Saturday, May 28, 2022

Linear Regression: Economics vs Anthropology Students

Given a collection of pairs x y find both the correlation coefficient r and the regression or least squares line y equals mx plus b the following represents final exam results for students taking both economics and anthropology all right now we've already i already went ahead and took the data .

And plugged it into l1 and l2 just to save you from you know you can do that on your own all right now the next step in order to get the correlation coefficient we hit the stat key go over to calc and we want the fourth option down which is linear regression .

Uh hit enter and as long as your x variable is in l1 and your y variable is in l2 just go ahead and press enter and it will perform the linear regression for you now sometimes if you have a new calculator r squared and r won't show up and all you'll be seeing is a and b if .

That's the case then do this real quick hit second and catalog all right and then scroll down until you see the see what's called diagnostic on and these are ordered in alphabetical order so just keep scrolling to get to the d's .

There we are diagnostic on hit enter twice and all it's going to say is done but it's going to tell the calculator that when it goes and does the linear regression make sure you give the value of r and r squared all right and that's going to be important .

Because the correlation coefficient is r which is the value 0.822 three zero eight two three zero move around all right the line of regression is going to be y equals uh the m is the slope over here they're calling it a see they say y .

Equals ax plus b so a is the slope so we say 0.55 x then plus 40.21 and that's the b is the y-intercept all right and that gives us the correlation coefficient and line of regression


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