Friday, May 20, 2022

Economics: Science vs Ideology

so on the one hand i want to think that economics can give us important clues about how to fix big problems how to solve problems of poverty and climate change and so on on the other hand it's pretty clear that there are economists out there who are overstepping various .

Boundaries and who in some cases do real harm by mistakenly promoting various audiological claims while pretending to be scientists so much of my work is motivated by a desire to figure out where the boundaries are between these two things that sort of search took me to philosophy .

Where moral philosophy explores issues of normative foundations and justice and rights and welfare and equality and so on and so those tools that are gathered in philosophy have helped me in all sorts of ways so economics is very obviously driven by values in the ways that we select the problems .

We study the applications we we try to come up with at the same time the values are not the exclusive domain of professional economist these are things that philosophers have studied and there's a real sense in which if an economist is going to try to improve the world .

We should not expect the economist to supply those values even if he or she would rather like to do that the values that matter might be the values of the person and paying for the intervention or more likely the values of the people who are going to end up on the receiving end of it .

And these are questions that i think are really too important to leave to the economists alone you


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