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34 Survival Skills to Save Your Life When Seconds Matter

if you find yourself with frostbite take care of it as soon as you can despite the popular misconception do not pour hot water on the damaged skin it'll make things much worse instead if you can't see a doctor immediately remove any wet clothing and put the place with frostbite in warm water .

Then make sure that the damaged body part isn't going to freeze again and keep it elevated to reduce swelling lastly put a bandage on the frostbitten area if it's your fingers or toes wrap a bandage around each of them and place cotton balls in between so that they don't touch .

Never ever rub the damaged spot you probably know that without water a person can survive no more than three days but it may take even less time before your body stops working properly it depends on how hot the weather is or how active you are .

So if you run out of water in the wilderness your top priority is to find a source of it keep in mind that water always runs downhill head in that direction it's your best chance to find clean water and avoid dehydration speaking of flowing water if you get lost in the wilderness and have no .

Idea what direction to choose find a stream or a small creek follow it until it merges with a larger river and it'll take you to an inhabited area where you'll get help you should never go on a hike without some means to make a fire a lighter sounds good but what if you .

Lose it or drop it in the water to be on the safe side put some matchsticks in a plastic bag and bring them along keep in mind that the bag should have a secure seal to protect the matches from liquids another way to ensure that your matchsticks will work when you need them .

Is to cover their heads in wax it's easy to do just dip the matches into hot wax and let them dry it'll make them waterproof and to use one you'll just have to scrape the wax off the match head so let's say you're wandering in the wilderness lost and desperate .

When suddenly you see a cave no one will deny that it can make a perfect shelter there's some wood and tinder you can pick up nearby and you have matches it seems all odds are in your favor and they are if you don't make a fatal mistake which is building a fire inside the cave .

The main problem isn't the smoke from the fire the thing is the heat coming from your fire will cause the rocks which make up the walls and ceiling of the cave to expand eventually they'll give in and you may get trapped in a rock fall or a landslide .

To stay warm and safe build a fire right outside the cave you're running to your friend's place everything around you is getting swept up by the insane winds but when you turn around you see the tornado turning reddish you can barely see it because of the debris but the spinning vortex .

It's well it's on fire it's a fire tornado these spinning flame winds can reach 140 miles per hour and can be between 15 to 150 feet tall and as much as 500 feet wide these monsters occur when tons of smoke get whirled around so the thunderstorm starts to act like a .

Tornado by the way many fire tornadoes can even occur in a bonfire and are called fire whirls next time you're camping or setting up your living room fireplace check it out you might just spot one spinning around in there anyway it's getting closer and closer .

Throwing ash all over it's already pretty hard for you to see where you're going you use your hands to wave off some of the smoke and ash flying around your face but it's useless you keep sprinting as fast as you can until you spot a huge truck just park .

Right there in the middle of the road you crawl underneath it's one of those trucks that has like 20 wheels they look so big and heavy up close then you hear a creaking sound and a humming sound the wheels they look magical gracefully they start lifting off the ground as if the truck's part of some vegas magic act .

As the tornado gets closer the wheels rise higher better to be far away from here when the truck smashes back down to earth you crawl out and keep running you find a convenience store to take cover in making sure not to stand too close to the glass you head as far into the store as you .

Can ready to wait this thing out but all around you the land is burning this fiery twister is a monster and it's charging towards you you look out in the distance and see another fire tornado wrecking another part of the city in order for a tornado to form it needs open space .

That's why many of the tornadoes you see on the news happen in the same part of the u.s where there aren't many mountains and it's nice and flat but of course they can happen anywhere it's not normal to see tornadoes in the bustling downtowns of america's biggest cities .

They need a lot of open space for the rotating vortex to happen but today is not a normal day a tornado forms in a supercell thunderstorm that's when you have two different air temperatures going at it the vortex you see in tornadoes forms when warm air and moisture come in from above below is a mess .

The end result the huge spiral funnel cloud we see in every tornado movie meteorologists can predict tornadoes somewhat by monitoring the amount of moisture in the air every second counts so keep the tv on next time there's a storm brewing near you .

But this doesn't really apply for a fire tornado the winds are getting stronger and you're feeling the heat even inside the store outside spiraling flame throwers are torching everything in their path it may be too late to find an underground shelter you improvise a way to help protect .

Yourself by hiding underneath the cash register and now you can't see anything there's ash everywhere and the windows are all smashed thanks tornado if you're trapped under an avalanche spitting can help you out as soon as you stop moving make a little hole around your face .

Spit in the air pocket and see where gravity carries your saliva then start making your way out by digging in the opposite direction if suddenly you notice that the water recedes quickly and unexpectedly from a beach exposing the ocean floor you should warn everyone around .

And get away as fast as you can because when the water line is abnormally far from the shore this is a sign of a tsunami no air pump in a flat tire is a bad combo when you're far from home to fix your bike grab a bunch of grass or leaves and evenly pack the tire with as much as .

Possible that will be enough to reach a safe place now do you know any other tricks to fix a flat tire without an air pump share your wisdom in the comments below if you're under attack by a moose those creatures are huge try to hide behind a tree those animals have a blind spot in their .

Peripheral vision so they will lose you and you can escape easier if a black bear is chasing you remember that you shouldn't turn your back on this animal or try to run either of these actions can make them hostile your best bet is to lie flat on your stomach to protect your .

Organs crossing your hands behind your neck to guard your arteries to convince the bear you don't pose any threat also don't climb a tree they do it better than you oh and if you see yogi bear don't try to look like a picnic basket he'll steal you every time in case of emergency water .

Landing don't inflate your life jacket before getting out of the plane you'll end up not being able to move without help since you'll float up to the cabin ceiling the safest thing to do is take a deep breath and swim out of the airplane taking your deflated .

Life jacket with you only when you're out of the plane you can finally pull the inflation cord if you're in a cool house and no heating or electricity is available for some reason find a few large bricks a terracotta pot and some candles light the candles and put the bricks around them .

Then cover the candles with an upside down pot placing it on the bricks now you have a diy heater that can heat a whole room if you hear the security announcement while traveling by plane and the emergency exits are made known be sure to count how many rows it will take to get to the closest one .

If the plane gets filled with smoke or there's no light during the evacuation you could count the number of rests until you reach your exit your pre-planned counting could also help others get out if in an emergency you need to get through a locked door kick hard right next to the handle near .

The lock and avoid using your shoulders or back the lock will break more easily not running away from a pack of wolves might sound like a very bad idea to say the least but it will in fact eventually make them back off their instinct is to chase their prey if you stand your ground they probably .

Won't risk it if you're lost in the wilderness and need to go fishing you can use a can tab shape it in the form of a hook cut it at a slant and trim off the metal to make it look like an actual hook the main thing is to create a sharp point a can can also become a makeshift cooker .

Take a can and cut out a hole from the side put some kindling inside and set it on fire you can fry an egg on top of it dental floss can be super handy for surviving in the wilderness first use it as a fishing line together with a can tab hook it can also serve as a clothes line .

Stretched between two trees it's thin yet a single strand can hold up to five pounds you can make a spear by binding a long stick and a knife together with dental floss it's also quite flammable so if you don't have any kindling to set larger pieces of wood on fire .

Try burning it dental floss can also be great makeshift shoelaces a simple plastic bottle can make a very strong rope if you have a good knife first you need to find a small stump it should have a diameter about the same as your bottle make a slit across the middle of the .

Stump then cut a notch out of the stump large enough for your knife blade to fit inside cut off the bottleneck and make a small notch on its edge its width depends on the rope width you want place the edge of the bottle inside the .

Center slit and put the knife in the notch in the stump with the blade towards the slit start slowly dragging the bottle through the slit you'll see the bottle spin as it spins the blade will cut out the rope you can use it to build a hut because it can secure logs .

Really well now a human can go several days without food but there's no way we can survive without water water in the wild can be delicious sometimes but if you feel like it's not safe to drink you may need a makeshift water filter start with a fire boiling water may not .

Be enough so as soon as the fire ashes are cold grind them to a powdery consistency don't use charcoal you randomly found in the forest you never know what's in there then you need a plastic bottle cut off the bottom and make a hole in the cap turn it upside down .

Put in some charcoal three inches are enough and pour the water over it the dripping water is ready to drink to catch any excess charcoal wrap the cap with a piece of clean cloth for extra filtration okay you're getting hungry and you probably need to start a fire .

Dang you just don't have any matches or a lighter empty your pockets to see if you can make a makeshift fire starter if you have a battery probably the one from your flashlight and a gum wrapper that's enough you need to cut a thin strip of the foil wrapper yet long .

Enough to connect the two ends of the battery the middle of the strip should be slimmer than the ends get closer to the pile of dry grass small logs or even some paper whatever you're going to use to start your fire the foil strip will ignite in seconds setting the kindling on fire mosquitoes .

Are a real pain and there are loads of them in the woods you can make your own diy repellent to keep those bad guys away all you need is an orange a lemon or any other citrus fruit that's full of essential oils peel an orange and rub the peel directly on your skin .

Crumpling it a bit beforehand to make those precious essential oils come out one more useful way of keeping mosquitoes at bay is to add a few orange peels to your tinder while burning the essential oils will release and frighten those pesky guys away you're in the water covered by the heavy .

Canvas you push it aside struggling for breath and trying to find your bearings but as soon as you free yourself from the parachute trap you notice some strange movements underwater there's one dark silhouette circling around you .

Hey there's one more two three five there's a whole school of fish and they seem to be a little too interested in you oh no you freeze in horror piranhas all you want to do is scream and fear and get away but wait piranhas are calm and even a .

Bit shy they usually won't go after humans in fact it's like with most animals they're afraid of you more than you are afraid of them plus they're more of scavengers than hunters so they're not really that into you but if you make any sudden moves they .

Might panic and want to come and check out what's going on with their teeth of course some piranha species are even vegetarian don't get your hopes up too high though these surrounding you probably wouldn't say no to some nice human steak so yeah either stay calm or try to move .

Really slowly red-bellied piranhas the most dangerous species among them all have very good hearing and react to noise that's how they locate their prey the entire school communicates by sending signals to each other when they find potential prey try not to become it by yelling .

Red-bellied piranhas not only hunt when they hear noise but they also produce it themselves if you pick one up or if it faces another fish the piranha barks like a dog like they aren't scary enough already don't throw away your parachute just yet if there's anything in your backpack .

Try to protect your hands and feet these are vulnerable easily accessible and probably quite tasty targets piranhas might go for their jaw is strong enough to crush bone so some solid shoes and thick gloves will come in handy movies often present piranhas as .

Ferocious monsters with a huge set of saws for teeth no wonder we're all afraid of them after seeing them ruin all the lake fun during the spring break hollywood actually picked it up from theodore roosevelt at the beginning of the 20th century he wrote a book .

Where he described piranhas as the most ferocious fish in the world he said he saw a school of these fish deal with an entire cow in a matter of seconds well it might not be entirely like that research showed this is not quite a typical situation when humans or some bigger animals face .

Piranhas yes their razor teeth are really insanely sharp and around one quarter of an inch long it's common that marine animals such as sharks and piranhas often lose their teeth sharks lose them one by one while piranhas replace them in quarters .

Piranhas have a strong bite and the reason why they can actually take down animals many times their size is that they don't waste any time chewing as they snap their jaws and bite down the food simply goes into their bellies they rotate change position all the time bite their .

Prey and take turns incredibly fast so if you see that boiling water effect going on it spells trouble


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