Friday, May 27, 2022

C*19 Antibodies VS T Cell Immunity Science Deep Dive

Friends welcome back to another show so what we're going to do today is talk a lot about t-cell immunity there's some speculation amongst pundits in the media that the united states and the world may not achieve her immunity and so today i want to focus in a little bit more about why t-cell immunity is really important and .

Some of the strategies that you can implement in your life to optimize the functioning of your t cells because as it turns out when you get exposed to a pathogen what tends to happen uh and the immunologic memory physiology the immunophysiologic effect of of a post-viral infection for example .

Is highly dependent upon t cell functioning and t cell immunity because the t cells cross talk with the antibody producing b cells and the t cells are sort of upregulated first in the initial path of infection so as i've been learning a little bit more .

About immunopathology specific to stars kov2 and the lifestyle interventions or mediating factors that we all have volitional control over to improve my own immune system and that of my family and my clients i've been exploring a lot of research .

Into t-cell immunity and i realized that there wasn't a lot of good sort of sources for this in the mainstream media so i wanted to take a deep dive today here live on youtube the day before mother's day to just sort of explain this to you so the importance of talking about this is .

Our lifestyle has a huge impact on the health and the trajectory of our t cell health and we're going to dive into the different types of t cells and ways you can optimize the functioning of that but again you need to realize that there is crosstalk and that .

Crosstalk between your t cells and your antibody producing b cells is contingent upon your immune health and again this is why lifestyle medicine needs to be part of this conversation uh it's really fascinating i think you'll enjoy this show plus we're going to talk about a new assay where you can .

If you think that you've been exposed to sars kobe 2 or or another related uh coronavirus there's a new t-cell assay that might be a little bit better for you to sort of check out so hopefully that echo is gone i want to thank you all for being here but first uh my neighbor actually phil .

Who's a history teacher for high school students shared this with me so we're hearing a lot about in the media you know hey this this pathogen is affecting younger and younger people what's going on with this so this was a report of 4 000 individuals there was a survey conducted by cnbc i .

Believe and it goes to show that 44 of millennials these are people under the age of 40 uh born i'm a millennial by the way born between the years 1980 and 1992 have chronic medical conditions so again when the media is saying it's younger and younger people are getting impacted by this pathogen .

We need to realize that just because someone is young doesn't mean that they're sort of uh free or they don't have any uh you know predisposition towards chronic uh health ailments um or lingering effects for long-haul syndrome so you know if you have asthma if you have allergies if you have .

Hypertension we're going to focus on on the connection between hypertension and t-cell immunity today but i wanted to share that with you um so let's sort of uh dive into it so here's where we're going with this conversation this is a great visual if you're listening on itunes you can see this .

Image but um what is interesting when it comes to the physiology of your immune system is your immune your t cells are highly as i mentioned malleable to your diet and your lifestyle and they tend to age and they're a proxy a reflection of your biologic age and so .

We know that our lifestyle choices impact our biologic age we talked about that last week and we we reviewed that study with kara fitzgerald and ryan bradley that showed that lifestyle changes can impact uh can impact the outcome of uh biologic age and so so if you want to learn more about that revisit that .

Conversation um but first this was in the news and i just want to share this with you it does it it ties into this conversation later on i want to share this right now with you but um the title of this uh review by brazilian researchers is a big mistake of not considering .

Physical activity as an essential element of care during covenanting the coca-19 pandemic so again throughout the last year we talked about how silly it was to close fitness centers and gyms because exercise is a potent immune enhancer and we're .

Going to dive into the specific mechanisms by which exercise affects your t cells and why t-cell immunity and memory is so important but these researchers are literally echoing what we've been saying on this channel for the past year we got a lot of flak we got a lot of people unsubscribed from our audio podcasts and .

Youtube for even suggesting that that people should go to the gym because there was this illusion that gyms are uh centers of pestilence and this is where you get really sick because people are touching things but we realize that that the protective effect of exercise outweighs the .

Potential exposure or source of transmission and guess what scientists and researchers are saying the exact same thing so for those of you that accuse me of being a grandma killer how about them apples check out this paper okay so let's uh continue on .

And uh sort of talk about uh regular exercise and t cell immunity and all that sort of stuff so here we go with the conversation but first i do want to let you know and this is not sponsored whatsoever uh i have tried to reach out to tdtech to see this is the company t this is the only fda approved .

Or it's approved for emergency authorization for assessing t-cell immunity when it comes to this specific pathogen stars kobe 2. so if you've tested your antibodies because we know that roughly 100 at least probably 100 million .

People have been exposed to this whether they know it or not based upon the known uh you know confirmed uh cases uh there's probably what i think 34 million known cases here in the u.s so multiply that by by at least four or five that's how many actual cases there are uh .

According to epidemiologists so this this t detect will help you assay t cell immunity and uh help you decide or help you understand you know your immunity so uh the importance of this of measuring this i just had a friend victoria field you may know her she runs .

Co-runs the metabolic health summit with angela poff and dom dogostino a wonderful conference that has been on a year hiatus due to the pandemic but she's struggled with um you know the virus and she's one of the only metabolically healthy people that's actually metabolically healthy .

That has had challenges and i say that because i know her diet her lifestyle she's been on the podcast she's an amazing person she really walks the walk and she she expressed disappointment in the fact that she didn't have antibodies even though she had a relatively i wouldn't say severe but a more moderate to severe uh course of illness .

And she's been very transparent about this on her instagram so i'm not you know sharing things that aren't publicly known that her instagram is is available you can check it out but uh you know again i wanted to share this because people can be disappointed that they .

Don't have antibodies but as we're going to talk about soon your t cells are arguably more important if you could pick one or the other if you're like okay well if i could wave a magic wand and give your grandparents either antibodies or t cell t-cell immunity .

I would go t-cell immunity all day long and and here's why because what your t-cells have longer-lasting memory compared to your antibodies and half-life or the decay of t-cell memory uh is about 10 years according to and it's probably dependent upon the type of exposure but .

Uh several studies have gone back to 2003 finding that healthcare workers in the first outbreak of sars cove one they had t-cell immunity um for 18 years so this is really important and people can be discouraged if they know they've been infected and they test their antibodies and they don't have iron bodies and they're .

Scratching their head going what's what's wrong with me uh lest you know don't be concerned go to this is a 150 dollar assay and you can take your um your you basically take it to labcorp they do the draw and send it to you i'm going to do mine this week i'll .

Share with you because i do have antibodies to the spike protein and the nucleocapsid we've shared that on other videos so we're going to get into t-cell immunity but first friends i do want to let you know that this video in this podcast is brought to you by tool to help you feel .

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Advantage of that okay so let's just let's just dive right into t sales sorry for that long sort of uh uh overview but wanted to just give you just kind of set the stage because i hopefully this conversation will help to solidify .

In your mind what the t cells are doing how it's different from the b cells and antibodies so that we can all have better conversations and and detect things so uh here's a great paper adaptive immunity to stars kobe 2 and cova 19. so uh one of the things that we gotta sort of all remember .

Is when we eat processed foods and we don't exercise uh and we're sitting around and we have circadian rhythm disruptions and we're not fasting we're feeding all the time what happens is we're burdening our body's innate immune system so you have your innate immune system in your adaptive immune system and the way .

That i was thinking about like this morning when i was preparing for this video the way the analogy that i was sort of thinking about is uh i used to have backyard pigs we had two pigs and they would eat anything so if i i could throw carrots uh into the pig pen .

They could roll around and mud the carrots that is the food and they would eat it no matter what whatever went in there was fair game right so that's kind of your nate immune system it doesn't they didn't have memory they weren't like the pigs weren't like well are these .

Carrots have they been peeled have they been broiled have they been cooked they didn't care they just ate the carrots whereas my daughter when she was four years old you know pigs have the intelligence of a four-year-old child you know if the food didn't just taste right she would remember it and then next time she .

Wouldn't like it and they had they're really kind of picky they have memory and all that so if you want to think about your your immune system your innate immune system is just go when it senses a signal it's it's all or nothing there's no memory it's just going to go and attack and phagocytize and release .

Cytokines interferon gamma natural killer cells you know monocytes and all that it's it's it's just when it receives the stimulus it's on just like the pigs are going to eat whatever comes in whereas your your adaptive immune system has memory and so it can differentiate and say okay is this friend or foe .

Should we attack this tissue is this self tissue is this a pathogen is this an intracellular obligate you know basically a pathogen which is a virus parasite that's what viruses are they go inside your cells they use your own cellular machinery they replicate then they start spewing out material and .

And it's just you know domino rolling downhill and it depends upon your innate immune system recognizing that and stopping it early and then your adaptive immune system uh you remembering certain amino acid sequences and your t cells are really intricately involved .

There and so the importance of of kind of talking to you about that analogy is we need to understand that we create chron we can burden our innate immune system with chronic inflammation by eating processed foods by having intestinal permeability altered gut bacteria altered circadian rhythms .

Rhythms so if your innate immune system is being burdened or is weakened well what's going to happen then is your viral load can increase and then that creates more challenges and problems down the road and so this is what's sort of the average infection and you .

Can sort of see your initial innate immune system should have a nice early bump and then what's going to happen is you're going to and this is a great visual if you're watching itunes you might want to check this out on youtube and then your t-cells kick in and then even .

Later after that you get your antibodies forming so as you can see here uh from a quantitative standpoint what should happen in in this and what's associated with a mild course of illness is proper t cell immunity and that's differentiated from severe outcomes or death where there is .

Insufficient t-cell immunity and insufficient early innate immunity again this is why individuals who even receive the pharmaceutical version of immune system support the jab the shot whatever you want to call it this is why they still those individuals if they've been fully immunized should still make healthy lifestyle .

Changes because we need even if you've had the immunization you need a healthy communication between your adaptive and innate immune system you still need that because antibodies are not the end all all they do is sort of neutralize extracel they basically neutralize cells that have been .

Infected but the t cells go in and actually kill the virus that are infected inside your cells so this is a little different actually so let me read to you a little bit more about this so you can understand the difference between antibodies and t cell immunity i thought this was a really good oversimplification so .

Here's just some notes here in oversimplified terms antibodies mostly stop viruses outside of cells and t cells stop viruses inside of cells this powerful division of labor has proven to be success a successful complementary approach uh to to most viral infections in most .

Individuals in a natural infection the adaptive immune response takes time to develop and many cells are already already infected by the time an antibody response develops frequently antibodies alone cannot clear an ongoing infection it also takes t cells this may be why stars kobe 2 .

Neutralizing antibody titers have not correlated with lessened disease severity in primary cova 19. let me read that again it's really important this may be why stars kobe 2 neutralizing antibodies we're hearing all about this in the media and embodies antibodies antibodies but the the antibodies tigers are not .

Correlated with reduced disease severity in fact going on there were two unrelated cases of individuals who were in italy who had this a gamma globulin anemia which essentially means that they don't have b cells b cells are the factories that make your antibodies .

So if you don't have b cells this is this uh a gamma globulin anemia a defect in b cells so these individuals couldn't make antibodies but guess what these were these were adults and they survived and fully recovered a relatively severe copenhagen infection .

So it suggests that antibodies are somewhat dispensable they are important they are helpful but they're not the whole story we should be focusing more on t cells and so it goes on to um you know talk about you know as long as you have a sufficient and robust t cell .

Immune response then you're going to have not only lasting immunity but probably reduce viral load and so forth so t cells are important but remember t cells are highly influenced by your diet your lifestyle and exercise i i can't under emphasize this enough .

We're going to get into the details of that and here's one of the papers you might want to take a screenshot of this paper and and read it if you're a nerd like me the title is successful and maladaptive t-cell aging so our t cells again i'm being repetitive because .

I want this to stick in your mind t-cells uh gosh i have an image here i'll show it to you here's what i'm seeing it's not showing up great so let's go to this image because i don't know what's going on with my wirecast so there's all sorts of different types of t cells you know you have .

Your different effector t cells you have um let's get into some of this you have cd8 and cd4 t cells so we we want to focus what seems to be most important when it comes to this particular pathogen is the cd40 helper cells that are found here now .

Again as you're seeing here t cells start to decline with age but you can change that you can augment that with your diet and your lifestyle and your exercise so here's here's uh the important visual because this is going to this is where we're we're going to sort of go with .

This and focus um on on these exhausted or senescent t cells that you see here in gray so you have these naive t cells that are made um in your thymus gland and so forth and and so they're they're exposed to say antigens like a different pathogen stars kobe 2 or other .

And then they start to hang around those tissues where there was exposure so they'll hang around your lungs they hang around lymphatic tissue lymphoid tissue and so forth and what what happens is they differentiate into memory t cells you have uh you know these follicular t cells you have .

Exhausted t cells you have um effector t cells and all this but what tends to happen as you age is you get a higher prevalence of exhausted or senescent t cells and this is the visual right here and that's inducible and that's reversible okay .

With your diet and lifestyle so if you want to have sufficient protection whether you've been immunized or not uh whether you're exposed to people whether you give a crap about this virus or or want to maximize protection for any future virus down the road or even influenza remember the cold common cold kills people t .

Cells are involved in cancer immunity and autoimmunity as well we're going to get into intestinal permeability and porousness of of the vasculature in just a moment but we need to realize that as you age your t cells are are negatively influenced by .

Poor diet lifestyle choices and that's why you see higher prevalences of cancer higher prevalences of autoimmune disease with aging and increased disease severity when it comes to this so um what but what tends to happen if you look if you focus your attention please .

Here on the right what you're seeing here is this senescent t cell so this senescent t cell tends to accumulate with aging and what this essentially does is it causes the other t cells to become more aberrant or dysfunctional so .

It will sort of send what's called this senescence associated secretory phenotype i know that's a big word i'm not trying to like you know overwhelm you with words but it's important to realize that when you have bad or senescent cells ex cells that have accelerated .

Aging biologic aging uh this is biologic aging is different than chronologic aging and this is where the rubber meets the road with healthy living and exercise because at regular exercisers tend to have a lower percentage of senescent t cells even aged individuals so elderly individuals .

Who have been regular exercising and i'm writing a whole book on this so you can know all the details on this but here's the short elevator pitch when you regularly exercise you tend to purge and send signals to your immune system to get rid of these senescent t cells that make .

Uh that essentially change this phenotype so that you have less less exhausted t cells and more short-term and long-term effector and memory t-cells that's the important point i know that the nuances of this get a little complicated and there's names here that .

Are sort of there's a lot of medical jargon and so forth but what you need to realize is that if you want to change the trajectory and the biologic age of your immune system you need to prioritize healthy living this is where lifestyle change really matters because .

You know there's this sort of bifurcation with um you know the health and the sort of senescence of your your t cells that's that's commensurate with your level of exercise your volume of exercise and your diet and your lifestyle does this make sense .

I'm going to just pop in on the chat here and see if we're doing okay um there's a lot of messages here and so forth so i will get to those very very soon we're going to get your live questions here that's what we like to do on science on a saturday but just wanted to pop in so let me just pause and if .

You're enjoying this content please hit that like button that just lets me know that maybe we should do more videos on this is this too complex is this a little bit medical jargonistic i don't want to lose you in the details but i i really felt like in my sort of exploration into this this topic .

I couldn't find mainstream sources that that helped me understand this and i i want to share this with you so um as i was mentioning let's let's focus on um let's look at this image right here so you see this course of infection you see the t cells and then you see the antibodies now what happens is .

There's a lot of crosstalk and interconnection between the t cells telling your b cells to start making antibodies so this is where i think this t detect might be a great test but first because people can have a little bit more reassurance .

In going okay well i do have some sort of immunologic memory that helps me and and makes me feel a little bit more comfortable being around grandparents or more vulnerable individuals so let's get let's get into this so cd4t helper cells have the ability to differentiate into a range of helper and .

Effector t cell types with the capacity to instruct b cells and help cd8 t helper cells recruit innate immune system cells and in and of themselves these t cells have direct antiviral activities and facilitate tissue repair so these are really .

Really important um stuff here so there was this hypothesis that overweight pre-diabetic chronically inflamed individuals have this bias and it's skewed and and that uh towards uh sort of a th2 dominant immune system and we'll get into that in a moment here but but that's where a .

Thing is going on so uh th1 cells have antiviral activities via production of interferon gamma and related cytokines t follicular t cells which are tfh that's what they're uh sort of the acronym in medical research these follicular t cells are specialized providers of b cell help so they help .

The b cells make the antibodies so your t t-cells are really important for immune memory uh and are critical for the development of most neutralizing uh anti-auto antibody responses and antibody responses as well as memory b cells and lasting hemorrhal immunity so this is where the rubber meets the road .

If we're talking about herd immunity and that's important that's why we're talking about this right now because over the last week there was a lot of pundits that are essentially saying the united states there's no way that we're going to reach hurt immunity until we vaccinate every single .

You know man woman and child but what if we were to mandate exercise what if we were to incentivize exercise what if we were to incentivize healthy living so that we could optimize t-cell immunity because because friends this is the paper that i've been wanting to share with you for a long time the title of this is .

Recent endemic coronavirus infection is associated with less severe cova-19 so remember there's all sorts of different types of beta coronaviruses that infect humans not just stars kobe 2. many of the common cold causing pathogens are actually beta coronaviruses and their shared sequence .

Homology which means that the structural proteins within these more benign human coronary viruses are actually your immune system and your t cells specifically your memory t cells that are influenced by your level of exercise and exercise intensity and your lifestyle choices .

They remember shared sequences between these more benign common cold causing viruses and sars kobe 2. so remember there's all this push that we need to vaccinate every child and and not until we vaccinate these children will we sort of be out of the woods on this pandemic .

But we need to remember that kids are commonly exposed to other coronaviruses and this study actually showed that individuals who who had tested positive for a common cold causing coronavirus and later tested positive for stars kobe 2 had much less disease severity compared .

To people who were not exposed to more benign common cold causing coronaviruses so let the kids go to school without mass let them share bugs and everything because guess what their t cells are more snappy more responsive more resilient they will make more lasting immunity and .

In the shared sequence and and sort of homologous futures of these more benign cold-causing coronaviruses and stars kobe 2 can help us uh you know have have more immunity and so this i thought was a really interesting study you're not going to hear about this in the media because the push .

I feel like we keep making myopic decision after myopic decision on the public policy level uh okay so let's uh what else do we need to talk about on this here oh this was a really interesting quote from one of these papers that we're going to get into before we .

Talk about tight junctions and intestinal permeability which is really fascinating uh and it's associations with epithelial permeability in the lungs and endothelial permeability in the blood vessels really fascinating stuff but check out this quote sometimes the immune response .

To a viral infection is more damaging than the viral infection itself think about that right so what's actually causing immunopathology and challenges is individuals is their over exuberant immune system so we need to be able to respond but also peel it back and turn it off and it seems that these people .

That are chronically inflamed they don't have that flexibility so metabolic flexibility it seems creates immunologic flexibility and the ability to mount an early and robust immune system and then quickly turn it off an early and robust immune response okay um yeah let's let's sort of get .

Into this now i do want to mention we do have a a thymus glandular extract that might be helpful uh for today's challenges you might want to check that out over at my science but uh let's get into let's get into permeability this is a really sort of under recognized conversation .

And topic the idea and one of my old mentors uh this is going back carrie einer and and um uh dr moss and so forth over at moss nutrition there's a lot of people that have been uh talking about this david brady has been talking about this that if these tight junction proteins .

That uh help keep epithelial cells in your gut so if you have adjacent cells you know your intestinal epithelium if you have these all these little cells put together what's linking them and keeping them together are these tight junction proteins and it turns out that pathogens including .

Intracellular obligate parasites which are viruses what they do is they disrupt these tight junction proteins because they're what what intracellular parasites or viruses are intended to do they how they replicate because they don't have ribosomes and all these things to make .

Proteins they use your own cellular machinery but first they have to get inside your own cells they do that via the h2 receptor they get inside your cells they start replicating like crazy and then they're starting to destroy the cells and spew out a bunch of new viruses that can go repeat that .

Process over and over and over now how they do this effectively is they disrupt the epithelial and endothelial barrier so what you're seeing here in purple uh actually above in this image what you're seeing and i can actually make this bigger for all of you because this is super .

Fascinating and i know you nerds are going to love this so what you're seeing here is a bunch of different pathogens from h1n1 influenza to adenovirus you're seeing cytomegalovirus cv uh you know you know rsv you're seeing uh .

Human papilloma all of these things uh and so what you're seeing here are our cells for example of the uh you could these could be endothelial cells of the of the cardiovascular system this could be epithelial cells of the lungs or in the gastrointestinal system the gi tract you just have this single .

Cell layer right you need to get oxygen across you need to get carbon dioxide out you need to get nutrients in in the gut and so forth and what you're seeing in purple and green are these tight junction proteins uh zonulin claudulin occludin all of these well .

It turns out that guess what viruses have have adapted different mechanisms that enable them to disrupt the tight junction proteins now why is that important well a lot of people that are eating processed food that are eating junk food that are stressed out that aren't exercising and so forth .

They already have pre-existing tight junction dysfunction people that are eating wheat gluten corn people that are drinking excessive amounts of alcohol people that are smoking cigarettes people that are inhaling diesel fume exhaust and pollution all of these things actually perturb tight junction integrity and .

Proteins so you have intestinal permeability you have leaky lungs you have leaky blood vessels and why do you think people with chronic conditions 90 the cdc said 94 to 96 percent of individuals that died had you know two or more chronic health .

Conditions that is characteristic of vascular and epithelial uh loss of integrity and here we have it this was a paper uh the sars cove viruses are known to disrupt uh epithelial function so we we need to remember i'm a huge fan of of eating fermented .

Foods prebiotics probiotics not going overboard but especially for people that have gastrointestinal issues health issues make an effort to eat kimchi or sauerkraut or make your own yogurts at home because we know that having uh you know good bacteria that can crosstalk with .

The epithelial layer can help improve and and decrease some of this uh this leakiness or this porousness that might impact viral load so that's another consideration for people that have you know um gut issues why they might have a more severe disease state so uh this is actually a direct quote from .

From this paper that i just shared with you so uh there's these envelope proteins on on the virus uh and so what i'll do here is it gets really complicated uh the c terminal class hydrophobic pdz binding motif whatever so this pbm protein .

That's found in sardo's kobe 2 has been shown to interact with your own tight junction proteins on epithelial cells and disrupt the junctions and causing causing adjacent epithelial cells to be more porous uh so that viruses can quickly infect them .

So what this goes back to is gut health whole body health nutrition uh all of these things are important right lifestyle medicine needs to be part of the conversation and i know that was a lot of technical stuff today friends but hopefully it was helpful i would love to know any feedback .

That you have on this and uh you know if these conversations are are helpful um again we're we're i know everyone's sort of sick of talking about this virus uh before we get to your live questions what i do want to remind you uh is ending tomorrow is the giveaway we're giving away to .

My dnh epigenetic age tests okay now the way that you get access to this is you just leave us a review on itunes um and then you you can send a screenshot over on that over to my instagram metabolic mic or send me an email mike at high intensity health with your review so that we're gonna put .

Your your name into a box and randomly pick two winners here and the reason why i'm doing all that as opposed to just giving it away right here right now to someone is i want it to be someone who is really serious about assessing their diet and life lifestyle so it's going to take you probably 45 .

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Say hey here's my my review and then we're going to send two of these out to a random winner so we've already had quite a few of those and so i want to thank you but if you haven't yet send us a screenshot so we can connect with you i do want to make sure we send these out to you on monday so we have .

Two winners these tests are normally over 400 it's a unique way to assay your biologic age so that's again you can re-listen to that if you want to learn how to do that i'll put i'll put you know in the description of this more details about how to do that so let's .

Get to some of your live questions um as we we sort of talk about um finish this off so as always i'm grateful that you're here um what's going on all right so sound is fixed which is great um okay okay swamp hawks has he found or she found a .

Random livestream cool for that uh soren says any info on t cell spot to assay cellular immunity yeah so the way to the the test here is called t so that's that's that i'll leave that here uh by the way friends i am not getting any financial you know kickback or anything by mentioning this .

Um i wish i was but i'm not so uh just i just want you to know about about this uh company i think it's cool um i haven't vetted them i've just heard about this and i want to thank my my friend ben wheats he's a chiropractor in uh santa monica who actually turned .

Me on to this company so dr ben weetz thank you for that um okay okay uh what else we have chris says um if you're being accused of grandma killer than those people who are not serious have yeah um okay i'm just saying there's a lot of .

Comments here uh thanks for being here guys let's see uh private harley street clinic is offering t lymphocyte t-cell testing um so that must be harley street i think that's in london um so that might be for london folks i'm not sure um .

All right okay so uh dignit dig nib says doesn't fasting increase t cell count in your body yeah so fasting may actually affect the cellular senescence of t cells so if we look here and we see senescent t cells in the gray intermittent fasting exercise things like that probably heat .

Stress sauna stress um it's purported and you know other other sort of uh synalytic therapies purge the cells on the right you want to get rid of the exhausted and the senescent t cells because you want to have more effector and memory t cells and follicular t cells so that .

Might be that might be sort of what's going on there with exercise so that's a great question on that and with regards to fasting okay t-cells are like soldiers searching out to destroy the target ruth i love that that's a great thing great great thing that's a great uh .

Analogy laura says hello from oregon thanks for the detailed information do you have any other videos on what you recommend taking to prevent helping to recover from uh the rona i do um i actually when i didn't know that i had the rona when i made a video on what i do to recover from .

Sickness but i made a video on all the things that i did and so if you go back to early december i shared that podcast with you exactly what i took um uh it's just me it's just one one person's perspective opinion and what i found helpful so um check it out .

Laura um okay i'm doing a 16-8 when i get back from vacation i love that approach that is amazing um what else do we have here andrea says you read my mind i was discussing the issue with a friend of mine also cd8 are very interesting yes so the t-cell immunity is quite .

Fascinating um okay th101 says my great content thank you for that what is your fasting cycle so yeah on normal days i'm doing a 16 8 time restricted feeding and so what i like this is about the time that i i will break my fast it's about 11 o'clock here on saturday morning .

So again thank you all for being here uh on a saturday morning but that's usually when i will start i start to get pretty hungry uh around this time and especially when i'm physically active so um i spend a lot of time riding riding bicycles i like to uh you know do mountain biking do hiking .

Lifting weights and so i start to get hungry and i usually stop around seven so it's usually about eleven to seven an eight hour window for me plus or minus thirty forty minutes on on one side or the other um but that's usually usually my window and i try to do at least a 24 hour fast .

On a monday unless i'm absolutely ravenously hungry in which case i'll just do a one meal a day on monday so i think periodic and sort of random-ish calorie restriction is helpful and uh yeah yeah that's that's what i do okay uh what the public doesn't .

Understand this is a comment here uh is that ultimately it's our immune system that kills pathogens not uh not immunizations yeah this is a great point your in the immunizations sort of instruct your immune system it sort of pre-loads if you think about software like here's .

My iphone you know um if you get a software update it's preloading your iphone with new information it's not really changing the phone per se the the hardware it's just changing the software well immunizations are similar whether they're giving on a silver platter hey this is the most .

Specific antigen that you might want to make memory to and that's the case the spike protein that's being you know in the the you know rna messenger rna information is being injected into people's arm so that their their ribosomes can start to produce the spike protein and the your your own immune system .

Should recognize that as non-self and it should then make uh immunologic memories from from both b cells uh t cells to to remember that so that when it sees that in the future it can have sort of an advantage to to have a pre-loaded immune response but yeah you're right it's ultimately the immune .

System so um health ultimately matters and that's why we should have made exercise a uh the main thing so here's the article i'll just leave that up here as we're talking that people are talking about okay what else do we have guys and gals .

Um someone said okay so chris says i have ms and gbs i definitely am dealing with insulin resistance i do carnivore intermittent fasting plus i have plaquemine for my ms which also helps okay thank you chris for that soren says how could i assess in a simple way the cytotoxic pathway in my office to those .

With no igt to stars kobe 2. uh so soren the the assay is again no financial affiliation with these guys uh or gals company but but that would be the way that you would assay that um kathy says bought some ivermectin and also hydro hydroxychloroquine on hand i have been .

Hearing from a lot of people that they're taking um more hydroxychloroquine and getting good good effects from that okay kathy g says my 71 year old husband is getting his colon uh next week colonoscopy maybe but she put colon next week but first is required to get the kova test .

What do you think about the test itself oh yeah so just getting a test i would just just do a rapid antigen test this is non-invasive not worried about that um no worries about that um okay nathan says can you make more videos about how to increase innate immune .

Response via breath work and cold exposure and how they correlate with each other when done simultaneously uh nathan yeah this is a great great question you know we actually did a video uh this time last year and reviewed all the science on that so again you know i we've been talking about .

Immune health and lifestyle uh supportive strategies for the past over well over a year now as as regards to this pandemic so nathan what you can do or anyone listening you can use the search future on our youtube channel and just type in breath work and immunity and you will .

Actually see the video that we did where we we reviewed some of the specific mechanisms by which a wim hof hyperventilation followed by retention breath work impacts the immune system we thought they would exercise much more in that video and shared with you all the scientific references .

As well so please please check it out um sarah says hey mike can you say hi to tom in nottingham in the uk um he's the first comment on here he's the british version of you and and your biggest fan that's cool um yes hello tom tom what's happening .

Um i need to search search you and and we need to connect so sarah thank you for that comment and hello tom and hello everyone uh else okay uh junar j 5-9 says heat shock treatment may help the innate immune system okay so uh heat shock proteins are involved .

In managing proteostasis and um you know deranged proteins aggregate proteins and so forth they're induced by heat by exercise by sauna so yeah um i truly believe as a sauna enthusiast that heat therapy or thermal stress is helpful for both the innate and the adaptive immune system .

So yeah i'm with you one thousand percent okay has mike ever addressed a pcr test issue no i didn't get into the pcr test issues everyone else has been talking about that the cycle count is way too high so yeah what else andrea says i must admit in a .

Very very difficult video to follow but i am so enthusiastic that it taking this issue channel is very ahead okay andrea thank you yeah um this is a immunology is technical um what i might do is do a summary of this video in like five minutes later because i realized we did cover a .

Lot and i wanted to be intelligible and most importantly i want to make these videos so that you can share this information with someone else so um yeah thank you for that uh andrea okay um clive richardson says uh note that the public parallel with the pandemic if we should call it that .

There is a push to destroy local food supply chains and promote fake meat i know it's it's crazy man and uh locally producing grown food is it's the future so we gotta we gotta do we gotta focus on that my friends okay um nick says what are your thoughts on having igm antibodies to cover .

Eight months after infection so you should not have igm antibodies post eight months um you would be igg um so maybe you got reinfected with recently if you have igm or iga antibodies uh i would suspect that you would you would have you would if you especially if you if you have igm antibodies recently .

Then you probably got re-exposed and that might be a good thing that you have adaptive immunity because you're asymptomatic so um nick really interesting uh i would check your t t detect okay okay um angelica says i'm an immunologist love your videos angelica cool thank you for .

Your great work um i am not an immunologist by any means so if i screwed up on the vernacular of the terms uh i apologize for that and please let me know where i messed up because um i'm just i love immunology and i but up but i just learn through uh conversations .

With with people like yourself and also reading articles okay uh mike have you gotten a full cbc central coven infection yeah i have and liver and everything like that um i shared my blood work with you all last time but i can share it again um you know the .

Only sort of lasting changes that i noticed um in in the five weeks post covid my blood pressure was significantly higher um i it wasn't in it was in an early sort of hypertensive state and it's since uh gone down so there was was some .

Stress that lasted about five weeks for me um i should redo a video on that because it's been about 130 days since i got since i got covered but um yeah and i noticed my blood glucose was was bumped up a little bit my fasting glucose was in the low 90s which it's usually fasting uh .

In the high 70s low 80s so there there's certainly what this thing can be stressful absolutely and and um so we got to make lifestyle choices in healthy living like the path forward i mean we're going to be exposed to this this is endemic um you know there's new variants of .

Interest that are learning to escape you know antibody responses and all that so we have to make healthy living great but um no no other lingering changes besides that but that's a great question robbie thank you for that um okay so am1 says mike what cycle threshold was your pcr test run it i .

Didn't get a pcr test but i got an antibody test um so i had all the signs and symptoms as did five other people that i was with uh and they had you know we were all we had dinner together right after thanksgiving they all got upper respiratory tract symptoms i just got body aches and a .

Little bit of fatigue for a few days but i have retested my antibodies twice now and igg to both the spike protein and the nucleocapsid are elevated so i didn't but another person we got exposed to did run a rapid antigen test and they they had .

Um they had uh they they had it so anyway um okay uh uh jules says with regal use how do you know if your electrolyte needs support i you know i just go that's a great question you know um you could probably do some measurements or things like that like i like to keep .

It simple uh and again this is where my bias comes in but after our sauna i take two doses of our myo-relaxing column put some red mineral salt in there now we are updating that formula to add even more glycine and more potassium but that gets magnesium that .

Gets taurine that gets sodium you pretty pretty much get everything that you need there and i find that if your electrolyte imbalances are off if you get up quickly and you get dizzy uh if your your pee looks discolored if you're constipated constipation can be a source of dehydration .

So that's how you would know that your your electrolytes are in balance or if you have some edema you know so you could you could press on sort of the tibia which is the front muscle of your lower leg front bone and see if you have edema those would be signs that you have an electrolyte imbalance or .

Or dehydration but i found that to be really effective even i'll do three or four rounds at 200 degrees and sweat my butt off and i found that combination two scoops of the my relaxing calm because again you're getting a thousand milligrams of taurine a full gram most electrolytes don't have taurine in .

Them unfortunately taurine is amazing magnesium and potassium all that sort of stuff so that's what i do clive richardson says hey mike how are you chickens doing clive that's a great question and thank you for the super chat um it's uh the chickens are good yeah they're really they're things are good .

Um we haven't bred any chickens this year i i do i plan to load up the incubator this weekend so we can have some baby chicks because they're really fun but yeah chickens are doing great man i appreciate that we we have 17 um we uh yeah they're a lot of fun okay but i appreciate that clive we .

Don't have pigs anymore so um yeah so am1 says mike so it's just inferred that you had it no no again igg antibodies specific to sars kobe 2. so if you have antibodies that's specific to a pathogen that means that your immune system is making adaptive memory to that pathogen so .

Still having that those antibodies you know to the nuclear capsid and the spike protein goes to show that yes i had the infection and then other people that i were with all got sick at the same time and had upper respiratory symptoms and one of them tested positive so .

That's how i know so please am1 um that that's what's happening here uh okay aha says do you use an infrared or finish sauna well i had an infrared sauna for four years i sold that to build an a finish sauna so if you go back to our playlist .

Uh here on on our youtube channel you can see the build out how i built out a classic finish sauna that's fired by a wood burning stove which is the gold standard but any sound is great um all this talk about vitamin d lately do you think that people are missing out on vitamin a .

Yes i think robbie you have a great question vitamin a is is really important as well but if you're eating a real food diet you should be getting decent amounts of vitamin a it's in liver it's in it's in some muscle meat um it's in uh you know root vegetables .

And things like that okay andrea um yeah friends uh thank you for tuning all the way in if you're still here please hit that like button uh thank you for your comments thank you uh for all your support i'm just glad that you're here uh happy mother's day or should we .

Say happy birthing person's day that's what the media is trying to say uh to change you know pretty soon we can't say anything remember you used to be merry christmas you know now it's happy holidays and anyway crazy stuff going on friends hopefully you have an awesome rest of your weekend .

I'm grateful that you are here live with us um we'll catch you all soon all right have a good one bye now okay


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