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Different Accounting Jobs? MBA vs MSA? Will Having A Baby Slow Your Career?

hey y'all it's stuffy and welcome back to my channel so today we're going to be doing our monthly QA for those of y'all who are newer to my channel I'm going to link all of my q a's in a playlist up here in the card I write all of the questions in the description box so maybe I've already answered your .

Question but if not then go ahead and leave them in the comments below I will try my best to get to it yes so better get started because I'm trying to keep this to 20 to 30 minutes at most first question is from Peck man what's the difference between an MBA in accounting and a masters of Accountancy which is better from an employer's point of view .

I believe an MBA is a little bit more broadly focused in an MBA there's gonna be more like finance business related courses whereas a master's in accountancy is going to focus more on accounting topics in MBA in accounting you'll have some graduate level accounting classes but it's not as focus on accounting as a master's in .

Accountancy would from an employer's point of view when it comes to public accounting firms I don't think that they really distinguish between MBA or masters in accounting as much as long as you are CPA exam eligible that's really all they care about for industry I think that it just depends an MBA is probably a little bit better for later on in your .

Career when you are applying for executive positions or leadership higher upper level positions during the interviewing processes that I've either been a part of or that I have done as like I interview other people didn't really distinguish between a master's in accountancy or an MBA in accounting that's my personal opinion and what I've .

Observed but if you'll have differing opinions or observations please leave them in the comments below I know I would appreciate that and I know others would appreciate that as well Coco asked who's busy season generally sucks more tax versus audit hmm that is a good question I think it really depends tax busy season there April 15 deadline .

There are September 15th October 15 three different like busy season deadlines for them and they would stay late at the office and stuff like that from that perspective tax was worse because they knew they would have three I think it was three three busy seasons and I'm sorry if I'm getting this wrong because I I don't work in tax so from .

That perspective of already knowing what your busy season is gonna be you know you're signing up for that when you go into tax now for audit it was a little bit different because depending on what clients or engagements you were put on would determine how bad your busy season was going to be the typical busy season for audit typical because this is what .

They market to you whenever you're interviewing and recruiting and stuff like that typical busy season is from January through the end of April it was my experience though that especially as I moved up in public accounting as a senior and then as a manager I still felt like I was really busy throughout the entire year deadlines that kind of .

Popped up unexpectedly at times the two options you have either you're in tax you know when your deadlines are and when your busy seasons are an audit you know one busy season but depending on the clients or engagements you are put on you can have unexpected ones pop up so pick your poison and either way I think that they all work a lot I do have .

A car chat that I will link in the cards as well about how to choose between tax and audit hopefully that will be helpful for you as well lion fury asked how do I get into big four from a non-target school only two out of four big four recruit at my school I have answered this question in a previous Q&A so please check the .

Playlist maricella Gonzalez asked what kind of accountings are they I think that you're asking what kind of accountants are there if not please you know comment below and clarify and I'll be happy to answer in a nutshell and I won't go into a lot of detail in accounting you can go into tax for individuals or for companies work on a .

Company's like tax provision which is basically figuring out how much a company is going to owe the government at the end of the year based on their revenues and reducing it by allowed expenses stuff like that tax planning so that's one route you can either go work for a company or you can work for yourself if you can you know .

Gain a lot of clients by yourself probably after some years of experience I would suggest after years of experience under someone who is experienced and knowledgeable or you can do this in public accounting you can go into public accounting as well and do external audits which is what I used to do I have a separate video on what .

External audit means so I will link that in the cards as well you can go into consulting new accounting standard implementation system implementations maybe they're short-handed and the accounting department because someone's on a maternity leave or they're having a hard time finding someone to fill a position so they need people just to do .

The work while they find someone or you could go into just regular general ledger accounting which is you work for a specific company in their accounting department book journal entries you do reconciliations you do various accounting analysis or financial reporting SEC reporting for public companies once all the general .

Accounting stuff has been completed they put this all into the financial statements of course final and best internal audit which is what I do testing why there are policies and procedures that have been laid out by a company are being followed whether there is appropriate checks and balances to ensure that financial statements are .

Correct materially correct if there are allegations of some kind I investigate that one-off projects those are the different avenues of accounting that I can think of at the top of my head I will do a separate video to be more complete and detailed about that but hopefully that gives you a flavor of the different routes you can go in .

Accounting okay Nicoletta asks I'm really interested in internal auditing jobs with traveling you've mentioned could you please say something more about that in some of your videos if you want a job where you have opportunities to travel internal audit is definitely a good choice for you a .

Majority of internal audit jobs have a travel component some more than others there are some internal audit jobs out there that have no travel because a lot of the stuff that you do is in your corporate office and you just stay there some can range up to 80% some twenty five percent or ten percent if you do like fifty two weeks out of the year ten .

Percent of that is five weeks so you know plan on five weeks of travel out of the Year heeeeeey upsides of that obviously is you're getting to see new places you can sign up for rewards so you can get like airline points Hotel points car rental points and that can help you pay for you know fun vacations the downside to that is depending on the .

Company it may be a lot of travel maybe not all places will be super fun like for example you could end up going to some small town in Arkansas which there's nothing wrong with that I'm just saying like if you're looking for to go to New York or Boston or LA or all these bigger cities it's gonna be very specific to each company catherine RKOs .

Asked I would like to ask if you can share how Filipinos became CPAs in your place especially at like my metier accounting firm I worked with a lot of other Filipinos which was awesome a lot of them did accounting and got the CPA equivalent in the Philippines while they were in the Philippines and they worked for different firms in the Philippines .

And whatnot after getting a few years of experience there they applied to various accounting firms here in the US and that's how they came to the u.s. as accountants the Philippines license doesn't translate over here like you'd have to retake the exam to become like a u.s. CPA you know if you've done it in the Philippines you can do it here I .

Hope you all realize because I feel that Pino asked me this that's why I'm being specific to that demographic but I'm this is in general for everyone as long as you have a good work ethic and you are willing to do what you need to to get the job done makes me even more marketable for any employer so that's how I've seen Filipinos come to the u.s. .

To be easy or work in public accounting I have also met some Filipinos who were sponsored by companies like not public accounting but regular companies here in the US and they sponsored them and I know some people who have stated those companies for many many years and that those companies have treated them well if .

There are other from international coming to the u.s. to work for a company in accounting or public accounting please leave your experience down below I know we all would appreciate hearing more about it Jordan asked were there any mothers working in public accounting at either of your firms at what level of .

Experience would it be acceptable to take maternity leave six weeks presumably and it would not hurt your career I did work with women who were pregnant and then later on had their babies and went on maternity leave at the big4 firm a lot of the women who did that were I didn't see any partners who went through that typically I saw .

Seniors and above doing that but honestly you can do at any point in your career don't let your job dictate when you when you have children over it or when you want to have children do you I would suggest though that you'd be at a company for a year or you know if you get pregnant three months in then you have nine ten months and then by then .

You'll be there for a year so then your maternity leave will kick in for one of the greatest things I really enjoyed about public accounting was that their maternity leave policies were amazing like I I wanted to have a baby while I was in public accounting so that I could take advantage of it but you know life didn't go that way so firms I worked at .

Would pay a hundred percent paid maternity leave for I think three weeks or I'm sorry three weeks three months at least I believe three to four months anyways it was like a crazy amount of time and you can take PTO because you get a lot of PTO so it was a good amount of time for you to bond with your baby so that is one of the definite perks .

That I like in public accounting is their maternity leave the one thing that I will say is this is coming from me as your sister so it's not on behalf of any companies I don't necessarily feel like taking maternity leave affects your career on its own and this is not a reflection of the entire companies that I worked for .

There was very specific people who I feel looked down at women who went on maternity leave is like oh they're not here then why should they get promoted because of wah-wah but that's very specific people and those people had issues so forget that before you go on maternity leave you do your best to do whatever you need to do to transition it .

To someone smoothly and as completely as you possibly can I mean that's all you can do it is possible that let's say you you're not there for a busy season that kind of puts you behind a little bit for example if you missed out on one busy season and then promotions are coming up in September you may not get promoted that .

September because you weren't there for that busy season which is understandable right but that isn't to say it's because you took maternity leave it was because you weren't there for anyone who wasn't there wouldn't have gotten promoted but you could still get promoted it's possible all that to say it really is going to depend on the company and the .

People that you work with good people who don't view that as like a vacation or like you're doing it to get out of work you know you're you're you're creating a human and you're taking care of a human you know once you come back you just you adapt and continue doing as good as you we're always doing it shouldn't hold you back in your career .

Unless you're with some shitty ass people it's 40 years old too old to start going to school for accounting I'm gonna do a separate video on this I promise I well I'm about to film it right after I found this QA I will be in the same outfit so y'all know in a nutshell no it's not I don't think you're too old at any age it's .

Really not aged that I would say you shouldn't be in accounting or go back to school for something it's all about mindset Michael Mitchell asks is it okay to do online college at a private four-year college because I am working in an accounting position at Walmart yes I that it's fine to do an online .

Accounting degree the only thing I would caution y'all on is to if you want to get your CPA license in the future just check with your State Board to see if that online college is recognized by your accounting State Board if you go on to each state's website it'll say like accredited schools or recognized school it or something like that when you take .

Those classes on your online college that your State Board is going to accept that otherwise you're gonna get a very rude awakening when you apply for your CPA exam otherwise I say go for it you know we all have to do what we got to do and if that's what you need to do then more power to y'all and I think that is becoming a lot more prevalent Rodela fee .

Asked what do you think of tattoos in accounting nothing – bulges simple ones I think tattoos are acceptable in accounting is really gonna vary depending on the company that you work for some companies are a bit more conservative for example if you work for a bank that's probably gonna be a little bit more on the conservative side they .

Wear business professional on a daily basis or most banks news those types of environments I would say you might need to cover it up more like you know if you have on your arm you wear your button-up shirt and it's really just going to depend on the company what kind of image they want to portray at my mid-tier firm I feel like that was more prevalent than .

It was at my big 4 firm partners who had a tattoo on their ankle and they were skirts and you could see it but it wasn't like anything crazy it was like a small tattoo speaking of tattoos I really want to get a tattoo something to resemble do see I'm obsessed I don't think I'm I'm there yet to get like her face somewhere on me .

But like I was thinking about maybe getting juicy written somewhere I don't know I haven't figured it out yet so that's why I haven't done it but I'm still thinking so if y'all have any ideas you know send them my way I was thinking maybe like what if I put juicy like right here or like on my wrist or something I could I want to be able to .

See it not really for everyone else is more for me because I want to be able to look at it alright so those are all the questions on my last YouTube video so I'm gonna run over to my Instagram because I asked y'all on one of my post T Sabrina asked as someone who's studying for the CPA right now what are your best study tips what do you do when .

You run into a section of your CPA where you struggle to comprehend concepts do you give it more time to study and risk falling behind pace or give up and move on the way that I approach my CPA exam which I will link the complete video there I wanted to get through all the material in my Becker review materials because a lot of it was more like .

Refreshing my memory from classes I had taken in University if there were certain items that I knew I needed to spend more time on I would dedicate more time on those areas I kind of vague but for example when I was studying for read I took individual tax classes but I didn't take corporate tax so the individual part it was more like .

Refresher like I said I went through that you know on a normal study pace when it came to the corporate section I devoted more time I specifically gave myself like an entire day to be able to really understand the corporate topics if I wasn't getting enough for my study materials I went back to my old textbooks so keep your college textbooks .

Number one so I would go back into my college textbooks and try to just get more clarification there understanding something has a lot to do with like understanding what the words themselves mean number one so always looking it up on the internet or the dictionary or something like that like really understanding what the concept of words .

Mean and then practical application so doing homework problem that's how I felt like it got into my brain more and for the majority of my review material has had examples or my college textbooks had examples outside of that that's really all that I did now you know if I if I was studying for my CPA exam right now I think there would be a lot more .

Resources at your fingertips like you can look things up on youtube or google it from my girl windowsill advice for a sister who just went from public text to industry accounting new team new company new everything and how to make sure I don't let down a co-worker that put in a good word for me miss McKenzie fake friend said tips on what to do when .

Starting a new job it's been a while for me lol Kenzi and windowsill have a video on you know what I wish I knew for my first job which I think is still applicable for when you're trying a brand new job – so I'm gonna link that in the cards for y'all try to learn the status quo right now you know you can always try to improve something but .

First understand like understand what's going on right now before you try to reinvent any wheels keep your word once you give it so that's probably one of the best things to is to build trust with people is if you say you're gonna do something do it if you say you're gonna give something to someone by a certain time do it or if you're not able .

To for whatever reason let them know in advance give them more backstory about why stay positive and just treat it as a learning experience and going along with the attitude part just know that it's going to take you a bit of time to get used to the company the culture the different ways people do things it is normal to feel like you don't know what .

The hell's going on and feeling like an idiot you don't know anything or whatever like that is a normal feeling and don't let that feeling get you down while you are in this brand new transition feel bad about myself or be like oh I made such a big mistake going to X place it's going to feel uncomfortable and you're not gonna know .

Everything so just have a good attitude about it take it as like I said like a learning experience it's gonna get better just give it some time SM Lawrence 27 ask during your time working in industry have you noticed that most of your colleagues have big4 experience / CPA certifications I have .

Worked with people who either have one of those or both of those the majority of my career also is because if you are a person who wants to be somewhat guaranteed guaranteed I use lightly to continue progressing in your career I really feel like those two things are super crucial I do feel like to be more marketable and to .

To have a competitive edge when you are trying to get different jobs having a CPA or public accounting or both is definitely in your favor that has been the driving force of why I've gone down the route that I went but not everyone has to do that and I'm not saying that your career is going to suck if you don't do that I'm just saying this is .

How I personally seen growth in a career in accounting in specific someone who interviewed with and received a job offer at one of the big four what are some key things that most hiring managers would want or expect their interviewees to know about their firm also how many firms should I reach out to apply to every single firm that comes .

To your school that's what I did the more opportunities you give yourself the better your odds girl Douma hiring managers want you to know about their company whether it's public accounting or other companies is to have at least some knowledge of that company what they do obviously it's pretty easy when you do like accounting firms you know what .

They do what their products are what their services are so for public accounting firms if you can research what types of services they provide tax audit consulting advisory whatever each firm is very specific for their culture so going on to their about page and reading about the culture if there are specific values that they that they talk .

About on their webpage then definitely remember those I would probably write them down for each firm and before each interview just make sure you kind of like refresh your memory almost like a test but not really specific terms that they use like maybe they say accountability or diversity or disruption or whatever those key terms .

Are that they use on their webpages you know put that in the back your mind it may seem like you're sucking up but you know why you just want to put your best foot forward all right now so those are all of the questions I'm going to go over in this video hopefully y'all enjoyed it if you did please give the video a thumbs up I would greatly .

Appreciate it don't forget to be a part of our sub family because we would love to have you and I will talk to y'all in my next video about that how about that think that's good yeah I'm okay I think we got a thumbnail there we gotta keep movin with these questions why not my hair is being .

Weird right here but I'm just gonna leave it yeah that kind of kind of hurt my feelings even though I don't get many comments next with your friends I know your friends when it's and you come here where you at girl where you at where you at girl there you are I believe in you yay you are so strong and smart sunday is her day of rest y'all did you see did .

You have any q and A's did you want to answer any questions okay I'll ask you a question did you see do you love your mama


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