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Medical Science Frequently Asked Questions

We offer four basic degrees in the Schoolof Medical Science. One of our programs, the Bachelor of MedicalScience, is a direct entry into the Doctor of Medicine, that is the medical program atGriffith University. The others are either the Biomedical Science,the Health Science, or the Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Science. Recently, we’ve been transitioning theseinto really employable programs, so that all of our programs currently will have a careerpathway out of them. So the reason I choose Griffith Universitywas firstly location. I live on the Gold Coast so it’s very close,and then obviously what they have offered. .

They offered the undergraduate that I wantto do as well as the postgraduate that I'm hopefully looking forward at doing. So it made it easier going to a uni that’sgot where I wanna go in the future offered in advance so I can comfortably know thatit’s sitting there ready to go. The best thing about my degree is the flexibilityand the opportunities I have, especially within the electives. So my second and third year were filled withboth listed and free choice electives and there is so many to choose from in so manydifferent areas. You’ve got environmental, you’ve got nutrition,a lot more in depth anatomy and physiology, .

You can go into organic chemistry, there'sjust so much that I could choose from I actually struggled to pick what electives I choosebecause I finish soon and I just wanted to jam in as much as I could. Some schools and some universities will tendto separate the discipline learning from the hands-on laboratory learning and practice. But what we do in the School of Medical Scienceis that those things are incorporated into a particular course so that you will learnthe discipline knowledge that you need and this will then be followed up with a laboratoryor a tutorial that extends and applies that knowledge that you’ve learned. .

We also set our programs in a context of socialand cultural capability, so that we really put your deep discipline knowledge togetherwith that social engagement, with working in the community, working in practical placementand combining that with laboratory hands on experience so that you come out as a veryrounded graduate. I really find the human body fascinating andit interests me so much so study doesn’t feel like a chore because I love what I'mstudying. In first year, it was hard cause you it washard to jist if I'm doing too much or not enough study but you have to take time foryourself away from uni otherwise you just you just burn out way too quick. .

I do want to work in the healthcare systemhelping people in multiple different areas, but I want to continue learning and I thinkhealth is an area that is continuously developing, growing, and by working in health I'm goingto continue my knowledge, continue studying, continue educating myself, and I think healthreally suited me for that reason.


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