gonna field position rather let's go to help them and this line out put some pressure on this mine out the right .

Stepping continue to move it up if I can through the back line it could be a turnover that I watch it nope looks done well to clean things up a bottom II to relieve the pressure here for 40 nice front football football better comes right with a step and a go looking for the awkward founder one trio will get position they'll get the scrum but risky .

Play all around really but the chance Amir on both teams plenty of endeavor absolutely late so it's no one's really that keen to kick at him and we just saw a kick from to fire but it seemed a bit out of kind of character great return just a bit look it's a plant halfback he was running like an outside back charging up the line towards the .

Defensive line then impressive young hooker come on a ludic the hooker thought botany downs we've really been treated to a great game of rugby so far you have to put it down to a lot of the weather conditions because it's such a beautiful day down here we were able to see a lot of offloads and click play and that's because of all slippery slippery .

Today One Tree Hill center of the park right on the 22 left and right option second opportunity here nice attacking platform for the dark blues to get back in the game team builder school would you believe it only nine minutes to go before half-time she was this games gone reasonably .

Quickly scrum under a bit of pressure it's a pie looking to dig it out here a camps story wider goes now but it is a lease of space we comes from a touch of rugby league background joelly Sarah took the opportunity came when there was a snip of space he stole it and that is a well .

Deserved try it one tree hill that's been a large period of time with falling in possession wise in the sort of just 54 52 46 territory territory and their seventies look at this story took pretty much to the line in that beautiful flat path and not being afraid to feed it out was tough here and then Ellis era with the speed off the left and he brings it .

Around and make that kick of it easier to super stuff from One Tree Hill College it's just great individual brilliance from Johnny Sauter he's only year 11 and this is his first year in first 15 rugby and what a mark to make and the 1b final on Eden Park you just see his eyes eyeing up the try line he knew exactly .

Where it was it's fantastic work from the young number 11 and a simple bet one move it was well it wasn't overly complicated just through the hands and the other conversion is good from supplier 10 7 the score and the 1b final bodily lead One Tree Hill College will feel much dearer about less talked about their position and their territory .

Domination needed something to count especially as the clock ticks towards that halftime and Ellis era got the chance to stretch the legs and that is a scoreboard that will freeze the One Tree Hill College so I'd much more than it did previously we've also had a substitution number 13 Joshua toy Kesava has come off and do .

Eally from one tree so has replaced them but it a mistake from the restart and so one Tree Hill with the scrum right on the half way just eight minutes to go before half-time wonderful finally we have seen so far don't get also after this game the big one a final big night a team Cup game as well it's all go scrum under .

Pressure here on One Tree Hill do it again I saw in the preceding movement that led to that try it from One Tree Hill that the scrum was just starting to break up a bit botany just starting to get some real dominance and here pressure going on and that front row lucky they didn't have or didn't school it out the back .

It's a concern that for One Tree Hill College that dominance from botany trying to get a solid platform so they can sit something away for you seven minutes out from halftime but any Don's need to be careful of that just come off the back now here they come story holds the posh try to get it on to top here Woodrow feet all around and a slight .

Knock-on so bottom eat will get the scramble right my net from story I like the fact that he takes the ball to the line he's holding now he's giving himself options options left and right creating but a doubt and the defensive line as well of botany yes the mistake came back story shouldn't look that was too much of a problem because what he .

Did before and that lead it to that last row was something similar and then he did release the path he did find his man now on that occasion for just a little bit got a little bit confused and had the dick but it's encouraging them don't mind that from story the One Tree Hill College verse five silence they cut off the back but and it comes .

Again now rights moving across Jill got the pass on foot to ball out on the full of goes to a swap mistake from botany one tree who will get the line outs almost created that space on that left-hand side again for Hill that space I don't want to give him made the error on this occasion while Tree Hill would have been .

Pleased to see but again just creating a little bit of an overlap on that far left side we've seen really Quintin Hill it's got the speed don't want to give them an you miracle advantage as well we can now slowly Volk again now we cook hands and now may be a chance again as hell breaks is like a pot the field a bit further bulk and it goes .

Pita drives it up a bit further just inside the One Tree Hill 22 my Tree Hill coming for the ride illegally though in a purely for botany and eclectic shake it no it's just um be do it again tap taken both outer comes now some open space and some open running five meters out from the One Tree Hill line now bottom it held and that first receive a .

Short I play looking for some own rights three meters out will ever listen so I'm initially short what I need knows I'm in some sort of put in over the line for Troy yeah whether he's got other guy it looks like it's the whether or not it was all in the same movement it was the question here for the team Oh certainly at first look Bevan that looked pretty .

Good but what I'm amending but did he get up and have another go I think that's all right you'll allow to have one go it wasn't completely stopped to me that's a try Tom certainly is over the line there's no question about that it's just whether or not this year as that is considered a halt and then he said another go they're certainly on the .

Line try awarded there you go try awarded and so corn a little gets the try the air 13 student and botany and Colonel increase the elite took the quick tap that's all started from this quick tip that Harry popped up get them real forward momentum broke down a couple of times within the .

Power of the Fords for fetor Lunik in the front row and the end looks momentum gets them over the line just pushes that advantage for botany downs out and a chance here very volt to where the extras well all-around athlete he's a place of Auckland under 18 hockey team and the Auckland under 18 touch team and here he .

Is scoring tries for his verse 15 Volk misses the kick so the score remains 15 2007 and 8-point ballgame now botany league but there are two botany downs old boys will be watching with anticipation today 20 M show face for Tesman the New Zealand sevens team and also then Nene who's playing tonight for orphan is also .

A botany downs past pupil so to tie it to restart they come the left-hand side again tracing heart is more code orga botany have control but just out from the line 22 again Volk Becca comes right moves it on for teacher on the charge he's been busy today the big Lucy drop no bulk shots I play hell wider goes quickly she trying .

To stiff his way through wrapped up in the One Tree Hill defense still chowing but a bit isolated l bodily trying to get it back do so Bock now right step in his way up still going bumping on players now vault with a little run good meters at the moment when bodies they move the .

Way up near the halfway now the people go for feet are now filling it half there got the offload ball their Bondi running hard at the moment up inside the One Tree Hill half they come this is good recycling at the moment from the light blues and it comes again then III haven't got the passer it's now right in fact we'd should I say driving has wiped .

The park of it further could mean is at the moment bulk rights clutch phanzig a safe don't have to suffer there'll be a turnover fantastic the fish from One Tree Hill I'll get the penalty let's make a lot of tackles in that movement One Tree Hill College at tines botany threatened it kept them open couldn't do .

It really making ground but then the turnover to keep crucial time I get the chance to go back inside botany territory with that clock heading towards halftime never leaving one this that question foot one drill quick contact doesn't it the creepers a killer you talked about at the start of the game I'm still going here we have the .

34th minute for fetor ludecke must be layout botany downs front row all involved in carrying the ball forward an equally One Tree Hill up to the task to Peter foot both teams have been inconsistent of the lineup area and a really good chance to get some points on the board before the end of the half so Billy the captain to the Bekaa guys .

See now now to pie out until the better comes from a while awkward pass and take it up at doing well spot here as he sets off now he's not good on now botany head the ball help us both the ball charge down now advantage we'll go back to the first infringement and with about 30 seconds to play this will probably be that final play of the first .

Half botany will get the scrum let's say they talked about the line out they got the line out right and then it's just the referee blows up time to be a go halftime here at Eden Park in Auckland and the 1b final for 2017 first thing 2007 the halftime score botany downs college lead One Tree Hill .

we'll take her women's rugby straightest Prize Women's Rugby World Cup final black ferns England live Sunday Sky Sport ooh if she is the one will break the spell you must finally learn to love .

You yeah what's the simple move really Clutton help crash it over the first try the mesh the head net a little ball handle or possession terry wise botany but they got the first try quit – no great strength wrapping around health or class health above bang and then there's .

All the strength i'll Clinton ill for that try look at the next seven point lead another simple maneuver this type of One Tree Hill a fantastic way down the left hand side and alley start out doing superbly to finish things off it did well there didn't eat tough here to draw the defenders and then le Suraj are plenty of toe .

To make that easy first year of rugby and its era love the way story just takes it to the light holds it and then tough beer the beads is one out we then hear too much gas in tune ups won't be now it's really to get into that right then the final try of the half after go go corn a lot it crashed over they may have been a debate .

With it was double movement or not it wasn't in the end and a good trying in from corner because we have a look at the stats yeah look it was a game of kind of toward so half of almost two hours and their One Tree Hill had all the position they had all the territory in this game and you can see that's come back a little bit but at a point it was .

About 80% and in the scoreboard the most important step of course doesn't reflect that so that's an issue for One Tree Hill they've got it turn the second half turn that around so that when they are down deep inside bot knees territory that gets some points because what's happening at the moment is every time botany go down for a visit they come .

Away with a profit and there is an issue for One Tree Hill at the moment he's absolutely they've taken their opportunities was botany 15 points the seven halftime sticking out for about to get otherwise staff and management and reserves to come off the field 35 more minutes left and both these two teams seasons they .

Can hold their heads high regardless next year they'll have a chance to be in the 1a they'll both have a shot and promotion/relegation games next season but right now it's finals glory here at Eden Park and as I mentioned at the start of the broadcast this may be the only chance at least some of these players will get to play at either Park .

It's a fantastic arena spiritual home of course of New Zealand rugby fantastic facility here munching intelligent body came to write their names into a little bit of history here at eating time sorry seeking up underwires bolt gets things going there's an offside play so he was told to get back so One Tree Hill have .

It just inside their own 22 halftime it was depicted and then here's a chance for botany deflected on a now bottom he just out from the One Tree Hill 22 quick hands here's Hill will some open space now to come for Jackson wrapped in the tackle big bet on him but botany still have it just step on the 1 through 22 .

Opportunity here early in the second half but botany as they move it out again 4 feet right now we'd puts it out the backdoor outer comes a guy now keeping fallen hand at the moment advantages well training for the light blues fault quick hands down this short-sighted game big run again from the board meet number .

Six get it but can go again boggling making good meters at the moments been recycled over football bulk and it goes right now for fita keeping that alive five metres in early charts here performing the book points on the board in the second half right shorts I play steeply .

Trying to keep on the field of play does well four meters out from them One Tree Hill rolling that can go again driving another check let's have a listen my mistake and not go on it looked like a try but he's obviously knocked it on top well yeah and they'll be pretty rovol here or what a thought botany .

Because this looked like he was there oh the fingertip smaller still being on that one Beeman I'm not convinced referee got it right it's in the book now ready but they butchered one on the left anyway when they came to the left all they had to do was just feed it out and no no good and then perhaps yeah they might have been robbed there but .

They might have robbed themselves a couple of phases earlier botany that would have been a bit of a blow to One Tree Hill danger like not over disability angle when you are sitting up square yeah thank you well we appreciate I'm here on One Tree Hill this scrum yeah hasn't been as good as bottom as you'd have to say they had .

Been pushed back times and the game so far side pressure on fit that's one tree hill tech wide meet us out from the iron line looking to clear the Alliance and as I say that it's a nice DD scrum commentators curse you can thank me later One Tree Hill here is a nice little stab and grabber cook like Beck they charge is why trio they get the .

Bounce driving us way at the park up over the halfway here come one tree huh fortune favors the brave – pyre now run from be now looking for the awkward boiling Kappa finger illegally very and appeal d4 One Tree Hill and a chance to get inside the .

Bottomley 22 below is on my feet Bevan as soon as Ellie Sarah got the ball we've seen little glimpses in the first half of the house how quick he is he scored that try away we go again they taken here come one tree hill on the chart now supply had a couple a little bit .

Isolated but one tree will have it nonetheless to try her again looking left and right come to left hand side now a dummy run from story now advantage penalty for the dark will they take it quickly again touchy guys on the twenty two boys to do here One Tree Hill even do you think that they're going for the quick test because the lineups have been .

Inconsistent what do you think it is it sort of fair twenty actually tailor the line it's haven't been the greatest your scrum set has been a bit under pressure this is the gold cooking Italian 8-point ballgame surprising maybe ever got three points but here's a chance nonetheless for One Tree Hill to set the platform just inside the botany 22 the thieves .

The lawyer and it's one against the Gila game take it in the year as well and appeal penalty the botany and a chance for them to clear their own works that's unfortunate just didn't get this one right at all saw the wool wasn't coming hands on the player can't do that no way the penalty and that's a disappointing sort of return therefore One Tree Hill .

After the if it they went to to get into that position thought about the quick tap thought about the shot at goal went for the sideline and then they only have to start again and they won't have the throat to this line out either so lytic try score late in the second our first half good line I know how to come SAP on the charge cycle or with a .

Break at the park and they're still fantastic learning from the Centers for their again bulk now right down the short side taking on the defensive game bulk elder comes this time we do the first receiver trying to make some inroads to the back now advantage another fielding for the light blues hit .

Hind this time these penalties I don't want them to mount up One Tree Hill College behind on the scoreboard wrong into the field wonderful stuff here though by the two midfielders he hit but got knee downs college sent and so follow who just carried it lookout strong yes Johnny said visual stuff there from the number .

Twelve play like that how do we choose the playing sports oriented man of the match so many players been putting their hands up for that award put onto the front not straight through yah he was back in his chances instead for the scrum instead mallanna has been going the greatest One Tree Hill so please how they go from but this girl's been under .

Pressure throughout the game and need to sort of make some adjustments maybe it's a case of thinking about going to the beach just can't afford to let it slip away on them that pressure particularly at this end of the field trying to provide a steady platform foot for the exit plays just another example of it just pressure it's not necessarily that .

The scrum is being totally dominated it's just putting pressure every time they feed one and at the back there for one tree hill top up is really having to work pretty hard the number eight to clear that ball to his halfback crouched on the toilet to pie up let's see how they go this time again from One Tree Hill managed to get it back now story .

Got the offload and lucky passing on but those apply there to drive it on a bit further to PI Becca comes again short side play take a bow Demetrios Malala one to your college the second draw we as Jews e5 found the space on the left hand side thought he should have thrown the past a .

Little bit earlier perhaps but wonderful stuff this good vision to from to fire black past great line from my wallet and off he goes the big lock caught this perhaps is the time he Martin thought he should have thrown it held the parson in the skill to throw it and then once any Sarah got that for him and he was never gonna be stopped and that is a very .

Important try in the context of this game Joe Ellis aa well you both alluded to it before the Fords are playing right backs the skill set of both teams at this age is incredible and again great individual effort from Joe early Sutter only year 11 like I said before two tries on the final what a game we'll be back in the game a One Tree Hill but he .

Knows his way to the try line does that young man on the left wing alley solder sick and try the match now a chance for One Tree Hill to come right back into the game when these teams met in the round-robin One Tree Hill college couldn't get across the chaulk I've scored a couple of tries here today they looked like .

They could have scored a couple more no doubt about it the endeavor a chance he had a try and aired the extras for One Tree Hill college try and close it up to a one-point ballgame is the tire change event one but it doesn't matter One Tree Hill arrived back in the game skill this isn't it great skill immense speed and there is .

No substitute for speed restart again from botany 1512 the score now botany leave but only by three points here does he give a story stab and grabber cook they back their chances again in the bounce will be interesting and to touch a goes le starter was there again looking Benson arts and mounds there .

Botany downs college and One Tree Hill have definitely cottoned on to the fact they fielded some space on that left-hand side and again lovely clever little kick Riven story he's orchestrating this is the number ten for One Tree Hill it's like he's sucking in the big ones they're good to do a fear better running .

And have taken some contact they're just putting a lot of pressure on that defensive line brought me down scholars have to be on tour they're onto it botany all football boy wakes up kick it into his banks here they come now bulk beneath oer peep got the pass on again PT on the charge have been .

Reasonably quite this afternoon wrapped up in the defense could be a turnover but i watch your part in it they get it back Bach now that comes again now after the first receiver take it on the defense up inside the One Tree Hill huh no advantage and a penalty against the heat .

Just look a little bit confused I've gotta say thought Ning is set fresher this is what happens in these finals start getting the pressure on some of the decision-making stats to go a little bit of mess conversely One Tree Hill College the defense asked of them again and up to it again with the turnover chance to go .

Back inside watney's territory as I found the touch line here company again is help here's try score of the match to give me the mark becca comes bulk now writes outer goes again where cares he's a chance our guy stiff fingers were at the park trying to look for the offload ball still there .

Awkwardly but it's there nonetheless for bodily outer comes again now wound and that first receiver holder for bulk shoot side why sets got the envoy now a chance in the left wing corner this time Jackson looking for the upload and what entry he'll have pounced on the scratch so just out for me Road 22 fire in our pic no advantage and a penalty for One .

Tree Hill there's a little bit of space to talk about the left-hand side I've gone quick again here One Tree Hill us want to play this game of taste quickly taken again now looking for the offload slight knock on a game and bonding we'll get the scrum you can see Bevin you could see he was .

Trying to link up with Ellis era on that outside again just couldn't quite do it because if he if he could it was no one home because that was turnover ball on Tree Hill College and if they'd found Joe Ellis era I think he was gone just couldn't quite look up with him well again we see they opted to go for the clipped happen they ultimately lost the .

War down here so maybe a lineup could have been the better option well it's a great support this is a big venue here at Eden Park it's not easy when you come to these games playing in the Vic venue and you don't get the huge crowd but this is great support for both schools for the 1b competition penalty .

Time it'll leave for botany this gum under appreciate a gang on Tree Hill strum with the greatest today but nonetheless penalty for body has violets for the touch line and now an attacking liner coming up here for the light blues opportunity here for me downs college to take a bit of the sting out of the One Tree Hill fight here because I try at .

This stage of the game midway through the second half just creates that little bit of doubt I would just give botany a little bit of help them calm down a little bit but a composure and also I think a bit of pressure on their opponents odd me again with the mall this time just inside the One Tree Hill 22 one superbly .

To poor gonna take out for it no advantage me through the rough illegally again and a chance for them to clear their own lives but don't be surprised they go for a quick tip been catching me off guard all afternoon Tom my trick but this time I think they might take the safety of the Duchess honor they can find it just a little bit of ill .

Discipline from bonding they got themselves into a position to build some favors to give there and couldn't do it One Tree Hill of Shawn even throughout the game don't run it from anywhere they're not gonna die wondering here to eat and park this afternoon make no mistake about their site Vela feeds the line out to mock it all to the .

Front fantastic break before which led to the Ellie's odyssic and try out it comes to fire now story pulling the outside nice play again Ellie saddled away but it was a forward pass yeah I think it was pretty clearly forward but at least sorry you can just see just a little bit of space again chance the windup look at .

This on the replay story just see just forward not much in it but even there's not convinced with this board as I was giving it credit for but I can tell you I think the referee got it right but there wasn't much in it crouch on exciting bottle so far this one be final of course the one a final after this here live on the Rugby .

Channel Auckland be Northland later on the even back-to-back-to-back rugby superb as they come off the back quickly sent some open space sacks nearly getting through the other side of the defense no advantage and now we're gonna have a chat let's have a listen if you see that oh wait .

Alfa Sammy so neat oh I've been called out here One Tree Hill call his number right this comment is made no effort to use his hands so it's going to be a yellow car yellow carpet alpha will that be in the context of this game 15 or play 14 for the next 10 minutes as you see here .

Just a bit high wasn't it what's the problem with it and so chance here for botany the one-man advantage can they make it count corner look again to the fat now a nice little pop the back for feet on the .

Church for Denis being held up on the mall here One Tree Hill drinks nicely and defense at the moments and I've taken it over that's good away from One Tree Hill yeah dimitra's my wallet number five there for one Jill just got us big Mets around four feet up couldn't feed it back to his teammates right at the turnover .

Quite easily here there's four feet up and you can see that Jersey five just wrecked them you've got on the right side of that and then once it collapsed nobody has to get out of there and so easy as you like for referee to make that decision so defensive scrum here given them we've talked about the pressure that one trail have been under .

All afternoon it's come from it has it really cost them and if they can keep keep just kind of surviving if I can use up to phrase then they're probably okay with that I wouldn't be surprised if they actually run the ball from their danger zone they haven't been putting book to ball much so we could be seeing that here you might be right there .

Taylor there's no learn the shotgun icy story as flat as a pancake right on his own goal line so it's to fire and story the nineteen combination they've been good today strong he hasn't been afraid to take it to the line when he's needed to it's distributed well kicked well Tiffany a candidate for players sports .

Got coated indeed player of the scrum under a bit of pressure but they get it out now story looking for a better better ride mantri home school had the full monty to pin it down the short song taking opportunity now still going to meet us out here come on the charge of .

Sliding up on and one tree that will survive again well and as that bullet dodged certainly one tree hill all the momentum with botany downs college great run from fault looked like it of almost have gone up self anxious looks on the faces of some of the support staff as you'd imagine .

There's so much that goes in behind these teams Alan Taylor the coach of the Botany downs first if Dean said to you in charge of One Tree Hill College and a great job with their sides to get them ready for this they put on a wonderful display so far at Eden Park and of course yes well there's a trophy to be won here this afternoon both these teams .

Will get a shot at qualifying at promotion to the 1:8 next year they'll play the bottom two teams from 1a this year and say like a botany downs they have never contested a won a playoff game so I've never been in this position and they had the chance to have a sniff it that a wonderful competition that is the 1/8 done so well this year unbeaten .

Pretty close now to it to teach your title winning away but they've done very well considering the school was only established in 2004 so we've not been around very long and to get here to the Big Dance in Eden Park official in itself bond new school motto maximizing achievement through intellectual growth .

so it's going to pressure from one tree hill again ball there a story who manages to clear his own lines done not much of that at all today checking anyway here comes he'll not support .

There now cheek she trying to find some open the roads can't do so she takes it to ground on the One Tree Hill ten meter mark at the moment Volk outer comes a game now on the charge sent bulk right born the inside here for Schumann bulky gained four feet isn't busy today got the pass on team nice little wrap .

Around from right balls going backwards the little bit all put all rounds and black knee will get the scrum just inside their own a lot of running on this ground that's happening both these things the heads it's an indication there it's a little bit of fatigue might of sitting in at all it's a bit Laver talked of its low spot me downs also .

That psychologically that think camp down and so that One Tree Hill 22 for five or six minutes now come away with nothing and that will inspire their opponents to crouch search for because this is a scrum foot One Tree Hill just inside their own half thirteen minutes on the clock and the one be final dinner oh just thinking de to farm the Becnel .

Story story ball the inside one trio taken and Steve sir here they come up inside the 22 and now time and the trip from the river reef their table listen there's been no .

Fit to give that to me and it's slowed them down any other car you make an effort to other way well he looks apologetic Johnny sent but he gave away they gave the referee the option when he gave away the penalty and now we're at 40 naught players wise that is and rotten II will play most of the remaining players of this game with just .

14 men well the game for three points here from memory One Tree Hill got the yellow card at the 6th of the 53rd minute from memory and so that means that player will turn it around about 63 and so for the last 7 minutes don't have 15 min as for botany well don't get 50 min in the last three minutes so pressure time coming up here for botany .

Just got to make this count to remind her and the way the standings work a draw and the championship is shared it's the way it works in no extra time sont apply to level stores Hispanics 15 or and the run be final and we're going to go to limit minutes to play we've had a substitution hunter with .

Color – are they coming on for the shinny eternity in the onesie hillside so restart it going and now One Tree Hill just dip in the road 22 to pirate at first receiver Alec comes again now be a sniffing the man who started it all got the moment sorry should I say driving is way up to the .

Heart right to fire the stab and gravel kept afflictions around pull away for fee now now advantageous lighten up on bottom it will get the scrub what they need don't they need it momentum in this final is all at the moment with One Tree Hill College they came in as the underdogs 15 7 was the halftime score in favor of bottom and now One Tree Hill .

Have clawed their way back and you just get the sense that the momentum is with them sure they've conceded the scrum here that's a crucial one you can see the way that One Tree Hill College it ain't going down that left side trying to get Joey lisara two tries today already trying to get him involved again the hundred meter sprint check at Cisco .

And also a sprint up the county's Monaco and we saw his face when he scored his first try so putting the ball in his hand might be their reliever croaks point six sorry he they come a guide on the charge driving his wife's cycle or bump Anna comes again short cycle a .

people further just step on the 22 here comes good run there up inside the 22 they come now Bob short song play but out slowly both barking now it comes to theta and it goes again rights weed we gets it on .

one tree will get deep inside there are 22 our fantastic attack from botany downs college there it almost ended ideal way for them with the try just broke down at the end great tower great runs great direction from both lots of players involved in that great to see .

The likes of Raymond for feeder caring have been also popping up at first receiver there is big Raymond flat passes we'd finish we are key thought he said the tackle coming over the top their monster them just breaks down here right can't quite find Quintin Hill and he's annoyed about it so everyone takes on a bit of water they need to this is .

Gonna be a frantic seven and a half minutes you get the feeling just reminder no extra time it's a ends in a draw it's a shared championship and I'll tell you what but as if it does come to that well both these teams deserve it don't forget the won a final is up next here live on the rugby Channel Sacred Heart up again up against Saint kindig .

Ins and then later on in the evening over on Sky Sport one here at the same ground Eden Park Auckland V Northland and the minor team camp it's all go and don't forget all blends be Wallabies tonight from 6:30 p.m. their ugly championship continues a chance for the All Blacks to retain the blood is woke up for another year live on Sky Sports .

One well just once this one final course more rugby on Thursday wheelchair rugby internationals from half past one Sky Sports on Thursday afternoon was great entertainment great skill from the water wheel blacks and this one be final this has been quite a game it's a bit of .

Pressure on the 1a boys to deliver an equally impressive match Sacred Heart 52 years they've been waiting to try and win the one eight title like it another chance today against the perennial favorites releasing Koenig and coach it's for the last six titles that one there right now though it's all on this botany and One Tree Hill site Vela feeds .

The line at one tree handle bit of pressure here lifting all still the score seven minutes to go before full-time he is 2pi off the box won't find the touch line so here comes Jackson at the bank burgnik doing where to return the CAC now the light blues and heart attack Bob .

I'm Darrell appreciate not to run awkward rugby probably thinking too quickly there and so One Tree Hill will get the scrum yeah it was a scenario well look to be a scenario body went before the brain dead Harry Fox had a great game this afternoon for botany downs College has the number nine it's got over a hundred .

Points this season to boot tries a mainstay of the backline this combination with armani rights been pretty good for botany it looks like One Tree Hill College given it might be returning to the full complement here topher returns to the park lime Tree Hill back to 15 men and their .

Against 14 men now pressure on botany but one tree left to get out of their own 22 to begun eggstra from Bottomly One Tree Hill go backwards free-kick coming up here the One Tree Hill so tap taken here comes market or take it on the defense .

Looking for the AA 5000 have the ball up inside the wine Tree Hill 22 Rodney holding on to it at the moment now war or losing out the feet on the charge he's been everywhere today those Raymond for feeder outer comes again we'd help for me inside we touch up the scratch stitch .

Three points an option here a chance for the white blues to hit the lead he's just come back onto the field to referees well he would have been a little bit nervous there for a second it was heading into dangerous territory of course he's already spent ten minutes and Lee sin burnt five minutes on the clock and Harry Volk talked about his .

Point scoring this season just a couple of moments ago this is a big kick in the context of the season will this be a match winning kick while there's no wind at the moment perfect conditions for Harry bolt right in front of the poster we don't want to give him the commentators purse don't put them off Tyler Air Evac gets .

It three points are there botany Lily 18 2015 4 minutes to go in a couple of shockers earlier Harry bought that one cool as you like I said smooth routine rhythm and so now it's all on for the last four minutes three-point ball game ken One Tree Hill College find something he's too poor with the restart short and high and the ball awkwardly taken an .

Octuple botany and so One Tree Hill heavy advantage believe it never kick off their seem combinations of different from story and to pyre on the kick off that one just creeped over that ten mean line put a bit of pressure on the receiver I want to clear this ball quickly to One Tree Hill chorus the .

Last time they really got mauled at the scrum time is the most dominant scrum we'd seen from botany they just were ten wise folks going over the one-and-a-half meter rule here's Johnny self watches on is he about to make his way back into the field but scrum missed out for One Tree Hill car as I need a decent platform so off the back they come to .

Pry a story wider go stop here put heads by either on the church it's a fire again short supply this is Baylor the captain driving his wife there that Carola look up I can go a penalty will give them a share title a trial will win .

Them the Gaiden and the one be go again Lila awkward poor mahaki did well to clean things up bought it in big defense now took him go again Malala dollar gang and it comes again now story .

It goes by either on the charge to Toya and I come to get my Aki story good or butt cancer game thing offices goodness sake at the moment trying to turn over and a scram scram coming up here for One Tree Hill just step on the Botany 22 one last chance here for One Tree Hill .

one minute to go in the game bodily looking to hold on they lead by three at the moment pressure time here this is all playing into the hands of course have got neat downs I don't need to score any points they just can't leak any we're inside the last minute terrific one be final must be said to .

Very evenly matched teams of course but he came into this unbeaten this season where as One Tree Hill College only lost a couple of games including to today's opponents no doubt the best two teams made the final and they're putting on quite a show for us here at Eton Park here it comes to PI a story and a .

Standing stop bullying against imma Tavia wrapped in the tackle there one trainer driving forward they going wonderful work Mata for the number-8 forgot knee downs is ride in the thick of it so as Harry Volk the replacement near Schumann can see the numbers that .

One Tree Hill College tried to pile into this desperate to create that ball clear therefore couldn't do it and here we have a scrum and you'd think given just a decent platform and the touch point here will do the job for knocking out so much you'd have to think so it's full time on our clock anyway coach he's Harry Volk it's a boy .

Shake hands be competition and they pleased about that the supporters great support for both schools need an undefeated season in 2017 superb effort from then One Tree .

Hill college devastation of course nobody likes to lose a lot final but what a contribution team and they've given that made to this season enter today's final here at Eden Park absolutely superb word a wonderful final and as we alluded to just before the 1a boys will have to step up because this has been a very exciting final full time .

18 20 to 15 Botany down secondary college champions of the 1b and they could experience finals glory here on this hallowed turf of Eden Park is we have a look at the second half highlights and water break here for maquiladora and water try from that left-hand star le solder we caught .

Smoking here and probably butchered it but no who held the pass and then Freitas speeds that le Sura and the touch down the port One Tree Hill College back into the game they couldn't quite get it done but a great try sorry the two teams in the quiet time and giving thanks .

all righty let's go to player sports doc oh no indeed man of the match and he's with Taylor right now congratulations on the win button is still undefeated what were your thoughts on the game my fortunately game there I think that game was pretty tough and I know that you come out tough and I trust .

My boys because um we've been training so hard the whole week and most of all our G my first black defends a hilly Farah because I never thought this he is the one who passed me with this um this day and bless us with this victory and so happy to hold us in front of a camera and I'm like to shout out to my daddy chunga my family's in Tonga say I'm so .

Happy there if you're like watching me right now I love you so much look at this among the virus in peace and to all my own brothers say part of you guys I'm so happy they we come with our victory today sorry my english not a good mom so happy I never see Saban just thinking is the supporters thank you very much .

So we got see my filet man of the match and while we wait for the full time with a 1p presentation let's look at the full time stats top yeah look it was a pretty even game I think he's gonna see their position territory pretty square it's been a lot of time in opposition 22 didn't they body down to came where at the points .

Not a lot penalties missed tackles look let those stats up there's not a lot in it is there at all on any of them but the most important step be of an 18 plays 15 botany downs get it done over 1 Tree Hill College and the one be final and so as that is quite an appetite as we look to the won a final just coming ups and kits .

Against Sacred Heart weren't coming up for you not far away from here at Eden Park of course his Sabine some other results we can feed some other results to you the Huracan semi-finals Hastings beating Wellington College 78 nil and the Hurricanes semi finals this afternoon and there's that match that we talked about Sacred Heart against some .

Kent's coming up next that should be thriller here at Eton fine should be an absolute cracker and d don't forget also after that game over on skies for one at the same grounds Auckland V Northland and the might attend camp and of course the supreme match of the day that is like cup number two for 2017 the All Blacks V the Wallabies can the All .

Blacks retain the Blues like up for yet a another year coverage starting at 6:30 p.m. there and don't forget also wheelchair rugby internationals 1:30 p.m. on Sky Sport 2 starting Thursday the 31st of August it's been a great afternoon great support for both teams botany downs College and One Tree Hill College fans .

Have turned out an Eden at Eden Park what's the verb interview that was silly I see muffled tributes there to his mum and dad horsies young men they go out play for their families their schools the magic of Land Rover first 15 rugby really and Watney Downs college they will be thrilled talked about in Coventry they've only .

Been around the school for 11 was at 13 years 2004 1900 students they taught the round-robin atop the championship they won the semi-final and then they won the final unbeaten and 2017 superb effort from the Botany downs College verse 15 he was a wonderful effort from botany downs like of thanks to their supporters a .

Healthy crowd here in the Eden Park I'm coming to support for these two schools One Tree Hill can hold thee head up high they will be contesting for a one eighth place next year as they will play a promotion/relegation next year here of course the one won't be the way the promotion/relegation works you don't .

Just get automatically promoted for winning one B you've got you got to go again at the start of next year you try and knock off one of the top teams in the won a competition to get yourself your spot welcome to the presentation for the Auckland rugby chicory schools first 15 a rugby one B final I'd like to welcome mr. Alex .

Bing Secretary of Auckland's Hickory schools rugby union come on up and I'd also like to welcome mr. Jim Lonnegan up CEO of college sport to present the awards first of all folks we'd like to acknowledge and thank our match officials from today's game please welcome today's match officials up on stage to receive the Middle's assistant .

Referees crystalline wood and Paul Devane and referee Simon Lavery do you like to come up and receive your medals big round of applause for today's officials alright ladies and gentlemen boys and girls we are now going to present the player of the match award tough game out there so many brilliant young rugby .

Players on the map per pitch tonight but the player of the match from botany downs silly I see muffle air please don't hug me bro get up for our player of the match well done silly I see I'd like to now call on Antonio Vila the captain of One Tree Hill Runnels up to receive their .

Certificates give it up for Antonio and Sonia you do have a lot of supporters here just a quick word to your supporters Thank You Saul for coming out we love you all so our families our friends our teachers everyone that's behind us we love these awesome Thank You supporters I'd like to now call on the captain or captains of the winning .

Team app auto Santa and our money right from Putney Downs congratulations boys great effort well done just a quick message of support for your supporters first of all she likes effectively final forgiving that's a good day thank you for everyone for coming out really beats a lot of portney let's go boys .

Or I could stay there like to now ask mr. lonegan to present the equipment voucher from Gilbert and the DJ gram cups are the wooden captain's alright boys and if the rest of the team to come up for your middles come on up one by one one by one receive your medals very much let's receive they're .

Very so they're EPS of coverage here eat apart don't go anywhere life here on the rugby Channel coming up next the big one a final but it's good afternoon for now and it's congratulations to board any Downes champions of the one beat for 2017 full time score 18 points to 15 .


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