Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Girls in Engineering 2020: Civil & Environmental Engineering

Civil and environmental engineering is all around us it's in the water we drink the air we breathe the homes we build and the streets we drive and did you ever wonder hey why did the chicken cross the road a civil engineer could probably tell you how can we build stable structures structural engineers make sure that your house stays up and .

That bridges don't fall down in California earthquake engineers specially designed buildings to withstand earthquakes ready to build your dream home better check with a civil engineer first how can we build in different kinds of ground geotechnical engineers analyze rock and soil and construction sites before work starts if .

They find lots of sand they adjust the building's foundation so it won't sink have you ever held your breath inside a tunnel before the first shovel ever touched the ground these engineers calculated the safest place to dig how can I help people travel easily from place to place transportation engineers connect houses cities and towns do you .

Ride the bus to school these civil engineers mapped your route and helped make sure the bus arrives on time they even design roads and time traffic lights so you can cross the street safely how do we get energy civil engineers build dams wind farms and solar farms that generate power today almost half of .

California's electricity comes from these renewable sources Engineers also drill for the gas that heats their homes and lights our stoves it'd be hard to fry an egg or bake a birthday cake without them how do we get clean water environmental and civil engineers build systems that pipe water from lakes and streams all the way to your pocket .

They also filter that water so it's safe to drink and don't forget toilets environmental engineers treat our wastewater too so we don't pollute the planet how can we preserve nature environmental engineers restore forests and wetlands and save space for wildlife they have to get extra creative to help animals living in and around your cities .

Some even build land bridges over busy highways so animals like your chicken and safely cross the road civil and environmental engineers help make Modern Life feel less like the Stone Age so if the next time you drink water from the tap charge your phone or just step out on the street you can thank civil and environmental engineers .


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