Sunday, May 22, 2022

Who’s The BEST Wager Player? (Plalism vs Physics)

what's up guys it's physics here in today's video overtime challenged me and plasma to go ahead and 1v1 for 100 to see who is the best if you guys enjoy this video make sure to drop a like subscribe and enjoy the video peace round one fight all right first to seven one by two .

You'll always be a stupid creative warrior okay well i'm on 60 ping remember that so when you just remember that i am on 60 ping okay yeah i remember that oh my god how does it feel .

I'll take it i'll take it no way you didn't fall for that there's no way you didn't fall for that i didn't fall for that well oh my god i'm not gonna get around on you bro i can't build properly on this ping round two fight i don't even have haste installed .

Because i didn't care about my thing because i'm a content creator now oh you're washed i'm basically washed yeah look at you you're building so high and you know you don't even need to do that sorry you're just so good and fast at the game oh you just got baited so hard i can't even lie you just got baited so .

Hard i definitely just didn't take 43 oh my god dude yo what's up guys real quick if you didn't already know overtime is sponsored by scuff gaming and with christmas just over it's the perfect time to use your christmas money to make an upgrade and take your game to the .

Next level like ot members have already guff offers tons of benefits such as paddles grips trigger stops less input delay and is fully customizable be sure to check out the link in the description and use code ot for five percent off at checkout enjoy the rest of the video i'm just gonna i'm just gonna pinp .

You it has been stuff there's no way you just hit me that hard i saw i definitely stopped him while you were gone yes sir yes sir baby no way no wait you still had one wait how much mass did you have i had like 400. .

oh you gotta switch it up you gotta oh i see you were trying to confuse me and just playing the brain games yes sir no way yes sir yo why am i so oh [ __ ] i mean i'll take that oh my i'm .

Terrible for that no way i didn't i just tried to do a god play right there and it failed 30. like i'm going to lose it physics i can't do this you got a match shut up shut up shut up shut up dude like i can't conserve oh i'm actually terrible .

How did you just hit me right there oh my god i'm throwing oh man i'm let's get seven oh now no way that just happened no i need to get you in and just 200 you oh no oh my god physics i'm actually so filthy for that i'm not even gonna lie i'm so filthy for that .

I'm gonna lose it i understand i can't connect to anything like no no there's no way i didn't win that one bro dude look at the damage dealt the damage still i have three times there's just no way i'm about to get five votes .

Oh god man i used to be so good on hyping like what the hell happened wait no way you got above that what claws are you actually playing a mean logo right now dude thank you thank you i'd like to think i'm a mean low grounder look at my piece control oh no it all comes down to the mad game .

No way don't worry don't die there's just no way i lose right imagine you beat me imagine you beat me while i'm on hard zero i'm just gonna 50 50 10 times or five times yikes oh my god my 90s are terrible on this stream oh that's not good .

Yes sir yes sir um i think i'm conserving a little bit better than you you don't want to do that and you're stuck up in one pump here no i definitely didn't have masks my drop was so slow on this thing it's hard bro that's so hard .

From zero to sixty five one of you i'm five one of you which one just watch let's watch damn only if you can take that bloom off man i'm not very smart bro oh i almost had you i almost had you in my little trap why did i like what am i doing .

Thank god man you almost had me bro what the hell all right it's gonna be five one it's gonna be five one okay on my mother's life it's gonna be 5-1 now i gotta win i know i'm gonna win now oh you're the dead man no way god damn man there's no way there's no way you just .

Did that bro how did that even happen i just teleported oh you're such a good 90 oh my god i can't build in time either in that because of the thing like bro you hit me for like 120 you cannot build in time for that .

Damn it man if i just oh my god we wouldn't bloom if i just didn't bloom off or if i just didn't hit if i just finished you off and oh oh wait wait a second where are my shots going honestly physics you just got pieced up so hard .

Physics playing out of his mind right now i gotta say he is playing quite well i just got i just got i just got cheesed i think i'm i think i'm beating you at the match here for two i can't believe this i can't believe this my mom rip mums bro .

You're not peacekeeping buddy i am peace controller learns everything from me where you going buddy i'm above you oh sometimes i lose track of how fast i am let's go let's go baby you .


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