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DEBATE Islam Vs Atheism | TJump Vs The Perfect Dawah

Hmm strange james's fault it's always james's fault okay i'll move that down debates why is everyone so quiet the chat asks because we're waiting to stream we haven't started yet are we live whatever .

What no scent testing of the jungle allow you to become rich by killing millions of people one example is tobacco companies making billions of dollars by killing five million people every year it is the .

Equal uh casualty of 33 hiroshima nuclear bomb every year weapon cartels produce all kinds of weapons to become richer and god knows how many people they kill they even create wars and conflicts to sell more weapons corruption drug human trafficking and many more massive problems are because of the .

Rules of the jungle we are living in if we choose to live like animals in this modern jungle and then we don't need any religions because the jungle is run by our animal nature we are animals in nature but the smartest one if we want to call ourselves human then we have to act like one and get out of our jungle and live in a human world .

Animal way of living is me only me i don't care about others i just care about myself and i'm ready to kill millions of millions for my own interest in the human world the rules are 180 degrees opposite to the animal world the rules are first everyone else love one another and sacrifice for our own kind if we want to get rid of all our .

Problems and live in a human world where no bad deeds happen no one goes hungry no one gets killed by bombs no drugs no corruption and no human trafficking then the only way is to convert to the laws of the most merciful and forgiving god who loves us and wants to guide us out of the jungle god helped us to have more human life by .

Sending us different prophets in the past no one can deny that it was the message of love one another by jesus peace be upon him that stopped pagans of rome and greece the barbaric practice they had which were putting gladiators in those stadiums killing each other so that those barbarians share and have fun seeing gladiators and slaughtering .

Each other no one can deny that it was teachings of prophet muhammad peace be upon him that stopped our pagans from burying their daughters alive a practice that even today is followed by pagans in india in the past 20 years more than 10 million girls have been killed before or after birth in india 2 500 years ago persian became the .

Biggest empire in the world but they didn't practice any of those barbaric acts romans greeks and egyptians practiced because persian were believing in a messenger of god and his three main teachings were good words good thoughts and good deeds only by these three teachings we had cyrus the great who just free people from oppression and he .

Had the first human right laws in the world which is kept in the british museum i can go on and on in many hours and give you facts that how abrahamic religion change our jungle to more human world but of course not yet the absolute human world god and his religions solve many .

Problems we had in the past so we needed his guidance in the past but do we still need him we definitely have a lot of problems even today if we can solve them ourselves then i agree that we don't need him anymore did god want to solve just few problems or all .

The answer is all so god put the final guidance in islam to show us the way out of the jungle so that we live in a utility which is beyond anyone's imagination for most people it is impossible but it is possible by guidance of the all mighty god and that is why islam is called the last message of god not .

Because it is it has more rules and praying and fasting but because it can make possibility impossible secularism cannot guide us out of the jungle and solve all our problems the jungle we are living in is run by our animal nature and doesn't need any set .

Of beliefs but the human world needs a set of beliefs because it is against our nature we have to fight against our ego which is a part of our nature so we need a set of beliefs to fight our nature the more we sacrifice the more human we are and the more .

Selfish the more animal we are can secularism guide us uh guide people to sacrifice especially absolute sacrificial no only god can do that and he will reward us with heaven if we live and die like a human but he will punish us .

If we reject his command and live and die like animals now it is up to us to choose this jungle and see our fellow human beings get killed by many different ways just because some people want to be to get richer and richer to see hundreds of millions of people live in a hell on earth earning one dollar a .

Day and many other injustice and these disasters or we want to decide to follow the commands of the most merciful and for forgiving god and live in a human world which one you choose i don't want to see all these injustice because i care about everyone else how about you .

All right thank you very much this was my thank you so very much the perfect tawa for your opening statement and with that we're gonna hand it over to t jump for his up to 12 minute opening statement all right so the question is which is better for society islam or atheism and the ideology which is the best to find .

Out which is the ideology that's we can look at the stats from all around the world to see which ideologies actually solve the most problems if you are curious which states have are the most and least religious simply check the pew forum's religious landscape survey it is all there and you can go ahead and check out the .

Various states and how they are faring in terms of social well-being the correlation is clear and strong the more secular tend to fare better and the more religious on a vast host of measures including homicide and violent crime rates poverty rates obesity diabetes rates child abuse rates education attainment levels income levels .

Unemployment rates rates of sexually transmitted disease teen pregnancy etc you name it on nearly every sociological measure of well-being you're most likely to find that the more secular states with the lowest levels of faith in god and the lowest levels of church attendance are varying best and the most religious states with the highest levels .

Of faith in god and rates of church attendance are fairing the worst the same pattern includes the worst examples of secular nations even if you include china russia north korea whatever these are far more developed and better off than the majority of muslim countries and so only even if you take the worst examples of both worlds .

Secular nations do better uh the majority of muslim countries are doing worse off than the majority of sector nations if we look at the best nations in the world who have the best levels of human rights they're all majority secular nations um one of the biggest problems islamic nations face is the focus on religious .

Beliefs has on education and many muslim countries consist primarily of religious rather than scientific programs and this focus on religious education has a detriment to society and holds them back and is one of the primary reasons they do worse in every metric education in the west tends to focus on scientific ones which is why education .

In the west and secular nations is significantly better in every respect islamic nations women women are second-class citizens and it's not just that women can't contribute directly to the workforce but that women aren't educated at the same standard and thus aren't able to raise children to be scientists and engineers as effectively .

Another one of the contributing reasons why islamic societies do objectively worse in every measure islamist legal systems are based on antiquated legal environments largely based on old uk law without update merged with sharia law and is not compatible with modern business holding back businesses from being able to be .

Successful in muslim countries another determining factor in why muslim countries do objectively worse in every metric some muslim countries have tried to resolve this by moving away from islamic laws like the dubai free trade zones and the jabal ali in the 70s was probably the first major development of its kind but the law outside of business .

Still needs revision so this shows that only by leaving islamic law do islamic countries make progress if islam isn't compatible isn't capable of solving the problems of its own countries it has no business thinking it can solve the problems in other countries and the rest of the world until islam can build up its own .

Countries to the level of prosperity development education standard of living opportunity and quality of life of the christian jewish and secular nations then it isn't even a serious contender to be the solution for humanity judaism christianity and secularism are all infinitely better options demonstrated by all of the evidence we have today uh .

Research by helmuth nyberg and richard lynn immersed professor of psychology at the university of ulster compared belief in god and iqs using the data from u.s studies of many many like thousands of people the average iq of atheists is six point higher than the iq of religious people showing that probably the s .

Smarter people tend towards atheism because it is a more intellectual position so taking a less intellectual position is a detriment and a good reason why we should not adopt uh religious beliefs in general in a pew survey study a global study of religion and education around the world .

Ranked jews is the most educated followed by christians and atheists with muslims and hindus being the lowest level of education so it is an indication that islam is not even close to a solution here again just not even within the category if we look at noble prizes uh christians make up the most with .

About 65 percent second is jews with 20 third is atheists with 10 and fourth is buddhists with one percent and muslims go with a solid zero percent zero point like they get four they got four that's four four nobel prizes good indication that they are not qualified to do anything relating to solving problems in the world since most of the .

Problems that are actually solved are solved scientifically let's recall norman borlaug the man who literally saved a billion lives by inventing genetically modified wheat science is what saves humanity not religious beliefs that make absolutely no progress in science we can also recall the time when math .

Was banned in islam math and trade which set when islam was the leading technological uh ruler of the world this completely undermined them and led them to where they are today or their the lowest level of scientific development in the world if we compare .

Answers among scientists uh personal belief in a god is about seven percent whereas disbelief is about 70 percent so the vast majority of the top scientists do not believe in a god um if general scientists the same trend is there even though it's much smaller just average everyday scientists it's .

About 41 percent are uh not believing and so if we look at sage journal our muslim country is more prone to violence by niels pair glacier and eda rolfedessen muslim countries are also over represented among the countries the high .

Levels of forms of internal violence non-state conflict just not like wars one-sided violence highly representative human rights policies uh repressive human rights policies and countries that practice capital punishment so kidnappings are 56 above average in muslim countries murders are three times .

Higher in muslim countries uh worst countries for human rights in violations 80 percent are muslim if we just take the entire wall all of the countries that are the worst human rights violations and rule of law 80 are muslims so if we take what my opponent said in the opening seriously this fact .

Demonstrates and proves it absolutely false that adopting islam can solve any of these world's problems and decrease crime and anything we have the data it's false the more islamic countries move away from tenants of islam and adopt secular values the better the countries become .

Ironically islam is about the last ideology you want to be a serious contender for this role gender-based violence domestic abuse honor killings fgm female genital mutilation marital rape all higher in muslim countries the non-muslim countries the non-muslim countries being the lowest in secular nations in conclusion .

Islam isn't the solution for islamic countries in fact it's one of the biggest problems therefore it's definitely not the solution for mankind especially since we already have ideologies which do objectively better in every imaginable way until islam can fix the problems in its own countries it definitely can't be considered as a .

Plausible solution for any other countries thank you so very much tea job for your opening statement and with that i'm going to hand it back to our interlocutors for 40 minutes to an hour of open dialogue all right uh shall i start or your work .

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To go into this share screen yeah sir yes i think it's uh all right share is it shared now uh it's loading and now just give me one second to send it over to everyone else it's not shared on my screen i don't see .

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Yeah i now also see it frozen on my screen yeah can you cancel the screen share like this just describe it just describe it uh let me see here i can read it for you it's uh it is a recent news more than 50 republicans in the house our .

Representatives support bank's resolution against nuclear deal with iran aimed at russian ukraine war an update gcpoa would increase the risk of a nuclear iran enrich terrorists .

And destabilize the entire region all these uh aside the oppressed in and uh sorry the process in vienna would be a violator of the deal for any normal administration okay and then just a few days ago iranian terrorists threatened to kill american citizens in .

The united states and the iranian government has openly claimed responsibility for the rocket attack near the u.s consulate in iraq banks added and let's be clear joe biden is not just .

Negotiating with terrorists he is sending bills is there a point like i'm not following the police sorry sending billions to terrorists to lift sanctions your country has destroyed the entire middle east okay by supporting the godfather of international terrorism which is iranian regime in 40 years .

Obama sent them over 100 billion dollars and it was only donald trump who came out what's the point the point is that you destroy our countries and you blame it on islam okay it is as fast i say the entire latin america is blame the problem there on christianity which is absolutely wrong or africa it is the wealthy country the .

Rich country even russia and china they are oppressing all other countries for their own interests and you don't have to blame islam for all these you know okay that you have created don't support one second so so let's say let's say you're right let's say you're right um who was it .

Hold up hold up so let's i don't let's let's say you're right so whose fault is it that islam decayed even though it was the leader in the world was it america who didn't exist yet why was it in the 12 and 1300s when islam was the most technologically advanced and had the most education and the most trade who who's which western nation was it that .

Caused islam to fall i said that from the beginning we are living in a jungle of course there are different you know elements who uh you know abuse religion what was the answer to the question no the answer is that uh the answer is that uh .

Islam came to solve the problems and it solved a lot of problems no no no no no no no so islam was the leader of the world then islam collapsed because islam banned math and banned trade with jews so islam caused the problems in islam islam which was the leader in the world had all of the technology had the most powerful militaries had everything going .

For them and then they decayed and became weak so other countries could then take advantage of them but that's not the other country's fault that's islam's fault because it destroyed itself and so yes will evil people take advantage of them now of course they will but what set them back wasn't the other countries it was islam islam is .

The problem and it doesn't matter even if i could grant that america is siding with iran or whatever that does that cause the female genital mutilation no does that cause the honor killings no does that cause the killing the gay people no those are all tenants in islam islam is the thing that caused those so of all the stats i listed .

Of the ones of violent crime it was of non-state conflict it was of people killing other people of murder of rape of crime of people in those countries doing things evil because of islam so nothing that you said there even if america is evil which i mean i kind of agree america is evil none of that is the cause of the problem here the cause .

Of the problem of all the things i listed was islam it wasn't that america did it america didn't add female genital mutilation into into islam that was what islam added into itself now can i can i answer you go ahead okay as a born in a muslim family and a muslim country i have never heard this .

Female sorry circumcision what do you call it okay i have never heard it in my entire life recently i've heard it because it is the african yes it is i think uh it was uh reza aslan who was uh talking to cnn as well he had more uh .

Research about that that ethiopia uh a mostly christian country has the most uh problem uh with these women uh mutilation okay no it's muslim countries muslim countries that's the biggest problem my sisters my sisters my mother my entire relatives never have heard such a thing okay i don't care what your family has heard anecdotes are in .

Evidence no this is not islamic this is a african problem has entered some uh muslim countries and people adopt it but it has doesn't have anything to do to do with islam okay except it's the most in islamic countries why is it one sec if you say it has nothing to do with muslim countries why is it that this is the most in muslim countries it doesn't it .

Doesn't have anything to do with islam okay why if it has nothing to do with islam why is it the most in muslim countries no i told you right now that ethiopia has the most uh you know i literally just read the stats from the pew surveys data i have the stats of all countries who have the most violations of human .

Rights 80 are muslims okay human rights you are talking about or you are talking about demon mutilation you were talking if human rights you are talking about okay you better uh you know uh don't show your face like that is not so i .

Think nice but anyway i told you that you support dictators in our country the practice is almost universal female genitalia is almost universal in somalia guess what that's a muslim country uh guinea djibouti muslim countries it has the most uh human mutilation in ethiopia and it is most christian .

Country so please if you are talking about human rights okay if you are talking about human rights violation and i told you that you support dictators in our countries we could have a beautiful middle east beautiful uh democratic countries in the middle east if you did in your country usa and uk didn't make a coup d'etat against our .

Democratic prime minister in 1953 and bring it down put a dictator uh there we would have uh iran would be second uh japan because i don't know what you're saying because because you don't have the knowledge you seem like you're going off of the point you seem like you're you're diverting .

Can we get back to the point so so i had a point here female generation in the middle east is highest in northern saudi arabia southern jordan iraq including kurdish regions also been discovered in syria oman and united arab emirates and qatar i said that it is not islamic if it was islamic i would have my sisters would have been also .

Mature no no no no no hold on one sec one second one second one sec one sec one second one second so your argument there was that if it was islamic then it would have happened to your family it didn't happen to your family therefore it isn't a trend in islam that's called an anecdotal fallacy .

So the fact that one second make an appointment so even if it didn't happen to your family that doesn't matter if it happens to millions of other families in islam from islamic doctrine what happened to your family from your interpretation doesn't matter what we care about here is does this ideology cause a bad effect on the .

Whole whether you think one sec one second one second so if your interpretation what you think is the true islam i'm not one sec so your interpretation stop stop interrupting stop interrupting and let me finish everybody in the corners so if what what your interpretation of islam because it's not true it's just a .

Made-up religion your interpretation may not include female general or mutilation but it does for millions of other people around the world so if we adopted islam millions of people who adopted those other definitions would increase their rates of female general mutilation and humans rights violation whether you think it's true islam or not doesn't .

Matter because if we adopted islam more people would adopt those harmful variations so it doesn't matter what your family did it's called an anecdotal fallacy literally a logical fallacy that proves their argument is garbage it doesn't matter it happens all over the world that's what matters .

Can i answer you put more words in my mouth i didn't say it to my family i said i was born and grown up in a muslim country i had never heard it in my entire life not my family not my relatives no one i had never heard such a things okay so you say that it is my only my family no it i just heard it in europe when i came .

Few years ago i heard this one that uh there are countries that they practice that you're you know uh act okay right right and so what i said was first time i heard it from uh don't care i don't care what you heard doesn't matter your personal anecdote of what you heard is .

Irrelevant it's not evidence no one cares i have data from the entire planet from the entire pew surveys data of millions of people i know what's happening in the world czech ethiopia i don't care about ethiopia i don't care wait what happens in ethiopia doesn't matter it literally doesn't matter i just listed one sec one second what .

You're saying does not make sense here i said here it's happening in northern saudi arabia jordan iraq kurdish regions wait so it doesn't matter what's happening in ethiopia it literally doesn't matter your religion causes this problem no it is christianity as well yeah yes christian i'm an atheist i don't care about christianity either .

Christianity is also bad your religion is causing a problem atheism is better it doesn't cause the problem which atheist countries have a problem with fgm name one any any atheist country but i said that this is an african problem okay i just listed the middle east saudi .

Arabia jordan iraq it has entered yes it has entered in some muslim countries which atheist countries has this problem uh i don't know okay none this is zero okay this is the biggest problem in the world yeah is it the biggest problem in the world uh i don't think so but it's wonderful i .

Was talking about i was talking about uh tobacco companies killed five million people every year 33 nuclear bomb okay and atheism cannot solve the such problems okay drug problem war problems atheism is solving that problem so one sec so the companies taking advantage of people atheism is solving those problems the secular nations are making laws .

Against tobacco usage they're making laws against companies taking advantage of south american companies all that's coming from secular nations secular western nations who are making laws based on humanist principles to try and not take advantage of people so the only ones making progress in that field is atheist nations .

But first of all i said that the all these comes from uh abrahamic religion it started from abrahamic religion slowly slowly all we have today is from abrahamic religion even even if you are secular you don't know that you are following those uh great teachings of jesus and moses and .

Prophet muhammad what you're saying that um secular morality comes from the islamic religion is that what you're saying not only islam from christianity and judaism okay well we can prove that we can prove that false so morality predates any religion it started no it didn't we can prove .

That false so that's that's literally what i'm addressing we can prove that false we know morality comes from evolution there's morality and apes that we can find and we can see the patterns that precurse human morality and other animals that have no religion so we know for a fact it does not come from any religion it comes specifically from .

Evolution and social norms and how game theory interacts with our cultural groups has nothing to do with religion we know that our social norms come from evolutionary tendencies and what causes societies to work well together due to cooperation incentives and game theory so no it does not in any way come from christianity or islam and in fact all of .

The good principles that came from christianity and islam and judaism pre-date all of those and come from hinduism kill each other in those stadiums romans and greeks it was hinduism that uh solved those problems or jesus message solved those problems well no one solved those problems but .

The principles the principles it just solved itself yeah just itself no second nations are solving those problems how about how about uh girls were bearing alive in in arabia yeah yeah not the muslims because it's still happening so again the principles stop this is what muslims do all the time you're diverting you're diverting .

From the topic you're diverting from the topic you're not addressing the topic hold up hold up hold up hold up you made a point one sec one second you made a point you said that the principles of morality come from uh christianity and judaism and islam that's false i can prove that false .

Because these principles like the golden rule come from hinduism hinduism had them before christianity or islam or judaism it's an older religion that also had the principles of the golden rule so the principles don't come from hinduism or don't come from christianity or islam or any of the abrahamic religions the principles come from other religions .

That predated those so that point you made is false this other irrelevant point you made about islam making some progress in one field doesn't matter all right so you mean that the romans and the greeks they stopped those barbaric acts because of hinduism not because no no none of that matters none of that matters so again follow the .

Conversation you made an argument the principles that are moral hold up hold up hold up so you're making a different irrelevant point so let's go back to the point we were talking about before what what no no no no you're deferring muslims do this all the time they divert from the topic to try and avoid when .

They're about to get crushed so you made a point you made the point that the moral principles come from the abrahamic religions i proved that point false no they come from hinduism hinduism i ask you a question then no no your question doesn't matter did hinduism exist before the abrahamic religion yes did hinduism come up with the golden .

Rule and the moral principles that christianity stole it from yes therefore these moral principles came from hinduism whether or not hinduism solves some other problem in some other location literally doesn't make a difference your argument was proven false they did not come from abrahamic religions .

So you mean that the problems there were solved by hindu i didn't say anything about problems follow the conversation i said did the principles originate from the abrahamic religions no problem solved so you mean that the abrahamic religion followed hinduism yes they took from hinduism yes .

Okay where in hinduism uh can you please show me in hinduism where it says that don't bury your daughters alive don't kill your daughter where how does that follow from anything i said like what is it i said that the moral principles that christianity cuts wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait .

Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait sir so again you're doing you're doing the muslim thing where you're going off on some irrelevant tangent .

That has nothing to do with anything i said so i said the principles like the golden rule the foundational principles of the entire religion come from hinduism the golden rule is in hinduism it predates christianity so the foundation of morality of the moral principles is in hinduism now how those were adopted into .

Specific little weird things about burial that doesn't matter the original tenets of the foundation of morality does not come from any of the abrahamic things not burying your dead is not a foundational moral tenant that that's that's just a silly little thing that changed in different cultures it's not a thing in morality .

So why they haven't still yet yet solved the problems of burying doctors the lobby in india that literally has nothing to do with the point uh it doesn't happen okay i could come with a lot of facts that they haven't been able to solve any problems in their own you know community that literally has nothing to do with .

The point but uh but let's talk about the word problem that we are facing today okay and you mentioned of course a lot of problems in muslim countries and i address that that it is because of uh is not only in muslim countries christian countries in african countries and it is because of some um some .

You know superpowers they want to benefit from those countries so they keep them you know could they it wasn't because of islam it was because of syria and all this so they don't do this only to muslim countries hello yes uh and if they didn't uh involve in .

Our countries we would have beautiful perfect countries okay no that's literally false we can prove that false by looking past in history okay uh that's uh i i gave you the fact that uh if 1953 you didn't bring down our democratic country the uh sorry government in iran and put a dictator in .

Power then we would have second japan in iran because it hasn't happened because it has gone wrong then i cannot of course prove you so democracy brings development democracy brings that you know uh allows people to develop but dictatorship uh you know hundreds uh tens of thousands of .

Highly educated people have been uh executed by this regime that i showed you right now the muslim religion joe biden is trying to save them by the muslim regime is executing people is that a muslim regime it's a mafia which religion which religion are they and your country which religion .

They believe in money they don't believe in anything but money no no that's false which religion is their state which religion is the country which is the official religion of their government what is the official religion that they stated on their government what religion they are they are lying so i don't care if you think they're lying .

What religion does it say that they are based on they they say whatever they want to say what do they say what do they want to say they say they say they are muslim of course yes they say they're muslims yes but they are not so that's that's called the no true .

Scotland do you know do you know what i know true scotland if you believe in bunch of mafia then that's your problem do you know what a no true scotsman is no true scotsman do you know what a no true scotsman fallacy is no i don't know okay no true scotsman .

Fallacy is when you say oh they're not a real scot because they don't have cream porridge or whatever you can say they're not real muslims because they don't they don't adhere to your interpretation of islam no they're equally as real muslims as you are you just disagree with their interpretation they are muslims all right i ask you a question .

Stealing in islam is forbidden okay do you know that at least in your interpretation any government even a secular government say stealing is forbidden your interpretation your interpretation they think they're fine so they think they're they're allowed in islam to do the things they're doing .

They think they're perfectly fine yes sweden is a secular government and they say stealing is forbidden is my interpretation or is that my interpretation they say they say stealing is forbidden okay robbing is forbidden so it is in their constitution all right so islam says islam says stealing robbing people .

Okay is uh forbidden it's haram all right but this government in iran everybody know i can show you a lot of facts there's still billions of dollars the the leader he didn't have even a flat now he's 200 billion dollars rich the u.s embassy in bangladesh 95 billion dollars 95 billion dollars each u.s embassy in .

Baghdad okay okay they're still muslim so it doesn't address everybody listen and see that how you you know you try to run away from the answer what no no no your answer isn't an answer like they are muslim whether or not you think they're correct muslims doesn't matter they are islam they believe in .

Islam they worship no no no that's that's your belief that is your problem they do they say we're muslim they go to the mosque they pray to allah they're muslim whether you believe it or not whether you think they're not doing the right muslim way doesn't make a difference they're muslim if we adopt islam there's going to be a .

Lot of people who do what they're doing and have their interpretation and disagree with your interpretation it doesn't matter if you think it's the correct one or not islam will cause that what we see what we see them doing islam causes that islam doesn't cause damage barack obama does that okay that is that has been happening for a long time .

Before any of the american presidents i read for you i read for you from 50 republicans now that you are going your government is going to send hundreds of billions of dollars like barack obama did to the biggest terrorist regime on the planet which doesn't doesn't address the point that's .

Irrelevant that's literally irrelevant so like wait wait wait so go go back go back go back in time let's go back in time let's go back in time so did america create these organizations these governments no yes no .

No they they were around before america all of these companies all of the the the islamic countries were around a long time before america america's pretty young and the problems the problems in the islamic countries were all there they were still there terrorists the head of .

Terrorist uh you know international terrorism came to power 43 years ago because the usa was afraid that left groups take the power after iranian revolution so they helped this caveman terrorist guy uh isis guy to take the power because they knew that he's not going to ally with the soviet union okay and they have .

Been supporting this regime in 43 years literally irrelevant literally it doesn't matter islamic terrorists i can debunk everything you're saying just everything you're saying in like five seconds islamic terrorism has been around since the assassins in the 1200s okay problem solved so no america didn't cause these problems because america .

Wasn't around 1200 years ago yes there were terrorists a long time ago also muslim also same problems were not invented by america okay which terrorism can you give me a terrorist attack before 1979 by muslims can you i can google it let's google it uh yeah go get islamic before night .

I haven't found a single cherish anywhere in the world a terrorist attack by muslims before 1979 yeah i haven't formed a single one the first one was one 1981 in lebanon by hezbollah after iranian revolution sorry uh no the first one was 1980 in .

Saudi arabia also again by iranian regime okay because the iranian regime has always wanted to occupy saudi arabia so every single raid every single uh destruction and killing of one group of people that's a terrorist incident and there's thousands of them in islamic countries prior to 1979. .

Okay uh you're talking about conflict and war okay i don't know i mean like just a group of people give me a terrorist attack so a terrorist attack a terrorist attack is defined as an attack of one group trying to change a political system so if one tribe in the middle east decides to kill and slaughter and rape another tribe .

Because they want political change that's a terrorist attack no no no that's of course it's uh if you want to call that one even usa is attacking different countries that's also sure america is terrorist too but your country was terrorists way before america existed okay .

That's the conflict everybody know that conflicts has existed i'm not talking about conflict i'm talking about genocide yeah it has existed and it doesn't have anything to do with islam but it really does so if it happens more in islamic countries that .

Has to do with islam for islam forbidden okay islam doesn't happen that's your subjective interpretation what you think it forbids doesn't matter the question is is if we adopt islam will more people do genocide and the answer is yes if the more islamic countries do genocide than other countries and always have throughout .

Most of history so islamic as a doctrine does not prevent genocide it causes more of it than other doctrines like jainism there is no jainism genocide if we just gave jainism to everyone in the world there would be zero genocide but islam there's lots of jungle i told you it is the rules of the jungle that um you know created and created everywhere .

On this planet that you can become rich by killing people by abusing religion by abusing like mohammed nationalism by abusing mind you know even color okay what muhammad he's getting getting rich off of conquering and killing people and taking land yes i agree let me see let me see wait did he uh i'm talking about uh like uh conflict like second world .

War that uh uh you know adolf hitler abused nationalism okay like muhammad yes which means okay all right where did muhammad use nationalism he just he just wanted to um you know the quran .

Where it literally says if people are of other nations or they leave islam we have to kill them like that's a good example can you give me the verse i couldn't if i had time like google it muhammad nationalism give me the verse that say people of other nations want to leave islam .

Give me the verse i can just give me some time i'll email it to you later if you want like this is not like a hard thing because you just you just haven't heard something muhammad murders murders by muhammad uh in quran murders quran muhammad wars all right .

According to muhammad's rules of wars no justification exists for attacking civilians good good job but um when when they reject or leave the the faith you can kill them okay let me give me the verse of quran please i ask you give me the verse of quran that says killing .

Apostates apostates men are to be killed while women are to be held in solitary confinement and beaten every three days till they recant and return to islam penalty for apostasy in islam each verse each verse oh you don't know that's that's your problem .

I'm just reading i don't need to give the verse does it matter if i give the verse like no yeah it matters because there is no such a verse in quran what is what is the penalty for apostasy there's no penalty for apostasy there is no compulsion in religion in islam okay that's a fabricated hadith okay let me .

Put it this way what what is in most muslim countries what is the penalty for apostasy in quran they say yes yeah okay so where did they get that from did they just make it up they they get it from they get it from a fabricated id okay so so okay so because .

That's a great point that's a great point let's talk about that so most muslims in most muslim countries think that we should kill muslims most muslims there's a there's a few surveys there are a bunch of dictators in these countries they don't really don't care about the dictatorships i don't i don't .

Care about the dictators wait wait so there are pew surveys data pure surveys data where they've asked muslims in america in the uk in all of the muslim countries do they agree with that these tenants one of the things as they asked should there be should apost or should i think it would be stone to death or killed or whatever the vast majority .

Like 66 something percent of muslims and even the the european countries agreed that they should take and kill apostates for leaving the faith or they should implement sharia law in these kinds of cases like yes this is most muslims interpret the quran in this way so even if you think they're wrong even if you think they've all made this up they've .

Got it wrong this is the incorrect interpretation most muslims think this that means if we adopt islam worldwide the vast majority of the world would think this they would have the wrong interpretation of islam which means islam is a bad ideology to implement the world do you know how many secular nations think we should stone apostle .

Apostates zero did how many people in secular nations say it's okay to stone anyone for any reason zero there's none it doesn't happen so secular nations here are better because they don't have this problem that a large portion of the people who adopt the ideology think it's okay to stone .

Apostates to death okay now you you couldn't find a single verse okay i gave you quran chapter 4 verse 137 indeed those who believe have believed then disbelieved then believed then disbelieved and then increasing this belief of course it's not this belief it's a in quran says .

Okay never will allah forgive them nor will he guide them to a way okay there is no anything about killer asking us to kill them chapter 4 verse 137 indeed those who have believed then disbelief then believed uh sorry this was the the the same i i read okay chapter 47 verse 38 .

Here you are those invite to spend in the cows of allah but among you are those who withhold out of greed and whoever withholds only withholds benefit from himself and allah is the .

Free of need while you are the needy and if you turn away he will replace you with another people then they will not be uh the like of you so allah there are so many verses of quran and another one there is no i don't care okay literally you don't care okay i know that you don't care you don't care about anything no no no i do .

There's something i do care about there's something i care about a lot it's what is we the actual data if people adopt this religion what happens to the people in that region how many of them commit more crimes i don't care what your interpretation of the book is wait i'm making the point i'm making a point here .

So i don't care what your interpretation of the book is or what you think the correct way to do islam is i care what happens to the majority of people when they adopt islam and they adopt female genital mutilation they adopt sharia law they adopt less education of science more education of religion they have more crime rates .

More rape rates more um marital rape rates like when people adopt islam they do bad things it's bad like i don't care if you think it's the right islam it doesn't make a difference if you think maybe they're just studying it incorrectly it makes no difference because if they adopt islam they do more bad things you know what .

Doesn't have that effect secularism people adopt secularism they do less bad things i don't care if it's the correct version or the correct interpretation makes no difference we can just look at the data how many people do these crimes in secular nations versus muslim nations muslim nations are worse problem solved we know which is better .

I told you from beginning that this is all about the jungle rules and when you go to latin america you see that crime is much higher than most muslim countries on this planet okay you cannot even go on the street i would i didn't make research but for example south africa i know it's a christian country i don't understand .

Your point so dangerous no my point is that it doesn't have anything to do with christianity or or islam it has to do with the economy it has to do with the jungle rule that some people have one one percent of the world population have 110 trillion dollars while hundreds of millions of people live on one dollar a day okay and then i partially i .

Partially agree with you so i partially agree that uh poverty is a large one one second one sec so i partially agree that poverty is one of the biggest factors in causing uh crime rates and all things but do you know what gets people out of poverty science science does this and you know which ones have the highest science educations the the secular ones .

The more secular the more the more you go into non-religious the more science education you have the reason islam is behind everyone else is because they don't educate women and women don't educate their kids to become scientists they educate them on religious garbage which wastes their time so the fact that religion is such a high focus in muslim .

Countries is the problem keeping them poor if you got more into science like every other country did that were secular you wouldn't be poor anymore as at least as poor so yeah poverty is a problem and a lot of the cause of poverty is islam like literally as i mentioned earlier the reason islam is not the world leader in technology right .

Now is because they banned math and trade in the 1200s when they were the world leaders so yeah poverty is a problem and the reason they're in poverty is because of islam okay can i now tell you that before islam entered my home country iran we didn't have scientists we didn't have .

Uh you know points after islam entered in my home country because uh at that time education belonged only to rich you know classes and poor classes didn't have the right to study after islam entered uh iran and persia everybody started to you know educate themselves and .

We have a lot of poets we have a lot of uh scientists like iblesina um zakaria razi and so on and i have to tell you that now for example i'm following a muslim country organization that women are highly educated women are leaders okay so don't say islam does this islam there is a .

Back fourth uh you know version of islam i understand it i accept it but uh interpretation of islam that some scholars businessmen follow that but there are muslims who interpret islam and quran in the right way and we believe in equality between men and .

Women and we believe that everybody have the equal rights okay both men and women and um if it hasn't happened yet unfortunately it's because of the western countries and they didn't want that the middle east becomes you know become developed and they uh they they try to destroy this great .

Beautiful muslim organization because this organization is going to bring this godfather of international terrorism which is iranian regime okay and they didn't want that they uh bring down this regime they bound them in iraq in 2003 they forced them to move now to albania but they are fighting uh and they are trying to bring down this regime one day .

They will do that and they the middle east will become peaceful and democratic yes don't laugh yes i know that you're true when was it peaceful before western integration like like before any of the western countries got there was it ever peaceful oh how about europe was it peaceful before no it has always everywhere everywhere .

Right so islam doesn't actually make it peaceful it it makes it peaceful if people understand it yes because there is no people where does that ever occur so so islam the way you do it will never be the majority in islam never going to happen your personal subjective interpretation the way you think the .

Right islam should be will never be the case what we see now is going to be the case i don't know i don't know why you're talking over me i don't know why you're talking over you haven't heard my point yet so the fact that you have a subjective interpretation which very few muslims actually adhere to uh and you .

Think that your correct interpretation should be implemented makes no difference no one no one else in the muslim world cares they all have they all have their own personal interpretations which stop interrupting stop interrupting the all people and muslim in the muslim world like in all religions have their own personal .

Subjective interpretations what matters is is what is the most likely thing to happen when people adopt the religion what is the most common interpretations of the religion the most common interpretations of islam are extremely violent and backwards and less scientific so it's a bad ideology it doesn't matter if you think well if .

We all adopted the perfect version of islam that literally no one accepts then all of the world will be better that's a nice hypothesis that's never been tested when we actually adopt islam in large portions of the planet we see lots of crime lots of death lots of rape lots of human rights violations we don't ever see this perfect little islamic society .

You think is going to happen in your own personal subjective interpretation doesn't occur what we do see is the best societies are the ones that adopt secularism humanism we can literally see it happening we can see as people become more secular they become better people less crime less poverty more compassion uh more .

Acceptance of the lgbt community community definitely not something that's going to happen in islam um less violent less murder less theft less rape every mess every possible metric we see it getting better in secular nations the fact that you have a personal subjective interpretation of islam you think will make the world better it doesn't matter .

Because no one else in islam agrees okay now can i talk you're right first of all first of all just because it hasn't happened it doesn't mean that it it will never happen we are in the past we were not educated people were not educated there was no such a media and education okay now we are .

Educating ourselves media and so on so we are uh coming to that point and i said that uh we are we are millions okay we are trying to uh to do that and unfortunately uh we we are stopped somehow they try to stop us in those powers who don't want to see peace and stability in the middle east because they can sell hundreds of .

Billions of dollars weapons to the middle east they need conflicts and they need cheap oil and so on so they don't want this uh to see this uh beautiful uh uh you know democratic region but another thing is that i said that all these problems is because of the jungle and the rules and that you allows you to become uh you know richer by killing .

Killing millions of people secularism how secularism can solve the problem that is caused by tobacco can you please explain for me five million people die every year on this planet because of tobacco companies want to become richer can you give me uh the you know the good um uh you know system a way that can .

Get uh you know this problem fixed yes yes we're literally doing it like australia has implemented like uh pictures on the sides of t of cigarette cases that are showing lung cancer and they're making them a dark green and this has decreased sales and consumption of cigarettes by almost half .

In the past 10 years so yeah we're literally doing that we're literally decreasing the rate of death by tobacco by magnitudes each year thanks to secular nations using science and what makes people not uh want to buy the packages so like we've done research into what is the most displeasing color and it's like a dark green shade and so .

They make all the colors all of the colors of the boxes all the dark green shade which decreases sales of the tobacco things so yes we're making legislation in in the secular governments in order to decrease sales which decreases the cost of of the deaths to tobacco we're also increasing scientific um discoveries in the curing .

Of cancer which decreased the deaths of tobacco so yeah we're solving these problems literally every day in the secular nation islam isn't solving them sciences okay can i now respond to that first of all uh i i heard that there was uh there were some feminist organizations who complained to united nations that these .

Tobacco companies they make you know advertisement that cigarette make you thin and then sexy so they target women to uh to increase their cell okay uh yes and then there is another thing is alcohol killing also millions of people no this the solution is my friend is that you get rid of the system of the jungle .

That people can get billionaires become billionaires by selling cigarettes okay if they cannot sell it i promise you tomorrow they will close down they will not they don't they will not produce a single uh you know pack up cigarette just yes crime is not a thing there is zero crime no one .

Sells cocaine in america it does not happen clearly clearly every pro problem will disappear this uh problem will disappear they will not i tell you that they will not this is the in islam islam says that the the source is one source okay it's .

Uh you know describe it as satan but it is the system the jungle system that allows that one percent uh have 110 trillion dollars while while hundreds of millions of people live on one dollar a day and they don't stop there they want to become richer and richer so what they do they create conflict in different places to sell their weapons they uh you .

Know they only human trafficking is 150 billion dollars industry so no problem will disappear if as long as we have we are living in the jungle with the this jungle system so yeah yeah because islam doesn't have any of those problems significantly worse than the western nations .

Yeah yeah cause islam doesn't have those problems like opium no one no one illegally sells opium in any islamic country never never happened there are no rich warlords who take advantage of the system in islam nope never happened zero zero cases of that in every country you don't understand i said that they don't follow the islam they followed the .

Rules of the jungle as well they are not muslim they follow the rules of the okay okay okay so so we're gonna adopt islam and all of the true muslims aren't gonna commit crimes but the amount of crime rate is going to go up there's going to be more crime rate if we ever adopt islam because most people just won't be following it uh great strategy .

This is this is a great we should just implement islam and most people won't follow it and the rate of crime will go up but the ones that do will be understand what you fined okay what happens the rate of crime goes up yes in every country i said that .

If you want to truly adopt islam is that to get rid of this jungle system okay because the problem is from the jungle system that you get rich by selling drugs you get rich by you know okay selling your body once you get rich by human trafficking tell you what you get rich yes if you can implement this in a muslim country get a muslim country to .

Do all of these things and solve all of these problems then you will have a legitimate argument but you don't all of the muslim countries are worse in all of these things i understand tj i understand that one okay and i said that you are going towards that that war okay we are small now we have created that one it's a very .

Small city and no crime happens there it's beautiful ethiopia is perfect but it's a small city and we are trying to you know to make it on everywhere on this planet and then it takes time i don't say it take 10 years 20 years it might take hundreds of years all right but we are starting we are .

Getting there all right i can if i could share with you uh these people brave people who are fighting against these uh you know terrorist uh regime in iran and they want to bring democracy and freedom and they are loved by christians by jews by atheists .

By everybody everybody loved them okay thousands of european parliamentaria hundreds of american senators uh you know support them okay to bring down iranian fascist regime because they say that they are the legit alternative to this fascist regime and they they are muslim they want to bring .

Democracy freedom equality between men and women women are on the top in that organization it is called people's mujahideen organization of iran so we are we are millions but we are not hundreds of millions i don't know but it we are on on the right track right so so i'm happy for you i totally .

Agree i think that i would be all for your version of islam moderate islam to take over and replace all of the majority of islam and i think that's a good thing i'm totally for that and i think that would definitely bring a lot of benefits to every single islamic country but uh that's not what most people interpret .

Islam to be so and even if we did that there's still already a better alternative there's still already a better ideology which does all of those things to a better extent which is secular humanism secular humanism secular humanism does all those things better already uh .

Okay i asked you about this uh the solution but i know that secular humanism doesn't have that one okay it does i told you secretary is solving all those problems it's just the one doing the work you said that to put uh you know to make it black i said that it is not it is not the right way the right way is to get .

Rid of the source which those companies will close down tomorrow okay they will not produce a single pack of cigarettes the tobacco company sorry the drug cartels they will not produce a single gram of drug but yes for example yeah i heard what you said but again crime is a thing so so even if you shut down all of the tobacco industries people will .

Still wait wait wait wait so people will still create tobacco and still sell it even if you shut them down and they will still make millions stop stop stop stop interrupting someone so the correct solution is the way the secular nations are doing it through legislation through working together through voting people in the office that is the correct way to .

Do it not just to simply outright ban everything we don't like that's a bad idea some people like cigarettes some people choose to take cigarettes and that's fine they have a right to do that just banning it would be wrong the correct solution is to do what the secular nations are doing which is to give people the option they can choose .

To do it if they want but then to just to de-incentivize it so they can choose not to by making it showing the cancer on the boxes by making it a bad color that way people have the freedom to choose and they can do it if they want to but they have the knowledge that has a bad impact that is the correct solution the second nations are doing .

The correct thing and the islamic solution that you're proposing is not the correct thing tj please when i say something don't change it i didn't say shut it down i said that if we get rid of the source which is you cannot become rich by selling cigarette okay take away from that system .

The money system what i'm going to say is the money system that okay you can produce it for free no tobacco company will uh you know continue to produce you say to give choice then let's sell heroin and uh cocaine in the stores and give choice to people yes i'm all for that i'm thinking that we should legalize drugs like there are .

Many countries like did that yes even secular countries they do not agree with that because it will kill uh you know i have made a documentary movie by the way uh about alcohol i shot it in um the the movie in you know in russia and in sweden i compared sweden to russia that in russia .

You can you know everybody can buy alcohol anywhere in russia but the the you know the death rate is hundreds of thousands people in russia while in sweden it's just few thousand because in sweden they have limited they you cannot buy alcohol everywhere it's just special liquor stores so .

Sweden doing it uh you know much better so if you make it available if uh then uh millions of people will die so if people choose to drink and they choose to get alcohol poisoning that's their choice they have the right to make that choice banning it is the wrong thing to do like if people choose to smoke even knowing that they could get .

Lung cancer and knowing they could die they still have the right to have the ability to choose for themselves that they can smoke that is the morally better position that's why the second nations are better here they are correct to say if you want to take the risk that you can get lung cancer and you choose to take cigarettes you have that right .

You have the freedom to make that choice the secular nations are morally correct to give people the choice that they want to take cigarettes you are incorrect just banning them from doing it i said that i'm not going to buy anything i told you how many times i have to say dj i said banning no i said that get rid of that system .

Which allows you to become billionaire by producing cigarettes or producing drugs or producing weapons so you want to ban money no i want to ban the system that we i said i read it which system like capitalism no the capitalism is the the devil .

Capitalism has saved millions of lives so it's not the devil which system which system do you want to get rid of equality equality a system that we share everything with each other you want to get rid of equality which system do you want to get rid of like i'm not following what system i want to get rid of this the capitalism .

You want to get pregnant no i don't want to get rid of i want to you know i want that people uh it is uh god wants that people live equal share everything with each other okay that's why we stand towards mecca every day and say show me the right way what happens in mecca is equality people are equal in that when we go to hajj we dress equal .

Everybody equal no rich no people we say to god i accept it and then we reject the opposite of it which is inequality which is the symbol of that is satan okay i say satan is the capitalism so the source of all problems is the capitalist system okay that allows the companies those tobacco companies to become billionaire by selling cigarettes .

Okay so if they cannot sell this their cigarette okay we get rid of that system then they will not produce it i don't say ban it okay i said that let's share everything with each other okay equally love one another i don't want to see hundreds of millions of people go on one dollar a day and you know go hungry because some people want to have ferrari .

Lamborghini bugatti and so on such a luxury life i'm against this uh you know jungle system i i believe that i um you know we are not human we are animals i said it from from in the beginning that god wants us to be human okay and a human is the one who sacrificed for others for his own kind animal so you .

Think that are you do you think that adolf hitler was a human and you are a human i don't think yes we were both humans and humans are also animals like yes we're both humans okay what is animal animal is a form or what can you tell me what is animal uh animal is a kind of uh reproductive uh .

Eukaryotes it's a reproductive eukaryote with uh with spinal cord i think that's animal okay no uh look so when i say animal do you come to your form when i say animal do you come to a form do you imagine a form uh a form yes like when i say horse .

You come to a form a horse is a you know a animal an animal that goes on four legs you know it's big i haven't said red horse when i say red horse yeah you come to the color of that animal as well okay so horse is is a is a four all right but animal is not a form it's a way of life selfishness me just me i don't care about anyone else that's .

Animal for me human is also a form when i say human is not a form it's a way of life is when you sacrifice yourself for uh your own kind you love others you know as you jesus says as well love your neighbor as you love yourself love one another okay so human is also for me a way of life i have heard in all .

Nations i think is this that that person is a real human or that person is a real animal so if uh a human is a form like horse have you ever heard that somebody said that horse is a real horse no there is no such thing yes i've literally heard that statement many times horse is a horse dog is a dog but there is real human there is unreal human okay well so .

I get what you're trying to say when i hear animal i think of the biological evolutionary definition when they get human i think of the biological evolutionary definition but i understand what you're trying to say but so back to the point uh capitalism is not evil capitalism has saved billions of lives is it perfect no but capitalism does .

Work capitalism works better than socialism or communism one sec one sec one second can you explain billions of people how by producing sustainability so capitalism generates a desire for people to work and the desire to people to work produces goods and those goods can then .

Fill people's houses the reason most poor people have tvs and cars and radios and microwaves is because someone built the technology and sold it to make money and they were inspired to build more companies because they could make more money and so they expanded and built companies all over the world and grew technology and wanted to cut costs so .

They could make more technology and so the incentives of capitalism and making money have inspired people to produce technology that has spanned the entire globe capitalism is a good thing it's not perfect but it is a good force to making technological progress in the world and it has done more than communism or socialism or any .

Of the other alternatives and that's why money and capitalism are even though they're not perfect they are good forces to make progress in the world and so about abolishing capitalism is it's a different topic a different debate topic but uh not a good idea okay so first of all um it's another topic i know okay but from .

The beginning i said it another thing is that you say that if capitalism didn't exist then we would still go by you know by a horse and donkey that's absolutely wrong because i didn't say capitalism capitalism has stopped humanity from developing second world war first world war uh only those had nothing to do with capitalism but nothing to do with .

Capitalism of course yeah only my country only my country could be second japan and you know uh you know help the humanity help the humanity much more than instead now spreading terrorism and you know uh conflict in the region if capitalism didn't bring our uh democratic prime minister in 1953 okay .

So capitalism has uh you know done a lot of damage only uh you know trying to steal information from each other instead sharing with each other this is capitalism if we shared information with each other even during this corona virus okay if they shared information with each other then they would reach this uh .

What is it the the the vaccine much faster than uh you know then they did because they tried of course i heard that in this pandemic they try to to share with each other but mostly mostly they don't share anything with each other they keep it for their own companies and they even try to sabotage each other so that they .

The other company you know uh uh come to this uh that yeah if they had to share it they wouldn't make it so so the whole point here is that the reason that they keep it to themselves and the reason that they can gain profit is the whole reason that they're doing it in the first place if they had to share everything nobody would make it so the .

Fact that people can keep it to themselves and make profit on their end is one of the reasons that people do the work to discover things because they know that they're going to make profit if they do the get the discovery so yes i know it's not perfectly moral we should just be like just give every cure to vaccines for free but that .

Doesn't people won't do the work to discover them if they had to give it away for free the reason they do the work to discover is so that they make money so even though it isn't a perfect system it does correspond to our moral nature that we want profit ends things so we will do work if we get paid but if we aren't getting paid we won't do work .

And so the capitalist system is more likely to encourage work to get done and so i didn't say that we would not uh we would still be in the stone age if we didn't have capitalism capitalism uh accentuates growth it makes it faster and that's why it's good it doesn't it doesn't mean we can't grow without capitalism just makes it faster so .

Yeah that is actually the open discussion i want to thank both the perfect dawah and teach up for joining us we are about to move into the q a but i'm actually going to hand it back over to our interlocutors for their closing statement t jump the floor is all yours yeah it seemed like most of his argument .

Was is that he has a particular view of islam which he thinks is the correct islam and everyone else is using the incorrect islam and therefore he thinks if we spread his version of islam we'll see a benefit to the world but most people don't interpret islam in his way so if we did spread islam they would interpret it in the other ways .

Which are far more harmful and i don't see any evidence of his way being able to be successfully convinced the majority of muslims to adopt his interpretation so most likely if we did adopt islam they'd interpret it in the more uh vicious ways and so i would not advocate for adopting islam i would .

Definitely advocate for adopting secular humanism which does not have the same problems all right uh i would like uh to say as well that that's a i i said for on my opening state that uh it is beyond most people's imagination uh we are living in this uh you know dimension and that's kind of .

Another dimension of course it's because we have been living in this jungle too long so it is uh most uh probably very impossible for many people to see something beyond that and i said to you tj that jump sorry tom yeah and that .

I'm not alone we are millions and that interpretation is not just mine there are millions and we are starting to understand because of the technology because of education we are trying to understand people for example i when something i don't understand in koran i contact a fellow muslim who is arab and he's also .

Educated as well i get help from him that can you please help me with this verse of quran for example and there are small details he helped me so in the past i wouldn't have this opportunity now we have this opportunity to talk to each other and to consider with each other that this is cannot be right and that cannot be right and so on .

So we are starting to wake up definitely and we will reach that this is a promise from god in islam that one day it's gonna happen it is in abrahamic religion actually that one day the word will come to that uh uh we have messiah all of us and one day the word will be filled with justice and equality and .

Yes i was going to say that you said that people will not do anything for if their money doesn't exist that's of course that's uh when we are uh want to live like animals okay in this jungle yes we don't do anything uh for money but if we follow the command of god .

Allah then he will reward us we do everything for the reward and he reward us with the heaven and that's why um we do even more okay we do much more uh beyond your imagination and uh i have the proof that this organization that i'm following they're muslim they work 24 hours uh they have been fighting 43 years now .

And they don't get a single dollar for their work sometimes they don't sleep in several days they just have a rest when they are driving somewhere in the car or something you know a little bit and so on when they they have to and they have shown that religion has a great power that can you know make people do .

Possibly the impossible okay yes that was thank you both screen i want to now remind everyone we are going to be moving into our q a section this is a chance for you to send in your questions to either or both of our .

Interlocutors t jump and the perfect dawah we also have super chats turned on so remember folks don't forget to like and subscribe but with that let the fun begin we have 1990 uh in malaysian from azera schizophrenia question for t jump how do you refute someone who says physics shows the authority of god over us .

Um is there any evidence for that like it's like saying potatoes show the the superiority of the potato monster over us like you'd have to actually provide evidence or something like just an assertion that physics exists there for god isn't actually .

Evidence of anything question five dollar super chat from richard head says flipper died for your fins thank you uh 40 from pewdiepie are you against iran .

And why are you in i think that's mec so maybe mecca mek mk uh no yes i'm iranian i cannot be against iran i'm against the fascist terrorists isis regime of iran and mk is a great organization that has been fighting two different dictators the .

Past dictator and the present dictator and they have support among thousands of parliamentarians in europe and senators in usa just few months ago what is it trump's vice president and foreign minister both of them were supporting mek and hundreds of .

Other senators and you know parliamentarian and seculars marxists christian jews who love this organization and do uh you know everything for this organization to bring down the fascist dictator regime of iran so they are great people and i haven't i don't know anyone .

You know better than these people who who have left everything for for their their people to sacrifice for their people and their freedom super chat coming in from pewdiew again dawa what is koran 9 29 i have two double dash 29 .

After because i don't memorize it so i have to read it uh maybe i can uh if you have maybe you can go another question and i will find this uh words okay for for maybe tj's uh try and define .

question the jump if possible did you mean surah 2-2-1-4 the order's apostates to be killed quote whoever so uh apostasized from his religion let him die for it and he is an infidel uh unquote well i don't care about any of the .

Specific quotes from the quran i care about what is the interpretation of people who are muslim so if we're asking which is the better for society we need to know how do muslims act and if they believe that is a part of islam whether or not it actually says so i don't care what the ser is i care how do people who are muslims .

Act and believe is kosher to act in islam so i don't care about the service all i care about is what do most muslims do if they adopt islam and that's what's indicative of that islam is bad it's the fact that most muslims think that that is correct regardless of what the quran says who cares what the quran says i don't know how muslims act .

All right now i um i can answer that question you want me yeah uh sure yes chapter 3 verse 7 says that quran has precise and unspecific verses and the true meaning of the unspecific verses of quran is known only by allah and those film and knowledge so how those filming knowledge understand the .

True meaning of those unspecific verses of quran is that babies put them beside other verses of quran so chapter 29 verse 46 because chapter 29 where sorry chapter 9 verse 29 was saying about the christian and jews that if those who don't you know believe in allah and the the last .

Messenger fight them and you know and so on so chapter 29 verse 46 says that and do not argue with the people of the scripture except in the way that is best except for those who commit injustice among them and say we believe in the in that which has been revealed to us and revealed to you and our god and your god is what and we are muslims .

In submission to chapter 2 verse 62 those who believe and those who jew are jews and christians and sabians whoever believes in allah and the last day and do righteous good righteous good deeds shall have their rewards with their lord on them shall not be fear be no fear nor shall they grieve so there are many other verses of quran .

That talks about jews and christians so people take one verse out of context and say that oh look here allah says this but you see that in other verses allah says you know how to deal with them it is all about those who fight you in islam there is not no compulsion in religion and you cannot fight non-combatters okay only .

Those who attack you and as long as they fight you okay if you want i can bring up the verses as well as long as they fight you when they stop fighting you you have to stop fighting too because allah does not like those who start to fight this is clear verses of quran and then i i will i have to say that .

After this right away on my channel i go live and those who have more questions please welcome and join me on my channel right away after this and i can talk to you longer there that's right if you like what either of our interlocutors say both of their channels are linked in the description below .

Five dollar super chat from mr monster destroying the idols in mecca was an act of terror was it not all right it is um it wasn't a mecca it was in uh kaaba and kaaba was built by uh prophet uh abraham and for a great reason uh that's uh i was talking about that that uh god wants us to you know .

Want to guide us out of the jungle and that mecca is um and the most you know uh the most important uh place in islam is like that somebody comes and you know build something in your house uh that you don't believe and you don't want it there then you want to turn it out okay so that's uh is not uh you know .

Uh it's not a crime it's nothing bad uh because for example you change a mosque that peop muslims have built and some somebody come and occupy it and build you know idols there put idols there then you have the right to when you take it back you have the right to remove them because it is it was yours from beginning you you built it there okay .

So yeah and there is no compulsion in islam and you can have your ideals anywhere else that's uh that's up to you the your judgment is with uh with god not with me five dollar super chat from zoeckel death for apostasy is very well established in the hadith not the quran it is a consensus among all major .

Scholars throughout history okay it's um yes many scholars now they reject it okay and it goes you have to first know uh it doesn't because uh it is like this that every muslim .

Knows that when i die i will be questioned by god not those scholars if i go and kill an apostate okay and allah asked me why you killed that apostate i cannot say that the hadith and then those scholars they they agree with that he won't punish me because i went against quran quran says no compulsion religion hadith cannot come and say and .

Quran i read for you several verses of quran that says that their punishment those who reject those who believe and then the apostates yeah and leave islam uh their their punishment is with allah not with me okay and allah doesn't say anywhere in quran to go and kill apostates uh in fact it says in many verses that .

Okay you have no right to kill innocent people or non-combatters and no compulsion or religion i can read for you many many verses of quran that goes against that hadith so any hadith goes against quran is fabricated whoever say that okay thank you and back to super chats from zwexel killing for apostasy .

Is hypocrisy because they are killing people for doing the exact same thing that they themselves encourage others to do was it for me or i am not a hundred percent sure it doesn't have a uh someone tagged either one of you feel free to respond though i can read .

Again killing for apostasy is hypocrisy because they are killing people for doing the exact same thing that they themselves encourage others to do did you want to say something because i i don't know if it is a question yeah it's just a comment essentially saying that um if you have a rule that you're .

Not allowed to change your faith and their whole idea is to convert people to islam by changing their faith and it's hypocritical hypocrisy because they are outlined the thing that they're trying to do which is sort of true in general now and i said that of course there is no such a law in islam i can .

If you go to next question i will find the verses again and read for them sure i think i do have one for teacher five dollars from corey gorowsky t jump how important would you say is science and skepticism within secular .

Humanism uh it's probably like the most important thing most people like worship science essentially in skepticism it's it's one of the most foundational tenets of the the ideology okay let me read for the you this chapter 16 verse 106 .

Whoever disbelieves in allah after his belief so this is about apostates except for those for one who is forced to uh renounce his religion while his heart is secure in faith but those who willingly open their their breasts to disbelieve .

Open them is wrath from allah and for them is a great punishment and there are so many other verses so there is nowhere in quran says that their punishment is by me or by you know some uh you know some uneducated muslim from a far remote .

Village of afghanistan or somewhere else you know goes and kill people because they they disbelieve there is no such things in koran we have no right to judge people because these people can come to islam tomorrow or next year or you know in 10 years so allah says in quran that the there you know he gives .

Let me find the verse for you uh very fast uh in chapter 16 verse 16 61 if allah were to punish people immediately for their wrongdoing he would not have left a single living being on earth but he delays them for an appointed terror and when their turn .

Arrives they cannot delay it for a moment uh nor can they advance it so allah says here that it is his decision when he can take out someone is not my decision so he's not going to punish people immediately and i have no right to punish people immediately either okay because they have the right to repent in .

Islam so we have no right to kill anybody for for anything except for uh you know self-defense and that's as the last option not the first option thank you two dollar super chat from joe schwartz can each one of you say one nice thing about each other i'm actually a big fan .

Of his version of islam i think the moderate version of islam is something that should be very lauded and praised because i think that the moderate version of islam is a huge improvement over the majority version of islam so i think that his work is very important and i am very happy to support his work in .

His interpretation of islam and think it should definitely be more uh accepted and interpreted by uh secular nations more accepted his version than the contemporary one thank you very much and i say also that as long as you .

Try to help humanity which i am happy that you at least believe in you know secular humanism not that you don't believe in anything okay that's good as well and as long as you do good things and then you try to help people that's a great thing and and we we are .

Brothers in creation as islam has told me that we we might have disagreement and we have to help each other yes and i i would be more than glad to uh you know work with you then with some extremist muslim who want to kill .

You know you because you disbelieve or because you are someone else's you know apostate so uh i i prefer you over them because at least you are not going to kill people you know unjustly all right thank you both of you 40 rupees from pewdiew again dawa why allah want to test us .

It says no muslim ends me yet i think he's saying he's not a muslim yet but why does allah want to test us i don't think it's uh i don't take it as a test i take it as uh you know he wanted to uh he created this uh animal but he gave us the ability to understand so .

And he wanted us to develop to uh to that human nature or that nature as a human way of life by his guidance so it is uh it is kind of a work i cannot say it's a test because you cannot test uh you know monkeys for example because they don't understand anything so when we didn't understand in the past we were like .

Monkeys or we had little knowledge then that wouldn't be a test so allah wanted to you know to guide us to help us to develop he he waited billions of years for the moment that we developed like today and then of course we need more uh to develop and he tried to guide us i don't see it as a .

Test okay i see it as a as a beautiful picture he had the power to create this picture and he he did it and for me that's a great picture that he's he's painting that this selfish animal he change it to to something that is better than angels and he sacrificed himself for his own kind or his own .

Belief okay thank you five dollar super chat from zargos t jumped asked the perfect dawah about the extreme pedo with pre-pubescence in 65-4 and 4-34 uh quote wife-beating and sexual slavery okay .

Let me uh let me answer that there is no um that verse doesn't talk about uh you know pre blessing girls is talking about women who haven't seen uh you know menstruation it is in the chapter women is not in the chapter girl uh al-nisa means women okay so .

Those who have translated or interpreted in that way they just have gone after that fabricated hadith because it says that uh your wives and their prayer waiting period is three months and for those who haven't seen a menstruation it doesn't save girls or who haven't reached for example age of menstruation and then about the .

Wife beating let me tell you that also chapter 4 34 says that first of all this is uh uh quranic verses have come to solve problems okay and this was a problem white beating was a .

Problem if quran was four beating wives if quran wanted people beat their wives then he wouldn't allah wouldn't send a verse to ask people to beat their wife because people were doing that women they're slaves women were not human beings in uh just check .

During lockdown in mexico within few months one thousand women were killed in domestic problems in 21st century so allah didn't need to send a verse say that to men to beat their wives they were doing it only if they didn't do that then he wanted them beat their wives then he would send a word and say oh why you don't beat your wife you have .

To beat your wife so this is this doesn't make sense at all the verse says that men are providers of women by what allah has given one over the other and what they spend from their wealth so righteous women are devotely guarding in the absence uh .

Husband's absence what allah would have them god but those wives from whom you fear arrogance first advice them then if they persist foreshade them in bed and finally leave them but if they change their ways seek no means against them surely allah is the highest the greatest so .

Next chapter chapter next verse chapter 4 verse 35 explain that allah says leave them because that strike i will tell you also has been used in quran many times the next verse says that and in case you fear split between the two wife and husband then send forth a judge from his family and a judge from her family so not only he has the right to decide but .

She has also the right to decide to come back or not after he left her okay allah will case caused them to reach an agreement between them surely allah is all long chapter 4 128 if a woman fears indifference or neglect from her husband there is no .

Blame on that this is now for women okay women also have right if they have uh their husband uh you know neglect them okay blame on their um sorry either of them if they seek fair settlement which is uh best chapter 33 verse 28 to 31 a prophet muhammad sorry allah is talking to prophet muhammad .

About his wife and all these verses uh allah is talking about his wife there is no single word to say that oh muhammad beat your wife okay and chapter 66 uh verse one to five is the same about prophet muhammad and his wife allah doesn't say a single word that you beat your wife uh strike is ignored in chapter 43 verse 5. so there are a lot .

Of uh verses as i said if you like to hear more you can come to my channel after this and i will read all those verses for you thank you question from youtube uh flaked for the perfect dawah why should an iranian follow islam quote in arab religion and not zoan zorientarianism quote the native .

Religion of iran okay because uh this is absolutely wrong you know to say this that for example a european cannot follow judaism or hinduism or .

You know other religion or i don't know maybe for example swedish cannot become christian because they had also uh pagan origin they should follow their you know parents or somebody from chile cannot become a marxist because marx was you know from germany this is absolutely wrong when you see something .

Is right then you have the right to follow that you know that beliefs wherever it comes from all right thank you question from church of entropy for both is islam a sect of catholicism uh you want to because and that is for both either ones go .

First i think it's more like a sect of judaism or an offshoot of judaism i don't i don't think it'd be a sect of catholicism because i don't think they except jesus so more of like a sect of judaism all right now i can answer um god sent the prophets a lot of prop uh prophets in the past and one by one were .

Completing the other one okay uh moses uh was completing the previous prophets jesus was completing moses message and prophet muhammad completed all messages as i said in the beginning that god wanted to solve our problems entirely so he put his final message which i read and said that it is .

Equality in quran and in islam and gave it to prophet muhammad so that that message take us out of the jungle we are living in and everybody love one another another share everything with each other and get rid of this you know jungle system that me just me and i'm ready to kill millions of people to become richer and .

Richer so this is uh my answer to that question that it is the completion of the previous messages not a sect of those those messages yes and then a follow-up and a reminder you can always send your questions to either or both of our debaters once again a follow-up from church of entropy to both .

Who wrote the quran what evidence supports this i don't know okay who wrote the quran quran was memorized by many companions of prophet muhammad and it was written in partly on .

Different you know skin and so on and foods but um entirely was memorized by a companion of prophet muhammad peace be upon him and because after a prophet's death and there were some battles and some companions were killed so they .

Decided that they have to put that put those verses in a book so that it is saved and they did it they put it there in a book and it was protected by god so that nothing will enter this book and what the great evidence for that that it was .

Protected by god is that the verse of stoning adulterers which is a barbarian you know act of pagans roman pagans they were they were stoning adulterers but not men they were .

Stoning women because men could you know marry as many wives as they wanted so but women didn't have the right because women were property of their men so if a woman committed adultery so they would stone her to death okay and these barbaric acts was .

Was entered to into a bible and torah but they tried to insert it in quran and they couldn't so what they did they came with fabricated hadiths and said that the verse came down but it was eaten by a goat and yes .

It was eaten by a goat but which is absolutely lie god would never allow me a sinner to punish another sinner for his or her sin especially in such a barbaric way god is the most merciful and forgiving god and i have no right to punish anyone okay for any crimes is only god who has the right to punish people because i'm not .

The right judge i only can you know i only can treat them to teach them to guide them the guidance quran has many verses says to his prophet prophet muhammad the guidance has come let who believe believe and who disbelieve rejected let them reject it you are not controller over there you .

Are just a messenger so i'm also uh giving the right the same message that prophet muhammad has given and is up to people to accept it or reject it i have no right to punish anybody to judge anybody okay so this uh this is a great evidence that quran was protected because those people who wanted to corrupt koran and they couldn't so they .

Came with this fabricated hadith and said that the stoning of adulterers came down and it was eaten by a goat thank you and then five dollar superchat from uh zargos i do see the end of that i'm just appeasing the tos gods but thank you for your question he asks .

65.4 is and also what do you call a woman who hasn't had a period yet so asking me yes all right so there are there are women .

Who uh have problems they they don't have their period they they never menstruate this is known okay or their menstruation is not regulated okay so they might it might delay months or you know even because the period was three months in .

That verse okay so it was not possible for a woman who has not her menstruation uh that three months wasn't um i mean quran says that these three months is for all even for those who haven't had the administration or .

They their menstruation is not you know um how do you call it is not regulated or i don't know how to to say but anyway it's for those women who have problems with their menstruation thank you and then a question coming in from gina gina from cologne .

My question to the perfect dawah which one of the 38 different arabic qurans do you follow the youtube channel dccci published scientific research on the thousands of textual variants plus errors okay i don't know who is that because i gave you a clear .

Evidence that the quran was preserved and protected okay and those scholars who wanted to enter a verse in quran they couldn't okay they came with many fabricated hades's okay and said the verse came down and it was isn't by a goat so if quran .

Was corrupted they would easily insert that verse as well there they did it with bible and torah and i say to my you know brothers and sisters christian brothers and sisters and jews that the most loving god would never allow us to stone another human being to death so those verses in those books are uh fabricated that's why those .

Books are have been uh you know fabricated or corrupted but they couldn't do that with koran and they did in this way so this is if it was possible if what they said is uh correct there are some uh you know a little bit uh maybe um uh how do you say that .

Um different uh dialect maybe but the meaning hasn't changed the meaning is exactly how it came and how it should be okay so the there is no uh you know for example as i said a verse that has been inserted from a man or a a person has been inserted in quran all verses are from .

God himself thank you and question from duncan for tea jump are you excited for skynet doesn't the terminator franchise offer an example of an ideally secular form of civilization uh sort of like yes i'm looking forward to ai's .

Actually taking over it won't look like skynet uh we'll have a morality that is placed into them kind of looks like my morality and my youtube channel so no involuntary position of will impossible to force anyone to do anything they don't consent to doing that'll be more like .

What society's gonna look like when we have ais and yes i'm looking forward to that thank you and question from pudu ask the perfect dawah says ask that dawa guy why islam is not compatible with other religions compatible in which way .

Do you do you understand i don't but uh he can always send in a follow-up to that if he wants give an example why it's not compatible why i mean islam has the the final message and the the message that humanity needed as i said and then .

you know i don't know what he wants to say exactly okay so he better write or he even can as i said can call in after this call into my channel i will be live and he can talk to me directly thank you and a big thank you for a 20 super chat .

From doc if it was perfectly memorized why did the prophet say may allah bestow his mercy on him as he has reminded me of such inserts verses of such a surah he's .

Quoting someone sahih al-bukhari after he hearing a man recite the quran uh one second i gotta go to the bathrooms i'll be back in a minute and amy i put one of the super chats on my channel which was a question for him if you could read that like last or right before you go sure back in a minute okay .

I don't know this i said that this is not a sahih bukhari it has a lot of fabricated hadiths on that so i don't believe everything bukhari has said uh as he said as i said uh that he uh put this he said that a verse of quran is missing .

And uh that's absolutely um trash because all verses of quran are in quran he tried to he and muslim is another hadith fabricator who put these fabricated hadiths and said that the the verse of stoning came down but it was eaten by a goat so that's why it is not in koran so they .

Tried uh in many different ways to put their own beliefs and ideas and you know in in hades so as i gave a good example that why it is perfectly preserved but they tried but they couldn't insert this verse so they put it in a hadith .

And i would like to um to stay here as well again uh i have said it several times before that i want to have a debate with daniel and because he's uh you know he's misrepresenting islam .

He represents a very fascist view of islam and somebody like me need has to stop him to ensure that he has zero knowledge of islam islam is not what these backward isis followers you know describe so i would like to ask him for a debate .

Here on modern day debate and i asked james last time i don't know if he has asked this daniel i call him daniel isis jr thank you and then a super chat coming in from garrett five dollars can you say one bad thing that true muslims have done .

Or do also have either of you read tommy robinson's book or simon rushdie i'll ask tj at the end but if you'd like to answer floor is yours oh yeah yeah and i can say uh thousands of bad things that people do okay and they are muslim or call themselves .

Okay people make mistake but of course people like isis taliban they do a lot of terrible bad deeds under the name of islam which is absolutely goes against the principal principles of islam and about those books i know about salman rushdie .

That he took a fabricated hadith and said that there were some you know satanic verses that all of these are from fabricated hades they are not true they are just some people .

Were writing books to sell them and become richer and allah says in quran buu to you that you write with your own hands a book and want to sell it and say it is from god okay so i love you know curse these people thank you and then tea drop if you would also like to answer they want to know if .

You have read tommy robinson tommy robinson's book or simon rushdie uh simon rushdie the singer that's true it says simon but you're right it's probably psalm in russia solomon rushdie's uh the satanic verses i've read most of that one i haven't read any tommy robinson .

Yeah solomon salman rushdie not simon now it makes me wonder if they were doing a joke because it's both it's tony robinson right and solomon uh sending love to everyone out there keep on sending in your super chats and questions for dawah why don't more .

Muslim moderate muslims condemn actions of radical islamic groups they provide too much coverage for bad actors in my opinion yeah you're right exactly they've got to get too much coverage as i said as well that those uh you know those powers who want .

To sell weapons they want to create conflicts they don't want to you know um you know cover such a groups moderate groups and they don't want us at all to you know to uh to bring down these dictators these uh you know terrorists to change the the region because they sell too much uh too many weapons okay so they need conflicts .

And we condemn them we want to we are fighting them as i said the central bank of international terrorism and these 50 republicans also they said that joe biden is going to enrich all terrorists on the planet giving them hundreds of billions of dollars he trying very hard you cannot imagine how .

Hard he's trying he's giving everything to the iranian fascist regime the deal which donald trump here he's trying hard to go back to that stupid uh you know deal and give even nuclear weapons to the central bank of international terrorism and they they censor us they censor us very very much okay so unfortunately it is .

That but we there are a lot of muslims and scholars also who condemn these things but these acts but we don't get any coverage yeah thank you question form youtube fleet for the perfect awa 2 000 years ago before islam was ever born zoro and i got it right and twice zorian .

Astrianism iran was a highly rich country why would you claim iran was nothing before islam invaded it i didn't say it wasn't was nothing i didn't say i said that um we didn't have there was no any equal right for .

Education only rich could educate themselves with we don't have scientists or poets before islam came to iran after islam came to iran even poor classes they could also study so they studied hard and we had a lot of uh you know artists a lot of uh poets a lot of scientists as i said ethnicity is .

One of them okay so uh though there were uh there were a lot of injustice before islam uh come to iran and that's why uh uh some few arabs could easily occupy an empire because people didn't want to fight these new ideology they saw them as you know .

Uh freedom fighters or whatever that's why they didn't want to fight fight them back otherwise few atoms with uh you know just uh sword couldn't uh occupy one of the biggest empire at that time question from muhammad rasheed .

And for the perfect album wasn't the m-e-k m-e-k which the perfect dollar belongs to recognized as a terrorist organization throughout most of europe and north america okay um this is actually i would like to talk to him directly but because it's not .

Possible in 1997 um when a so-called moderate president came to power in iran his name was president katana so uh president clinton wanted to appease that uh so-called um you know uh moderate president so they put their biggest .

Enemy of iranian fascist regime in terrorists in to uh you know to empower these uh so-called reformists against those so-called uh you know conservatives but it turned out that it was a wrong policy and uh mk went to to the court and in 2003 by the way europe uh by force of jack stroll british .

British foreign minister a corrupted man who was kicked out of the parliament few years ago for corruption that man forced also europe to put mk in terrorism uh at least uh in case so in order to appease the fascist regime of iraq but the two courts in europe and uk in 2009 removed mk from terrorists list said that this group is exactly .

Freedom fighters there's like partisans they are not terrorists so they forced the european union to remove mk from list and a court in washington forced hillary clinton to remove mk in 2012 because all these courts when it comes to the court and to to justice mk wins but when it comes to politic yes and mk lose because politics they think about .

Their interest the money the oil the weapon they want to sell but courts think about uh you know care about justice and the courts they order to all these governments to remove these freedom fighters uh from their uh you know uh this uh uh what is it um sir uh .

The the parliamentarian was killed a few few months ago in london uh sir what was his name ms yes do you remember he was uh killed by by a knife man sir ms he was it was a few months ago he was killed he was one of the greatest uh you know supporter of mek and uh he was one .

Of them who fought hard to remove mk from terrorists he was a great man as well and he was killed by terrorists unfortunately thank you and then a question from muhammad rasheed but in a different direction to teach him is tjump aware that on the shahafi school within sunni which makes female gender .

Mutilation mandatory the majority of muslims do not practice this um okay i don't see how that's relevant to what i said so yes there are some interpretations that don't do bad things the question is is what did the majority do and is it more prevalent in that ideology than other ideologies and so if there are .

Other ideologies that have less overall like zero zero female general emulation and secularism that's a better ideology so the point here is that if you adopt islam a lot of people who adopt islam do do female legitimate mutilation therefore islam is less good than an ideology that .

Has none of it question from uh pew do please ask dawa that without oil and gas do you think most muslim countries can survive don't include secular countries okay uh i think that somehow i wish that they didn't have oil and gas because if they .

Didn't have it then uh the superpowers they wouldn't have all this interest in them and keep them back for then instead they would move on and develop and you know they would be on their own and they would you know rely on other things but unfortunately because of this oil and .

Gas you know for example now this uh uh ukraine cries is mostly because of oil and gas you know uh the russia want to secure its way to europe its oil and gas weight to europe that's right so all this is all these problems is uh because of as i .

Said because of money and these oil and gas is also of course it's a big huge benefit for them and that's why they make coup d'etat they support dictators in our countries unfortunately that's why we um you know we are trying to get rid of these dictators to to you .

Know to develop so that we are not just relying on oil and gas thank you so very much i will say these will be the last few questions so if you tried to get in i'll try and ask our interlocutors but if you really want any other questions i think they're going to have to get super chats we're sending love to both of our .

Interlocutors and question from joe schwartz uh tug in cheek if dawa apologizes for troublesome aspects of islam will t jump apologize for his chair never .

All right and moving right along youtube flaked question for the perfect dawah there is no proof that abraham built kaaba none kaaba was a pagan temple all along please provide proof thank you .

All right i i don't know i'm not i haven't gone to that uh archaeological part that but i believe that quran is sent by by god i have a lot of you know rational explanation at least for .

Many people or for myself because i was an atheist by the way and i got these evidences that quran is the message of god and many proof i have as well and that's why quran says that that it was built by prophet abraham and .

And i said that it is the final message of god uh is the the way out of the jungle that's why we stand towards it uh every day five times a day and asks god to show us the right way and the right way is equality uh .

Out of the jungle system that we are living the inequality that make us to do all bad deeds to become richer and or to survive those who make one dollar a day they also have to do a lot of bad things to survive to eat farmers of afghanistan they produce 90 of the world opium to survive uh and .

That's uh that's the the system that make them to do that otherwise they don't like to you know to harm other people okay so this is my answer i think thank you and then a question from shames omar asked perfect dawah how many isla islamic scholars he has discussed his version of islam with and were they .

Convinced of his arguments first of all there are scholars of islam that i follow as well as i said that they they agree with me and i said that we are millions and i have had discussion with two scholars one of them was too shame to share with me the video because he made a stupid argument .

About that verse of quran which was they say that it was eaten by a goat and he was a scholar i don't say his name then another scholar he was also touched and he was saying don't record it but i record it and it is on my channel and yes of course he they they were both you know extremists and .

They they they were not agreeing with my uh you know my interpretation because they were extremists and one of them was saying for example that we stone people because we want to you know purify them so that when they go other side they are not going to be punished so .

It shows any muslim understand that how uh irrational uneducated is a scholar who says that we take god's responsibility here and punish people so that because it become a good deal that i go and you know i do a crime i uh rape somebody or have sex with somebody and then i get stoned .

Maybe five minutes and then i have the beautiful eternal life in heaven is that a good deal so it shows very much how irrational such as scholars are okay i have it by the way on my channel the the debate .

Thank you and then a question from pewdie asked dawa if islam is peaceful then why did most of the followers of zoritarianism fly to india all right islam is peaceful but of course i say that not many not everybody are peaceful and .

Some have gone after these fabricated hadiths or wrong interpretation but mostly after fabricated hadiths and after uh you know following the the scholars wrong scholars who uh you know uh teach them wrong things because quran .

Clearly says that no compulsion in religion o muhammad you are just a reminder you are just a warner okay so um the right is you know clear from the wrong and so on so everywhere in quran says that fight only those who fight you and fight as long as they fight okay so there is no oppression and there are so many .

Other um you know and many other examples that how muslims and jews and christians and other religions they were living side by side in peace in hundreds of years in many many places thank you so very much question from free somali minds for perfect tawa .

Are you sunni or shia oh a lot of them i converted to islam because i believe that prophet muhammad was not sunni or shia so i follow the quran and those hadiths that you know everything matches with quran even hadeeses that match with quran then i follow them i'm not following a you know particular .

Sect of islam you question for your way or yahweh tested by fire tell your friend tjump that i would be willing to humble him to the reality of christianity being an objective truth sabbah you know that tj i think he's the guy have you have seen him i don't think so .

But if he pays my 50 debate fee he can debate me but just wait for him to pay me my 50 bucks we support that and hey come contact james and all of us in modern day debate love to have you and all right uh this looks like the last three or four questions free somali minds for perfect dawah koran .

16-75 talks about slavery do you believe slavery is good for society absolutely not i i have to read the verse quran always say about you know treating people well and freeing slaves because in slavery i said that quran allah wanted to solve our problems but he didn't because it was too early .

He didn't intend to solve our problems immediately so he wanted to solve problems uh you know step by step because there is no compulsion of religion that's why he sent hundreds of thousands of prophets one by one slowly slowly and that time was not possible to you .

Know abolish slavery uh you know right away entirely that's why allah says that if you do this you have to previously if you do that you have to free your slave so allah is against every uh you know oppression every oppression and slavery is also another type of oppression so islam doesn't agree with slavery and .

Yes as i said it wasn't meant to solve all problems immediately but slowly and slowly because people wouldn't understand they were not prepared for for all problems be solved totally even today people are not prepared for .

Many you know messages of the islam as i see even muslims are not you know prepared last night i was you know talking to a muslim youtuber and i was telling them about mercy forgiving and they were oh what do you say no come on we have to execute the .

Murderers and so on and i was giving them verses of quran they were rejected and they were muslims i said prophet muhammad says that the best pla the pleasure you get from forgiveness you will never get it in revenge and you say that no we have to punish people .

So you go against teachings of prophet muhammad yourself so people were not prepared at that time even today most people are not prepared so slowly slowly yeah we have to educate them yes you question coming in from kyudu to dawa i am talking about the issue related to china minmeir india europe the us australia each country which i .

Mentioned doesn't have good relations with muslims t jump your input too so i guess for both of you yeah so they don't have i don't know from where he get this china is one of the greatest supporters of the iranian fascist regime russia north korea .

Uh europe usa they support iranian regime they have been supporting in 42 years okay in many different ways so i don't know from where he said china has signed a 25 years agreement with iranian fascist regime few months ago and they kept it secret from iranian people so i don't .

Know from where he says that they don't have good religion they have relation but in a bad way unfortunately i don't know uh some other countries he mentioned i didn't remember all countries but china europe usa so they have a good relation with all these terrorists and dictators .

Thank you oh and then t jump if you wanted to respond um well i think he was talking about bad relations in that muslims cause wars and conflicts all over the world and so the fact that like there's a big conflict between .

Islamic countries and indian countries right now and so they don't really get along and he's i think he's asking the question why is it that uh muslim countries and other countries that aren't muslim often get into conflicts and wars and don't get along and he seems to be implying it's because of .

Islamic doctrines of war and conquest in exemplified by muhammad question from joe schwartz t jump what is your favorite thing about islam dawa what is your favorite thing about atheism i don't know .

I said it actually i said that i i prefer atheism over uh those barbarians like isis taliban because at least they don't you know commit all those uh terrible crimes and but .

There was uh yes of course i don't accept atheism and i said that i i have said it many times before as well that i prefer them over .

These barbarians of course in any religion any of course even if we say that what is it stalin of course he was a atheist as well i wouldn't prefer uh stalling over anything you know i prefer those peaceful uh atheists uh over those uh violent um .

You know muslims and so we only got two questions left because i combined the language i just wanted a big one i think tj should also answer yes that's right uh what is your favorite thing about islam 72 virgins uh i guess we'll go with that thank you for both of your answers .

Wanting to get a minute at the last hand youtube flake wants to know the perfect danwa do you think iran would have been way better had it been zarya a country and not islamic uh i don't know actually i cannot predict anything as for example i have many uh christian countries in latin .

America they are not way better uh that's why they are christian or greece they were pagans now they are christians if they were better way better if they were still pagans or not i don't uh i don't think so so they were during that time um i i said that it was .

Such a dictatorship that people wanted to get rid of that dictatorship that's why they didn't fight muslims at that time so it wasn't way better at that time either they were dictators and so on yes and with few teachings uh you cannot uh you know get rid of all problems yes .

And all right the last question of the night it's a big one for the perfect dahwa because it's got three sets of verses can you ask the perfect dawah about 2 dash 223 and then can you also ask him about sex slavery in versus 66-1 and 6-6-2 i have to read the because those verses .

Because i i as i said i haven't memorized all those verses okay so i i would ask him to come to my channel and then i will talk to him there and i will have more time to to read the verses and then answer him because i have read the verses but .

I don't memorize them okay and i said that slavery and every kind of oppression in islam is condemned and islam has tried always to release slaves by different ways okay if you do this if .

You kill someone you have to release a slave and so on in many different ways thank you so very much that was a great transition in fact because i want to thank you all for joining us on modern day debate we of course are a neutral platform welcoming everybody from all walks of life if you're looking for more .

Fantastic debates in the future please don't forget to like and subscribe including tonight's debate on islam versus atheism which is best for society i do want to thank both of our interlocutors t jump and the perfect dawah for joining us today and if you liked what either of our guests said both of their links are in the .

Description below with that i am amy newman with modern day debate we hope you continue having great conversations discussions and debates all right thank you very much yep have a nice day and thank you for this opportunity .

Thank you nice to meet you thank you guys see you later thank you the perfect this is a fantastic debate thank you thank you thank you thank you bye i have to go live now good luck thank you bye-bye


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