Sunday, May 22, 2022

Chemical vs. Physical Changes for Kids | Science Lesson for Grades 3-5 | Mini-Clip

I'm dr jeff viniker and today we'll explore the science behind chemical versus physical changes physical changes often happen when matter changes states this solid spoon is made of a metal called gallium zoe why don't you take the spoon and stir it .

Into the very hot water when you put the spoon into the hot water it causes it to melt right but the shiny liquid at the bottom is still the same metal so it's not a new substance and it's a physical change correct a chemical change is different it forms entirely new substances this gummy candy .

Is made of sugar let's see what happens when we toss it into this tube of oxidizer that's a chemical that provides a lot of oxygen to help things burn don't try this at home here we go now that's a chemical reaction the gummy .

Candy burned up forming entirely new chemicals like this carbon gummy candy oh no thanks i'm actually pretty full from that hot dog shake yes please hey kids if you want to watch this whole episode and more tell your teacher to sign up at .

We cover all science topics in grades three to five and you get to watch it in class but only if you tell your teacher


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