Tuesday, May 24, 2022

ROS Developers Open Class #90: Difference between ROS1 & ROS2

You you you you hello there or developers and welcome to this life class number 90 where we are going to be discussing a little bit about some of the differences between Ross 1 and Roscoe .

So let's go hello there everybody and welcome to this new life class number 90 we are getting real close to the number 100 so welcome everybody and today we are going to start a series which is going to be based on on Roscoe which is going to be called rush to essentials where the .

Following life pluses are going to be related to this issue and to learning some rust on practicing some Roscoe and today the in the first life class off of this series we are going to be discussing a little bit about differences between Ross van and Ross to doing some basic demonstrations on rows one and rows two and finally also we are .

Going to have a peek at the Ross one bridge node so so yeah let's go for it I want to tell you all of you that I am currently suffering a heavy heavy tooth pain which might interfere a little bit with my talking ability but I'm going to try to do my best so yeah let me have a quick look at the chat to see if everything is going fine I can see .

They're only in the capito the marble rashik or Zed hello hello ok so hello everybody and welcome to all the family so as always I'm going to start by sharing with you the project guys so I'm going to go real quick to grab here the Ross leg lean for today let me come here and get the link and paste it here in the chat .

There we go sorry about the tooth H says mad thank you thank you I hope it's not going to be too heavy during this life class prosciutto pulse is very much excited for this session I'm thinking to buy the new MacBook Pro and in rushed to runs on it my work life will be so much easier okay great so we are going to see that in these life class Ramon says .

Hello Alberto excellent work you do what the constant thank you very much Ramona really appreciate those words okay so all of you guys I'm going to now switch as always to to the computer bill so that we can start working and last thing I'm going to get a train here and my magic puppy my Ross developer in this case it's the Ross developer Mac however .

I have I have another Mac which is about Ross – so maybe I should bring that for the next life classes I'm going to I'm going to switch my my Rosabella per MOOC for our rush to MOOC for the following of classes I'm going to take that take that into account alright guys so let's go for it I'm going to switch right now to my computer .

Screen and let's go for it so once you get and click on the link if you are already logged in in the raw scopolamine is to you you should get these rustic here the worst level pairs left class number 90 yeah and if you don't have an account just create it it will take you just some seconds it's it's real quick and it's free so just .

Create an account login and click on the link and you are going to get this project here in your workspace yep so I'm going to start now opening it opening opening in the project here by clicking on the open reject button and is going to start opening my instance so meanwhile I'm going to talk about a couple of things .

So as in the live classes very very quick I want to remind you about our Ross a study group which you can access here from the bottom right corner of the browser bottom and studio here you can click on this button but this is going to take you to our discord server where you can join our community well you are going to find many many people .

Interested in Ross also I want to remind you about the Ross developers day which is going to be held on June 27 so it's going to be a super super nice it's going to be a full day of conferences where we're we're very high quality speakers are going to to make talks about different Russ topics related topics and at the same time that you are .

Going to be able to listen these conferences you are going to be able to practice yes everything you learn on these conferences so they are not going to be only talked conferences but practice practical conferences yes so have a look here at this page let me share it with you as well in the chat in case you want to have a look and if you .

Are interested just Signum register for the conference it's going to be a super super nice then finally I want to do one special shout-out today to our YouTube channel so we are currently alright so we are getting close to the 20k subscribers but I am thinking of preparing something special if we reach a higher number I .

Don't know I don't know with how many subscribers it's going to be I think more than 20 K because 20 K it's quite close but but I don't know maybe 50 K I don't know but when we reach a certain number of subscribers I'm going to prepare a special life class I'm thinking of something that could be interesting for you guys like maybe .

Maybe I don't know maybe recording a video of how we prepare the life classes what is the full process from zero to having the life class prepared or something like that I don't know you can make your suggestions as well but we would like to prepare something special for reaching also on a special number of subscribers yeah so guys if you are not .

Subscribed remember to subscribe to our channel because it's completely free then let's go for it so let me close everything let's let me come back here and I have my reject already loaded excellent so let me close everything here and yes so you should be at the same point as I am here with the Raja glow that and the notebook here .

Prepared the notebook of the life class number 90 of course and in this case we are not going to work with any simulation for today yeah so we are going to be focusing on share commands basically we are not going to work with any simulation so there's no simulation to be setup in in future life classes in the following weeks we are going to need .

It but today we are going to keep it on the basic and we are not going to be working with any simulation so basically all you need to have is this the worst you've loaded with the no boot opened yeah so let me know if everything is fine if you are on the same point I'm going to have a look at the chat to see if everything is .

Fine so that we can keep going loading loading the marble 2006 I study masters in Germany any possibility to work under your project I can ask you in mail as well yeah marble so that reminds me something that currently we are looking for people who can build curses Russ curses .

So yeah if you have some rose no later it doesn't have to be well it's going to have to have some rose things but you can build curves for instance about I don't know robot dynamics or robot control which is more theoretical but always applying these theoretical concepts to rush and to practicing with a robot which is basically our essence .

So so Mr deluz send us an email and maybe we can make you some suggestions of some courses that you can build on Oh glorious is the Rasul of Allah press conference has an early beat a special price that end on May 15 so sing that before them for the good deal yeah that's so Gloria that's true .

So we have this early bit price which is going to end quite soon so yeah guys if you are interested sing up now because very soon the price of the of the of the registration is going to to get higher all set I'm ready the end-to-end process for making my life class would be super interesting yeah I am sorting Solaria but I don't know maybe you are more .

Interested guys in seeing another thing like maybe you say hey I prefer to see how do you dress when you wake up in the morning and how you want I don't know loaded could you please share the email you can you can look at in the description of the video pressure or or in our website you are also asking their .

They email I think that the image should be in the description of the video I'm not sure I'm not sure if not go to our website and there you are going I don't remember exactly now which one we should use for these for the contacts so I I don't want to risk it to give you the wrong email so just go to our website guys and you are going to find the .

Contact image there okay so it seemed it seems like everybody is set up already with really with the project excellent so let's start what do you think guys alright so let's go for it then for this last class the only requirement I think would be to have a minimal knowledge of of lineups common common tools because we are going to be working with web .

Shops so that would be the only requirement I would say we are not going to be working with Python for now or anything else so the only requirement would be to to to have some basics of lineup which as always always I remember that you can get for free in our freaker's here in the robot in nice academic in our line looks for robotics .

Freaker's and let the start so let's go for it we don't need to have Jenny's Malaysian anything so let us start then we are going to start with some differences between Ross one and Ross two on the architecture side there are many more differences but we I'm going to point out some of them which I think are important differences so first of .

All let me make this a bit bigger so that we can see it better then here you have an image with some differences in their TTP between rows 1 and rows to which we are going to discuss here in the following point so first heavy difference between rows 1 and Roscoe is the middle layer which is this one yes so here we have a different city .

Between three layers which is the OS operating system the middle layer and finally the application layer yes so this would be the operating system this would be their most programs that UK create and then here in the middle that the middle there's a mirror wall liar yes then this middle will be this middle world layer it's very different in .

Rosslyn and Roscoe in worst one basically we're using custom protocols like TCP Raj will appear of which are received are based on TCP and UDP but there they have been created a custom for Russ yes that's why they're called TCP Ross and UDP Ross this is for Ross one so this is how rothwyn works but for us to work two uses DDS I don't know if .

You were able to assist to the DDS class with it some weeks ago so let me open here we should have it somewhere here so I don't know if three three or four weeks ago we did an especial life class about DDS on Roscoe we have it here we have it where we were we discussed more in detail about this so you can have a look at this life class in order to get .

More data on this but basically verse two uses DDS for this middle layer yes which allows two DDS is the data distribution service this is the it's a communication protocol let's say yeah which has many different implementations yes so in verse two you can change the implement GVSU use depending on your network mix .

Or the setup you need etcetera yes then this mineral layer as you can see it's a huge difference here between rough one and Russ – yeah then as we can see as well here in the image another library part I think it's the Ross master yes so rough one has a master we know was master which is a master Ross node which controls all the Ross infrastructure .

Let's say yes so this word master is required in order to do anything with Ross one yes if you want to create a rough program and lunch a rough program you are going to need to have a roast master running previously otherwise it is not going to be it's not going to be possible if you want to run any risk rows related common editor you always .

Need to have this Ross master yes this is a it's like a centralized node a master node which controls everything yes and which controls all the other Ross nodes then this of course this was master in Ross one its launch it using the Rosco comment as probably some of you already know I mean were screwed this doesn't work at this yes all of .

These of this communication between node nodes discovery etc all of this is hand led by the DDS protocol yes all of this is handled here on the mineral layer by DDS but basically it's a peer-to-peer it based on a peer-to-peer system yes so every node can discover other nodes yes so this node has the ability to discover directly any other node that is .

Running yes on the other side in Ross one this node has to ask this master about other nodes running then this master is going to tell this node hey you have this other note running yes so these are huge difference as well as you can see yeah so in in in verse 1 each note needs to ask to this master about other notes .

Running yes in rose to disease peer to peer let's say communication yeah then I saw some another another very important difference between rows 1 and Rose – is that what one is only super set to work on Linux system yeah so you can work in in 1 2 for instance there is I think there is super for other distributions as well but they need to be Linux system .

On the other side Rostow is currently supported to work on Linux system always and Windows if I know wrong currently Russ – it's being tested in in in Windows shanian in OS 10 and in Windows 10 yes so I saw there in the chat a question about somebody who was thinking of buying a man new bra and work with Ross – so you can see that yes .

It's going to be you are going to be able to do so because in verse 2 you are going to have support for lineup system OS and windows yep so these are very very important and huge difference then for programming languages wrote one it's based on C++ 0 3 yeah so it doesn't make use of C++ 11 filters in example on the other side .

Trust 2 uses Sybil's plus 11 yes and there are plans to use simple flows 14 and even zippers plus 17 yes in the future and for as for Python Ross 1 as you may already know works with Python – yes which is for me one of the biggest handicaps currently of worth one that still works in Python 2 and on the other side Rostow requires at least Python 3.5 .

Version yes so this is a very very huge and important difference as well yeah then a couple of practical differences say if that as you know in Ross one it's not possible to create more than one note in a process yes some when you create a Ross program in in a milk crate here so in verse 1 when you create a verse program and .

Called the it note functionality for instance from Russ type you can only create one note per process per program yes you cannot create another note in the same program or process yes this is not a load word in verse 1 but in Russ – yeah but in Russ – this can be done yes so in verse 2 it is possible to create multiple notes in a single process yes .

So this is another huge difference as well between verse 1 and worked more in the not-not-not so in the architecture but more in the practical sense yes and finally another difference which I consider important between rorani and Russ too is that in verse 1 as you might already know log files all are created using xml like this yeah so probably .

Most of you know this structure with the package the package the type etc yes so in verse 1 launch files are created using XML are define it in XML syntax yes like this in Russ – this is no longer don't like this and learnt files are created in Python yes so because of these because large files are built in Python in verse 2 you have .

Much more flexibility in order to create like for instance using conditionals if says etc yes which is super useful yes so you can create much more complex in in in the logic sense lunch fights in rust oh yeah all right so this would be a more or less overview of some important differences between rothwyn Arvind understood there as I've said .

There are many more differences we are going to be reviewing some of them on the following life classes but today we have only one hour so so we cannot go too deep into anything so basically I wanted to highlight some of the some of the the differences I consider which are very important but there are many others which we are going to be reviewing in .

The following days yep so let me have a quick look here at the chat Andrea says that he remembers that class I suppose you refer to the to the DVS class we need some weeks ago hi in Fross real-time system are already Russ – it's going to be much more better to work to create real real-time systems than Ross one yeah I don't know if at .

This point because you have to keep in mind that Russ – if it has a band set a lot in the in the last month and years but it's still an T under development yes so there are many things that are still and under development so there are still work to do on Roscoe so I don't know we feature already prepared to 200 a real-time system Russ – but I do know .

And I can tell you that Russell is going to be much more prepared in the in the near future to work with real-time system that for sure going to be much better than worth one you can see already many many questions here if there are two rows systems running on the same network what do what do you mean Matt if there are two .

Systems holdest the integration with open CDs all right so many interesting questions here which might be might be topics for a world life class so does gazebo underneath work the same way in gross to us it works in rows one does receive honor with support macaws and windows if we use rose two very interesting question as well so we are .

We are today we are not going to be using gazebo but in the following nor ervice but in the following week we are going to to do so so you are going to see that branch you can you install worth 1 and Russ – concurrently or lineage yet you can and in fact in this project they are in stolid and we are going to test them right now so ok so .

Because of this question from engineering nation let's start doing some practice here because he asked and windstar was 102 in a same linux machine yes you can in fact here in this machine in this worship we have installed Russ – eloquent as you can see here this is an oval – 18:04 machine which has a solid rest well .

Eloquent but it has also install it was one melody yeah so it has the rose to eloquent distribution and the rose one melodic distribution and can we switch between them yes we can so let's start doing here some practice so first of all what I what I want to do is to is to run a demonstration note here in verse one so .

For that I'm going to open a new shell here and here I can see a mistake so it's not up here it's opt here so keep this in mind then I'm going to come here and the first thing I am going to need to do is to get this command here copy it and paste it and what is this command doing this come on what using is to source .

This was melodic distribution yes then by sourcing the melodic distribution I'm going to be able to work with rush to with worth one now sorry with Ross Mulholland yeah so now here we have a source of the cutting were speed which is not going to be needed then we can directly try to run here this package and this node the talker note from the .

Ross CPP tutorials yes so this is a rough one command this is the rush run permit in order to start a result in Ross one yes then this basically what is going to do is to start at talker in theory but it's not working fail it to contact master at master 11 311 retraining okay so we are getting an error here what is happening here well .

As I have said before at the beginning of the class rush one needs to have a master not running yes otherwise you are not going to be I'm not going to be able to to to start any other any other verse note I need to have this master so the first thing I need to I need to do in Ross one if I want to execute this node it's going to .

Be to start there Ross master node and this is done using the raw score command yeah so I'm going to execute here the raw score common which is going to start my master node and now I'm going to be able to start working with Ross yeah so I'm going to leave this master node running here I know I'm going to .

Open another shell and I'm going to repeat again the source because I need I want to work with worth one so I need to source Ross one in this case it's the melodic District and now I am going to be able to run this command and start my talker note yeah so here we got it now my talker note is running and I can see it's .

Publishing here the hello world and in fact now I can come here as well source again Ross one and start working with Ross one commands like for instance Ross node list this is going to show me the talker note here running I can get information about about this node yes I can get information about the topics as well .

Roster pick list I can get information about this chatter topic which is the topic where all these messages are being published it yeah here we can see the information out of this specific topic I can even subscribe to this topic using the roster pick echo yeah alright so let me stop this so now as you can see we are perfectly working .

With Ross one yeah we had we needed to start our Ross master with the Rosco command but we can perfectly work with Ross one by sourcing the proper role distribution which in this case its melodic yes now let's try to do something similar but with Rosco what do you think so now I'm going to close all these faulty shelves and I'm going to .

Try to do something similar but with Rosco so let me open unusual from zero and in this case what I'm going to need to source it's a different Ross distribution which in this case as you can see it's eloquent so now instead of the melodic distribution I am sourcing the eloquent this solution yes so let me execute this .

Command and now by sourcing the Ross eloquent distribution I am going to be able to work with Roscoe and start working with Roscoe so now I can come here and get this Russ to command this is a this is the equivalent to the Ross one comment from worth one yes inverse to the referent common it's executed like this once to run than the .

Name of the package and the name of the node yeah now let's run this command there we have it running but is this actually working yes there you have it so as you can see for Russ to we we didn't have to start any Ross master yeah so I have direct resources there Rostow distribution which is eloquent in this case and I can directly start .

Running Russ two nodes and running Russ two comments you are going to see right now so let me open a differential let me source one more time the eloquent version in this case and now I came to a rush to topic list which is the equivalent command for the roster big list and I'm going to get here a list of the topics with a chatter I can do our .

Ross to not least I can get information about this node as well using the rush to sorry rush to note info of the of the talker node and going to get information as you can see here created to this node I can get information with Ross to topic info of the chatter topic as well yeah so as you can see here we can with .

This very basic demonstration we can see one of the most important differences between Roth 102 so in Ross 1 for running this chatter this talker note we needed to first start the Ross master note yeah we needed to execute the raw score comment in order to stop the Ross master note in Russ – this is not required so I can directly source the .

Rasta version and I can start a result without the need of starting any Ross master yes so with this we can see we can see an test in the practice one of the main differences between worth 1 and Russ – which is this Ross master yes you have it here alright so let me go back to the chat one second okay so I can see as well here many many .

Things thank you very much Gloria for your comment thank you very much Lavanya says ruth master is not the started yet yes you are right you're at Lavanya so I needed to explicitly start the Ross master in verse one if there are two words two systems running on the same network without the master ho bar if .

There are two rows two systems running on the same network without a master Hawaii how are they different intuition that's a very good question Matt there are different answers to a question but I think that as well that would be a very good topic for a different life clash of guys I can see that there are many questions here but they are .

Questions well at least some of them I can see that there are questions which are almost the topic of a life class so I suggest you guys that when these leftt class finishes and it's proceed as a video you leave all these comments here as a fix as a comment in the video so we can see them and prepare following the life classes and discuss about that .

Yes engineering sex is sourcing them because you need to television what distribution work is to use yes that's right engineering so every time you open a new cell you need to specifically source do the proper sources to tell that cell which runs the solution you want to use I can see they're under you answering .

The question – Matt connect leader Ross pocket I run it with both can I create a rust bucket and run it with both Ross % 1 & 2 hey-hey using conditions in the semi Clift's dot txt file can you show an example so create a rust bucket and run it with both hmm I don't think that that's going to be .

Possible water I don't think basically because the building system is not the same in Ross one and Rosco yeah so if the building process it was the same in Rothman and rust – maybe that would be possible but that's not the case so I'm not completely sure about that but if I had to answer you now I would say that .

That's not going to be possible what did that message about mixing distributions mean what message do you mean engineering oh yeah no here basically it's saying in the source here it says Ross DistroWatch said to me laden before please make sure that the environment does not mix paths from different distributions so .

Basically by default by default if I open a shell oops not the ID sorry I want to open a new shell this is not like this in in this project but for instance let me do a Rossum yes so you can see here that by default when when we open a shell by default the the Ross version which is sourcing is melodic yes why because this .

Is specifying like these in the bass RC file yeah the musci RC file indicates all the commands executed when a new shell is opened then somewhere here in the bash RC file maybe not in this one but in other specific let meand one ll probably here in the TC bash RC let me go here to the bottom of the file .

mmm do you see X Adama I cannot find exactly the line here but basically as you can see when we open a new shell by default the world distribution which is sorted is Ross melodic rough run melodic by default yes then since here I am switching the .

Distribution here it's telling me this world distro was set to melody before yes please make sure that the environment does not meet paths from different distributions yes so it's telling me that hey you are working we are sorting here different words in solution so be careful yes because this might cause problems basically that's .

What the message is telling let me see more here in verse 2 there is no master because DDS defines and controls the network or domain as they are coded in DDS so you can search for DDS domain to learn how to run multiple domains yeah that that's right Paul yeah so this all this not a discovery serialization communication between notice that is .

Handed in DDS in Roscoe okay bye so let's let's try to complete here the notebook and we will go back to the to the to the chat later alright so we have seen some basic differences here in terms of architecture between r1 and r2 we have done here a little practice of a sourcing different rough version Ross melody can Ross eloquent and .

Executing a basic demonstration a basic demo note in both of them and we have been able to see here the importance of the Ross master in verse 1 and how in Russ to this is not needed anymore yes in Russ to instead of the master we have the DDS system with which handles this is not a discovery yes and then finally I want to do a last .

Practice here on the Ross one bridge node so basically the rod one bridge node it some note that allows communication between Ross one and Ross two nodes yes so by running by starting this world one bridge I can for instance run a talker node in Ross one and then in a differential run a listener node in rows .

Two and they are going to be able to communicate between them and share the messages thanks to this Ross one bridge node yes then how can I use this one Warren bridge node okay let me start from zero as well I don't want to I want to start with fresh shells so that they don't have anything strange there so in order to start the Ross one bridge node .

What I need to do is first source there was one person so indeed skates we are going to source the melodic distribution yes so I first source the melodic distribution next I'm going to source their rows to distribution there we go so first I source melodic next I source eloquent yes there we go now I'm going to get this message .

Because I am switching the distribution then an important thing to check here is the roastmaster variable so in this case we have it at master so we are going to set it we are going to make sure that the Ross master hurry remains like this yes it's master here so let me do this and there we go so we are setting here there .

Was master hurry to this direction to this URL yes then finally in this case it was already correct this command it was not necessary yes then finally I'm going to run the common rows to run run run bridge dynamic bridge yes so this command is going to start the Ross one bridge node so let me run this and I am .

Getting an error here does somebody know can somebody tell me what what is happening here what why am I getting the server nice let me know in the comments how difficult is it to emigrate the packages developing in Ross one – Russ – very good question and in fact next week's life plan so next Tuesday we are going to have the life class on how to .

Port our Ross one program – Russ – yes so stay tuned Lavanya because next week we are going to talk about this we need words master rubber master hasn't started yes Roscoe default Roslyn okay excellent I love it I love it so yeah you are right guys so as you can see here it's complaining about Ross out .

The roastmaster not being found so what do we need to do we need to start a Ross faster so let's source here Ross one and let's start a Ross master there we go so we start the drawers master and they wrote one which note starts is started executed properly yes so now we have the rose one bridge not running here then what we are going to .

Do is to open a new shell and start a total note in Ross one yes so we are going to source here Ross one and we are going to Ross cpp tutorial stalker we are going to start a total note here a publisher in Rosslyn there we go and now I'm going to open a different shell and here I'm going to search Russell so eloquent not worth one .

But Russell there we go so here I have words to source it yes then now here if I do reverse topic list I cannot see the chatter note yes however now I'm going to run this comment oops sorry I lost myself I'm going to run this command rose to run demo note cpp and listener .

Yes so here basically i'm i'm i'm starting a publisher appellee sure note in to rush to which is going to subscribe to the same topic to which this talker is publishing yes then let me run this command and as you can see as soon as i execute this command here a connection is created yes passing message from ross one .

Standard messages a string two runs two standard messages string yes so basically here in the ross one rich node a connection has been created between this publisher in this subscriber sorry in verse 2 and this publisher in rosslyn yes so this is a very very interesting to the roger bridge node because it allows this communication between nodes .

In worth one and nodes in rust oh yes this for instance with Ross bridge we can launch a simulation a Casio simulation in Ross one which is based at in verse one and we can create a program in verse 2 which communicates with this simulation which is basic in Ross one yes this could be a possible utility of rows one reach for instance in fact in .

Our rush to course in our Academy I'm going to show it to you later we have a course about Ross to basics where this is done so we have many simulations being launched at there in verse one and using the rotor on bridge we create program similar to which up to eight on these simulations yes alright guys so yeah basically we have covered all the .

All the for today so let me go back one more time to the chat here Roscoe is needed is needed first rush one need for score okay everyone I saw that all of you were very very fast there with the solution then for developing a muy for rose beset software which will be preferable desktop basic apps like RVs equity or .

Web-based apps like web RVs I would say that that totally depends on your needs parody Pratt Pradeep Ethne is asking this question this is a super interesting question but for instance if I were to develop a GUI I would do it based web base it yet but that that's my case because I always prefer to work in something which is .

Based on the web then rather building an app let's say like RVs or or or lqt etc yes but I don't know I don't know maybe for for your needs it's better to create an app GUI than a web-based GUI other I don't know I don't know how cpu heavy is using Russ 2 plus worth 1 press Roth 1 wait do you need more CPU power to make these three systems .

Running at the same time yes it's more CPU consuming and especially especially it was one breach note it's it's it's a very heavy package yes so even compiling it and everything it's super heavy so so so yes but it can help you to solve some situations where for some reason you need to communicate your run with Rostow yeah Lavanya .

Can we do Ross communication between two systems system 1 running on Russ – system – or Ross one and when the rest of message reach system – we can use real from bridge yes you can do that you can do that Lavanya you can do that for sure playing with the Ross master variable you can achieve that yeah engineering nation says it looks like it .

Was running around 25% you said which doesn't seem too heavy yes in this case as you can see we are the communication also it's it's very light I mean we are just communicating one topic we are only communicating one topic which is on a string it's very basic yes however for instance if you try to communicate many topics from from a .

Receiver simulation for instance then it's consuming more resources yes can we display maps in our GUI yes you can if that's possible to do in fact Brad we have a course in our Academy let me show it to you real quick now since we have already finished we have a course in our Academy in our robot enid Academy which is called .

Developing web interfaces for Ross yes and here one of the unit is to display maps in our web interface GUI yes you can see here the data is for information on every unit result we have here one showing a map on the webpage you have a you need a specific for this yes so if you are interested in this have a look .

Rashik says yep I just did that web interfaces interfaces course it's super interesting I find it super interesting going to try the Russ to basic things for super screws in five days yes so this is what I wanted to show you as well so also we have if you want to learn more about Ross we have here our rough to basics course here we have it .

Russ to basics for C++ in five days where we have different unique basic concepts we have a unit for explaining the roster on breed with different exercises rushed to top across to services the Boheme tools etc yes so if you're interested in learning Russ – I highly recommend you this course and also I have you recommend you to stay .

Tuned for the following life classes that we are going to do in the next weeks which are going to be already dead – Russ – yeah it was really great Rasika thank you very much Thank You Brad okay guys so we have rich at the time we have been able to finish everything so I am very happy of that I'm going to switch to my camera view .

Remember guys if you want to suggest as a topic that you would like us to create a live class talking about that when these life class finishes this is going to be publish it as a regular video and then you can leave there a comment saying hey I would like to know I will I would like you to make a life class about this yes and then all of these .

Comments we are going to to write them down and get the notes and we are going to use them some of them not all of them of course but some of them we are going to use them for creating life classes in the future yes so that's my suggestion thank you very much guys for for being here with me in – they left us and I'm going to see you in next Thursday where .

We are going to discuss about how to port program from Ross one – Russ – yes super interesting so don't miss it guys yeah please stay safe guys thank you very much and I will see you very soon bye-bye


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