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175 Riddles Challenge Is Like Squid Game for Your Brain

So olivia has been dreaming of becoming a police detective since childhood and look at her now she's graduating from the police academy but before she gets hired to be a real detective she has to go through a tricky quest to prove her skills a missing bag her first task was to help a young woman .

In a shopping mall her bag disappeared while she was choosing a toy for her little nephew olivia found three suspects i was getting groceries when it happened said noah i was with my son in the shopping mall playground claimed sophia i was in the cafe getting my daily dose of caffeine stated jackson olivia didn't .

Need much time to figure out who had taken the bag do you know who it was it was sophia she couldn't be on the playground with her son because people older than 14 aren't allowed in there an airport mystery olivia's next case was at the airport a .

Furious traveler claimed the contents of his baggage had disappeared when i got my suitcase it was empty i want you to compensate for what i've lost after checking the passenger's info olivia found out that he had indeed left london with a heavy suitcase and now his bag was empty and a bit wet the whole .

Situation was suspicious but the future detective couldn't figure out what it was ha she got it it was a setup can you figure out what happened the passenger left london with a suitcase full of eyes during the flight the ice melted and the man demanded .

Compensation for the lost belongings which factory olivia was sent to a small town to investigate a case the town's inhabitants claimed that one of the three factories in the area was polluting the water in a local lake but no one could understand which factory it was .

Olivia visited all of them and took pictures in the evening she examined the photos she had suddenly she realized which factory had been causing the problems look at the pictures olivia had taken and try to figure it out too it's not the first factory it looks long .

Abandoned and not functioning at all the third factory isn't too bad the trees growing around are healthy olivia also saw some fish in the lake close to that place but the trees near the second factory are scarce and look unhealthy meaning this one is the factory polluting the water .

Mr wasp the principal of blackwood high school was worried about an important annual event it was a tug of war between the team of energetic grandmas the school soccer players and mr wasp dog snarky let the show begin we've got four soccer players each of equal strength and five grandmas each of equal power who's gonna .

Win look at that it's a draw now it's the fearless dog snarky versus two grandmas and one footballer and it's a draw again before the final round the teams decided to take a break in the next round both sides needed to have an equal number of participants .

Damien a math genius walked up to the grandmas he led them to a secluded spot and started to explain something to them after a while damien walked back to the arena smiling to himself and now we see three grandmas and snarky plus four soccer players who do you think is going to win the grannies won .

Based on the first round we can understand that the power of five grandmas is equal to the strength of four soccer players and based on the second round the dog strength is the same as the power of two grannies and one soccer player that's why to beat four players the grannies needed to replace two of them .

With snarky a missing runner the next case olivia had to crack was connected with marathon runners one of them a girl called chloe disappeared right before the competition olivia questioned her competitors i haven't seen chloe today i was at home sleeping and resting before the .

Competition said zoe it was victoria's turn to answer the questions i was going to meet with chloe at a cafe near the gym but she canceled the meeting she needed to visit her makeup artist she was going on a date after the marathon um i brought chloe some sandwiches in the morning and i haven't seen her since .

Then said lily olivia knew a thing or two about running a marathon she immediately arrested the suspect who was it it was victoria even if chloe had flawless makeup before the competition it wouldn't last even an hour there was no sense in doing it before the marathon .

Hidden treasure olivia was so exhausted after solving several cases at a time that she fell asleep right at her table when she woke up she found herself in a dark room with no windows a locked door and a table on the table there was a piece of paper with several red letters on it u-c-t-i-o-n .

Olivia was a smart girl she needed less than a minute to find the answer to this rebus and how much time will you need the word hidden in the rebus is reduction after olivia wrote it down on the paper the door opened immediately which door .

Olivia found herself in another room again no windows but this time there were three doors leading out of the room suddenly a big screen on the wall which olivia hadn't noticed before lit up the girl said behind each of these doors there is some danger the first door leads to a scorching hot desert several steps and .

The sun will burn you behind the second door there is an alligator that hasn't eaten for a year and the third door hides a pool with icy water to get to freedom you'll have to swim through it to cut a long story short olivia managed to get out of the room which door did she choose .

Alligators can indeed go without food for up to three years meaning the creature behind the second door is hungry and dangerous freezing water can cause cold shock in an unprepared swimmer that's why olivia chose the first door she waited for the sun to go down and walked through the desert .

the first thing you do is go to a beach party sun ocean hot white sand you take a soda and go dancing all of a sudden the music stops you ask the dj what happened someone pulled the wire from the speakers she says you go behind the stage and see five .

Chords all of them have different colors two of them need to be inserted into the speakers which ones hurry up save the party red and green there are marks with corresponding colors in the left corner of each speaker the party goes on you're tired and .

Hungry so you go to a restaurant there's a huge buffet with hot dishes you take two sandwiches and sit down at the table after a delicious meal you decide to have some fresh fruit for dessert you come up to the table with bananas apples pineapples and kiwis some of these fruits are not fresh which of them and why is that .

all the fruit trays are almost empty but there are a lot of kiwis left people don't take them since they're not very fresh after lunch you go to the beach the sand is so hot that you can fry eggs on them so you put on your shoes you see a group of people playing volleyball you want to .

Join them get closer but the game field is empty was it a mirage or did the people leave the spot so quickly that you didn't notice what do you think it was a mirage since there are no footprints in the sand the sun is hot and you decide to go into .

The jungle to hide in the shadows you go out into a wide clearing and see several people sitting in the lotus position it's a meditation session people relax with their eyes closed and do not see that you've come you carefully sit down next to them and realize that something is wrong with all these people .

What is it exactly they don't just sit they're floating a couple inches off the ground who are they you get scared and run away from this place you run through the jungle and see three roads one is littered with broken glass there are plants with thorns on the .

Second road and you see hot coals on the third one which one will you choose actually you can go everywhere you put on your shoes on the beach remember in the very center of the island you find a big old house its roof is destroyed and the windows are broken but there's music coming from the building .

You look inside and see a group of people and raincoats dancing to techno you join the party and notice that each person has long fangs peeking out of their mouth the dancers turn to you and look unfriendly at first you get scared but then you realize these people are only pretending to be vampires .

Fangs and cloaks are part of the masquerade how do you know they're not vampires the roof of the building is destroyed the sunlight gets inside the vampires should be afraid of it you keep dancing and at that moment you get terrified the dancers aren't vampires but they're not humans either .

Why do you think so there's a mirror on the wall and only you are reflected in it you run out of the building and go through the jungle white pigeons fly past you and in the distance you can hear people's voices you make your way through the bushes and find yourself at a wedding ceremony people are sitting on the chairs a bride .

A groom his friend and two bridesmaids are standing in front everything seems fine but then you realize that one of these people is an alien who the bride you can see that she has three hands it doesn't scare you too much after the ceremony the party begins you speak with .

The guests take drinks and snacks an old man gets on the stage to deliver a speech he says that he has a gift to the newlyweds an elixir that makes a person younger by five years and prolongs life the same elixir is inside every drink and everyone can drink it all the guests rush to the table and grab glasses someone drinks two glasses .

At once someone five to six glasses in a row someone quickly drinks only one and among all the people there is an old lady she slowly drinks her cocktail and becomes a little younger why did the elixir affect her but not the other guests the elixir was in ice cubes the old lady .

Drank for a long time and the ice in the glass had time to melt after such an eventful day you're exhausted you fall asleep as soon as your head touches the pillow but you get woken up just a few hours later another day another case oh you're finally here a man tied to a chair looks happy someone broke into my .

House this night tied me and stole all our valuables our mailman came early in the morning to deliver newspapers he must have heard me shouting for help and called the police luckily all our stuff was insured but i hope to deal with this problem before my wife finds out about this you arrest the man for attempting .

Insurance fraud why you paid attention that the newspapers were on the table in the hall not lying on the floor near the mail slot someone must have put them there it could only be the house owner or his wife who was an accomplice after the police arrive .

You leave the man's house and immediately receive a new call mrs smith claims that her neighbor mrs miller has stolen her laundry the woman says she hung the laundry in her backyard at 10 a.m and when she went out of the house two hours later she saw mrs miller putting it in her bag i didn't do this it's a lie the other woman looks angry .

You look around and ask mrs smith to go to the police station with you for trying to slander her neighbor how did you figure out that mrs smith was lying it's freezing outside and there's snow on the roofs in two hours damp laundry would be so frozen it'd be impossible to fold it and put it in a bag your phone .

Rings again it's a woman who works at a museum you must help me she cries when you arrive at the museum she tells you her story yesterday i stayed late at work i needed to prepare some documents i was sitting at this table the overhead lights were off and the only source of light was my desk lamp i was listening to music when suddenly i saw a shadow to .

The right of the table i realized it was a person jumping out of the open window i immediately switched on the overhead lights and discovered that an ancient vase i kept in my office was gone this vase costs hundreds of thousands of dollars you didn't believe this story why .

If the only source of light had been a desk lamp standing in front of the woman she wouldn't have noticed a shadow to the right of the table it turns out that before leaving your detective friend gave your contacts to all his acquaintances and now one of them needs your help you arrive at his jewelry store a client came there several hours .

Ago planning to buy an expensive diamond ring for his wife but someone stole his wallet right in the store the manager he was the one to call you asked all the visitors who were inside at that time to stay until your arrival you look at all these people attentively soon you know who took the wallet .

It's the man in the middle he has a bandage on his right arm but it's wrapped over the sleeve of his jacket not hidden under it like a real bandage would be you knock on a sturdy brown door while a woman with a bandage on her head stands next to you a man opens the door excuse me you say a pot plant fell out of your .

Window an hour ago and hit this woman on her head i had to take her to the hospital she's okay now but you need to compensate this woman for the damage may we come in the man turns pale but lets you in it can't be true our windows were closed because we've just returned home i literally entered my apartment two minutes before you came .

You realize this man is lying and call the police how did you figure it out you spotted a pan with boiling water in the kitchen if the man had indeed come home just a few minutes ago the water wouldn't have had enough time to start boiling now it's your friend who needs help she owns a grocery store a gust of .

Wind blew a 100 bill out of her hands and the money seems to have vanished into thin air your friend thinks it was one of the customers who took the bill but no one wants to admit stealing the money you ask all visitors to go to your friend's office when a woman speaks up it's incredible to be accused of theft .

Here you can check my bags right now please just come with me to the office we'll figure it out there you say after the woman refuses to follow you you call the police why the woman is standing on the 100 bill if she follows you everyone will see the money the next morning rainy and gloomy you .

Get your next case to investigate it you need to visit the office of a large international company rebecca the girl who called you works there she says i've just come back from brunch and discovered that someone had knocked our hr manager out just an hour ago you questioned the people who were in the office at that time .

Laura is an applicant she says she was a bit angry with the hr manager he made her wait well past her appointment time and still the girl says i would never hit another person i'm also too weak to do it gary who works in the marketing department claims he hasn't seen the hr manager since he arrived at work he was in a meeting from the very morning till .

Lunchtime jacob from research and development tells you he rode his bike to a coffee shop to get his cappuccino he's just come back you immediately realize who hit the hr manager it was jacob both his bike and his clothes are dry and clean how is that possible if it's raining outside .

A transportation paradox amy has overslept this morning and she's going to be late for work she gets ready runs to the bus stop and hops on the only bus waiting there uh oh it seems to be the wrong bus there are three doors at the back the driver tells amy only one leads to safety .

Behind the first one there's a giant elephant that will step on anyone who isn't gray behind the second one there's a tiger who will eat anyone who is an orange behind the third door there's an anaconda that will swallow anyone that isn't green what kind of cockamamie bus is this .

Anyway amy sees two buckets of paint one is yellow and the other is red you have seven seconds to help the girl she should mix the red and yellow paint to get the orange color paint herself and head out the second door boy i can't wait for her excuse when she shows up at work painted orange .

A secret room well hey amy finally gets to work but instead of entering her office she walks into a mysterious room there's someone dressed in a hooded cloak inside the figure lifts its arms and the doors behind amy close shut then she hears this to open the door you have to guess what .

Word i have in mind right now sounds kind of like barney from the mailroom the girl scans the room lost in thought then she smiles and says the word you have seven seconds to figure out what word she said it's candles the room is filled with .

Hundreds of them the right dimension amy has to go through a large forest on her way home all of a sudden three portals appear in front of her each can take her to a different place the first one will land her on the moon the second portal will move her to the bottom of the mariana trench .

The last one will take her 30 000 years back when large dinosaurs were still roaming around which portal leads to safety the third one it turns out that dinosaurs actually went extinct 65 million years ago amy will be safe there .

A locked car amy's had a tough day and it's about to get worse must be a monday when she's heading out to the underground parking to get her car the electricity goes out then she sees a glowing three-digit pin code lock on her car on the floor there's a piece of paper with zero zero nine written on it .

She enters the number but the attempt is unsuccessful the girl thinks a bit more and figures out the correct code what is the code you have seven seconds to guess amy flipped the paper upside down and read the number correctly it's 600 giant lake tunnels anna and greg are on an adventure .

Camping trip when they're walking across a flimsy bridge it starts to collapse they rush to the other side and see three deep tunnels there the guys have to jump in one of them to survive the first tunnel leads to a volcano with hot lava bubbling in its crater the second one is a lake filled with .

Hungry 50 year old piranhas the last tunnel is an abyss with spiky stalagmites at the bottom you have seven seconds to get these two out of there anna and greg should pick the second tunnel piranhas can only live for up to 20 years trapped at the mall john's looking for a gift at a shopping .

Mall one of the stores has a mysterious extension that leads to a vault filled with diamonds and gold jewelry as soon as he walks in the owner pulls the bars down and locks him in the room he tells john he has to eat one of the three cookies on the side table then he'll be set free and get the treasure the first cookie will turn john into an animal the .

Second cookie will make him a giant the last one will make him invisible which one should he eat the first one he can turn into a hamster and squeeze through the bars that's how he'll get out and win the gold who took the computer mark and amy were parents to a boy .

Called jacob one day mark's laptop disappeared and nobody in the house could find it they called the police when a detective arrived and searched the scene he found a note on mark's desk it was written by jacob the note read wow the detective immediately figured out .

Who had taken the laptop can you understand it too it was amy if you turn the note upside down it'll read mom yep sticky fingers mom an escape an archaeologist is exploring an ancient cave in an isolated area when he's about .

To leave the front part of the cave collapses the man immediately runs inside to save his life he sees three tunnels only one leads to safety the first tunnel is filled with giant mice the second is home to 12 grizzly bears the third one leads to a lake swarming with hungry sharks .

Here are your seven seconds the safest option is the tunnel with mice they don't attack humans now as an aside when have you ever seen sharks in a lake hey i'm just nitpicking here songs did you count them all there are seven of them so it's seven rings by ariana .

Grande have you ever been running with the wolves looks like selena gomez and marshmallow did and even wrote a song about it named wolves this guy isn't the best option he's a bad guy by billy eilish thunder by imagine dragons .

Miley cyrus knows how to party in the usa don't run please slow down it's despacito by louis fonzie how about some old but gold kind of stuff can't help falling in love by elvis presley .

Bicycle race by queen and here comes another queen's hit don't stop me now queen are asking you but we have other rounds to play so here's the final one in the song department my heart will go on by celine dion i'm seeing all kinds of emojis here .

What's your personal favorite open your phone and copy your most frequently used one in the comment section below movies aha the lord of the rings oh jaws .

Ghostbusters pitch perfect the good dinosaur cats just kidding i hope you didn't let the kitties trick you it's inside out mary poppins the sound of music clockwork orange .

thor frozen paddington alice in wonderland hulk 500 days of summer .

planet of the apes life of pie free willy it the martian zootopia .

green book a star is born now it was the snowiest winter in the last 30 years one morning local police officer chris was patrolling the area suddenly he noticed a suspicious young lady she was walking towards the road and carrying two heavy bags chris asked .

Her what was in the bags the lady said she had broken up with her boyfriend and packed his stuff to get rid of it but chris knew for sure that she was a burglar how she got out of the house through the window people don't do that when leaving their own homes noah was an alien on a mission to .

Investigate human behavior on vacation he landed near a popular sand beach in malibu noah put on a special human-like costume and hid in the crowd special agent sam was sent to the beach to deal with this issue sam arrived and questioned people at the seaside he warned them that aliens might look like humans but no one seems to have noticed .

Anything suspicious take a look at these vacationers which one of them is the alien that's right the guy on the left has four arms yeah that's a clue agent sam caught the alien but noah changed his appearance and managed to escape sam noticed a weird figure jumping inside a train the man decided .

To stop the train to check all the passengers look at the picture attentively and help sam find the alien the old man in the right corner is the alien he's holding a book upside down vicky was working on her laptop in a coffee shop at one point vicki needed to go to the bathroom she decided it'd be safe enough to leave her stuff .

Unattended and headed to the bathroom but when the girl returned she found out that her backpack and her laptop were missing vicky ran outside and saw three elderly ladies with picnic baskets sitting in the park the girl asked them if they had seen the thief but all three of them assured her they hadn't noticed anyone .

Ms greene said she had just joined her friends ms smith was eating her sandwich and reading a newspaper and miss jackson was taking pictures of birds vicki called the police because she knew for sure who the thief was how did she figure it out ms green stole vicki's things the red backpack strap is hanging out of her .

Picnic basket paul stayed late at the library when he finished studying he headed home as he was walking down the dark hallway he heard a voice coming from the men's locker room paul noticed that someone had locked the door from the outside paul opened it and saw tom the guy had no idea who had locked him .

In he went to the swimming pool but it was closed that day so he decided to go home suddenly someone turned off the lights and locked him in paul promised to find the culprit the next morning he questioned his classmates courtney said she had been working on her project in the classroom josh said i swam in the pool for a while .

And then went to play basketball bob was with courtney but he left earlier to celebrate his granny's birthday with his family paul understood who was lying right away what about you it was josh the day before the swimming pool was closed look at the picture can you spot a .

Burglar that's right the thief is inside the house on the left standing next to the window one saturday morning two sisters jenny and maya played hide and seek at home it was jenny's turn to hide and she decided .

To bring the game to the next level so she got on her longboard left the house and hit the road maya counted to 100 and began looking for jenny she searched the entire house but didn't find her sister the teenager started to worry she went out to the street and decided to ask the neighbors alice said she had been mowing the lawn .

All morning and hadn't seen anyone derek said he had been woken up by the sound of longboard wheels lisa said she had been on a business trip and had just returned but maya knew for sure that one of her neighbors was lying who was it alice lied take a closer look her lawn .

Isn't mowed what letter of the alphabet is also an organ in the human body it's the letter i aya a princess escaped from a dragon who kept her in a tower she was walking along a dark underground hall with a sand floor when suddenly she saw three .

Tunnels a fire was blazing inside the first tunnel toxic acid was dripping from the ceiling in the second tunnel and the third tunnel was filled with venomous scorpions five minutes later the princess got to the surface and ran through the forest toward her kingdom which tunnel did she choose .

The first tunnel she put out the flames with sand smart princess i can be touched but i can't be seen what am i the heart is the right answer look at the picture what's wrong here the sign says fresh meat a missing detective detective henry parker went missing .

While investigating a tricky case his friend detective davis discovered that one of their colleagues was behind this disappearance davis visited parker's home and his friend's wife gave him a note henry asked me to give it to you if something happened to him please find my husband on the note there were just four letters .

Two eight six seven davis started to question his colleagues i've been on vacation all week don't you remember said tess jack was worried i haven't seen parker for a couple of days do you think something awful has happened to him and nora replied i'm just a trainee detective parker gave me a task and i .

Was busy doing it davis thought for a while looked at the note again and understood who was guilty you have seven seconds to do the same it was tess 2867 the first letters of these numbers make up her name the main suspect .

One evening emma went to take out the trash from her coffee shop she was about to leave when she spotted something dark in the corner behind the trash bins it was a young woman and she was unconscious emma rushed to her the girl's bag and smartphone were lying nearby on the ground .

The first person on the contacts list was named big sis emma called the number and heard a female voice i found your sister lying on the ground it seems someone hit her on the head oh my how awful i'll come immediately next emma called the police the sister and the police officers arrived at the .

Same time arrest this woman she's behind the attack and emma pointed at the sister why did she say so she didn't tell the sister where to come how did she know the address a lost watch mia was a shop assistant on a giant cruise liner once she found a super .

Expensive watch in the boutique she worked in and announced it on the radio soon four people appeared each of them claimed it was their watch mia looked at all of them attentively and realized who the watch belonged to can you figure it out too the man does have a watch tan line but it's much bigger than the watch mia .

Found the young girl already has a watch on her left hand why would she wear the second one the elderly lady must be very absent-minded her dog is wearing her watch as a collar so the watch must belong to the teenager granny's riddles mark was starving after a long day at .

The university his apartment was too far away so he decided to drop by his grannies he knew she always had something tasty to treat him to unfortunately his granny had a quirk first a visitor had to crack her riddle and then they got as much food as they could eat .

This time wasn't any different granny gave mark a slip of paper there it was written little little late late can you understand what it means too little too late a mysterious scientist joanna made a bet with her friends she had to go to a deserted house in the .

Middle of their town at night no one lived there and the house was supposed to be demolished soon but rumor had it a mad scientist used that building as his lab it was about 3 am when the girl saw a gloomy large building the door was slightly ajar she entered and saw a huge dark hallway .

Suddenly someone switched on the light and joanna saw a bizarre looking man in a lab coat he stood there and stared at her for a few seconds before saying good morning i'm dr clark but you aren't real joanna exclaimed how did the girl figure it out even though the scientist had a .

Reflection in the mirror he didn't cast a shadow it was a hologram an accident in a dance studio once a dance studio owner found dylan one of the instructors lying on the floor in one of the rooms someone had hit the man on the head the owner called the police they questioned the dance studio workers and .

Visitors and found three suspects chloe a regular said she hadn't visited the studio for several days she had several days off and spent them sunbathing on the beach ethan another instructor told the police his friend had called him and asked for help that's why he had left the studio before dylan came to work layla dylan's .

Girlfriend admitted they had quarreled earlier in the morning but after that she went to her best friend to talk about this situation the police officers understood right away who was behind the attack it was chloe she said she has spent several days on the beach but her skin .

Is extremely pale stephen had a dream of becoming a successful geologist and traveling the world that's why he took a very difficult test and answered all the questions correctly professor smith said he had one final question for steven if the guy answered it correctly he'd go on an exciting .

Mountain expedition the following week mount everest was discovered in 1852 but what was the highest mountain in the world before that the next week stephen was proudly walking in the mountains with his colleagues what did he say to the professor stevens said it was mount everest it was .

Still the highest mountain in the world even though it hadn't been discovered yet jenny worked as a cleaning lady at a museum once she found a beautiful diamond ring on a sink while she was cleaning the ladies room three people showed up to claim it tyler said he hadn't seen the ring after .

Visiting the bathroom he needed to get it back to propose to his girlfriend kelly showed jenny a tan line on her finger and said it was her engagement ring leah just asked whether there was an engraving on the inside of the ring jenny decided that the ring belonged to .

Leah why kelly's tan line was on the wrong finger tyler wouldn't have been allowed into the ladies room and leah was the only one who knew the ring had an engraving susie entered an elevator and pressed the seventh floor where she lived suddenly the elevator got stuck between floors susie got anxious and hit the .

Emergency button the operator said i'll restart the elevator but first you have to solve my riddle what can you hold without touching it he asked one minute later susie was on her floor what did she say to the operator breath you can hold it without using your hands .

It belongs to your friend but you use it way more than them what is it that's right it's your friend's name alice was walking in a field and suddenly saw a white rabbit she took a picture of the animal suddenly the rabbit said hey i can show you where the treasures are hidden alice got very excited but then her .

Friend called her and the rabbit ran away when alice returned to the field the next day she saw nine rabbits they all kept silent can you help alice find the right rabbit it's over there in the right corner what substance is there in each mug .

One it's not sugar or water two it's not sugar or tea three it's not tea or water the first mug contains tea the second mug contains water and the third mug is full of sugar gemma overslept and arrived at her office an hour later than usual she .

Found a beautiful bouquet of roses on her table gemma got very excited when she saw a postcard tucked among the flowers she reached for it and accidentally pricked her finger on a thorn the card said the flowers were from a secret admirer gemma looked attentively at her three .

Colleagues serge was on the phone will was printing out some documents he winked at the girl and peter was making coffee he offered gemma to join him at that moment gemma understood who had sent her the bouquet how it was serge he had a fresh scratch left by a thorn on his finger .

Rotate it 90 degrees and it's everything cut it in half and it's nothing what is it when you cut eight in half it turns into two zeros if you place it on the side eight turns into the infinity symbol the more it dries the wetter it gets what is it it's a towel .

Tim loved his girlfriend christy very much so he went to a tattoo artist to get her name tattooed on his arm but the artist turned out to be a crazy scientist he used tim's dna to create two evil clones when christy came to the tattoo parlou to pick tim up she saw three identical guys .

Help christy determine which tim is the real one the guy on the left is the real tim he's the only one who has a tattoo the clones aren't supposed to have any how many months of the year have 28 days all 12 months oh wait i was wrong this is even more .

Straightforward butterfly here this is literally turkey's flag means turkey how about moving on to something a tiny bit harder it's a pan plus d a gives us panda i love pandas .

easy snail right i know you got it bear easy peasy again right that's a wolf okay let's do something harder until you get too bored .

l i i lion


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