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Coding vs Programming | What Is The Difference Between Coding And Programming? | Simplilearn

Hey everyone welcome to simply loans youtube channel in this session we will be discussing about programming versus coding but before we begin let me tell you guys that we have daily updates on multiple technologies so if you are a tech geek in a .

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So we have one point agenda today that is programming versus coding now both these terms are used as synonyms to one another if you search google you'll find the same when you search for the definition of programming you can find computer programming is the process of designing .

And building an executable computer program to accomplish a specific computing result or to perform a specific task surprisingly when you search for coding definition you'll end up finding a similar definition computer programming or coding is a process of designing .

And building executable computer program to accomplish specific computing result or to perform a specific task and it is also said that the terms programming and coding can be used as a synonym to each other yet there is one thin line of difference .

Between the book that's exactly what we are going to discuss in this particular session so when you consider programming then it can be said as passing instructions to your computing device so what do you mean by passing instructions anyway .

Okay to understand the definition let us go through a small analogy let us consider that we have a small robot now programming is something where you tell your robot to do something right here you can consider that you are telling your robot to .

Perform the operation of a chatbot where you can tell your robot to search your mails and respond to it right this is one analogy where you can consider the programming concept and again another example is telling your robot to perform some .

Mechanical operations where it tries to fix your machinery okay it is the same robot but it is performing in a different way or it is behaving in a different way it is based on the program you write or the program or the instruction you give it right so it is what .

Programming means let us go through another example where you tell your robot to perform some machine learning operations where it learns new things and behaves according to them so this is the term programming now when you get into coding you can consider coding .

As an act of designing and developing a computer device to perform exactly as per the task it has been assigned to right how and what made the robot to follow all your instructions right it is one coder who wrote all the gibberish code inside its brain .

To perform the task whatever you are giving to it right that process is called as coding so it was the coder which had written all the gibberish code inside the brain of the robot to perform the task whatever the user has provided it so this is exactly what the thinnest line of difference between .

Programming and coding is programming is something where you pass instructions to your computing device and ask it to perform some tasks and coding is something where you design the computing device or tell the computing device or make the computer device to be capable enough to perform the task .

Whichever the user is providing them so with that we have come to an end of this tutorial where we have discussed the differences between programming and coding i hope it was informative and interesting if you feel that we have missed out something important or if you have something important to discuss with us .

Or if you have any queries regarding the session then please feel free to let us know in the comment sections below and we'll be happy to hear it from you and our team of experts will be happy to resolve all your queries until next time thank you stay safe and keep learning .

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