Saturday, May 28, 2022

Medical Or Non Medical ; Which stream is better (HINDI)

Another store Namaskar Monsanto's and welcome to my channel a helpline those two other aku science my interest or any physics chemistry math bio my interest and APCO science my research for Sunday and a Kazakh couch experiments are till then ocular subset best of sonic science is a stream to turn on those to occur science ki baat karu science meadow part .

Of the medical and non-medical – it's a different sky exactly future key I can't say career when a setting up those toys video could last a big night because his video may have corporate detail so patents are a medical care and non-medical k.k a compulsory subject Akaka optional subject in tournament difference key I had those two sub .

Simple about Korea Medical key Jin ba choco doctor Lima John I will kill a subset best of surname medical and gene Baur chunk of maths my bill cool interesting I will kill a medicals of severe stop Shannon Schmieder kinky main subject to a compulsory subject physics chemistry biology English those two are my optional subject keepeth Karim .

Optional may occupy saga psychology biotechnology March economics home science fine arts and physical education those table optional to skirt the borders the hands both the ancestors karna because this may SS at the topic of percentage could enhance car that I that means increase capita mara is upset of comets finance and physical education .

Mexico a coaches kenapa Rica because esrs scoring subjective those to grab medical area to up karaoke parameter also Cheng a future member giovanna G a subset pay another Caleb sanda whom subset best of Sonata dr. Ackerman dr. kucho loom or Bebo sorry SF field a champion Medical Lake akazake open a carrier to scar septa he wove a a food .

And food and agriculture sector measure 16 a Miranshah premature septa a biotechnology major septa a bio information majority physiology measure 16 genetic studies majors at the environmental science majestic same biochemistry music microbiology means acid thing and alived medicine service may be obvious I think if they keep it .

In a sari various and I have coops in here but what about the source indoctrination of the couch being in a subset paheli up not target fixed korea Cubana guy who sees up say a pop neck area church gives you those to offer non-medical baat karu non metal much over that season Cabaye cool interest in a dose of sapele .

Batteries may compulsory subject Ukiah physics chemistry maps English and other optional subject ki baat karu optional my IT economics physical education engineering drawing and Fine Arts and psychology dr. Sam Botta people uma Kyogre up non-medical choose current other optional Kiba taiga aapko optional may physical education finance in .

Psychology in cinemas actual skeezy because Smith percentage both high jata those two object a nonmetal ahamkara carries Banasik they apply to each other may though such a path are non-medical Petrova subset by he'll agree Mata engineering that means IIT and Berna I hate he could fork a hobby boss Eric Ariel when I sucked the hair non-medical .

Say they take hockey I'm carsick yehey architecture 110 lbs injector major sickening strategy signatures act a defense language are sixteen designing course kar sakthe ethical aching kar sakthe Marcin Nebu measures act a computer application with course carsick same physics chemistry mathematics as the academic section .

Marriages acting forensic science majestic thing and fashion technology may up APNIC carrier Banaszak they dosto me devar avatar town agar apni ELISA apni destiny choose cooker acapella see up night dream couch a who sees absolute kitchen and agar aapke Pele say he Kobe option chosen in here and abjad Dona Mexico a coach would come .

And then may be Berta a town agar aapke biology stronger then up medical to squeegee other after meth stronger then I've been up non-medical to DJ because he had o subjected to difference with other medical and non-medical key beats me and carrier dona mihi barabara but he determined gotta up .

Current risk is manjit's make Restivo to field truth ki j and russia direction my meniscus yeah then of course access jeremy lega dost oh I hope he video octopus and I other person that oh like on a subscribe karna and CR Giroux Cardano Thank You Jane


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