Friday, May 27, 2022

Legend Alt Shot Tournament – The Alpex Hound vs The Math Nerds | PGA TOUR 2K21 Gameplay

Guys so today you're going to be watching me and alex versus cara and pat in match two of the uh legend all shot tournament it's a banger of a match i hope you guys enjoy the video make sure to drop a like if you are enjoying um these uploads i obviously stream this live on twitch first and we did back-to-back matches so make sure you're .

Following me over on twitch apex on one going for partner over there soon i'll be streaming there um tomorrow and recording my tgc tours rounds are sorry streaming my tgc tours rounds there so hopefully i'll see you guys uh over there tomorrow and enjoy the video peace out just about to kick off .

Now let's spank that ball into the fairway and uh begin our round i think that'll be it's driving get in the bunker get in the bunker at least get in the bunker okay that's fine well i don't know i was just making sure i didn't hit it slow because i was [ __ ] last time that tree caught .

Me out i couldn't even i was on the fairway i still couldn't go at the pin all right alex we need to be on the top of our game in this match 100 percent oh lord neither of us a good tee shots i think we can reach though i'm not sure they can and she's hitting out they're not .

They definitely can't i think you can though 15 you're you have 186. 250 might work yeah i think you could raise fan thanks for following the twitch channel my man lots of first time chatters today guys appreciate everyone um coming over for the first time and checking out the .

Twitch stream it's the highest amount of viewers you've had on twitch here's a look at their five iron i don't know yeah it might be now this one might come up a bit short 100 well we're over one fifty damn okay all right let's see how he deals with this yeah i think you need all of the one two fifteen to be honest .

That was it the uphill lie thanks ross red fast okay it's okay okay yeah that's fine i think it would have been pretty good i think so too 30 yards okay about 31 yards right to be perfect .

And [ __ ] cold good job looks like this one's heading for the green oh oh okay not a gimme i kept running a lot more than i thought it was it would rather okay third shot .

Better close some pressure on you think i hit the 31 foe yeah i think i need to it's uphill into the wind maybe on it yeah put a tiny bispin yeah go in you [ __ ] you [ __ ] stick damn that was .

Close man i thought that was gonna go in for a second she's got 18 feet to go how's loki doing he's doing great we can do this alex yep you're right liam we can do this that would have been a lovely start we need to be uh prepared for cara like holding a lot of crazy [ __ ] like we .

Can't let that get us down yeah like we can't let it get us down when she's holding like long putts and [ __ ] like that because usually you can get demotivated from that pretty quickly what's a [ __ ] stick good question the stick of [ __ ] .

Taking her time that's for sure this is another thing we need to be prepared for she's she's a slow player i i don't know how they have the patience you know what i mean like the top players i don't know how they have the patience to spend that much time on like a pot i i wouldn't even spend that much .

Time on a pot in real life like i never would mr dolphin like to real on instagram that shot from alex jesus what a shot that was alex which one has it best shot ever yeah a good point oh yeah but i thought that was just going to stay left solid .

All right and this next putts for his par watch that alex yes sir well done good but i was scared of that one i know good part though you committed to it it wasn't much break but it was a little .

Bit so i wasn't sure if i was gonna power it through or not you kind of did a little bit yeah right down the middle son shot good shot bro fair way for sure this is part five stop stop stop stop okay good job that is let's see what she does off that one perfect come on .

I can reach them best i don't think pat can rage well maybe he can yeah i don't know i have to you know that's a driver all right just tuned in did you win your first match we won our first match nine and .

Eight dominance glory t-dov what's up i'm gonna try to be in the zone as well guys so i might not be talking as much but 172 viewers uh-huh oh yeah i see you don't forget to follow as well guys you'll get notified when i go live with .

Future matches got some bangers coming up spieth and sad that that match is gonna be real fun yeah on the bunker a heavy roof and from here it's about 250 yards out oh okay are we looking then it's gonna be too far is it yeah the .

Only thing is i think i could get it like to go up this hill here and then it might come straight back down towards it oh that would have to be perfect though put a little bit off on this uh i think that's to play i'm doing pretty good i think should i just hit the [ __ ] first one man damn it the first one was actually .

Perfect i would have been black slow but i think that would have actually ended up being really good [ __ ] i don't think he's good at all he's not he's absolutely terrible man yeah brilliant shot that's the way you got to play it there i think well for her anyway i don't know if you .

Need to play it like that at the beach here now let's see what goes down you need to aim a little bit left here though because the ball is below your feet quite a bit you need to be aiming at least i would say five yards to the left of this pin i think i can hit the 58 yard pitch you think .

I asked you do you think uh i'll do your flops 41 45 51. that's the gap that's hard to stop um the 45 yard flop would get to the hill though wouldn't it .

Maybe i think that would be good but i don't know i can't see the full thing like if you don't get to the other side of the hill you're kind of [ __ ] okay maybe go with the 51-yard flop or the 58-yard pitch with a lot of .

Speed i think i'm gonna do that okay at least even if you read fast the 58-yard pitch not gonna be the end of the world's good garland oh jesus i came out hot okay all right i gotta think this for birdie and peace out what he say .

Looking really good ah good effort good effort and that's all down to my [ __ ] [ __ ] three whatever pot for him shouldn't be losing this hole man [ __ ] playing decent though he's fine yeah for the bird .

Better easier to be down in all shot than four ball yeah no no doubt about it you're down on four ball when carrie you're playing karen pad like one of them is always going to be making a birdie so legit impossible all right i hit a banger on this um in the practice round so i'm doing .

The same here oh yeah it's you yeah yeah i've already this in the practice with the 151. it was perfect yes 151 as well actually we won the first match seven iron oh okay i'm heading left alright we can get it back if i hit a good one here come on okay let's see .

What you do here you need to hit a good one though 151 might be too much now is the only thing i did the same as him [ __ ] [ __ ] let's go kick right kick right better that didn't hit the mark did it how do we play all the teams in our group before the next round she's in the .

Bunker what oh do we play all the teams in our group before the next round i mean obviously how else would you decide it gets to the group i think i'm kind of confused by your question .

All right come on alex well the handball starting in 15 minutes as well good job not to give me but a good shot what do you think i think 10 yard chip here or do you want to flash it if you want to splash it bash it whatever you're more comfortable with .

Top four through in each group money max let me get the last 16. i think i'm gonna splash it okay you can probably full splash it ah i think yeah definitely oh that came out weird did it slow or was it just oh i pushed it a tiny bit .

To the cap okay you missed our first match straight back at jay bradford and he had a poor hole too no i'm not a partner genie i haven't heard back from them i i think it's been like 11 days now they said they would get back to me within a week that holds it their pots are going in on .

The very edge man jesus feet to the cup looking good well done one down through three ain't nothing ready nothing man i know genie i don't know hopefully they respond soon i don't know .

See what happens i haven't heard anything though oh this is a tough one you can go ride this one as well um you kinda have to have it perfect if you go right you're staying off you .

Looks like this one's just in a fair way i still have problems from when i was sick with the tonsillitis and he's i reckon you just go left alex because honestly she hit a red fast and she still only has 162 in so but the thing is if i had driver full .

Too far if you turn along yeah oh so maybe she ride faster on purpose i don't know yeah if you want to go right do it i don't know but it's too difficult though i can't really see so if it's gonna be really good if i don't .

I might take the play red fast honestly okay the same oh for [ __ ] sake did you hit it perfect i had it read fast but it went miles anyway [ __ ] all right .

No worries he's setting up here only f131 anyway i can still get it up from there i can get it up baby i can get it all right indy uh she hit three wood alex .

How did she hey good job you are a good girl yes it distract me though not as bad as camera you you get going with the six iron on this one yeah that's not bad .

Decent useless little golf shot let's get on out of this uh second cut and get on our way do you think 142 is uh is gonna be okay maybe the only reason i think it is is because i'm like on a downslope yeah .

I don't know maybe it's not i think uh i think 151 would be safer oh get up get up that's gonna be short oh oh oh okay i'll take that okay [ __ ] hell it's never gonna stop is it okay chip chip and chance back on the fairway this is a good thing .

Chipping chance or he's back oh okay she's setting up here with a pretty long pot let's see what happens don't do it cara no she's [ __ ] done it right in the middle this wasn't even like there .

Wasn't even a doubt that wasn't going right in the middle of the hole jesus christ okay all right all right all right all right all right plenty of time left there's gonna come a point in time where we get some chances and uh .

We're gonna have to take him yeah but that's what i was saying bacon guys she's gonna do this like multiple times throughout the round we need to be ready for it okay let's pop this into the fairway perfect baby let's go let's put this close put some pressure .

On him now and he's got a round off [ __ ] hell that's a bit awkward though you're gonna have to aim quite a bit far right aren't you now maybe like honestly like maybe 10 yards right at least .

Nah parker i think we'll announce lampard first slow kick oh yes okay i touched okay that's okay and she's setting it wasn't much sun 45 yards out i went more right than i thought it would .

Yeah i thought it would shoot left i thought it would shoot left right off the bat it was a touch black slow all right ain't no worries baby no worries yeah i know vacuum guy it is demoralizing stuff but we have to be we have to be ready for that kind of [ __ ] .

Damn 76 all uh football would be nice to win the hall i'm so excited for bruno where does he play that new guy oh right faster midfield i think and they bought dan burns as well gets out of this one diddy yeah for 13 .

Million well i think it's only just been like dan burn um i don't think is the best signing in the world honestly and chris wood as well be fair they're signing a lot of players that can maybe keep them in the premier .

League but if they go down they're [ __ ] oh i don't know what they do if they go down i know because like none of those players are going to want to stay if they go down and it's not easy to get up from the championship no it's not what did green would do to get arrested and .

Just honestly google him put it in on twitter all right come on then pat sometime [ __ ] today lad all right this starts oh that's actually what played i thought that was staying up there that was a good shot well done oh god speed oh [ __ ] hell long .

Ahead yeah i'm just trying to get try and get it close yeah this is this is a [ __ ] foot down as well oh man this is literally impossible i'm gonna have to go for the make just yeah i'm just gonna try to do stop stop now okay it's pretty good actually i i aimed so far right .

Walk away i know genie that's some weird [ __ ] going on there no idea what's going on with that strange as hell is frank lampard gonna get announced in five minutes surely surely to god guys and a nice pot he's got four feet to the cup from here and the putt will drop and that hole's halved .

All right we got this we're playing decent i need to start playing a bit better okay we just need to up it by like 10 percent we're like nearly nearly there t-shot's looking decent it's pretty easy drive actually this one .

Yeah alex needs a green screen off let's see what happens here with him lampard pulls out of everton deal can you imagine that would just be that would be the cherry on top honestly and from here he's looking at about 180 yards to the pin .

It's not an easy shot for him you have a shorter one yeah what's my one 150 or something 160 i think yeah hopefully genie i'm pretty sure we had 12 we had the match done at this point against the other two .

We'd completed the match already for [ __ ] sakes you know what the funny thing is the cora like i genuinely went to check my phone because i was scared that that actually was true that's how bad everton are with with everything in life a chance .

And here's our second shot on the sixth [ __ ] tough shot actually all right that's like black fast black fast goes that far [ __ ] left a little bit to the left they're on the fairway standing for me the splash from there [ __ ] me i don't know how that went that far left roach .

Kind of missed the mark a little bit lampard wants to be player manager now that is something i could get behind you'd be better than [ __ ] will be that's for sure all right splash this close baby what do you have a 20 24 yard 1 or 19 or i think i can hit 19. don't you think i think you could .

As long as the hill isn't too close to you no i think this will be fine but if i hit that [ __ ] sake this won't be much fun there's 27 million on it will be not 40 to be fair but yeah still still egregious .

It was mashiri ashiri and his super agent kia gerard not an easy shot for carry either but she's the master at these kind of things so you would just expect her to put it inside our one you'd expect it expecto patronum powerless i just need to take a piss .

Again i've drank too much rogue energy okay let's go this one is for par it could be a good one yes let's go on let's go all right i don't think he'll even have to do anything to this a change to the sim max's maybe nighthawk i think it was .

All right we're staying in this boys come on part three here let's hope pat hits a little red fast or red slow and gives me a chance to uh put it on there this is not easy with the wind i think with that pin position yeah it might be true yeah i've had that before bacon guy when .

I had the fruit punch flavor i have another one coming on the way but it's been taking a while but yeah fruit punch and strawberry kiwi probably is one of my favorite combos it's a decent golf shot no it's gonna be left in the background all right that's the thing with legend like even .

If you have a black slow or something here oh man i think i can hit the 160 here yeah i think so too downhill wind with me let me check the stream there is a bit of a slope here at the front but i think we'll carry that i think the wind and downhill yeah .

I hit this perfect should be good but that was not a perfect i can tell the image that was the one was the one silky swing yes be good please sit sit i think they still have blue raspberry yeah caleb that's something i need to .

Order as well now because i love the blue raza and strawberry kiwi um mix as well last day of uh double commission as well guys by the way so if you want to try out rogue energies now's the time all right these are the kind of chances we need to take advantage of now alex this .

Next part not easy though i think it's for birdie downhill be careful now it is three inches down yeah i'll be boxing it let's go alex good [ __ ] dude massive all right by the way guys i i got a uh .

What is it called hover account over hoover hover which is where you post your twitch clips or some [ __ ] but yeah if you want to follow me on there you can i don't know what i want to do here oh it's a simply lovely birdie i'm going to take a piss alex right but no i need help okay okay .

Okay do what you did last time didn't you hit a [ __ ] banger last time that's right before we left off yeah i can hit the driver over here but if i hit it maybe it's not that bad actually no because it's only 348 yards even if you hit a bad i don't think .

That's fine that's fine it's in the bunker that's good that's good i'll be right back i'm just gonna take a quick piss and she's ready to go here it looks like that's the one okay she's bunker as well okay okay okay let's get out of here .

Alex we want to win the mess oh hovland maybe like i don't want norwegians to do well in sports otherwise but i like hollowland though so maybe em but yeah i think rom has a good chance as well peter how are we doing you're in the bunker as well they're in .

This bunker with us after the ride you're thinking 68-yard pitch that's too much no i think that'll be good i think that'd be good i think it's not enough i think it's a really good lie though .

Yeah maybe maybe i'll put a bit of d-loft on it maybe you can't i don't know maybe you can knit that you know you don't think the 68 is enough i think it is okay yeah go for it if i hit it like that it's not all right slow [ __ ] me .

Okay this will be a little easier to get out of let's uh let's move forward from here alex is talking [ __ ] about norwegians see how this goes down uh i was answering the who wants to win the masters and i said hoblin then i said i don't want norwegians to do well in sports otherwise but i like how .

Yeah often there's a little legend to either oh god okay oh 5 p.m announcement genie did not kick left kick left kick left down down down down down yes okay all right i think you can ship it whereas i don't .

Think cara can really chip it she's probably have to do a little bit of a pitch maybe guys if you're new here we got over 180 people in here please do make sure to drop a follow uh if you have a prime sub toss it my way what are my dogs doing .

All clement x writing manager i i i'm not sure golfing jim thanks for the follow brother okay you've got a chance alex you've got a slim chance now i think i don't think i think no it's not it's not enough nine is too much i don't think the nine is even too much .

Bro i i'm pretty sure like if you put if you put a decent amount of spin on this i think the nine will be okay but eight's definitely not getting there though loki andy stop can you hear that they're going crazy in the back .

Shot good shot good shot max spin on that yeah good shot hold on and you've got you hit that perfect left to save your power slow this one's tracking let's go all right yeah we'll take that good half after my bunker shot we would always take a half there i have not seen that bizzo good lord .

What's up young tone all right we're still well in this okay this is a pretty five here five i don't think this is reachable even if you hit the fairway to be honest so now i think i go for the ferry on the left it leaves an easier angle even if you do miss the fairway .

That's definitely missing the fairway as i said you can't reach anyway so yeah what's up rora how are you doing uh stop rory yeah that's very true genie it's a power five so i was never gonna hit the .

Fairway anyway they're in the middle of the bunker oh nasty doesn't matter anyway what a match up indeed himo how you doing man well done yeah we've battled back from two down to .

One down now but it's been a it's been a hell of a match so far we're hitting from the rough 163 actually jesus hey good to see you man were you streaming today as well himo or do you take the weekends off yeah we won our first match nine and eight so i'm feeling feeling confident okay here's our third shot .

Yeah third shot needs to be close 160 i think i hit this i hit this straight up or do i put a touch of d loft on it is uphill as well i think you can hit that straight up i think so too that was a perfect swing that's the way i need to go yes please be good please be good please .

Be good please be good please be good please be good get up good shot good shot that sounds quite fun all right we'll take that all day long though that's dry fast i put some pressure on pat now they don't call him pressure pack for .

Nothing and pressure pat is living up to the name there that's good that's good that's good that's gonna kick left though i think gonna be the same as ours pretty much oh it's gonna be a little worse nah it's fine i think cara will make that .

Yeah he prefers to go by peepee well she's got a pretty long nearly my bd what are the odds you have about nine birthdays a year though which one is it gotta get presents from all though this game is the best one playing with homies on organized situations facts that's why i loved putting on these .

Tournaments man i just absolutely i just love it so much fun just playing with the with the community my birthday in three weeks oh yeah you smashed it in oh come on alex let's go and they'll take this all square if they .

Can i swear when cara misses a pot it's like a big old confidence boost because she never misses something oh [ __ ] are you thinking like you could do the same as what she did i mean it's ah it's breaking not much on any line but it's breaking right right left right left okay if you miss this left i'm gonna kill you .

Man you left a charge oh no way okay he's got two feet to go here i don't believe it man and that putt safely in its house that's the one thing you simply can't do that was right in the middle dude [ __ ] fake .

Tours absolutely get grindy i i'm honestly sick of tgc tours at this moment in time unlucky alex it was right in the middle if you hit it man all right just perfect drive down the middle we're still well in this we're playing good golf right now i was scared that's fine that's fine .

That's fine that's fine it's going to stay in the fairway yes that's how it's done son if it is your birthday today squiggly name happy birthday i know ian yeah did not want to go left on this one did you see west ham have made a 50 .

Million pound bid for calvin phillips really yeah six stamina going [ __ ] mad i know crazy all right i'm doing good beast how are you doing man arsenal should put that [ __ ] bit in .

Alvin phillips well this t-shirt should work 50 million is a lot though he's good but yeah i don't know quite the elevated green here might want to give your club selection 30 foot up eight mile an hour wind with me i feel like those cancel each other out there i think i hit the 151 though i don't think .

That's enough is it i think you shh i think you hit this you think i hit the 151 oh the 160. i'm not sure the 151 gets no i'm not sure either and i do not want to be sure it's exactly the one i do not want that's the one .

That's a little awkward on that [ __ ] [ __ ] get up get up get up get up get up get up get up get up oh man that's [ __ ] i should i knew i should have only done one practice swing my second one was [ __ ] perfect .

I was like one practice swing and then go i would have been literally stoned dead i'm pretty sure ah at least guys yeah that's good long that's good .

Yeah they're probably making that well put it close and put some pressure on what are you gonna do here i feel like a 19-yard splash does not get there at all i'm heading 24 24 okay yeah i think that should be good yeah go in .

Oh great shot man great shot all the poppers need to oh what have i done what have i [ __ ] done here oh she could go okay okay everybody stay calm apex what is for dinner man um i'm not sure yet .

Oh that's my girlfriend all right cara just missed this one for the boys missed this one for me and alex come on she's making this for the one time yeah i think she's making this too it's not like hard to miss back-to-back putts you know what i mean that's why she's .

Better at these spots than the straighter ones yeah indy loki please stop it's not turning that much surely okay okay three feet left then one down yeah that'll how many holes do we have left what hold are we .

On twelve one to twelve uh have we got potting and there we go [ __ ] hell this match is taking a while we have another match after this heads up this hole we got a tailwind bang out there this is reachable the .

Ball that might actually be okay somehow that's one of the worst shots you'll ever see and it's fine i hit a red slow and pushed it like crazy i can still calculate it golf shot boys you can absolutely reach 221 yeah perfect let's see how he does yeah clay's uh sorry for the delay man .

I thought we'd be done a lot sooner than this in fairness all right come on pat little red fast into the bunker there red slow into the bunker you know you want to know four yeah i think you can winds witcher it's gonna be slightly downhill maybe .

The same shot as me yeah shoot off the t right actually yeah that's perfect yo vibes t tv thanks for subscribing with twitch primer man very much appreciate it how long has this match been going i have no idea man is the 194 getting there you think not 195 195 don't i don't think it's .

Getting to the hole i can't see what the green is like is it flat if there's no front stop i feel like this will run on there is kind of a front stop but then it pans out but then it starts breaking away from the hole again .

Okay i think i have set in 194 yeah i don't think or to go one up wind's picking up there a little bit too and they're going with the poor iron jesus christ man and she's around two all [ __ ] day come here lie down there please lie down .

There stop harassing your brother lie down here thank you very much good girl yes good girl now stop harassing your brother i beg you i actually beg you good girl oh jesus christ they've chosen that that's [ __ ] perfect yeah it is it's gonna be long oh that's perfect .

Stay on stay on stay on that's good oh it goes off okay no worries i have to chip that in setting up here now for a third shot [ __ ] that's not gonna be enough bro no it's not 31 yard one it's gonna be too much though you know max spin this .

I hit it right fast i think it might be okay nearly i hit a perfect six that's decent that's decent i'll take that all day max been perfect out of the bunker a little bit of work left to say no to that too serious your girlfriend take them for a walk she's not here and i .

Don't i gotta go with her if i'm going for a walk i gotta let the dog out the back don't do it that's short okay okay okay okay she's putting for birdie yeah hers is dead straight i think mine has a little bit in it .

And for him this will be for the birdie come on son no alex oh no oh [ __ ] oh god all right we can still get back in this alex .

Don't fret bro here's their seven iron this one's going right all right alex you can make up for it here with a banger of a t-shirt all right 100 you can make up for here put this one close you have a chance to get back in this thing straight away yes .

Yes right here yes sit you [ __ ] beautiful man let's go come on that makes up for it man don't worry about it don't even think about that anymore ah we're good this finger it slipped off the [ __ ] stick oh i hate when that .

Happens that's happened to me a few times great [ __ ] recovery shot though i have a feeling that that part of that pot is knees either that i have it's a little little [ __ ] three foot slinger are the odds path chips this in i think you will okay okay okay .

If you sink this next one you can take your opponent down a notch they'll be sitting that one up [ __ ] off like how does it break that much on a four-footer how bit too firm on that jesus we've missed two [ __ ] four foot putts in the space of two holes against that's just unbelievable .

Will drop okay that hole is going to be happening that's unbelievable i can't believe this i i hit that i didn't [ __ ] push that or anything like that honestly just turned like crazy that turned like way more than i thought we should be all square right now no .

[ __ ] sakes all right we got six holes remaining alex we're playing well enough to start winning some holes now they're they're making powers they're not making birdies if we make birdies we're gonna win some holes come on let's [ __ ] do it let's plunk .

Her in the fairway go come on all right good drive good drive you get up get up get up get up don't go behind this tree okay it's okay and from here he's looking at a 200 you gotta aim out to the right a little bit anyway because of the slope this is gonna actually shoot left .

I feel like alex like i'd be aiming five yards maybe right is this enough i don't know but i can't hit that no you can't you don't have an option that's annoying all right all right this is their three iron oh that's so .

Close was that perfect fast how's it breakfast they looked good in the air 15 that might be too much actually yeah i wasn't much as well tiniest bit black fast all right that's [ __ ] ideal i think now alex doesn't have a hybrid he plays .

A three-iron oh that's really [ __ ] good all right but we can put it close and [ __ ] weird i can 19-year old splash this can i can i um i think you can no i don't think i can .

Don't it's odd look it's on look at the slope i'm on sloping way back down towards me it's the next one 24. how about that yes yes exactly what we wanted mr incredible thanks for the follow man .

15 footer for him let's go oh we should be up in this match thanks for the follow all right pat now miss no miss pat no miss pat make the match interesting pat he'll make yeah he probably will i don't think there's too much in this .

Oh there is actually he's aiming he's aiming for quite a slinger you advise just put it in the bunker instead of five foot all right pat come on cut us some slack here pal he's missed okay okay [ __ ] well done man let's go uh alex honestly .

We're putting on a clinic even if we don't win this match like we no we are going to win this match actually i'm actually fairly confident we can still do this like pretty 100 confident mr j core thanks for subscribing with twitch prime man you're a legend .

Not sure over this one that's 100 too much i feel like unless there's no there is a slow sloping off the green in the up in the start okay if i'm short what if you what if you draw it with the one seven eight play a small bit of a draw so it comes around on the green and comes down .

Towards the pin yeah but it's sloping right the right of the pin so i don't think i'm not sure oh it's sloping from left to right yeah okay yo max and general tomb thanks for the follows guys i think i'm yeah i think you have to hit .

One seven eight though i think one eight seven is too much no matter what oh i'm choosing the six iron off the ground the bunker [ __ ] okay all right did a tiny bit and nowhere slow let's see what's right like he said take on this hole he all gave us the advice .

Put it in the bunker instead of five foot that was on purpose 31 yeah oh bacon guy thanks for the follow me where the [ __ ] did that go jesus it's gone away hang on all right thanks pat .

All right see what cara got here in from them not quite as slow as ours but okay much in the much of a muchness there really sand i feel like the 36 yard splash is gonna be too much no matter what i do though i'm not sure it is too much you don't .

Think yeah there is a bit of an upslope here to be fair and uh i think that could be the [ __ ] like okay i'm gonna put spin on it though do you really need that maybe not i just find that this 36 yards flash always runs out a lot .

Go away go away lie down there buddy oh wait please shot yeah i hit it right fast but that's not too bad well done good boy yes mom good boy wait i got a free sub with amazon prime yes you do squiggly name you just need to uh .

Connect your prime to your uh your amazon account to your twitch account yo ben andrea thanks for the follow and bacon guy as well i think i said thanks already good boy loki okay sweden up in the band nice now remember guys prime subs they don't .

Um automatically carry over you have to manually do it each month all right you gotta hold this alex we'll focus all right this next putt's for his par low focus baby all right we got four holes remaining three feet to the cop one shot in it four holes remaining and that putt drops .

On in for par okay that hole is gonna be halved let's see what happens here on the gg's harambee thanks for the follow oh oh i can get it up there pretty close to the green here i think i could get this potentially just next to the green why is that going left why is that going .

Left i hit it perfect hither get through it get there get there get through i have no idea why that went so far left man sorry about that i put a small bit of a fade on it that might have been the reason the wind is six miles an hour though i was aiming like just left to the ground unfair is for him .

Oh yeah sweden we're not losing this come on we're not losing this either that's the one i was trying to do that's going to kick right though that's what he wants actually yeah sure didn't kick as far right as i thought it would actually that's a little unlucky .

That's a little unlucky but they have a much better chip than we do at least right i think you have to flop this one but which one oh there's a slope right in front of the pin in front of the yeah you need to make sure that you carry it up there then yeah i think you need to hit at least the uh at least what lie are you getting on the .

Flop 65-72 oh that's [ __ ] dog [ __ ] yeah you hit at least a 50-yard flop then i feel like i can't hit the pitch right it's long 40. 58-yard pitch is long yeah you could try partial a pitch but i don't know if it's worth trying to do that you won .

Your flop yeah i think 51-yard flop should be the one oh that's unlucky i thought that was going to kick to the right such a difficult shot yeah all right that's my bad [ __ ] okay i can make that i can make that you do not want to go two down .

No with three to play all right come on worst case scenario we want to be one down going to the last yeah sink this and you'll pull down a birdie break and left are breaking right all the way but it's not like a significant .

Amount why does it look like my balls in in a hole in the floor as well i've done the same as you alex oh you [ __ ] idiot it was right in the middle as well like your one we cannot leave put short like that you simply cannot afford to do that .

Against these people oh [ __ ] man that's so stupid so [ __ ] dumb all right come on let's win this one win one of the last two and we can still absolutely get a tie on .

This match we're playing well enough to do that played well enough to get it i feel like yeah we played well enough to win this match honestly we just had a [ __ ] couple of stupid moments on the green we both had pots like that where we left it a foot short and we both had putts where .

Like they were [ __ ] like five footers and we missed them to the fairway i think four or five footers jamsey thanks for the follow man and he's ready right down the middle let's see how this hole goes all the swedish keepers are gone good shot good shot good shot .

All done i gotta put this close now no more games and here's our second shot that was the last mistake we can afford to make 180 straight up alex no i need deloft yeah you need love too much though [ __ ] .

Your approach is heading a little leftward that could be game that's a shocker all right let's see what happens here that's a shocker 70 yards to go we need to somehow get that one up and down yo eddie thanks for the follow man remember we are doing another match straight after this uh an all shot match .

That would be a pretty quick one you'd have to assume but did you just wink at me alex did not i'm watching the handball on the computer stop pointing stop working no no no the keeper no no no there's no way yeah pat's had a banger for iron here oh that's long this one might be air .

Mailing the green all right if we get it up and down we can we can take it take it to 17. this is not easy up and down i think i hit the 41-yard flop i don't even know if that's enough bro i don't know i'm i .

I think you need to go one more have a decent lie yeah you do but it's a little 16 [ __ ] foot uphill i'm going with this 45. gorgeous great shot man really good shot from there i hit that perfect right faster right slow and it's not yeah no i was going to .

Say like i didn't want to say it in your backswing because i was going to say if you hit this red fast though it's [ __ ] chipped in though yeah she might chip it in for the win that would be like something cara would do it just would be let's see what you got .

Yep i gotta hold the spot though still and here we go power puck coming up putt appears to be online i pushed it i [ __ ] pushed oh my god what's this next pot we're going door push the part all right alex come on let's get a half of this it's possible .

Gotta win both holes and he holds a goal i know i nearly did we can sneak out of here with the half alex it'll be a job well done wish like it should be like all square right now honestly but .

We [ __ ] away a few easy parts but what can you do that's golf simple as that they haven't made those mistakes we have this we've showed where we can play with these guys huh that we can play with these guys oh we .

Absolutely can yeah it's one of the best teams in the tournament so all right i'll try to put it in the fairway for you okay let's put this drive in the fairway will be lovely i just said three wood i think i do because you have wedge you .

Have a wedge then do i yeah you do he's 74 yards away but he oh yeah oh i hit her right slow but that's still fine this is it it's a red slow go that far it's perfect perfect .

Calculated red slope yeah see 136 or 130 is perfect here a little bit of deal off a little bit of deal off needed okay they're going with the pitching wedge here sit all right i can chip that in i can chip that in black fast [ __ ] yeah i need to chip that .

In because i don't hear now i feel karen might put this pretty close actually a good lie in the bunker really good lie yeah if they party this they win as well so the swedish keeper is the greatest human being of all time someone called it i'm here oh no no no .

The keeper i can't believe what he's doing yeah that's a good shot it's not a gimme but it's a good shot if i can chip it in and put some pressure on path 100 this is what our third shot's looking like all right alex let's do our die time baby come on .

No dude that's just a story that's the story of the round right there man unfortunate but geez gee [ __ ] geez what a match well played pac caron pat i actually probably should feed my .

Dog right after this match and he missed as well [ __ ] that would have been that would have been nice to take it to the last but what can you do hey jeez yeah i'm coming in hang on i got you even the pups are upset about that i know right .

Geez guys ggs ggs yeah there's the difference with the putting putting was not good the match has come to an end did i have to continue congratulations to our winning team coming in um just so it shows whether we lost two down or three down and with that so a two-in-one victory oh i got blue screen right after the game .

Finished good timing all right


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