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What’s the difference between Xiaomi Mi 5 and Mi 6?

On april 27 2018 the chinese company presented new smartphone xiaomi me 6x with dual vertical camera and full hd plus display with an aspect ratio of 18 9. the novelty is the successor to the me 5x the phone is available in five color options so both men and women can choose .

The perfect one for themselves introducing detailed review xiaomi 6x smartphone specifications configuration design camera performance and autonomy in terms of the main characteristics the me 6x resembles the budget version of the mean mix 2s recall that the previous model me 5x mi a1 entered the top best smartphone's .

Middle class it is also expected that by analogy with last year the xiaomi nia 2 smartphone will be released in 2018. the smartphone will be an analog of the me 6x but will be released by android program one xiaomi mi 6x review let's start our review of this phone .

With the package bundle and appearance the packaging design is quite minimalistic if the redmi series has a bright red top cover then here we see the classic white box which this time the chinese company has made more attractive now it's not just a white box with a small me logo in the center like the me .

5x had in the lower left corner there is a bright inscription 6x and the orange logo itself is neatly located in the upper right corner this box looks very attractive removing the top cover the first thing we see is the slogan of the xiaomi company .

The package bundle of me 6x is much richer than that of other phone models for example the now popular redmi 5 plus in the kit the user will find dense silicon cover overlay tpu case instructions in chinese manual usb cable type c original charger 5 volts 2a no 18 watts in the box fast charging although .

According to the specification the device supports the technology qc 3.0 a special clip for removing the sim card slot sim ejector pen audio adapter iron an adapter from type c to a standard 3.5 millimeters jack audio adapter type c to 3.5 millimeters on the phone itself factory films are .

Glued to the front and back the front film contains a brief specification of the device design let's take a look at the phone from all angles to appreciate all the advantages or disadvantages of the xiaomi mi 6x the bottom panel contains a microphone .

Loudspeaker and usb port type c on the left side is the hybrid slot for sim cards where you can put two sim cards nano sim at the same time unlike the redmi 5 plus slot where in addition to sim cards you can put one memory card me 6x does not support microsd lack of ability to expand internal .

Memory many users will immediately attribute the phone to the disadvantages and disadvantages of this model considering that the xiaomi me 6x is very thin the thickness is only 7.3 millimeters the camera of the device protrudes slightly therefore immediately after purchase it .

Is recommended to use a protective case at least the one that comes with the kit this will help avoid accidental scratches compared to the redmi note 5 the me 6x's camera sticks out about one millimeter more relative to the rear panel in general the design of this smartphone uses all the most fashionable design .

Chips that can be found in 2018 the thin all metal body fits well in the hand but it will seem inconvenient to users who have never dealt with phones of this format before this inconvenience can be solved by purchasing a protective case thanks to which the device will be more comfortable in the hand .

Screen now let's take a closer look at the front panel unlike the black version all other color options come with a white front panel someone likes this design solution other users on the contrary consider this a disadvantage when buying a golden me 6x and instead of a golden one in .

Front it is white the redmi 5 plus had the same disadvantage but this is a matter of taste since from a design point of view white looks more elegant from the front the novelty completely resembles the front full screen panel of the redmi 5 plus .

Therefore if you are planning to buy xiaomi me 6x when it appears in russia but you doubt whether the screen will be convenient then you can go to any store and test the xiaomi redmi 5 plus screen there since according to their specifications both displays have the same specifications .

Display 5.99 inches lcd ips 92.6 centimeters 2 tilde 77.4 screen body ratio resolution 1080 by 2160 pixels full hd plus the aspect ratio of the screen is 18 9 403 p support for multiple touches multi-touch connection .

Camera the dual camera of the xiaomi me 6x is really the highlight of this model it is the camera and the characteristics of optics that users most often look at when choosing a new phone me 6x can be added to design dual cameras has changed significantly compared to the me 5x .

It is now positioned vertically instead of horizontally this trend of 2018 appeared with the release of the iphone 10. our beloved chinese company has already managed to implement it in the camera optics characteristics the me 6x camera uses the main touch sensor sony imx 486 and sony imx 376 .

Recall the predecessor ov 12 a10 plus of the 13 880. let's take a closer look at the optics specification main camera 12 mp f 1.8 aperture 1 2.9 1.25 m plus 20 mp f 1.8 1 2.8 1.0 m phase detection autofocus 2x optical zoom led flash front camera 20 mp f 1.8 1 2.8 1.0 m .

1080p auto hdr optical characteristics allow you to make nice photos with less noise in low light conditions comparing the quality of the images with the me 6 it is clear that the support for ai algorithms makes it possible to feel the difference examples of photos are also good like .

Those of the 2017 xiaomi flagship pc mark battery stress test the battery life test of the me 6x showed that the phone will be able to work for seven hours four minutes in active load mode 10 hours in medium load mode the test result is 6814 points .

The autonomy indicator is quite acceptable when compared with the main competitors it is worth considering that according to the test results miui was named one of the better systems in terms of energy consumption as a reminder the set comes with a 5 volts 2a 5 volts 2a charger .

Since the xiaomi mi 6x supports it an appropriate charger was used for the test charging with charger qc 3.0 we were able to charge the battery from 19 to 100 in one hour and 34 minutes during the second test of the xiaomi me 6x the phone charged from 18 to 37 in 12 minutes .

And it was fully charged in 90 minutes


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