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Sequential Engineering vs Concurrent Engineering | Difference | ENGINEERING STUDY MATERIALS

hello viewers welcome to engineering study materials today we are going to discuss about the SI constant engineering concurrent engineering and difference between them so let's get into this video what is sequential engineering if the engineering procedures are fed in a .

Sequence that is count as a sequence engineering this is a simple definition consider machining process of some other part first it needs a casting then it needs gray drilling or some other milling grinding process these process must be held in a sequence that is first casting should be done then milling should be done then drilling and .

Afterwards only grinding operation the design process is at the first so this is the simple definition here the information flow is only in one direction that is first research then design then manufacture quality control distribution and then sells it should be in order it is also called as over one engineer then concurrent engineering it .

Is different from the sequential engineering that each department communicates with the forward or backward department as all so that is all of the departments are in communication for us sequential engineering the design department can communicate one lead to the manufacturing Department and naught .

To the research department because their information flow is in one direction whereas in the concurrent engineering each department can communicate with the other departments that as the previous are the afterword department so that the design can be optimized and time consumption for the redesign can be because if the same is not proper in the .

Research department and then the research department will send the design to the manufacturing Department if a manufacturing department finds an error then immediately sends the error to the research department and then redesign it and then complete the design and make a perfect design to reach the manufacturing Department this is the .

Best advantage in the concurrent engineering and the time taken for the production of the component is also less in case of the concurrent engineering so what is the difference between them in sequential engineering it is a method of production in a linear format itself that desire information takes place in the One .

Direction model whereas in concurrent engineering it is a nonlinear format in sequential the different steps are done one after another whereas concurrent engineering the work is simultaneously revolved around the different departments in sequential engineering the product if the product is completed it is left alone and no one concentrated .

On that product and they only concentrate on the next task in concurrent engineering the different tasks are tackled then the produced product also concentrated and new product also concentrated in sequential engineering time consumption is more less in concurrent engineering time consumption is less so this is the short .

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