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Dorsa vs. Shah Sagar, Against the Caro-Kann | Chess and Psychology – IM Dorsa Derakhshani

hi welcome everybody for those of you who are joining us from the twitch channel thanks for joining we have another day of testing psychology and I wanted to show some stuff about caro-kann ways to play against Cara Khan and hopefully next week I'll show how to play against puke because we had some .

They had this different I had this different idea that I would be showing different openings on how to play against it and that's ideally what I wanted to do when I started to thinking about teaching this Jasmine psychology because chess is not all opening what opening is a very heavy part on chest so yeah I had that idea .

And so let's dive in I wanted to show here today that's our cover time today I showed some French previously and I actually don't remember when it was but it wasn't just on psychology series so if you go on YouTube and look at the other tips on psychology classes you should be able to easily find it so let's dive in so this specific game that .

I'm showing was a game that I played against sugar Shaw he he's an Indian international master I don't think I don't know if he has achieved his Grandmaster title yet but he was definitely working through it and so they're one of my favorite things because Abu Dhabi I played bhudev International Festival many times I .

Played it in 22 13 14 15 and 16 and then from 17 I had moved to us already so it was really hard to try and play it so yeah this was a very interesting game because I was hunting down my woman grandmaster in min international master norms and so I really wanted to get points from higher rate that's yeah okay 2015 I was a baby .

Good old times opinio teenager anyways I had already achieved my woman international master it was yeah 2015 was the year that I jumped so much in racing in title but the next year the same time I already had my titles and rating was 2400 and good times anyways so this is pure this is cork on defense and I like to play this move 92 because .

It kind of avoids the g6 ideas cuz sometimes they play this 3-6 and I found it easier so that my knight is here if there would be some g6 played around I always have the c3 to block out the bishop but yeah so so this is this was actually a preparation that I kind of looked at before the game and I am looking at the .

Chats but I'm I have it's kind of I would have to manage the time because I'm talking and looking so be patient with me please but it will work out great anyways so this Knight g5 was kind of hot back in 2014-15 it's still very very good move to play I think it's still one of the best moves to play and you I mean you have other options you .

Could just try to develop normally and not follow the theory but this is I really like this idea so yeah so basically the idea is that I am going to put as much as pressure as I can on your the King and on your palms and the idea is that let's say if you were to play h6 I wouldn't necessarily take it right now I would just bring the Knights back and .

For example if here you if it was white to move again you could think about bringing the other night out and just putting more pressure and castling and well yes if black were to play wrong moves then yes as why she would have the option to sacrifice the night but my opponent was aware of the traps and he didn't fall into them so .

Here after Queen takes I feel very I felt very comfortable in this position mainly because the your queen is centralized and you're not showing if you want to short caster a long castle just yet all of your pieces are in the right place and you're taking away this short castle idea and at least immediately so I absolutely like this .

Line for whites just because it's really annoying for blacks to come up with ideas anyways so this was another I believe there are different ways to approach this position I think nine f6 is one of the main moves and another main move is Queen is Queen c7 and after Queen g4 King f8 because you can't simply cancel because I just take .

It six so after King f8 I want you guys to take a minute or two and think about what would you do as whites I'm not looking for a single move more as I'm looking for a plan where do your pieces belong so yeah I look I'll be looking in the chat and seeing what's going on and we have a background noise apparently .

Apparently there was a background yes it's the server in the corner there's nothing to be done we've had that server sound in here for years that if we just can't get it out of here well I know that's a pretty pathetic response but that's okay as long as there's an explanation oh we have a lot of fans from different .

Part of the world thank you I'm still not getting any suggestions on the chat on what you could do so just let me know what you guys think I'd like to make this lessons as interactive as possible ideally its of just liked your play clickers because we've been doing this in chess and psychology so far and it seems to be going good so .

Maybe give me some ideas on where do you think I should cast though where do you think the fish are gonna be so on c1 belongs okay I'll give it another minute and if I still don't have any any suggestions on the chat I'll just move on but guys give me suggestions you've been doing suggestions and chats for for a very .

Long time now on the stream so all right okay so I'm getting good suggestions sorry the chat wasn't actually refreshing huh yeah that's a lot of good suggestions all right so you guys I think from what I'm seeing is that you would like to do short Castille and you would prefer to do something with c4 to .

Play d5 I think those were the the big ones all right yeah so I went with Schwartz castle in the game just because the main idea that I had was if I were to play like Bishop III and the long castle the problem is that White's pieces are kind of ready for the long castle it would be very easy for blacks to just play c5 b5 and try to create .

Some stuff in there and I really wanted to avoid giving my opponent any sort of counter play any sort of attack because well he's he's a strong opponent and I didn't want to feel trapped basically so I did short castle and so my idea was that I did want to continue playing c4 and I did want to try and fee on kids on my bishop so he .

Put the logical move of b6 because you as black have to bring your bishop out somehow and c4 so I had all of these my preparations from this repertoire series that's para marriage on Negi book had and they were called like efore against French caro-kann and Pierre I talked about this book before too and this was a very good .

Book for me it really helps me to understand how to think and how to understand what I'm trying to do against French Perkin caro-kann at least he had bunch of other series against Sicilian too and I looked over those too but my favorite one was dead French Pierre can Carl come on so yeah these were mostly his ideas that he put in his games in .

His book so yeah if you get bored and Quarantine maybe check that out so the idea that I have is to feel and get on my bishop so now let's take a minute and think about what would your opponent has black do so think about what's the best move for black I'm looking at this with subtitles and .

Man I need to face my accent there's subtitles on the video apparently oh for chess it just doesn't work it's disregarded the horrible thing about YouTube subtitles is you can't teach it chess notation just doesn't work true when I was saying caro-kann it was like it was the funniest thing it .

Did get the French down so that was good alright so I'm getting some suggestions on c5 and yeah those are pretty cool great thank you so yeah the idea is that as black you would want to play c5 now so think about as white what would you do would you take it with you play Bishop b2 will you just let it be .

I got my tea I'm kind of warming up now yes yeah you're like a pot of tea all right so we have suggestions on pushing the pond so we have such as Suns on d5 and we have Bishop b2 suggestions oh we have 120 something viewers great thank you people all right so well I took it in the game .

AB and I think hmm this should be too is nice and if you take I would just probably take back and it's a it's comfortable I just wanted to be in control of to take I wanted to take and know where I'm placing my bishop first now can someone tell me why Bishop b2 is wrong so now you're thinking why is Bishop b2 .

Wrong and you're thinking it and I would like to see a move suggestion from black okay once more splash to move after Bishop b2 and you're trying to I already told you that Bishop Peter is not the good move so just tell me why all right so far I think I've seen one person answer the correct one I'll give it another few seconds before .

I tell you guys dancer so there are a lot of bishops Bishop takes f3 Knight takes D 3 f6 and f5 I think those are the four candidate moves that you guys are suggesting I think yes I'm getting some suggestions more citizen stores f6 on f5 f5 is the better move now if you want the the the way to think about it is that this d3 Bishop is .

Already under attack and your Bishop g7 idea doesn't really work anymore so you would have to relocate your Queen and the question is where would you go that's good enough that's protecting the bishop for example so let's say you play queen d4 first of all you have to think about take and then you take and then just rip t8 and everything for Black is .

Kind of already protected so black would have an easier time basically and black would have the two bishop and we would ideally want to avoid that so that's why after Knight takes e5 it's crucial to play Bishop c2 first and after for example and the next move you would want to try and play Bishop beat you so after for example a5 now you get to play .

Bishop beat you now I'd like to take another moment so that you guys can absorb what's going on in the position and maybe do a simple evaluation and I would also like you guys to tell me if you would want to be white or black oh I got a question about why not Queen takes g7 we're talking about here well the problem is you take g7 the Queen .

Takes back and even if you take back it's still you just gave up your piece a little bit so here I was hoping that you guys could tell me if you want to be white or black and after that suggest I move for a black all right so so far I have suggestions that they want .

To be white which is pretty cool but move suggestion all right so we have an e for okay so most people prefer white which is cool because of the king alright it's understandable so let's look at E for so the thing is when you play E for I just relocate the night I think 94 is also pretty viable because .

Now I might want to go to UPS to f5 it's what also thank you be pretty cool if after E for you could just play 92 and I'm kind of hold on wait wait wait we haven't moved the Queen yet so wait if a fork you can just take on g7 so you're good there so the idea of efore is good for those of you who suggested .

It but you should first play h5 and after the Queen moves then try for efore like this potentially if the Queen were to go to h3 then efore works but if the Queen goes g3 the idea of Eve or still would be wrong because of the weak g7 pun so sorry for the little hiccup there so II for one more time if or it doesn't work cause of g7 and that's why my .

Opponent played h5 first to see if my queen were to go would go to h3 first h4 g-33 because those are the the Bible places to go yep so after age five where would you want to propose your queen because you have Queens if you have Queen g5 at five .

You have so many places to go so let's do a tiny poll and see where would you like to place your queen okay so someone so I have one suggestion of queen g3 where else okay so we have a variety of answers nice well in the game I played Queen g3 just because I really wanted to keep the pressure on boats .

She said whoops both g7 and e5 so but that's something that I did you don't have to think like I do everybody thinks differently that's I really like to put pressure on my opponents so okay so now after the if you were to play clean for example h3e four could be viable because now when you move the knight for example I honestly don't .

Think it's a good idea but it's something that you should think about because if it works if you could play for example III and try and use your two bishops as black that would be very cool but I don't think it's a good idea because your king is not Castille than your rooks are not doing anything so that's regardless I would recommend .

Against in 4/4 black so cringy 3 what do you think is the best option for black they've already talked about if we're not being a good move because g7 is super weak and they've already talked about if it was my move again I would definitely take on offense so what do you think black should do .

It's boxing move so oh I'm getting a sticks I'm getting a rock age six and Ricky eight so I feel like those are the three top suggestions all right f6 is in fact the best move because f6 kind of completely blinds this bishop my B to Bishop and it's a good idea to try and close up the .

Position as much as you can when your opponent has advantage advantage as in sense of space and King safety so yeah epps accessorize f6 is the right move thank you for all of those oh I'm getting nice adjustments of Atlantis for well my gosh where is a very good move to think about but I don't think it's ready just yet so that's why I played .

Drifty one if you were to play Knight h4 then e four is possible and so it's better to play whoops to play roof d1 to put more pressure on the d6 Bishop and no now the e4 is not possible anymore you can think about 9h for so after up t8 so those of you who suggested 9h for now we play Knight edge for yeah the the g6 is where does wait .

Does get weak but let's see how it's happened in the game efore what would you do in this position for white and don't just give me one one one move give me a line okay so if I do this opponent does this at least two moves please so we can figure out yeah I mean f6 is it's kind of icky to look at but it's what the position .

Needed at that time all right so I'm getting a trick t6 thank you that's well first maybe think about checks and then takes but you think I think those should be your candidate moves yep my g6 is the my the move to play and n96 is nice specifically because after .

King g8 now please continue giving me the wine because some of you suggested this different ideas I really don't want to say it but keep thinking about checks and takes because this is a kind of nice point in the position all right yeah I'm getting good suggestions so if you take on these sticks first of .

All you have to have calculated taking with the Queen or taking with the rook so please make sure you have calculated that first and tell me what's what you do if the opponent takes the truck and then I tell me the line and then tell me the line if the opponents were to take with Queen oops .

Sorry for the kick you know nothing it's just trying to go up in the strategic plan tactical actually all right so if work takes d6 we have a suggestion taking the rook yes and after taking the rook I think my initial idea the game was to play queen .

G6 but rook t2 and my bishops are kind of stuck and I would probably have to be happy with perpetual so that's why it makes more sense it was actually very strong to play Bishop d1 first I'm still attacking the h-pipe on and I still have the idea of Queen g6 I just took my bishop out of the fire way all right so that's a last line again .

This work takes t6 in the game he ope my opponent to Queen d6 after an ID change queen g3 taking with the H pawn because taking with the either taking with the f e would be three eventually we've become really strong so it was I really wanted to avoid that so now we are in this situation please tell me what would you like to do is White who do you want to .

Try and save the night save your bishops and give me the other line please it's okay I'm waiting for suggestions okay so I have suggestions of route c-141 I think both of them are viable options and both of them are good to think about perhaps truck see one might be slightly more safe to play .

That's right all right so let's look at your rook c1 I think that rook d1 is mine has a nice idea behind it but the problem is that even after this check you would have to move this bishop and you kind of have to voice a vote for example d4 and it just doesn't feel like it's enough and I really didn't want to risk it because I .

Really liked to have these two bishops on I thought my position is good enough not to have to make unnecessary risks so Brooke c1 and I the one thing that I was kind of worried about in the game was III so we don't we have just a few moves left so let's think about this if your plant were to play III what would you do as white .

So with yes I'm getting the right suggestions after E so after E is the best move to play and the move that you should think about the two moves that you should think about for black re2 and King takes h8 please give me lines for these two so we can get back to the game well I have 170 be yours 30 more of me .

I really want to cross 200 I just hope that they capitalize on this awesome number and stick around for Grand Master yeah that would be very great – yeah it's insane endgame isn't it it is it's an endgame class yeah last week I was watching a little bit of it it was very strong all right .

Okay so we are saying eat you losers looking up – yes thank you for that line what about King takes a shades what would you do after King takes a shades okay so I'm we're good with each if chin takes a try – oh I really like the eye I apologize in advance for the pronunciation but saloon either a dream you're right it contains h3 Bishop c3 .

I'm getting more of a ship see three suggestions – so yeah the ship c3 is the greates move to play and so basically if eetu King f2 and everything is blocked and I will win that a pawn in a matter of Lube or – and if you were to take h8 I would play Bishop c3 knife rookie – Bishop g6 is the key move because I'm kind of keeping your king over there and .

You give me two moves and I am coming from mate so that's why III is a bad move and my opponent correctly simply just played King takes h8 I bought Bishop c3 to kick the rook away and at this point I realized that I my rook on c1 is pretty useless so I decided to exchange that off however my opponent decided to try and keep pieces so I .

Think this will be our last question because there are only few moves left so just please tell me what would you do as white in this position the game did end in a draw because well it was kind of hard for both of us to crack the position but there were a lot of a lot of positions and situations that we both had to play very carefully .

And for me it was pretty cool to keep my position very solid and play have played good enough to score draw it's international master who was like 250 points more than me yes King f1 is a good move but I think there's something slightly more accurate I'm pretty sure he will at some point soon .

The answer to max hiber I'm really bad the pronunciations guys yes so f3 was the move that I went for because it's simply putting too much pressure and I really enjoy just any positions that you're just putting pressure and putting pressure and waiting for your opponent to crack it just increases the chance of your .

Opponent making a mistake and that's your lesson for psychology today I'm kidding I'm all over this lesson but that's the course of the day so anyways after King g8 I had the option to play King f1 and for example keep like this and this hand game is extremely dry edge because it's opposite colored bishops and well there's not much that you can .

Do and opposite colored bishop even though you would have a pawn up so anyways back to the game let's wrap it up I already took on d3 and then f2 and here I I believe I think I opened the drawer here for the drill and we just accepted it because the next two moves were for me would be king III and taking on d3 and we were just simply .

Exchange works off the board and this would be a position with opposite colored bishops and game which is dropped so thank you for your donation mark Lopez I would like to say that for next week hopefully we're all healthy and still up and running so ideally the plan is that next week I will show any some game against caro-kann I've heerd .

Bishop f5 because today we looked at 97 and Bishop f5 is another big line and against Bishop f5 I play Knight g3 Bishop g6 and I really like this Knight h3 idea or 92 it's not that's much Theory heavy and it's really something that you can even learn by looking at few games and ideally I will show as much as games as I can next week on this .

And we'll keep following up with more gains on caro-kann Pyrrhic and French true ups this lovely quarantine and yeah so my idea is that I'm going to try and shift it a little bit more to openings and try to focus on one opening for a few weeks and then switch it to another one so yeah hopefully you guys enjoyed my class I hope all 180 – so .

Close to 200 of you will be around for Darrow's Grand Master doors and game class and yeah I will see you for ladies night on Thursday you


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