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Tarrasch vs. Alekhine, Bad Pistyan 1922 | Chess and Psychology – IM Dorsa Derakhshani

Hello everybody welcome to another night of chess and psychology today is tuesday october 6th oh my god it's already october um so i am dorothy directory uh been with you for a few months hopefully you know by now so um today i kind of decided to just go over another dynamic game .

Surprisingly not topolo i am taking a break from my uh obsession with topalov's games so we're going to take a break from topolof but we are going to take a look at a game that will happen between tarash and alohain and i am a big fan of both of them i actually kind of tried to play .

Um tara's defense well i guess attack as black it didn't go very successful so yeah that'll be fun all right so um i am reading a chat so make sure you type in and just i i really enjoy an interactive class so yeah let's do that also wow i think this is the first time i'm saying that .

The club has a 300 subscriber k subscriber i kind of i don't think i've seen that before so i think that might be new because i remember that there was a 2.99 and i was like huh well i got three youtube accounts i might as well sign up with .

Subscriber three of them but yeah okay so i said chat is warming up a little bit awesome great so uh as i said this was a game between taras and alpine i can assume you all already have a feeling of uh well alejand is black we're looking at this game from black so .

Most likely black did something pretty cool you might be true uh this game was actually played in 1922 uh that is kind of funny it's like almost 100 years ago kind of it's quite mind-blowing but all right i'm gonna stop gushing over oh hi uh no no please don't bite my ipad and let .

Me get the microphone a little closer so all right i guess i have a pretty good ish setup uh let's assume okay so um in this game um i do believe that i have talked about this uh blumenfeld idea um it's like a mixture of different .

Openings but the first time i actually um heard about blumenfeld the c5 was there was like in my blooming dozen moscow opened 2015 i was um last round i was trying to i was playing for a win but i didn't choose my openings very wisely i was when i like i didn't .

I needed a win to get like my first or second wgm i am a wgm norm i already had like five of wm so yeah those are some fun memories and surprise it didn't go as planned uh this whole idea with d5 b5 and this a6 this was way way too sharp for my taste .

But that is something that uh if you hide no no no no well this will be fun to play with championships with the cat um but that that is the blumenfeld idea so if you are a sharp player and you want to give this a try you're more than welcome to try it it's quite sharp i had a pleasant game .

But i just missed my pawns too much and it didn't really this is not necessarily my style i don't really like to be fighting uh for i do like to play dynamic but like i want to have like like a awesome spatial advantage like a super positional advantage and then just .

Convert that to a dynamic advantage that's that's my way um compared to just you know playing like tall and giving up all my pieces and just chilling so this is one thing i just wanted to mention about this blumenfeld just .

If you are a big fan of gambits here's something you can try um however in this game it played it was played a little bit differently so it's still the same ideas with b5 but just like a just a slightly different move order but again the ideas are there one thing that could be .

Potentially different is that in blumenfeld idea without e6 we could have this g6 bishop g7 idea so i'm just giving a small opening introduction over here um so all right let's just go back to the game uh in the game actually tarash took over here however there are a bunch a bunch of other lines .

You can do like bishop g5 um i guess knight c3 might also be interesting because the whole idea is to try and do e4 so those are some of the things you could consider so i kind of want to ask um does anybody here play this as white or black because then we would have like a .

More personal understanding exactly if you don't know what to do then blumenthal could be pretty dangerous uh for white yeah i agree um i do think bishop g5 is interesting but the problem with bishop g5 is well what do i just take it over here you could play knight c3 yeah this is .

Getting this is quite interesting for both sides um i could just take on over here and just play d6 and that's another common ish plate white's gonna most likely try to do stuff in the center and king side i'm gonna do stuff in the queen side so those are some of the .

Things that could be considered um but yeah oh i see once one or two people have played it okay yeah i don't think these are quite interesting so rock on okay b5 um so take now question um what are we going to take it back .

With i highly doubt people will actually like to take it with d because if you are going to exchange queens and then you're going to lose this bond and there's potential for a4s and i don't think we should do that um so yeah i don't think we are gonna go for that hi .

Tracy so tracy i actually had a very interesting conversation so when we are doing stuff on youtube it's my understanding that leeches doesn't matter doesn't care religious only cares about twitch correct me if i'm wrong but i am not unleaches i'm on i could switch to leeches eventually .

I'm trying okay but um oh flowers blue man yeah i this the decorations i i over ordered flowers over quarantine because i was generally bored so i and i ended up with really more than i need so i just put them all over the the house so yes um that's one more thing to keep .

In mind but the queen i5 will that's interesting to mention but the problem with queen a5 is bishop d2 if bishop d2 didn't exist then i think queen a5 would have been interesting with bishop d2 then you're gonna move the queen again and then this could also be happening so yeah i don't think this is working .

But uh so well no no no no don't show no man showed the last game what did i click yes yeah i don't like give it give it oh man well tracy i guess that was karma for me not using leeches i learned my lesson okay um .

All right i there's some interesting questions but i'm having a trouble understanding them but yes so my first question for you guys well my first serious question before that it was more rhetorical um what do you think who do you want to be why it's black and why .

If you want to be white i can understand why you got one more pawn the potential of getting some stuff happen in center but what do you want to do as black if you're choosing to be black oh uh yourself i do um yeah i do think that was interesting too .

If earlier bishop g5.05 could have been a pretty decent response as well but yeah while you guys are trying to make a decision on well who you want to be um so i'm sure most of you have heard about the whole uh stuff with purchase link that's been going on that's my team that um .

Sent the sentence archbishops um got into a very unpleasant situation where there was some speculation and then it was proven to be correct so i don't have first-hand information on that but guess who does dennis borrows so make sure you tune in for .

The hour next after this one so you're gonna enjoy some of that i wish i could stay and hear that too but i got a neuroscience exam tomorrow that i have to study for before i pass out uh yeah this past few weeks haven't necessarily been .

That awesome just way too much studying when my sleeping schedule is oof yeah so i think you guys are this i i get that this position is quite unfamiliar for most of you but it doesn't mean that you can't make a decision on who you want like which side you prefer so i personally .

Prefer black remember how i said i don't like to do like sacrifices uh necessarily yeah that's that's still valid but this is a kind of a different situation because in the position that i was mentioning that i don't want to sacrifice i don't want to be .

Uh i don't want to give up my pawn we were talking about like this position and yes acting bishop active bishop uh but i i want to have this f-file i want to have a serious threat so in this position this is where we're at right now we have some serious ideas we got d5 coming up this bishop could be activated most .

Likely through d6 castle and my rook is also doing awesome so i am quite um happy on this so all right um yeah we do have a center i think that um those were some historical comments that i don't think anyone is gonna forget for at least next .

Few months to come but yeah i i mean i'm sure everybody has said funnier or worse stuff so i'm not gonna really uh yeah okay so i agree that we should do this d5 and while we're trying to do this idea with d5 this is yeah exactly this is .

Kind of like a benko but a little bit more um i want to say improve because now black got the center and has the potential to attack in the king side so yeah i think that's a little bit uh improved compared to usual bankos all right um yeah white does yeah you're correct white does have these three .

Pawns in the queen side however it's quite hard to actually put them into good use especially because these pawn uh not those two this one is gonna be also an easy target for black to try and like poke around but i okay honestly if we go into the end game like a pawn and game then yes .

I would be worried because i have less pawn that pawn is quite advanced but any time before that i'm not going to really pay much attention to the fact that i have less pawn this respawn um this extra pawn for whites would have been much more stronger if whites was actually had better piece coordination but white .

Doesn't really have that so all right um so we talked about how um this pawn is not in the best most prime position and okay so uh here actually target for e3 um that's not the best choice g3 would have been a more interesting choice especially because after g3 .

Um i think we're just thinking about it a little bit more logically black is definitely going to start unleashing pieces on your king in the on the king side right so exactly white should try to have better cover-up for the king than just playing like a e3 then bishop d3 which this bishop is also always gonna .

Be under this um under attack and yeah i don't necessarily agree with this bishop on d3 i feel like bishop on g2 i i can understand why it's not the first thing that comes to mind because well it's also not really pinning anything attacking anything we're most likely gonna do bishop b7 .

Anyways but yeah i agree axo i do think that probably was uh worried about losing on b5 and just wanted to try its best and keep the pawn that is a very valid hypothesis okay so um yeah that's one thing that i did want to mention was the difference between e3 and g3 .

I did uh quite a lot of different games on strategics people strategic strategic super uh grand masters such as cr such as kappa blanca and i'm like caba blanca would most likely do something with g3 bishop g2 instead of e3 and that's another big difference that's .

Um like usually players have this little things that you're either better in like dynamics or in strategic but great chess players are great at both so if you do want to become a better chess player or a great chess player that's something .

You should work on and don't just be one-sided i feel like for me i could work on my dynamic understanding better i still have a lot to improve compared to my strategic understanding so if you're playing with me you know what to do don't play me but yeah so .

Okay so we talk that's covered as well yeah yeah i agree ourselves so bishop d6 is nothing out of ordinary we're just developing bishop belongs on b7 um what else can we think of so um black does have a pretty awesome development and this position even though you have .

This extra pawn is white it doesn't bring you an actual um actual understanding of like okay your position is better your position is i don't think white is worse but white is definitely not better i would say black definitely has enough compensation uh yeah spanish i don't necessarily .

Think dynamics means tactics it means like it's uh to me dynamic is not exactly tactic it's like there's potential for tactic uh you have to always be watching out for like threats all around so a very active position exactly .

I think that's something to keep in mind and yeah okay so let's say uh white tries his best to develop now i want to ask you guys whoa hi kitty what do you think black should do so how are you going to get your pieces out and in close future i predict my cats to .

Be jumping in front of the camera so i'm giving you a heads up like i don't pay attention to him from five minutes and he needs the attention like even if i'm reading for my university like i'm reading a book or something and he has to come up .

And he sleeps on the book so he he takes away my attention he sleeps on the laptop he sometimes just puts his paw on my phone it's he's my boss basically um i agree black has i want to say equalize i would just say compensation and i would definitely mention .

That i want to be black right now so yeah i agree you gotta do knight d7 i didn't i think 97 is the easiest way to go about this oh no no please don't drop it oh no well i was too late um all right so i i completely do agree with this .

We do have to develop i agree with that too very well said um so white has to develop too i do really enjoy the idea with queen e7 so thank you one two three bunch of fours and all right so now we have a somewhat decent development for both sides black definitely .

Has the upper hand in this position even the white has this extra pawn but it's you don't really you can't really use this pawn actually um while you guys are thinking about a move for black so black to move what do you want to do while you're thinking about it for those .

Of you who are intermediate and thinking about well what's different between an intermediate and a beginner is the whole concept of having extra material because i do have different private students in different levels and one of them is she's such a sweet .

Kid and um like one of the things that i'm working with her is just understanding the concept that okay just because you have an extra rook doesn't mean you have to put it in like a corner you need to use it so even though it's such a simple concept for everybody it's something .

That we tend to forget and we're like a piece up or pawn up and we just kind of feel great about it so keep that in mind uh it could it could get a little tricky to actually actively think about these and online chats and blitz chats but if you .

Kind of teach yourself that to become make it become a habit then you should have a better game alright hello sacrifice rook on f3 i think that's something that might come up long in the future but not right now no i do really like the idea of e5 however i think we could prepare it a little bit .

More so i don't think e5 is bad i think e5 is pretty cool um probably something dwight will try to develop maybe e4 i guess knight moves i do think that this position is pretty dope but uh at the same time i feel like black could be developing a little bit .

More just a little bit exactly the stroke on here could be in a better place so why not drink d8 i think rook t8 is great uh because exactly i'm seeing rook movement in the chat too thank you thank you so i do that your state is pretty cool especially because after rook t8 you're .

Also kind of questioning what your opponent wants to do and these are the little psychological things in chess and that's kind of why i like to teach chess and psychology because you get to not just look at the moves and do the calculations but actually take a quick look at the .

Psychological aspects of their moves too so for example right now we do this rook d8 it's it's not it's not just like it's such a smart move it has such an awesome plan coming up but it's mainly because you're also kind of questioning your opponent like okay .

So your move what do you want to do and your opponent could very well make a mistake so chess is not just over the board or like on the computer so you have to try and play tricky up here too and that's something that also did happen to me uh quite .

Often when i was like when i was having a bad game i kept um kind of forgetting to play tricky i don't know if that's something that um you could relate to well cat's relating to it is dropping stuff down from the table uh thank you for .

Responding but yes queen c2 exactly thank you uh what's wrong with direct knight g4 i oh um hello thank you for this movement but okay um it is quite hard to do stuff with a cat around i do seriously have to think of something better to do for us .

Championships because otherwise we're just going to be sitting here talking to my cat and the arbiter and my opponent are going to be pretty pissed so that's that's a good good thing to keep in mind um so i don't think there is anything specifically wrong .

With the idea of doing a sacrifice but one thing that i've actually learned is you don't have to always do a sacrifice you could simply enjoy the x the better position that you have so nice g4 um first of all what if like something like h3 to just try to kick the knight i don't .

Do i don't think you should be doing this anymore i mean you do have like an interesting night edge too but i don't think you should be doing that the problem in um the problem with sacrifices is that if it's not completely accurate it will .

Give you give your opponents a lot of chances to slip away and i showed you a few of the games that i was the one who slipped away like i had a full piece down or i had a bunch of um horrifying positions i slipped away and i drew or i won the game .

So um those are some of the things that you shouldn't do okay glad we agree so uh i if you want to play e5 i agree with that but i'm a little more interested in rook d8 and so was alejand so roof d8 and after that we can simply just kind of chill now .

Queen c2 you finally push the pawn see your kind of question you're seeing if the opponent is scared to go to c2 you're not forcing him uh you're just kind of just trying to figure out what is he thinking like does he trust your rook d8 enough to just kind of like back away .

And play queen c2 and when the opponent plays quincy too you know that's that your opponent knows he's worse so you know that your opponent already has a less psychological advantage so those are some of the psychological things you could try to pull off and .

Then tell me about it so all right anyways finally we get this e5 that we wanted uh in the game white played inaccurately and played rook e1 i don't exactly understand this move my guess is maybe something like wanted to maybe bring the bishop i guess yeah this is one of those hard moves to .

Figure it out yeah i if anybody wants to tell me what they think why uh white player jerky one feel free to do so otherwise a better move would be to try to play for the center with e4 i mean it's not ideal especially because you have d4 and now this pawn is a monster but you at least get .

Some counter play you get the bishop c4 check you get like a knight d5 uh it's still some hope so i do think that um i would think that white this would have been a better choice just just a little bit more hope all right so tara's for the jokey one .

I'm quite surprised stark did not play this game very well but yeah well i guess we all have those days um yeah i agree most likely this uh the bishop was the reason not that way for this move um yeah that's one of the things maybe he was just intimidated by .

Playing verbs against all kind that could also be um something that does happen a lot when you're playing a more famous stronger player you tend to kind of overthink it and get in your own head so that's also something to try and .

Avoid or if you are the stronger player you could use that you're an advantage i can't say i've never done that i actually did that a few times just because i i was stronger i technically had more rating i offered draw and i got out of pretty bad positions .

Or yeah so those are like just some of the little psychological stuff that you could do anywho all right so we finally got this key finally got this king pretty lonely now i want you guys to try and tell me uh as best as you can how as black we are going to form an attack .

Keep in mind uh with this knight d2 with the rook on e1 if you play something like queen e5 i think um knight to f1 is also a possibility g3 those two are possibilities so i wouldn't necessarily think about queen e5 that fast not that queen e5 is a bad move just .

Like you still would need to most likely prepare better for it oops i do think it's interesting to not know who your opponent is which is a lot about lunches you don't actually get to see the opponent but at the same time i i still want to see the opponent i .

Trust my my brain that won't be super intimidated ah this is actually really funny um i can't i think it was yesterday i told you my sleeping skills was pretty pretty um horrifying at the moment so i like i take a nap and then i wake up at weird hours and then i can't sleep all night .

But i guess we all have those um exam weeks so i actually had a dream that i was playing against casaro and i was black i had two queens i remember vividly that i had a queen on e8 and a queen on h5 and the game somehow ended in a draw i messed it up and then i was like oh my god i wasn't .

Sharing the right screen with the arbiter no they're not gonna count it and i had this anxiety in my dream and when i woke up i was like huh maybe that's a that's a um something to keep in mind for us championships to .

Just be sure you're sharing the right screen and the right camera and all i'm quite terrified of technological stuff happening so yeah that's uh i had a dream about drawing with kasparov when i had two queens on the board so okay .

I don't think i'm necessarily doing too much chess actually i should be doing more chess but okay um i you see that was a great dream i did have a two queens but i don't know how it ends in a draw if i remember it i'll be sure just to put a comment here i just really .

Don't remember i've been having weird dreams recently family wise too so i guess drawing kasparov was a positive dream we'll go but i'll take that yeah thank you yaroslav knight e5 my g4 is also a pretty cool idea you're pretty strong um i've seen you .

Here quite often as well feel free to just let me know what is your level so i have a better understanding of different level stats watch this streams but yeah awesome 1985. great i do think that i saw knight e5 knight g4 idea earlier with other uh other people too but i was .

Pretty deep in my story with dreaming about drawing kasparov so sorry guys kinda overlook that but okay so knight e5 i think it's pretty clear i think white definitely has to do this h3 which i didn't do in the game but why should do this h3 because .

Or maybe something i'm thinking can i no the whole idea with this also gets a little unpleasant due to nice g4s and f2 pawn so i don't think i guess if you really really want to do this um g3 idea you could do something with my d1 .

No no this is still yeah no this is still not working so i think actually the game night d1 was played um but uh from what i see is that i'm seeing some interesting comments uh but no i think h3 is the best way to go for .

White it's still quite unpleasant because different there for a lot of different things i just want to get this queen to h4 so just need to get my queen in there or i can just like a knight g6 queen e5 i like that too yeah just going for h2 and your g3 is .

Going to be super weak also all right yeah i think i don't think there is a there is a good way out of this but let's just keep going knight e5 knight d1 um so at the knight g4 was mentioned earlier so i just want to take a moment .

To ask uh anybody who sees anything better than knight g4 because i do think 94 is pretty pretty uh pretty great just just you got to make sure that there's nothing better ah that's not actually uh interesting and .

Dream reading james but i don't really have a like a super favorite professor right now or like a super rival in any of my classes i am getting pretty whooped by kaplan for mcat but that's about it yeah i think you guys are doing well i .

Think knight g4 is good enough uh there could be some interesting stuff with like maybe doubling up the rook or something like that but i think knight g4 is just good enough and knight g4 pretty much have to take it otherwise well after this in trouble h2 is also popping open .

So question what if in h3 h3 was not played in the game i'm just asking you guys because i'm trying to figure out what you guys like so easy you see uh if we're talking the all generations i'm gonna go with capablanca fisher depending on which year we're talking about but if you're .

Talking current chess player since i live in san luis i'm gonna go with fabiano he's a pretty great chess player he's local why not unique hair okay yeah i agree quinash four is interesting but keep in mind uh i think queenish .

Four um you could it could get a little unpleasant because take take that the king could try to run away so careful with that um yeah i think you got to be careful about that like if check actually it's not really getting you much .

Because the bishop runs away and you don't actually have the chance to follow up with more checks uh so if tank you actually have to take that with the queen which is not the end of the world you still you did a pretty decent sacrifice and you still have a pretty decent attack however a queen eshwar is not exactly .

The best way to go about it this is actually a interesting idea to try i guess queen is four we could try it but after take maybe don't take back maybe something let's move this knight somewhere on our tim3 i don't think it's also working because of knight takes f3 .

So maybe knight d3 we're going after the rook take take take check check take over here g2 is found g4 is falling this bishop's i i do like this i'm gonna go for this take that this guy's falling the whole uh this bishop is going to .

Start being a monster yeah all right look i think you guys have a good idea and yeah good job uh davey i think knight h2 is more interesting as well um over here knight h2 could be a better version of it and if you take then i have a bunch of different ways to win i think the knight .

Anywhere is great i'm just going to put it on f3 yeah i think this is the easiest way to win as well all right so knight g4 in the game bishop took g4 knight takes g4 and taurus just took a defensive approach and play tonight f1 so how do you guys want to continue this .

Attack was a great idea yeah uh but i mean i don't think knight h2 is that great of an idea now so i think bringing the queen it's time to bring the queen we get queen of four we get queen g3 uh g5 i got i think um either of those should be good .

Yeah yeah i agree let's just bring in the queen all right so queen s4 i think it's interesting but a stream maybe let's just go right back to e5 potential of knight f3 component or an id training opponent but most likely you'll take that and two bishops are pretty awesome especially .

Compared to these two knives those lines are just sad yeah you could even try d4 and keep pushing okay this is awesome i think winners four should be enough to win uh in the game allah played queen g5 and i'm surprised because this game took like 20 m um almost 20 more moves to win .

So i'm not surprised on why it took so long because it should have been done much earlier but okay so now after queen g5 white is still trying and trying and trying h3 so what do you want to do with your knight .

Most likely wherever you go it's going to result in a pleasant game i guess maybe not knight takes f2 but anything besides that or taking on e3 should be fine so i think knight to e5 is the easiest way to just play but you have to keep in mind um .

Do you actually want to because if when you buy an it5 definitely going to take it's not even a question uh if you play this knight e5 opponent is going to you know take the knight you take it back and you have awesome two bishops but the question should be do you want to keep this knight because if you want .

To keep this knight then you gotta play knight h6 uh-huh i see some people are mentioning it in the chat as well yeah knight h6 so after knight h6 white actually played king h1 so black to move where are we trying to go i do agree we got to bring in more .

Pieces so i'm not saying that knight e5 wasn't good i'm just saying it take it's a different taste like knight e5 is awesome because if you get knight d3 oh mama but with knight e5 opponent is definitely gonna take that knight so bishop v5 bishop v5 .

And even though the position is still more pleasant for black you gotta make that decision that do you want to keep your knight on the board or not all right i see a bunch of knight f5 some bishop moving okay bring in the rock oh maybe a rook .

Afternoon probably a little bit later um i think bringing the rooks generally is going to be beneficial but i don't think it's the right time just yet one thing that i really want to try is d4 because d4 then if i get d3 then my pawns are already also .

Quite monstrous but i can't exactly do this d4 right now i mean i guess i can but um and it would get it would give quite some chances of trying to you know slip away and i don't i don't like slippery opponents or actually let's just move the king i .

Guess still i don't i don't want slippery opponents yeah so i think d4 is a little too early to do so in order to do d4 then we could do this knight f5 that was mentioned by multiple of the people in chat so yeah i think that's another great way .

To go about it so in the game white played knight h2 which i i kind of get it like you gotta do something your position is not actually that pretty so you have to move something but i don't think knight issue is actually the best way .

Um i guess knight h2's idea was if you played knight h4 i would play rook g1 but i mean position is not quite pleasant anyways and i know i keep saying that but i don't think the position is getting any better so now what we're trying to figure out .

Is just how to win this game we know we're better that's not the question anymore so black to me what do you think we should do should they still try to push for d4 should we um try to bring more pieces into king side and stop that just .

Uh i do agree that black should eventually try to use the advantage in the f file so i agree bishop c8 is also pretty cool something with bishop c8 something with rook f7 try and double up i think all of those are decent knight g3 huh .

I think the problem with knight g3 could be the fact that first of all he doesn't have to take it because if he takes it then you take with the queen and h2 is quite hard to actually keep but king g1 what is your follow-up that's what i'm .

Trying to figure out i blackness is still much much better just how are you trying to follow up that's what i'm trying to figure out and i'm having a little um hard time actually figuring that out maybe you could try to double up but i don't think you necessarily have .

To have that nikon g3 so i am a fan of d4 to be honest i think d4 is the easiest way to win why would you sit here and calculate all the ways you could attack the king when you can you know just get so much space that the king is just gonna just not wanna even .

Try to move so i think d4 psychologically is even more um just showing up your power showing off your space showing off your how you're dominating the opponent i think all of these are um ways to consider it but all right so um i believe in the game taraj played .

Bishop c1 which just looks pretty weird but i honestly don't know what else to do for whites i mean i guess is there a check could i take this and try to give a check yeah this is not very appealing also rooks get doubled up you take over here i also have rook c8 .

How are you going to defend this poor guy yeah i don't i don't really um oh boy also that gets opened up yeah that's pretty horrible yep i am not going to want to take that pawns white either so bishop c1 i mean i understand that the threats .

That okay i want to take this and eat your i want to eat this and attack your queen but i don't think uh it's very realistic to be honest so um bishop c1 and so blackstone what do you want to do you have some choices you could consider a bunch of checks .

You could consider you know pushing over here you could probably even still consider just moving the queens maybe just queen g6 i'm pretty sure this is also winning so you have a bunch of options just which one do you think is best most accurate most oh hold on let .

Me rephrase my question which one do you think is most annoying for the opponents um i think d3 also yeah i see a knight is four okay i think that h4 is interesting as well again i don't really see anything specific really wrong with any of these moves as long as .

You're not blundering you're fine but at the same time d series seems pretty pretty uh pretty awesome so okay d3 and all right so i see there are a lot of great comments all right awesome .

Gotta move the king so now black to move what do you think we should do yeah i kind of cut maybe two three inches of my hair today that was a little bored and i was trying to not study so i cut some hair i don't know if i regret it just yet .

Still pretty long but um i don't think it's time to the rookie of six i don't really want to i don't want to give up my rook like i get that you want to bring your rook but i guess bishop b2's whole idea was to avoid this take away this undercap 6. so you see ben simon is writing .

Celebration but it's more like come here for all the juicy detail so i'm sure there'll be clips of it on the internet but yeah oh hi josh ah you're just on time for some good old night tanking what major do i study um a bunch of them .

I am doing biology health sciences and health care ethics so yeah it's fun um i don't think knight e3 is exactly what we had in mind because knight takes e3 this i think this is the one move that white could actually get better with rook takes e3 and you don't really have a follow-up if the pawn to .

Okay yes uh no questions there that's why it's why it's pretty busted i agree knight g3 yep uh-huh 93 and the beauty of it is that remember how exactly oh good job thank you for making my life easier for putting stuff in that chat too uh remember how earlier when we talked .

About where was it you talked about knight's g3 quite earlier we talked about this knight g3 idea ah here before the pawn was on d3 and we said if king goes to g1 then we don't really have a follow-up so that is why right now this 92 would be pretty awesome because well first of all if you take it .

Muchas gracias give me that knight and the mate as well uh if you don't take it now i do have this knight e2 whenever i want it nobody's rushing me because if take i'll still take that no problem there um so now black timon what do you think we should do .

That's interesting i'm i'm quite curious wouldn't white have a knight g4 at the end to try and defend h2 yeah i think that might be a little bit problematic if you try to do like a quick knight um quick like knight d2 or f2 i think that's why it's not necessarily the best way to .

Go about it but still our h4s so i mean it's worth looking at but i think i think these are like extra stuff that could give your opponents the chance to actually slip away and they don't really want to do that ooh this g7 pum is also beginning to .

Yeah queen f7 oh boy yeah why it's much better now let's not do this i don't want to give my opponent chances to whoop me i'm getting enough whooping from kaplan and mcat studying no need for people from 100 years ago two of me too so no 92 i don't think 92 is accurate .

Just yet but we could bring more pieces maybe why not bishop d5 also also we just mentioned something with queen f7 right so let's just do bishop d5 so we never ever ever have to worry about this and okay you gotta move the queen queen c3 uh i'm gonna do this 92 right so you have .

Very limited numbers of squares to go for example if you go queen a four what do you think we should do now so black to move how are we winning it is quite sad not questions there so these are some of the ideas that have been mentioned pretty frequently earlier .

I'm not the biggest fan of bishop e6 i kind of like my bishop where it is maybe d2 looks interesting it means you're eating extra material i'm not gonna stop you from that yeah i guess this is just good enough yeah i guess d2 is good enough all right since we have d2 i'm just going to go .

Ahead and show you um what was played in the game so allah played knight e2 king h1 and finally this is the move that has been mentioned a bunch of times brick epsilon so we are simply trying to double up we're finally bringing our other rook oh my god just .

Took what like 30 moves to bring that truck okay uh another another little also psychological thing to keep in mind is not overdoing it you shouldn't always be looking at to sacrifice yes it's fun to sacrifice your adrenaline goes high .

Your blood is bumping your heart is racing your eyes get big but the yeah we don't really necessarily need um sacrifice we don't we shouldn't be looking into um unnecessary sacrifices so exactly thank you josh that is a psychological way to do it and .

It's like psychological torture maybe i should change the name of this course um uh so yeah i think it's it's a game yeah we should have fun but it doesn't mean we have to have fun and you know give our opponent a chance to sleep away we could have fun .

By like getting the opponents like pretty miserable not sledding uh like not technically a zugzwang but still it's still kind of a kind of a zug's one like you don't really have any good moves anyways like right now but you're also not in a real too so long yeah i did cut my hair a little bit .

But it wasn't spontaneous it was more like it was quite uh strategic i was trying to kill time before the stream so i didn't have to study see yeah exactly you could just enjoy this fantastic position instead of giving you material to unclear exactly oh okay i think you guys are doing this pretty awesome .

All right thank you oh thank you james that's very nice of you to say so all right so let me try to wrap this up i do not want the uh dennis bars to have to sit on all the secrets and scandals for much longer so in the game actually elephant played h5 again there are many many many ways to win this so .

Just do what makes the most sense to you and but don't give up stuff unless you actually see absolute clear advantage i feel like sacrificing and just playing normal after sacrifice is just something that you see in movies i mean in like super high chess players so .

Unless you're one of those which i don't know what you're doing here then i don't recommend you do that so sorry josh kind of overlooked you but you can sacrifice as much as you want i'm not gonna stop you but okay so h5 and like see white is doing like uh desperate thrives with b6 .

And now allah is like all right i'm gonna try this well if you take that's going to be mate you don't even really have that knight g4 after because of the pawn and chain g1 i just take back not even giving any chance no chance even though a8 wasn't actually working .

Because you have pieces but no chance and take now finally this d2 we could have left d2 much earlier too and all right let's eat that and i'm gonna come over here attack on h3 it's just such a chill way to attack and i do think that being too chill is .

Also not the best way um so yeah just try your best not to be too chill or something like okay now this makes sense right take or kf3 and this is pretty lost right knight f3 knight g3 just h4 this guy is falling i actually i can't .

Think of any way for white god this is funny huh the only thing is if you take with the pawn i'm gonna take care okay that was actually cute nice try um just take this the queen and just give that checkmate and this uh that's actually .

In this position the game ended however if you play something like kg1 i have bishopvish two and mates coming up quite soon um if you don't like kng2 i'm gonna have like queen of three that's also next movement so yeah i think this was a pretty interesting game also because um it was quite dynamic and .

It doesn't just promote the idea of attack attack attack it promotes the idea of making your opponent uncomfortable and psychological torture and stuff like that so all right on that note i am going to uh wish you a great night i'm gonna .

Invite you to watch dennis boris's spilled beans segment and i am gonna go get some coffee and do the rest of my neuroscience uh i'll see you guys on friday so tune in for from my friday lessons have fun


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