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Postgraduate Fair Talk Session – Doctor of Engineering vs PhD

Okay okay but academic qualification wise you just need master's level okay so is a the eligibility is mastered by the research of the answers by closer to all should they find the right master by hospital so should be fun okay what are these personalizations like the research area we are offering .

In miu we do offer wide range of engineering areas available chemical we do have chemical we do have computer we have civil engineering mechanical engineering and electric electronic engineering as well right so basically we do cover most of the engineering area available what will be the minimum the maximum .

Duration we have full time and part time yes we do have both full time part time as well so for full time uh minimum duration is three years okay and the maximum duration is five years oh okay compared to part time the minimum duration is four years and then maximum relation is 16. so it's like the doctor of engineering .

Okay is there any financial support you are giving to who are registering the phd program so far we don't have any i mean we do have they can apply for ptp and um and then other financial support available is through the principal or supervisor .

Principal investigator or the supervisor of the student in the supervisor once the student has some title or research proposal okay so the supervisor will apply for our own in-house sleep fine so this is from government this is from our own institution there are some .

Funds available for them to apply to in order to support their work as you said before the students will come up with some their own research proposal normally they just come with a title a research area that interests them and then they before anything that you can come and discuss with the .

Prospective supervisors right okay they can discuss and then they can laugh their own proposal okay once they have and then they can apply for our own seed fund okay so fun and then that seed fund can be used to support as part of their work okay nice uh doctor can you elaborate like uh .

Doctor of engineering and how what what technology they are going to study any advanced technologies or anything like that oh okay this is quite right right okay our doctor of engineering in advance industrial technology it really relates to industry 4.0 technologies right actually and .

The digital transformation towards globally interconnected and integrated economy right it's happening in all levels right this digital transformation takes place in a very rapid speed right actually so uh so it is a part if you want to upskill the yourself right as an engineer right so definitely for a .

Carrier advancement you need to know the latest technology in various the industry 4.0 related technology for example allow me to explain this in various technology whatever let's say for example autonomous robots right okay if you think of autonomous uh robots right um .

See it is now we are working with colleagues right now human colleagues right in near future we are going to work with the robot colleagues okay which we call combat right so the combat is going to occupy the world right so everywhere right every sector right that is one again .

In a simpler way you want to defend auto autonomous robots it's like for example we ordered through uh shoppie or lazada or whatever the thing online shopping and right always now human beings bringing our products whatever the products offer to our home right so imagine a small uh .

With gps enabled right you perform and deliver the whatever the object so these are autonomous robots so if i'm not talking about future technology it is already happening right right you take amazon you take alibaba right everybody is coming out with autonomous there are a lot of automated guided refugees these are autonomous so but .

Like you want in the logistics or you want to carry things from one place to another place or they are totally fully a robotic hyper market is also possible in life so you can order everything robots will bring whatever the things you order so those type of technologies are autonomous so then next we talk about .

Cloud computing right so cloud computing is again uh you can see there are so many services offered software based services based services or infrastructure-based services correct you can say all the uh social networking like what's up twitter instagram everything is cloud competing right so .

There are a lot of things happening in the cloud right on you say google or like google drive or onedrive or even microsoft things like everything right we talk about it then we talk about iot right so it's the internet of things it's very interesting actually through facebook or anything we are .

Communicating with people that is internet of people correct on the talking of people right so if things starts communicating right that is the internet of things right for example right at our home right if you take refrigerator it's there for in in every home right and normally we use just to store and keep it fresh right all the .

Media so in case you put an intelligent into that right right if the refrigerator can count the number of eggs right and if the number of eggs is decrease right automatically it um automatically orders right we put a sensor and a microcontroller and a virtual model which he gives an ipad drive it connects to the internet and if .

It orders right so uh so you will be seeing surprise ring orders normally we human only order online and yeah things will start ordering yes so again also like for example even in a simpler way you can speak if your milk you're keeping in the refrigerator uh so it can you can have a sensor that will check .

The quality of the makeup experience these are feature technologies so now our smart tv is already connected to the internet or mobile phone connected to the internet so every i think right refrigerator microwave washing machine everything will be connected the same thing you think in terms of .

Industrial iot right what in industries all the robotics operations whatever the things these robots will communicate with each other every product line every production line that if communicates to each other the efficiency will be enhanced right so these are the iot technology or even imagine the traffic flight systems right .

You i think you might have seen in the traffic light system like uh sometimes if you go in the traffic at the late night or anything so there is no cost but still you have you you have to wait for the red light to turn green yeah so these are not dynamic these are time based okay if you in case if you want dynamic right if every car has an .

Ip and it's communicating if you are monitoring through network environment right we can have a more dynamic traffic system so depends on the number of parts we can change the duration of the system so this type of technology so there are plenty of uh the things started communicating with each other right and taking decisions .

Right so this is okay so when we are talking about so many communication happening wirelessly right then automatically becomes cyber security so whether these data transferring wirelessly you secured or not or you can think of a hacker sitting in a talking parking lot right and having a .

Hacking software with an antenna and maybe uh he can capture the packets right okay maybe you're logging into your bank account they're taking log your logging credentials right there is a possibility you may think but how how .

The cyber security ensures that these are not captured right or uh so what how are the advanced encryption and description algorithms are used right so you learn you need to learn about all those things then again we talk about big data right so many datas are flying everywhere right and so these big datas are .

The data plenty of millions and billions of data are available what useful or productive things we can get from this data for example we can do data mining right or predictive analysis right trend analysis market analysis right so all those things we can do in big data right and uh i .

Think you might have experienced that if you log into facebook you search for certain item automatically usually they will track right what items you are interested in and give you more uh similar products to our market right so we can enhance all these things this data analysis can be happening in everything agriculture health care right .

Every area right so that and then another thing is advanced simulation let's say for example uh the areas want to tell something about that uh it's okay similarly as when like doctor engineering and phd in this particular uh digital era so we do need all these resources are .

Connected like all so it's like a multi-disciplinary and yeah for the various industry multi-display industries and yeah yeah this one even if you say we talk about the virtual reality right augmented reality or mixing reality though for 3d printing right we call additive manufacturing .

So all these different types of system integration everything it's the latest technology right so if you are just want to focus one area right and you want to specialize in that particular area then phd is right you can take research on any area right right but if you want to know about all these .

Technologies right and you wanted to really use this technology to solve over the practical engineering like phd is like a narrow one narrow to focus on that for example right it is a multi-disciplinary it is a multi-disciplinary yeah for uh you can say you may wonder right how uh like if .

I am a civil engineer right uh so how heat is going to help that yes you see like if you talk about civil engineering just for example right construction 4.0 a lot of ir related technologies already there for example even we have 3d printing .

Uh construction is going on right yes right the whole house can be printed in 3d yeah that is one thing another one even you can have like a beam right uh building information modeling right so we can use those softwares to design everything right now there is another application which is called .

Bimatch okay this using this application you take a big model and keep it and click on one any part it will gives you what are the materials required right how we are using the the latest technology to ease our operation and also even we see for example interestingly i noticed that if you're looking for the construction project .

Right even in malaysia so uh the labor workers right or mostly of foreign workers right no local workers you won't see anybody below age of 60 all elder people yeah the youngsters are in different ways or educated or something like that so definitely now the robotics are coming .

Together even for wall uh brick uh laying right so yeah so robots are doing bricklaying even uh wall um clustering right so so many things even this one right so for example even in electrical engineering right we are specialized in electrical like say for example you see high voltage uh roads right if you use augmented reality right .

So if you see that board you will it will show you all the readings like for example voltage current energy power factor whatever you need right reactive power everything so this type of very interesting right so how we are using this technology into our field right yes specialization yeah or in chemical engineering yeah whatever .

The thing we can use all these technologies right right so that is the uh this one these are the advanced technology our objective is uh to produce a specialist okay right or leaders right who can uh implement right uh all this you can gather this knowledge and uh implement these uh solutions .

Solving by innovative way of solving the complex engineering process right right okay uh for doctor of engineering is there any like a credit assumption if they do masters definitely definitely as per mqa guidelines right we will give this credit if this .

If the student has a prior qualification yeah the which matches to 80 percent of the syllabus yes and also at a reasonable uh grade right which sure we will consider for great extension okay just now it comes in mind and completion whether the student can entitle his .

Doctor or how we can uh this program it is uh at malaysian qualification framework level eight this is the highest level right which right so the students on completion can use the doctor in front of their lip titles further they can register for post graduate doctoral fellowship also right .

After they consider this completed program so they can up this is a professional doctorate program right they can go for that postdoc uh is because he's an advanced technology involved is there any like manage industrial or engineering management courses offered in this .

Program yeah so this particular program consists of 82 credits which consists of 22 modules on dissertation right okay out of these 22 models right four to five subjects or industry management based subject right right for developing entrepreneurs right so for example management intelligence innovation technology and .

Entrepreneurship right organizational risk management or risk analysis right and also like information systems management and so these type of subjects also involved so they study with application and management and their advanced technologies they will study all these memories okay uh regarding the both programs is a .

Program is uh recognized by local or international yeah our both programs are created by the malaysian qualification agency mqa okay and then it is recognized worldwide as well so there's no problem for the student to actually get the postgraduate qualification here and then they want to pursue other .

Institutions overseas shouldn't be any problem all right uh so for both programs if these students get graduated yeah what is their job demand where they can be placed as well as the phd so maybe i can yeah so mostly they will go to either academics or rnd rnd institutional search engine .

Developer research and development institutions so they can actually mostly these are two different fields so with phd qualification there are those who are actually developing the technology okay so for example you are talking about iot right there are those who are actually doing research and development for that particular .

Technology and implement that technology as well okay so complex on the other hand of engineering there are those specialists that knows the technology how to implement that technology into their particular industry so they are too separate apply and then more actually development another okay okay all right .

Okay uh is there any job scope or doctor of engineering right actually i said this is a multi-disciplinary program so and also i if you have this one this is a general what about the technological advancement correct yeah so you definitely there will be in high temperature so every sector or every .

Industry is going towards that right yes or even every every factory every manufacturing unit is going towards that right so they are need of this specialist right who can guide them in in making their manufacturing into smart manufacturing yes or intelligent factory right or something like that so definitely the the job scope is really .

Really good it's a very demandable thing yeah due to multi-disciplinary kind of everywhere nowadays no more single display all marketing area okay uh is there any leading industry or any external stakeholders in malaysia they contribute to this program in manifold international university .

Uh doctor of engineering as well as ap normally it depends on the project itself for example one of our projects actually are sponsored by part of the project are sponsored by tmd okay so the data collected and then some of the data collected and then some of the site visits will be handled by the gmd sciencemen so they are collaborators in .

In that particular project okay so so the the money and everything they can define will be sponsored by them and then there are also some some of the fun were actually funded by the one of the international grant which is sumitomo sumitomo okay so there is an organization called sumitomo in japan so they sponsored one of our .

Projects okay so uh means that the students who actually involved in that particular project can use that particular can use that fund to actually support their research work right right how about the doctor of engineering the nature of the course is course based right so we use we will be using uh only .

Those academic academics or those who are experts in this technology right right and also those are minimum phd right or masters or those industrial experts right yes the indian instagram like for example amazon web right so one example right experts from amazon we will be .

Using at least they must have masters with 10 years of experience in the technology right so we will be uh bringing in more industrial experts right right those are experts in these technologies will be delivering the lecture right so that that is our objective that's our idea okay uh .

So why they have to join both programs of engineering and as well as ph.d so in mayu okay so first basically manipur university or manipal group like it's a well-known right you know in our current body manipur university in india right .

It is one of the institution of eminence ordered by government of india right right so yes graduates we can see right from microsoft everywhere what i mean is our program is internationally reputed recognized right right qualification right which will be well .

Received or well recognized not only in malaysia but everywhere right singapore australia or you mean uk or other countries everywhere if you are going for career advancement right is well recognized because manipulating everywhere right so that is one advantage then uh .

Yeah sure that i want to maybe uh our branding is actually globally recognized for the modifier so we do have microsoft co also data also our own alumni from mit so compared to other local institutions we are actually globally recognized right right and another one i would like to .

Highlight right uh the tuition fees right again we have a lot of discounts on that i just say for an international branded university or a invited university in indonesia right our fees right even the total program fees is much much lower okay very reasonable compared to even .

Undergraduate fees of other institutions okay okay so nice that this is really value for money whatever the investment right it is much much uh very reasonably charged education okay uh any uh advice or any conclusion you want to give to our audience uh .

Anything regarding this board program so i mean just to summarize the whole phd experience maybe you know so in phd of engineering so what the student need to do is uh the student normally don't need to come up with a whole complete proposal what they need to do is they need to find out what their .

Latest research interest is once they know what their research interest is so they can come right they can come to the university so there are there are few there are a lot of consultants available inside in-house so what they do is they will actually uh coordinate with the student .

The student to communicate with their respective supervisors right okay once the student communicate or make discussion make the first contact with the supervisors so they'll make an initial discussion once they make initial discussion what they do is they will come up with a proper proposal right okay and then that .

Proper proposal will be presented to our committee and then if accepted right student can continue his program okay okay and then there are a lot of things that this student need to enjoy okay so then he after the third semester what you need to do is you need to do some kind of proposal defense okay and then after during the .

Final year before graduation he need to do a some do viral session with internet so what this the research work itself actually uh covers a lot of things inside what the student needs to do the student might need to do depends on the nature of the research so what the student need to do they might need to do some data .

Collection okay okay maybe do some kind of site visits right okay and then what they need to do is they might do some kind of experimental work in laboratory so they might then part of the experience as a phd graduate phd ph.d students that they will go to conferences and present their findings right so what they do but what .

They need to do during this time is they will please the main objective of participating in the conferences is to share their research okay when they share their research work they will gain more networks so they will they will see what i did last time so what i did during my phd last time i did participate in one conferences and then .

I did gain some networks that he's ever able to give me some kind of data yes yeah so that data is very useful for my work okay so this is the thing that needs to be done so no more collaboration more collaborative environment compared to undergraduate so but uh this previously they will be more a bit more .

Independent right and then there will be uh need to do more collaborative work right so don't need to worry for those who actually wanted to join a phd program so they need to worry about they don't have any any experiences in research so they'll be fully guided by the supervisors we have experts around here .

In campus so we do have experts in electrical electronics we do have expert computer chemicals civil mechanical so what they do is these supervisors will guide the students right yes we don't have a one single supervisors only so normally we have a supervisory committee as well okay so there are two or three providers available to guide them so for .

Example they are doing multi-disciplinary kind of work right so maybe i'm doing a computer work so i need to actually involve in some kind of electric electronics right kind of prototyping as well for example maybe i need to use some of the mechanical devices so what i do today i'll point right so with the guidance of .

The supervisor so i'll appoint uh another co-supervisor to assist for this course advisor can be either from internally or can be from industry as well okay okay so last time i did have a for my experience i did have a school supervisor from industry as well from university so he's able to guide me in terms of dealing with the whole okay the .

Whole actual practical uh electrical electronics engineering in the film so he'll be able to guide me and how to do proper installation and proper research so that's what happens okay so when that's why when student there a lot of students actually inquire about the program for example recently so they always actually worry about whether they .

Don't have enough experiences doing research work they don't they are not expert in doing literature study so they don't know much on on how to do prototyping or experimental work so they don't need to worry about that they don't need to gather a lot of experiences and join that's good so they can directly join if they finish their .

Master program they can directly join our phd program and then it will be guided by the supervisor's experiment they need to be independent yeah it's true okay but they also be guided by supervisors so we also have post graduate committee as well in the in the school so we also will define .

The whole student experience right right so actually international university it's a very student-centric yeah students are very very comfortable i think students knows right aluminium right so here the lecturers are very comfortable to us the students right and they'll be more comfortable right being there whether it .

Is as i highlighted earlier right the digital transformation is taking place at a very high yes yeah fast speed so yeah so uh if we have to go along with that right so we have to uh upscale ourselves right those practical engineers right so uh if you want to uh be in that phase .

Right so you have to uh gain those knowledge right in the latest technology yeah then only you will be in demand right okay you can lead the project yes that is the important thing if you are looking for a career advancement yeah right in this latest technology for related to industry 4.0 right then this .

Program is the best okay okay okay thank you both for your kind information and if maybe it's useful to our audience okay uh ladies and gentlemen now we come to the question and answer session okay do you have any inquiries please feel free to come to the mic and .

You can ask your inquiries to our honorable speakers please introduce yourself first and then ask your inquiries uh so uh i have a few questions okay number one is uh is there any consideration like some local living practice like a .

Fast track program from bachelor's strategy with a high cgp or good this is what so level to straight away jump into this engineering doctorate or phd of engineering program coming back and i'll say on that okay yeah uh not directly uh means you cannot directly from bachelor directly go to .

Phd program so what you need to do is you need to enroll for our master's program first after one year after one year enroll in our master program you will do some kind of proposal defense or maybe you need to do some kind of progress report presentation during that particular time if you think that your work is able to .

Be converted into phd so you'll be able to do that but basically still you don't have muscle jump directly to phd but you need to unload into our master's program first because prior to that there are made me long long time back so i'm actually uh fast fact student i did directly from my .

My once i graduated from my bachelorette directly go into my phd program without going through or enrolled in the master's program i think during that particular period of time many students unable to graduate maybe that's the issue last time so what they did now is they need the student to enroll for master's program .

First one satisfactory the research work is satisfactory they did a lot of work so which the committee agreed that is able to be transferred so then you'll be able to transfer directly into phd program they just need to add two more years after one year master just directly add two more years directly conventionally .

You get to do it with phd second question uh okay second question is on the learning environment since uh right now there's like how big classes and everything so how about these programs we have hybrid as well or is full physical or how it is like .

Doctor of engineering right uh actually it's physical but if it is racket uh let's say for example we are using experts from another country australia like from amazon or something that time uh yeah definitely online we have here now we have we are very experienced under this pandemic situation .

How we can utilize the technology for our teaching right so we will utilize right that's why we call hybrid learning right in whatever ways whatever comfortable way is right right for the students as well as for the lecturers right so we use all those things so definitely it's a hybrid learning right yeah as for research for .

Sure if the research require you to go for site visits sure you need to go for several days but not all the time you need to go to the site visit or need to go to the laboratory or to do your work but most of your time will be in front of your pc at home right yeah so if you need to communicate with other people so some some of the conferences also .

International conferences are doing it online as well so the student can present their papers online okay they can actually do meeting online as well so no need to be at the campus to do meeting with the supervisors unless required they can come but then also if the research requires them to go for data collection inside this is then .

They need to do that okay and also like for the part-timers will the classes be on weekend for the coursework again it see that there's some some part emails are available during weekends right some part time maybe if they're working somewhere time uh some parties may prefer students prefer in the evening .

Process so it depends on the students right so whether we will be flexible anyway evening or the weekends right so preferably weekends phd uh the differences is the duration itself so nothing much different in the environment because those who actually wanted to do part-time because they have like a full-time job and then they .

Cannot do it the whole they cannot be the whole time in the campus environment or doing their calculation so what they do they'll after their working hours maybe during the weekend they'll do their workloads so what part-time offers is extension of the duration but it will be the same as full time .

Okay thank you one last question um since uh based on what profanity said on the uh cost content of engineering doctorate on like iot vr and ar and stuff like that do the students get to experience hands-on experience on like virtuality headsets and stuff like that we are we want we .

Are planning to enhance the lab facility that is very important we need to have hands-on experience on all those technologies right not only that simulations of us right whatever the software is used in the industry right and also to be more specific like certain in we have an elective subject at the final .

Year right and that is more on discipline specific you can choose related to your discipline so for example civil engineer may want to do bim or chemical engineering students want to do advanced process dynamics or something like that right so related to those softwares and everything it will be .

Instead of our heart technology on the simulation software will be available definitely we will ensure that all right thank you and that's all your questions all the best it's really nice to see you having this kind of great programs thank you thank you very much thank you okay uh thank you mr president for your increase okay is there any more .

Questions from the audience okay well okay uh ladies and gentlemen it's time to wrap up our live talk session uh we hope you gather some more valuable points uh about the doctor of engineering and phd offering in manifold international university .

Once again i would like to thank dr venkateshwar and velu and uh dr riaz uh for joining us today and providing your valuable inputs and information to our audience regarding these both programs okay if you have any further inquiries please .

Visit our website okay thank you for making your time under your busy schedule okay in this morning it's my been my pleasure to be host for this live talk session and i wish you all the present day thank you very much and stay safe thank you .

Thank you thank you


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