Thursday, May 26, 2022

Derren Brown Vs Psychology Students | TRICK OF THE MIND | Derren Brown

Okay now here every look every gesture is designed to influence your psychology students right yeah does that mean that when you told them to people that they kind of think of constantly trying to analyze them to get that thank you guys like that that's great we're gonna play this game with you right this is my favorite game simple .

Game two envelopes five pound note I'm going to seal this one on the envelopes the three of you have to look the other way while I do this right the other way naturally face that wait go go okay don't Mac and look very simple eyes if you touch one of the money that you can keep it if you miss it and go for the wrong one I'm afraid you can't .

All right go touch one they see what I did there I'm saying if you touch the one with the money in it I move this one I'm consciously signaling to that's the one with the money in which it was isn't come on over here I also brought that one towards you as your finger came it get the idea that is great we play with the tenner you missed .

On the fire at all perfect all right ten pounds I get in the mix under the table so you can't see free choice just put your finger on any one you like it's a free choice the one you choose so when you have a t-shirt I'm doing can you see as my hands and look exactly of course it isn't it was in the other one did you get the idea .

Yeah yeah fantastic you missed on the ten to will play with twenty all right twenty pounds it spray again your next tool okay I'll do that now just think all right am I trying to make you pick that one because I put the money over here by doing that or to the kind of bluff and actually I know you'd never go for that one and I have in fact .

Put the money there or is it a double bluff and I know that you'd be had a second guess that one that you would go for that one in fact I put the money over here after all so is it a bluff or is it a double bluff oh is it a triple block exactly choose what do you think say what that one give for that one yep .

Sure yeah actually the complete block because I first okay luck on my part it was in the other one very good though fifty quid then you play with me you play with me alright okay well I'm not the other way get another one below keep your finger on this one because you want to keep track of where it is all right keep your .

Finger on that one under the other way mix them around when you're done lift your finger off so you know the one that it's same I can look over here okay done um alright I'm going to ask you is it here is it here is it here you have to say yes to each one all right is it in this one yes is it in this one yes is it in this one yes that's not is .

It on this one yes okay what occipital yeah very good very good advice right let's do this with um we'll do this with 50 all right 50 pounds mix it up okay I tell you what I put the rest of money on it as well right so it's 50 plus 20 70 80 80 fighting that um and if you got that you what take that off me and his watch as well alright so that's .

85 quit and and his watch for the last envelope and I'll tell you because I feel bad because you keep losing to fits in this one I trust you don't what if you don't trust me like this up to you I got I just see it everything that's in that one a trusty it's on that but I will also give you five seconds to change your mind so you know this was .

Completely fair you don't feel manipulated in any way that's the money if you win you've got five seconds does that feel right then absolutely stick with it and do not change your mind if that feels right okay five seconds to change your mind if you want five four you stick with it yeah stick with it I'm telling you three .

Three two one zero I completely believe me the other one thank you so much I think he was predicting the way I was going to behave before I knew I was going to behave like that


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