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Scopus vs. Web of Science Publication II Which One is Best ? II My Research Support

Hi everyone welcome back to the channel is support i am nilesh kumbhara and today we'll be discussing about which type of journal you should select for your publication whether you have to go with the scopus index journal wave of sciences index journal or ugc care listed journal and which type of journal will having or .

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Hurry up friends you can enroll for the new batches or you can subscribe the courses and do not forget to use my referral code mrs 10 to get 10 percent discount okay so now we'll be analyzing some parameters this will definitely help you identify a journal of particular indexing .

And you will be able to make your decision that whether you have to go with the scoopers index journal or whether you have to go with the web of science index journal so the first important point is journal selection criteria this is simple process if you are running a journal .

Then after a period of one year or two years when you feel that yes your journal is having sufficient number of citations and you maintain the quality you may apply for scoopers or web of science to get your journal indexed then the scoopers and web of science team will analyze your journal .

Obviously there your journal should follow the strict criteria that this team will look for whether your journal is having issn number whether you are following a proper publication policies whether you are following single or double blind peer review and then the quality of your research articles .

What is the publication charges and many more parameters and if the team is found that yes your journal has maintained a specific quality and criteria then definitely scoopers or web of science will involve your journal in their databases and you have to periodically maintain that .

Quality otherwise your journal may be removed so comparatively obviously as i am saying the criterias are very strict however if you compare scoopers with web of science criteria journal selection criteria then i can say these criterias are simple if you compare the with web of sciences .

You can say here i can say these criterias are tough and as a result of it scoopers is facing this difficulty ms coopers is rooming the journal any time in the year in last month also 14 journals are removed so by considering this parameter i can say scoopus is not .

That much reliable and the reason is many research scholars have published their documents by considering that those journals are there in the scoopers but later scoopers has removed those journals and scoopers has also denied to index already published research articles .

So if you compare this parameter with the web of science index journal then yes you can say this is reliable you see this is not the thing see to maintain the quality i know the journal have to follow the specific criteria then only the journals will be there in the indexings but .

Then the scoopers need to look at this journal selection criteria they should follow a very tough criteria so that they will not be coming across this parameter or instability rather so web of science is not removing the journals or even though they are removing the journals but it is at the specific intervals maybe after .

Year fusions will be removed but it is not the frequency is very less so you can trust web of sciences journals for this parameters of stability they are stable rather the journals those are there and the web of sciences there are many indexing like ssci .

Sci escr the journals of this indexings are completely stable but the most important parameter that you have to consider while you making your choice is metrics of that particular journal so if you are considering see if the criteria .

If your research criteria or research may be masters and phd criteria that you have to publish in scoopers then you should have no choice you cannot go for web of science index journals but if to make your profile very strong you have to consider this parameter .

Matrix of the general rather looking at the scoopers or web of science means even though the scoopus is not reliable because many journals are removing maybe monthly or twice a month but in scoopers there are few journal which is having .

Excellent metrics matrix in the same their size score number of citations and sgr these are the two parameters i have already commented on this parameters in my previous videos the scoopers make use of hjr means the journals in scooper's database .

Basis are ranked with the help of this sgr index semago journal ranking index however web of science indexed journals are ranked with the help of impact factor ranking is made with the help of impact factor for web of science index journal and this is basically a product of .

Thomson reuters so if the impact factor is there for the journal then you may ensure that the journal is there under way of science but this impact factor should be a product of thomson reuters because there are different agencies those are giving impact factor .

So obviously this matrix these are the important parameters of matrix there are many parameters and number of citations side score and all but these two parameters are very important if sj index is very high maybe 7 8 or more than that impact factor maybe 3 4 or more than that .

This this is again depends on which is the field what is the stream you are publishing your research article because if the stream is very specialized i can say materials or smart materials where research articles are very less in those cases even one or two sgr index will also .

Predict excellent quality of that particular journal okay so if you belong to social sciences applied sciences engineering medical and in that also a specific topic on that specific topic a very few journals are available very few expertise are available .

That definitely even one impact factor or 0.5 impact factor also greatly predicts better quality so in this case there are some journals we can say scooper journals those are having the acceptance rate of one to two percent excellent metrics number of citations are .

Very high size score is better hdr index is very high and acceptance rate is one to two percent means hundred research articles are submitted to the journal only one or two research articles will be accepted so friends it is really very difficult and prestigious .

To publish in this journal even though this is a scoopers index journal so these journals are far better than many journals of this web of science but there are also some journals in web of science which will be predicts excellent quality because it is having excellent matrix means impact factor is very high number .

Of citation size score is very high in those cases you can consider the web of science index journals so this is not the thing that skupas is not reliable so you cannot go for super journal there are excellent super journal those you can consider if you you have really done a very good .

Research if you have really written a very good research articles then definitely you may consider scooper's journals also you may consider wave of science index journal also the main important parameter is you have to look at the matrix on these parameters i have dedicatedly .

Prepared a separate video so you can go through that video also i'll be giving you a link in this video description so friends i hope you like this information and video if you are new to this channel please do not forget to subscribe this channel and hit the bell icon to get .

Latest research updates so i'll see in my next video bye


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