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Machine Learning vs Data Science | GeeksforGeeks

Hello everyone my name is shivani and welcome to geeksforgeeks data never sleeps yes you heard it right do you know how much data gets shared each and every minute now here are some stats that may shock you every minute 500 hours of video content is uploaded by the users on youtube .

One million dollars are spent by the consumers in online shopping every minute users apply for 69 444 jobs on linkedin every minute a zoom hosts 2 lakh 8 33 participants in their meetings netflix users watch or stream 4 lakh 4 44 hours of video content .

The numbers are crazy in 2016 we had 3.57 billion people actively using the internet in 2020 it was 4.57 billion people now each post comment share swipe is really important for the businesses to grow and the businesses are changing with the world that's why data science is so .

Important now businesses take data driven decisions to reach more potential audience to grow their business applications of machine learning like fraud detection system movie recommended system are everywhere from our social media apps to our .

Shopping sites we are implementing machine learning algorithm everywhere companies use them for their benefit to reach more potential customers and to increase their product awareness for example netflix showing you movies that you might be interested in .

Or amazon showing you products that you might be interested in buying based on your previous purchases but have you ever thought like what's the difference between these two in data science we work with data and in machine learning we use data to train and test our model most of you who have already started .

With data science may already know this start at the end of every data science project we apply machine learning algorithm like logistic regression or decision trees or sometimes we apply artificial intelligence or deep learning in some cases in this video we will see what's the difference .

Between machine learning and data science and i assure you at the end of this video you will be amazed by the fact that i'm going to tell you now let's just start with machine learning in machine learning we focus on creating a model that can learn from leader and .

Give us some results or give us some predictions about latest trends like predicting stock prices or recognizing fingerprints google translate or self-driving cars are some examples of machine learning models in machine learning we create models using algorithms like .

K means clustering knn or decision trees name bills random forests etc in data science on the other hand we gather a large amount of data we clean this data for our views we use python libraries like numpy pandas to filter out the data that we need in order to find the answers to our .

Questions we apply mathematics and statistics to see patterns inside the data a data scientist usually follows the step-by-step process of data science that are first one collecting data second preprocessing data third analyzing data fourth driving insights and fifth .

Are taking actions based on these insights after performing all these steps our data scientist takes the help of a machine learning engineer to create a model out of this data to make prediction but this may not always be the case a data science problem may not always .

Require a machine learning algorithm at the end data science is a vast field it has many applications and uses it's like a mixture of statistics mathematics or science and of course data that is massive in order to become a data scientist you .

Have to be an expert in the domain that you're working on as the main job of a data scientist is to solve business problems they should also have good communication skills uh because they have to explain to other people what the data is actually saying they are like data storytellers now let .

Us differentiate based on what is the role of a data scientist and a machine learning engineer now there is a lot of overlap between these two fields in some companies you will see a data scientist working as a machine learning engineer .

Or vice versa can also happen a data scientist may or may not always have a computer science degree for example a person working as a biotech engineer in some company they can learn all these programming skills and become a data scientist a data scientist should be good in data .

Storytelling they should have a strong domain knowledge they should be good at solving business problem uh they should uh have a curious and creative mind too a data scientist uh usually uh they are good at programming languages like python and art .

They use tools like tableau power bi sometimes a data scientist can apply all the data science process using excel number and pandas only on the other hand a machine learning engineer are core software engineers they have strong computer science background they should be good at programming languages like c plus plus .

Java julia scala etc they don't use scikit-learn for creating their machine learning model they write their own code they implement their own code into machine learning algorithms to optimize their machine learning model a data scientist may not always implement .

A machine learning algorithm to find the answers to their questions on the other hand a machine learning engineer deploys the machine learning model into the application so that it can become accessible to everyone i think now it's clear that the data science is like an umbrella under which machine .

Learning takes the shelter data science uses machine learning algorithms artificial intelligence and deep learning to solve business problem isn't this amazing now talking about how much average salaries they get well it depends on a lot of factors .

Like what type of company they are working in what are their roles and responsibilities how many years of experience they have but in most of the cases a machine learning engineer gets more salary than a data scientist i hope this video helped you out in understanding the difference between .

Data science and machine learning please let me know in the comment section below if you still have any questions if you like this video please make sure you subscribe to geeksforgeeks and hit that like button also if you want to see more videos on data science and machine learning please .

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