Tuesday, May 24, 2022

What is Network Administration & Engineering?

Welcome to the Network administration an engineering career path if you're brand new to the IT landscape I want to give you a flyby of what this track is all about Wikipedia likely brings up the most important element of this path when they say network administrators are generally mid-level support staff within an organization and do not typically get .

Involved directly with users boo you win this is the path for you okay well that is funny it definitely characterizes what the network admin is all about they build the network fabric that all the users and system administrators use to communicate so essentially you go into an .

Organization and you take the Microsoft guys and the Linux guys and the end users on their PCs and the IP phones and you connect them all together with network devices the first and most important one that starts it all off is the switch which ties them all together you might decide to implement something like virtual LANs where you segment to .

The phones from the servers and the users because you want to make sure that you implement a security boundary that's what VLANs really opens the door to allows you to group devices together into different segments and then you can put an access control as to say okay these guys cannot reach the IP phones why would you do that well because .

There's all kinds of tools out there that if they can they can actually tap the conversation and convert it to just a wave file or mp3 file that's kind of creepy it's going to be you that implements the wireless networks and sets the coverage and the number of access points so that you reach every square foot of the building so people .

With laptops and tablets and everything else are able to get on and start using the network wherever they are and of course probably the most important element that I would say is you are the one responsible for bringing in that internet access not just saying hey everybody can access the internet now but filtering it securing it making sure .

That the internet cannot reach you if it's not invited to you might also bring in some other offices your organization grows beyond one building into another building that's a hundred miles away how do you put that all together these are the puzzle pieces that the network admin works with on a daily basis network administration can be a high-risk .

High-reward game and it's what I've spent the last 15 years of my life doing a nice love it I hope this has been informative for you and I'd like to thank you for viewing


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