Friday, May 20, 2022

CRM VS Academic Archaeology Time Team America PBS

the difference between cultural resource management and academic archaeology really is the reasons we do archaeology to begin with cultural resource management archaeology is a lot different than academic archaeology in crm you have to stay within your scope schedule and budget .

You have a limited amount of money you have a limited amount of time you are working um on a bunch of different sites for a very short period in preparation for some sort of development to try to mitigate damage to archaeological sites they're generally driven by construction .

Projects maybe a new highway a bridge and so federal laws are written in order to force the federal government to consider the impact of their project on cultural resources and so therefore the schedules are much more compressed academic archaeology generally is undertaken from a purely research .

Perspective if i have a topic i'm interested in i can go out and get a grant get funding go out and do the excavation i can take my time because i know that there's no hurt if you work as a professor at a school you can devote your whole life to one topic you're more research driven you have a .

Longer time you have the luxury of going out thinking about research questions going a little bit slower with the archaeology doing field schools and having the research take take many many years if you're interested instead of just a couple weeks as in crm


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