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Mathematicians vs. Engineering Classes be like…

And that's the basic idea of where we're headed this can be a little advanced but once you see it in person it's so obvious you'll be like oh my god how'd I not see that at first how does anyone not realize this do you have a brain your course okay this is true but we're gonna anyways welcome to the first day of statistics for engineers now .

Throughout this course will now be developing a lot of mathematical skills we're also going to be very focused on real-world applications all right you guys one more time this is going to give us the bean solid angle of our antenna from there you do some silly stuff yada yada you au sub you get here of course and then we have to perform an integral .

That's a little trickier than integrals we've seen so far do you guys see why it's a little subtle but it's there this integral is located on the backside lookup table exactly difficulty level 632 am i right and I'm just kind of write this out we'll be good how about we use actual integration interesa deuce for once instead of a lookup table hey .

We found the version already that's pretty quick whereas that equation you can come from though oh that comes from page 286 no like where is it derived from from this textbook no I mean like mathematically where does it come from I don't know it's made of paper so I guess trees no that's not what I'm asking is anyone .

Else confused by Andrews question everybody everybody look at that yeah you're asking on since Andrew and remember for your lab reports you guys need to be thinking about sources of air excuse me doctor chatting what exactly do you mean by sources of error like why would your experimental result not perfectly match the theoretical oh .

So you mean like my derivation was wrong like choosing epsilon to be less than zero at the start of epsilon Delta proof I think I know what you are getting at no like real world things outside of your calculations that could cause air oh it's just like an engineering joke and too sophisticated to understand oh you guys are so silly what's going on .

Smart people yes exactly Andrew it's it's so weird I have no idea what we are doing in lab at least I have a lab partner that does everything for me and remember you guys the lab final will be worth 420 points that accounts for 69 percent of your final grade and that will be done individually no lab partners for that one is it too late to .

Still drop this course okay last time we proved the fundamental theorem of Engineering and can now use the powerful fact that sine of x equals x professor you're probably meant to say it approximately equals two and only for small angles and by small I mean X being equal to zero I'm pretty certain that I express my doubts about the validity of .

This theorem already last time around ah but in this class approximately is the same as equals well approximately not really convincing not Galileo oh no I can prove this Reap sleeping again last class okay here here what is sine of zero yes I know that it's going to be equal to zero this is what I just said zero exactly it's not the same professor .

Okay now take out your calculator and plug in sine of point zero zero zero zero zero zero one first things to us I don't even have a calculator at hand right never mind I know it's going to spit out the same number but you put in so many decimal place for sure a calculator doesn't have dead high of a precision in the normal case .

And even if it would have this high of a precision this does not count as Abella proof actually that's what we call proof by shut-the-hell-up last class we derived a lot of formulas and relationships between different parameters today we're going to focus on implementing that into itself all right you guys just have to get used to that .

Right spreadsheets aren't engineers the best friend excuse me mr. Dobson yes that by Excel you probably meant to say may take right this is the only kind of editor I use Wow the least attractive person in this room was asking the least intelligent question gosh I literally hate engineering to worst [ __ ] ever .

I really hate the guts of this guy he's even worse than [ __ ] doctor jetting in here engineering is just not my type of mathematics I'm a pure mathematician at heart I really love this epsilon Delta self an analytic number theory etc .

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Out sex version or major preps channel it was so much fun collaborating with him and I hope I can do so again in the near future subscribe to him subscribe to this channel if you did enjoy the video and have until next video have Flambeau day and also heavy crate start into the new year ciao


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