Friday, May 20, 2022

UCaaS vs CPaaS vs CCaaS? What’s the Difference?

Hi, this is Brandon from Global Call Forwarding. Today we’re going to discuss the differencebetween (UCaaS vs CPaaS vs CCaaS) UCaaS, CPaaS, and CCaaS — so you can decide which routeto go when building a business communication stack. But before we dig into the differences, let’squickly recap what UCaaS, CPaaS, and CCaaS are. UCaaS stands for Unified Communications asa Service. It combines relevant communication tools intoone cloud-based solution — without the cost of hardware and maintenance. .

Think of UCaaS as a unified business phonesystem — with various services like – calling, video, messaging, and audio conferencing ina single place. CPaaS or Communications Platform as a Serviceis an open cloud-based platform. It allows developers to integrate real-time communications features directly into existing applications. With CPaaS, companies can access voice, messaging, video, and phone number capabilities through an A-P-I. All without building backend infrastructure. Both UCaaS and CPaaS are cloud solutions intended to add functionality to your communication stack. .

On the other hand, CCaaS or Contact Centeras a Service offers contact center capabilities. It enables multi- and omnichannel communication such as voice, email, chat, SMS, and even social media — through one cloud-based platform. This way, customers can contact your businessthrough the media they prefer. So, how are these communication models different? UCaaS is a one-stop platform with built-incommunication functionalities. It offers UC capabilities with instant accessto voice and video calling , phone number management, reporting and analytics, callfeatures like call recording, and so on. .

UCaaS is a streamlined, single platform thatis good to go right out of the box. And these solutions are highly scalable. So they can support your business’ growth. With CPaaS, you can pick and choose differentA-P-Is to add to your existing system. It lets you create a customized communicationsmodel to meet your specific needs. And since these solutions are easy to integrate,you can use CPaaS to enhance systems already in place. This is a good solution for companies lookingfor digital transformation — but don’t to change too much. CCaaS, on the other hand, is customer-focusedletting customers contact your business through different communication channels. More and more people prefer video, chat, andSMS over phone calls and emails. .

A good CCaaS solution will offer various channels, encouraging customers to get in touch. Contact centers provide a direct link betweencompanies and their users. This makes them a great source of customer data. CCaaS providers take this a step further. They use the latest A-i tech to bring youadvanced analytics and reporting — so you can offer better and personalized customer service With CCaaS, you get: Advanced features like blended routing andcall recording Proactive solutions like outbound callingand SMS .

Call and speech analytics, Integrations Reporting, and more. This technology is not easy to integrate intoan existing on-premise system. So, what model should you choose? With UCaaS, you get an all-in-one platformwith multiple functionalities. And with CPaaS, you can customize by pickingdesired features. But if you are looking to reinvent how customersinteract with your business, then CCaaS might be the way to go. Another option is to combine UCaaS, CPaaS,and CCaaS providers. .

This will let you build a comprehensive solutionfor internal and external communication. When it comes to choosing a model for yourbusiness, consider your communication needs and goals. Do you want a brand-new system or simply upgrade your existing one? Do you need a solution for internal collaborationor improve caller experience, or both? If you want to learn more about UCaaS, CPaaS,and CCaaS solutions, visit or chat with our telecom experts! We can help you determine what type of communicationsolutions will best suit your needs.


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