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GATE Score Vs Best possible IISc/IITs/NITs/Other Options | Know Everything By Mallesham Sir

Great up a very very good evening to everyone and grade up is the largest online education platform for all engineering students who are preparing right now or if you have passed out and you are preparing for any competitive exam yes grade up is a .

One-stop solution for all engineering students yes we are here with uh to give information after the gate like post-gate guidance still there is a had to come but we keep on working for you to enlighten what can be done for the .

Student community and we keep on coming to the classes we'll we will try to help as much as possible yes today i'm going to talk about the gate score gate score versus the best institutes for mtech as well as research programs and yeah let me introduce let me .

Interact with you before starting the session many people are waiting from long time sorry for lit uh for a few minutes yeah the um i'll talk about that marks too 62 marks in mechanical is a very low score dion uh for mechanical you should have good uh more than 70 .

And if you have a reservation that's good then yes we are back and we we never make it later if there is an issue i'm taking the classes back to back so that was delayed by three minutes okay great we know our final answer keys are out .

That's great yeah now final answer keys are released guys now based on that you can calculate you can calculate you can calculate the expected the marks and based on the marks uh we can uh think about but after comparing with .

Others right now directly looking at your marks we can't decide yes uh ajay please whoa you have uh you will be qualifying ajay so better to apply all nits and new iits may be possible if no reservation candidates are there ajay but nid is sure great and let me talk about .

Uh the session agenda is for you to have a good interaction with you to talk about our gate score versus what it is we can prefer yeah anihal after animation the 50 maybe plus two or minus two right so after that we can talk about good uh durgesh if you are able to get a good percentage in durgesh inem tech .

Then um and also if you are preparing for placements from the beginning the gish the i'm saying it top 30 of the students in mtech they have a good package in bits pilani but remaining 70 percent it's just like after btec yeah i will verify pressure now then .

I'll discuss as soon as possible yeah that's true that's true yeah guys yeah just wait a minute guys wait a minute i will be back don't go anywhere please like the session guys just wait a minute just wait a minute i'm taking the sessions back to back .

Just two minutes i'll be back no minute two minute i'll be back i'm sorry for late um yeah let's discuss guys where we are at gaurav singh you got 33 marks in ee right so please don't worry uh we are there to help you do you have any reservation go to sync please let us know and what about .

Shash you got almost 65 marks what is the option please mention two things guys um please don't speak just marks say the marks and also say the paper which paper you have written discipline paper and reservation if you have any category and without that please don't say just .

Marks please don't say just a paper and don't suggest reservation will not help you and please talk about this three then only i will reply to you all right saying the marks was just not enough and say the paper and deservation according to that vacant map something yeah obc .

Then om prakash uh play better to prepare for next year boom prakash don't keep the hope with 34 marks is equal to zero marks in gate as far as my knowledge part general civil yes you have the good chances for uh nits but iit is apply for research category but not m tech program .

Path now you can apply bits pilani if you have uh seen the courses already sometimes rahul not all the times it is equal to general ews sometimes they give reservation for them too and i think you have the reservation few seeds for them in all it is yeah .

And nihal apply to nits you may get lower anartis that too those people who wanted to get the admission definitely i'll show you the colleges guys then i will discuss with everyone yes and those people who have low marks like 30 to 40 marks basically please don't .

Search for the options you're just qualified and you're not going to get a good college that is sure without any reservation 55 marks in obc category native mumbai and if you don't have any good academic profile basically gate score earlier they used to keep more than 900 score .

And 55 marks not guaranteed that more than 900 score at least more than 850 if you have a good academic profile naganath who is that yes you cannot seven seven no expectation at all given jyoti 64 marks you have plenty chances which branch you are without branch how .

Can i help you all right cs41 marks and set to krishna nit nid is only one option you have others prepare for research interviews if you have good academic profile all right krishna only nid's have a chance that too .

Not top nids at all 50 mechanical general is equal to more than 5000 rank prakash more than 5000 rank very very difficult prakash which in 61 and see good marks uh you will get a new and new itis sachin there is a chance .

Apply for old ideas if you want uh look at if they are calling for a test interview you may have a chance such sachin please try to apply good so please go to the gate website today everybody saying that answer keys are released and please go and have a look at final .

Answer keys and calculate the final marks and the result is there to come so i think they are almost ready they have calculated uh the results seems to be and within couple of days the results are going to be announced and um you know that 22 is a mention but .

19 to 21 anytime the result may come guys and we can have the clear discussion once you have a rank right now marks cannot decide anything to get an admission i'm telling you from the beginning but still i'm helping you where you have hope .

Yes girish what is your doubt put the question mark after your doubt just don't put the question mark yeah naga please like the session guys i have to see if i want to reply please you are asking a lot of questions i know come on guys how many people are live let me check 73 .

People are watching guys how many likes we have now 34 likes guys i'm going to take everybody question now if i want i will postpone the next class too but if i want to reply to everyone please like the session guys first come on guys quick 34 yes nagashi would do 52 marks .

Cs obc nitritchy less chances less chances nagashi do 52 good marks but the tapas 70 to 80 if they stand it's a less marks but which set it is if it is set one you might be decreased they said two there is an advantage of plus two plus three something like that .

Please do that and once you have the result let me know exactly what is your score then i will help you you will get a chance if there are additional 50 to more than 52. yeah 72 marks general obc please apply to top nits and deep i will suggest you .

Go for the ms or mtech rea programs you will have good chances to get into the old iits remember my words do not write just a m tech program also apply for research programs now um yeah yeah let me talk about i have i have brought a lot of you know institutes .

To help you guys and those people who were not aware of my background i've done computer science from diploma onwards still you know a psd but psd was not completed anyhow guided one lakh more than one lakh students and selected for various jobs and cracked gate multiple times with .

Cell preparation during my btech and in case if anybody want to prepare for gate 2022 don't forget that the grade of super is the one stop solution for all of you we have structure like live courses and expert faculty and including the mock test which is going to help you a lot .

And i'm going to talk about many things in this session marks versus score versus rank you're seeing the marks but that's not enough to decide anything about your admission remember that until unless you get more than 70 marks those people who are getting more than 70 marks like a prince gagan 75 set one is equal to more than .

70 marks even after normalization so you will get the top iits too the admission please apply to iit madras i t bombay iit kanpur delhi kharagpur yes you will get a chance somewhere prince no doubt about it yeah prasanna 60 cse paper 2 general yes .

Please apply to all iit's present a good marks good marks yes except ise there is a lot of hope on that yes shiva srivankar yes you will get top and that is there is a chance plenty chance wanker please apply wait for the ccmt yeah good chances are there .

Mother xc very few people writes and 40 marks is the low marks isc and iit is maybe you can apply to new iits but is no expectation at all it come on chart is going like what marks if you get more than 70 marks satyam there is a plenty chance you get a psu those people who get more than 70 marks .

Yes there is a lot of hope on psus for electronics electronics mainly for electrical more than 80 marks is a good chance and mechanical more than 75 is good yes anyhow let me talk about what should be the order of institutes that you should apply .

And what should be the preference order of courses and what are the opportunities after m tech so these are the things that i'm going to talk about yes and i'm i'm asking the same thing what is your gate score and those people in general 800 to 1000 if you get a gate score .

Marks year you know just marks you don't know what is your rank you don't know what is your score and really really it's difficult but based on the last years i'm trying to help you the 50 marks in civil you will get nits but i it is really difficult gun 50 marks a civil you may apply to new .

Iits but no guarantee at all but nits you will get rahul what is your answer instead of saying that keep asking that so many people are there in in my chart right now yeah keep putting the stars i will definitely look into that what is your doubt i am not able to find .

At all wasting the time unnecessarily yeah 36 marks ec obc ms options very less harsh better try to write the gate exam again very less options ms if you want to go and if you have a good academic profile like you have done any research then there is a chance .

Yeah shashi me paper 1 obc 65 marks yeah good chances the reservation is there and new iits you may apply shashi but you know mechanical the most of the times more than 70 so many strengths are there if you get a below thousand rank or below 2000 rank at least .

You get a chance rahul ewc benefit is very less reservation is less for ews rahul what you are asking is benefit is so less reservation is there but benefit is so less so many are ews students are there it's equal to general it is equal to general cutoff is also goes like a .

General or near to obc yeah chance of an idea you will have instrumentation obc chance there is a chance for nit yes good chances are there avinash 47 marks in general cse said 2 okay iit is i can't recommend but you may try triple i .

T bangalore triple i t bangalore if not if you don't get that at least try nitis but i it is you may apply for research program but not ta program avinash you may try again a new new iits if you want to take that mission but very less chances for iits .

Pritham 56.33 marks in ece is a good chances of top it is known ms you will have but m tech no pritham you will have the chances for ms but ready for written test and interview ready to face them sagar 54.67 score gate civil sc very very good chances sagar don't worry you will get good institute .

Ammonum 45 that's what apply for nits but it is no chance very less chances prediction is less what is your score rohan 588 gate score 2019 ece general of rohan what should i say general you have less than 600 applied to nits it is you have less .

Chances if you want to apply take any interdisciplinary program you can apply to iits otherwise very difficult yeah pratik 51 cs is said to you are missing do you have any reservation no reservation 51 marks apply to anothers .

Rathik shetty apply to nids i assume if you are not mentioning any reservation category you are general chaitanya 450 square me general what do you want to do with that do you have two options either go for nits for any program or prepare the gate again .

Yes prashanth what is your branch here if you are not mentioning prashanth what should i do how do i know which branch you are from forum 426 cs where is the reservation here get nothing cyan 65 marks ee general can i get iit ot slightly difficult for 65 marks more .

Than 70 marks you should get cyan but as you said a general very difficult but iit bhu you can try if there are very less people more than 65 i see that more than 70 also slightly difficult for electrical people the last year uh the topper is above 90. there's more people are there above 70. .

And slightly difficult cyan getting new ideas also it is going to be difficult for you but try it 51 anubhav chances apply to all new iits on above you will have a chances for new iits but not old iits if you are interested for iit madras .

Research program you can apply like research programs you have good chances to get a call on above kaushik misra 73 me said to psu good or first will you get a psu call kaushik yes if you get a psu yes choose it or you have three years of time if you get a good score remember that kaushik .

If you are in dilemma take a job and do one year or two year then leave it and go for iit art first do i am taking it and again write the gate and you will get a good score and go for psu you have two chances kaushik always we prefer going to old iits .

Yeah i'm getting the most to talk with everyone cyan 65 marks electrical general can i get iit over t that's what i'm saying very difficult cyan in general category for 65 marks getting both of them are difficult okay come on guys 693 .

Ece obc msrm tech judgmental 693 score is okay and you apply to iits because you have a reservation obc yes you will get a call for ms but m tech new and new iits you will have a chance judgmental remember that ms you may get a call .

You may get a call if you have a good percentage in academic and if you've done good project you may get a call but m tech try for new iits old diet is difficult but if you go for interdisciplinary programs you can also apply to old iits yeah good and keep reminding sir please answer my question instead of .

Saying that please post your question i will take up no doubt about it aman agarwal can i get iit delhi 403 yes you will get a call for written test amon there is a chance madras you will get a call but delhi uh they may be called general yard you told the .

General yes more than 300 you may get a call for delhi but madras at least you apply research program if you want delhi madras definitely will get a call for research program but mtech program there is a doubt because you have a 400 rank and this year people and last year people both .

When you compete they might keep more than a less than 300 rank aman agarwal so please apply but uh i can't predict it but research program you will get a call m tech is difficult madras there is a chance there is a chance madras but even for reservation obc people also .

400 is difficult to get in ms uh in iit madras oh my god chart i'm sorry guys if i'm not able to take any doubts 42 csc set to obc which college can i get 42 marks go for nits and that two the two are not top nits third year there is no current fraggle .

Third year there is no admission at all can i try for ms in iit is 41 marks oc cs paper said two yes you should try they may call you if you have a good academic profile and sometimes sometimes if you have done uh b-tech from good colleges then you will get a call krishna .

Shashank but sometimes marks are not going to decide the shortlist as you are looking for research program apart from gate score there are other parameters will be considered rohit 65 marks in civil obc any chance for iit oh my god yeah .

You may get a chance yes rohit and you how many iits are there please try to apply each and every iit separately you will get a chance for new iits instead of old iits top ids if you want you should have a good score more than 70 75 65 you have a chance to hit .

Ninja 35 to 40 marks in csu obc applied to nits lower and it is preferred niranjan okay i'm going down so many are who is the next i'm not able to see the chart also here but estimated cutoff will be around a 27 28 will be there estimated cut off just wait for three days four days more .

Just we are expecting 28 marks that is expected cut off 66 mechanical can i get new iit thermal or design aditya thermal 66 what is reservation if you don't have a reservation really uh difficult for mechanical initiatives aditya very difficult if you don't have a reservation .

With 60 marks obc can i get m taken mechanical yes obc we have a reservation uh that to mechanical or no no no hvid very difficult again if you get more than 70 marks you could have chance if you want to go for research program .

You will get a call lot they will sync interdisciplinary you can apply the v-sync but actual core programs you may not get the seat admission 68 mechanical general guys those people who are getting less than 75 marks in mechanical and if you are general so be careful .

Iits are slightly difficult and you can apply for iits for interdisciplinary programs not for the core you should try if you have hope based on the last cutoff we are going to display for every iit and if you are not aware of our post gate guidance we are coming up the with the cutoff score for every iit .

Right we are going to come up but right now the marks is just predictable but when you have the score we can predict nearby nearby yes please like the session guys yeah already dislikes are there and likes also should be proportional guys and please either increase dislikes or increase .

Likes but at least do something guys and when we are putting the effort for you and please like the session guys those people who are not aware of a grade up please go to the play store today and install the grader app and these sessions we are only seeing on .

Youtube but like this we are going to conduct almost every day on grade up so we are going to help you one one to one one to one guidance will be there on grade up so please install today and start using we are there for you to help you today result not it comes till you are .

Worried when the result comes we are always with you remember and we are going to work even more than five hours every day if you are coming to the grade up app or if you are coming to this youtube channel we will help you each and every minute of your doubt .

Thank you so much guys for liking the session especially yes aysh kumar 70 civil obc isc bangalore yeah ayush kumar good marks are there and you are very near to the topper yes there is a plenty chance if you could have got more than 75 marks so it is difficult .

Uh 70 to 80 marks how many people are there so slightly difficult to get isa bangalore but other institutes a good chance is that if you could have yeah more than 75 and it's it's possible based on rank if you get if you get below 100 rank yes please apply .

They are calling you for written test and interview yes you will be uh called ash kumar but apply apply for isc don't lose hope yes next one ishon 59 marks score 7 18 old iit m tech cse possible no 59 no it's very difficult success wins 60 marks chemical st .

Yeah you have plenty chances here you have a reservation don't worry about it 60 marks is good in chemical mechanical sc 50 isc bangalore mba program you want to apply prashanth yes please apply you have good marks for sc and if you have only two to three people are there before you you will get a chance .

But if there are many category people you will not get a chance those people who are having a reservation also face the difficulty guys and if you got suppose if you got thousand rank thousand rank you are from sc and before thousand rank if there are many people .

From sc you will not get the chance in good college remember that too sometimes nobody there you will get the best college yeah you should apply and wait for the result they just be ready 57 general iit delhi any branch civil engineering set to yes you can .

Apply for interdisciplinary but not for the core core branches very difficult general the two general people guys i'm talking about more than 70 marks in any branch you will have a good chances survey around 65 marks in csc good marks you will get all .

Try to apply try to apply all the places except one or two top institutes you will get almost everywhere oh my god chart swap nil 28 marks is expected cut off jyoti 57 marks cse set one any iits many ids will have option many itis who else here a pandit .

60 in xc and 70 in mba can i get in core in old iit mechanical new iodis we can predict but old is difficult as you have 70 marks general ajinkya old diet is difficult very difficult based on the last few years the 70 marks in me is really difficult but you can apply for .

The research programs they will call you chances are cr cr gate score 706 ec obc in iits yes a good chances are there new iits only you will have a chance old diet is the difficult ashtosh misra 780 to 800 score .

Civil engineering any chance for core branch in core it is oh what is core idea core branch in old idea new iit iit is difficult for sastosh you can go for top and its you will have a chance uh yeah nitis you have a chance and new iits yes if you prefer you will .

Get a call jyoti yes you will get you will get some iit wait for the result wait for the result you will get some iit no doubt about jyoti like you can apply for iit uh gandhinagar iit tirupati if they offer empty commission and new ideas you can apply .

Okay yes narendra 48 marks civil engineering obc category oh no no diet is nothing that not possible object sink 71 marks in mechanical can i get energy energy there is a chance abjet yes there is a chance um if .

If the ovc people are not there in front of you a lot but you know general and obviously a lot of people are there so uh i can predict that if there are less obc people before you you will get a chance there's only chance but based on the last few years .

More than 75 marks that is uh if you are in top of 400 or 500 there is a chance to get a call abdul 523 ec general what is 523r score our rank 44 marks in ee general dhiraj better to write the next year or go for the state or central universities .

E is lot of competition guys less than 50 marks very difficult to get in good institutes gate score 575 best options pakira you can go for 575 if you are interested for the new iits you can apply you may be called for some written test interviews for the .

Research program that too if you want to go for iits that is the best option for me now siddha singh score 540 csc general 540 you will not get a good iits no doubt old new it is also very very difficult very very difficult and it is you may prefer .

Okay let me let me talk about what are the options we have guys and if you are general and if you want to get good iit you must be in this score if you want to get any iit the 600 is fine your score i am talking about and 400 to 600 if you have better to .

Apply for nit if you are looking for the core stream score streams any branch keep this a score and out of thousand score and what score you get and decide accordingly and if you are from obc you have a good chances to get good iits if you are there between 700 2000 .

And apply for both ta and rda programs both tia and rda programs in good iit's including all the ites which where you are interested but if you are getting 500 to 700 score you will have a good chance to get an ids and it is but if you are in this score better to write the exam either next year .

Or prefer any nit that you get prefer any nit so in case if you are here and you can apply to like triple i t bangalore or any triple i t that through the ccmt or top and it is all right and if your reservation reservation if you're having reservation if you get .

A 500 score two thousand square in between anywhere you will have good chances to get any iit i'm talking about iit some iits even you get you have a 500 400 score you will get iit in case if you have less people with the same reservation and 300 to 500 .

We can predict you will get nit so this is what yeah you have so keep this score in in mind if you have a reservation yes marks versus score versus ranked guys you know the marks year to year marks will not decide the at the same rank this year 70 marks may be the first rank .

Next year 70 marks maybe thousand rank it depends on how many people are going to get that range so remember that year to year the marks will vary the rank 2 and score and rank are important to get the admission remember .

The iits don't keep the marks as a cutoff artist and it is i see bangla they keep the score score and rank of course rank is also not important score is very important for admission score is calculated out of thousand so out of thousand i already listed out .

What is i'm not talking about location i'm not talking about mechatronics after btec akash a 51 mark open category uh which mechanical college no iit it is really difficult and in it is to lower in its we can prefer that is possible possible akash if you are interested in any interdisciplinary program at iits you .

May apply yeah with 78 mark civil good mark crobc yes i see there is a chance rohit good chance good chance you will have if the topper is getting nearby you know if top 20 people are there uh between the 75 to 85 you will have plenty chance raman singh iit bhuvaneshwar versus .

Based on the placements when i look at both of them even bhubaneshwar is also getting very good placements for csc csc both are good triple iit halibut has good placements in the last year so i prefer reply to bhavaneshwar rather than replying to however if you ask me based on the last two years yeah 51 marks in um cse .

Set to obc which college can i get uh 51 marks a new iits you may get of jackani there is a chance for new iits old ad is really difficult but as they are calling for it in this interview don't stop to don't forget to apply if you are called for written test and ready for that whether it's shortlist or not based on .

How many people you how many people are applied 450 esc apply to iits in case somewhere nobody there for from sc you will be called bavik don't worry when you have a reservation at all i have seen the people 354 underscore also they got the admission into iit .

Kanye kumari 791 score possibility of getting ise yeah less chance less chance but if you apply for research they will be calling you yeah uh 70 me general old diet is uh no no no difficult difficult sai teja so 9 20 what is 920 is it score or marks .

Marks and you have not done 920 rank or score 920 score or marks sorry score or rank 920 rank then it is really difficult and it is you will get if 920 score almost every institute or eligible year you get top iit every iit you will get if it is 920 is a .

Score mechanical branch 69 marks 16 iits apply to new artists like iit palakkad iit jodhpur and if they call and please face them interviews otherwise very difficult getting iits with that score really difficult i have 35 scores scored 35 .

Marks in cs and applying for psd yes you may apply you are qualified but if you don't have good academic profile you may not be shortlisted servagia 47 cs is set one obc nalamu set one 47 if they minimize 45 assume it .

And apply to nits i it is not possible straightforward uh sir iit bombay national versus iot bhuvaneshwar again bhuvaneshwar in triple i t as well as iit has a good placements guys iit bonesware vices iit what should i do i am not able to see the chart at all .

Not giving me the chance guys more than 100 people are live i'm trying to give my best as you know my mind is keep on doing something calculations but you keep on asking okay anyhow i'll i'll be there 78 mark civil obc iit madras yes rohit good chances are that rohit .

Very very good chances very very good chances are there let's let's apply we'll see it gauche 677 score me general what are my options and score wise we are going to display the list and after the result please attend every score we are going to give the options .

For you and you can apply there which nits are preferred which ids are preferred if you are going to look at the list guys look at what are the iits are there 24 it is guys 24 ids if you assume every it is taking let's say 20 admissions .

24 into 20 you can see that nearly a 500 seats are there i'm just counting minimum very minimum 500 for every branch where i'm talking about average 500 seats guys though if you are getting top 500 rank then somewhere you will have a chance in some iit .

No doubt about it if you are getting top 500 but if you have a reservation till thousand till 2000 you may get like scst people till two thousand three thousand also they get a chance so look at how many iits we have right now in this in this i made a list i made a list .

Look at that this 11 iits in case if you want to talk about which ideas are and prefer this eye it is where you have a good placements everybody guys this it is 90 you have a good placements 90 when it comes here the 50 50. yes you have very good placements but package is difficult to talk about in .

New it is where you need to choose opportunity according to that uh the available options so look at this list yeah 350 score cse yeah rohit yeah you are from pwd please keep on applying because you should .

Um you know even application fees are also less pwd so please keep on applying rohit for all new iits whole diet is very difficult to hit but new iits you apply energy you will get iit is only we have a doubt if many people are there before you .

Abdul 523 ec general i'm already telling you abdul 523 ece general guys 523 score it means how many people are there before you are all the people and you know how many people will be there before nearly uh 2 000 people might be there nearly .

So 1500 to 2000 people and you can expect nit but if you are applying for research program you may be called munna 78 marks in set one me yes after normalization it could be plus two minus two uh that depends on the paper difficulty so i'm expecting in the worst .

Case uh new iits you will get a muna new iit is you have a chance that too you have not mentioned any reservation very difficult to say again 670 marks in csc set one general isc yes there is a chance there is a chance even though you are general you will be called for written .

Test and interview and perform well there is a chance if you perform well not a direct admission 77 marks in civil uh probably a good chance to call for iits and please try to apply all the possibilities but if you are getting the below 400 rank yes .

There is a plenty chance 649 ec ews category which iit which iit out of them please apply to the scientists and this ad is more than 750 score if you have 800 then you can apply and if you are applying to core if it is interdisciplinary course don't worry .

Guys even 500 score also will be called even 2 000 3000 rank also will be called if you are applying for interdisciplinary data it is versus new iit for electrical yes uh srivankar we will our experts are going to come up with the videos to compare .

All such things yes we have to do that thank you srivankar we will do that keep suggesting us we will definitely do for you no doubt pratik 55 marks general 50 for marks general and top iits are really difficult really difficult but new iits you may try you will be .

Called for written test or interview 77 mark civil general praly i told you already right okay let's go down kumar pakira iit bhuvaneshwar gate score 575 electrical less chance that is what i am talking about less chances shirit as everybody aware of this year .

And many people are going to apply the list until the last year very less people were applying so their score was less but this year there was a lot of awareness because of the coveted everybody using internet and most of the people are going to apply it is rather than nits .

And how many of you don't know that then even new ideas are doing a very good academic work and they are very good research work and good placements are there and please don't ignore this itis at all remember that point and 59 csc obc set one 59 that means set one it's a 57 i assume .

Like this ajay kumar then apply to the rank it's going to be near 2000 looks like then apply to this it is and somewhere you may have a chance if they call for written test otherwise apply to research programs yes gate score is needed replied italy yes .

Abhishek and also conducts exam i forgot i think it also connects separate example 400 rank obc ec will say yes you have a chance praveen if you get a 400 rank yes you will have a chances if you have a vls yes apply to new it is for vlsi you will have a chance .

Old ad is difficult because vlsi is too competitive course what else what else come on guys i'm yeah i am stopping the chart 900 score please is it robotics yes nan you have good chance now don't worry you will you have to get it's 900 score you should get uh the isc robotics yes even general category also .

There is a chance none triple it is better sumid 54 sc set one don't worry where do you want to apply sahab please apply good chances to get 540 obc ravindra 540 score obc it is slightly difficult not slightly really .

Difficult apply an itis that too top and it is not possible sachin kumar 35 marks ec obc any iit no iit sachin sorry to say that even nid is also difficult with 35 marks go to lower and 90s if the if if you get ruthwick 59 cse obc set one which college can i get .

Which college you want or which course you want um guys those people want uh who have a reservation 59 marks in cse i'm talking about 59 marks apply to new iits and old ideas if you want to apply for research program okay go down go down go down okay sahil 700 score .

Good 700 you will be called for this new iits and face them if they have an interview and also don't forget to apply 700 score like bhu you might have a chance and gandhi nagar don't forget to apply them sayan energy study a good branch for placement .

It was a very difficult question good institute you will have a good placement but other institutes i can't say yes and if you don't have a placement switch to other placements you are eligible to face other other it companies too cyan is energy how many times you are saying ahmad sir my gate score is 494 in ec with obc .

Background good college in iit anyhow um why don't you apply if you want interdisciplinary you can go for energy studies like that environmental at 494 you will be called for um will be called for written test or interview then you will be facing there .

Most of the people i will not get the admission as it is interdisciplinary you might be applying it but very less chances you will have you are only looking for the admission not at all interest okay pulkish 550 score in production industrial branch category .

A world diet is difficult as it depends on how many people are there before you in the same category right do you know how many sc people are there before you that is three years of work experience then why don't you go for research program research program you will get top iits .

But mtech is difficult mtech there is no use of research and gap if you are going three years gap if you are having three years experience and mtech ta program will consider same but research program will consider if you have an experience you will be having a more priority in the interviews and .

Written test yes interdisciplinary if you want to go for like industrial engineering iur in iit bombay there is industrial engineering very good placements are there and such courses are really important for the placements too they have very good placements not every .

Interdisciplinary vlsi in summer it is vlsi is interdisciplinary course then they have good placements too obc 450 gate score in civil am tech obc 450 gate score in civil m tech chances opc 450 guys less than 500 really you know getting top nine is also difficult .

And until unless you have good academic profile amir kumar 540 score ec general nit amir will i say no 540 score it's really difficult as you have general best marks you should have um obc more than 75 marks if you get you will have a top it is .

Chance that two this chopper is sitting around 85 then 75 to 85 the 10 marks difference you will have a good chances to get top it is but this here we have to look at the topper marks guys not i decided now yes what should be the order of our new iits .

There is no such order guys it's all preferences new it is the order is not decided the next year we will make it clearly are give us one week and we are going to make order according to the placements and academic profile we are going to make the order and if you want to see the order first many of .

The branches and bhuvaneshwar uh and gandhi nagar and bhu hyderabad and this are doing fantastic job in in this and apart from that if you look at the iit indoor is also in that list guys so remaining are doing good job but still i cannot .

Decide without looking at academic profiles so don't worry much about it okay satandra 620 what score and please apply to nit directly it is really difficult 79 cse general sir can i get iit bombay yes chitons you have good chances 79 marks is near to i think within 100 you might .

Get the rank so there are good chances rank 41 to 70 in me chances of getting iocl in obc yeah good chances very good chance if you're really getting 41 to 70 rank is good answer there as you have a reservation and 41 why i'm getting giving the chance .

Because everybody will not go to ibo cl that is the advantage so most of them they are going to join the iits or iic bangalore so you will have a chance to tatamesh 650 civil engineering general prathamesh 650 civil engineering general .

Uh more than 800 score also getting iit is difficult now if you are interested for interdisciplinary there is a chance with this if you are not interested for interdisciplinary course then apply for nits there you will get somewhere .

Tesla electrical 430 score sc ah please apply to all the new id somewhere you will get there is a chance tesla new art is difficult because so many assistants might be there before you srianz ews civil 625 score nit is only the option for you now if .

You are opting for other core civil engineering specializations okay home car good gate aerospace 30 marks sc yeah really difficult it is as aerospace engineering 30 marks really really difficult and many you know too much competition .

Is there for uh but if you are looking for interdisciplinary course then you may get you may be called not guaranteed abhishek kulkarni no no 35 marks is equally just qualified if you don't have a reservation you may not be called for anywhere almost .

Yeah saurabh 498 score general ec which course 498 score which course course or which iit you want saurabh if you are looking for iits i don't recommend accept interdisciplinary courses if you are looking for the core branches better to .

Apply for nits that too you will get lower nits only shashank yes don't worry if you are not good in coding shashank definitely you will learn you will learn don't worry about it i will i will talk to you i will talk to you .

How is nit jalander or nid road killer for ramtek csc m tech rural killer is the first option then jalandhar and any nit any nit guys anybody is asking about nit look at accept this energies if you are asking i can't answer at all this analytics at least they are very .

Good placements i can guarantee 60 to 70 percent they are very good placements if 50 people are joining for admission not 50 40 people are joining for admission then 20 people at least placed another 20 they will look for internship other opportunities still they will get good opportunities .

So these are the good and ideas guys please note down the list these are the good night is where you have the good opportunities where you have the good opportunities but not 100 percent remember that too remember that too and i can guarantee 50 to 80 percent of the students they have a good package .

In this and if not at least you can go for internship and you can get a good placements and triple it is and these are the triplets you have triple id hyderabad will not take the admission to the gate so triple id bank is the best option for you if not replied about then allahabad bonaire which have equal chances .

So i will prefer up to this uh top five top five triple i t's are having good placements as you can see that pune and bangalore hyderabad are ups for the companies so you have a good packages there too and alabama are also having good placements too .

But remaining it's your choice if you are going for like goliath jabalpur conscious they are also good instruments but i am not saying that uh you will i i'm saying that you will not have the equal opportunities where you have others so you prefer the first five if you are getting the chance .

Yes there are other institutes like bids they also take the through uh gate score r uh or they have conduct separate exam if you are not getting good gait score please apply to the apply to bits hd program and you will have an exam and then if you get a good gate score .

You will be selected or you can write an exam you will be selected so you can look at the institutes where you may get a chance like i say kolkata if you are interested for maths or maths or anything and cmi also j and u d t u so these are the other good institutes but when you are asking about the .

Placements i don't recommend anything here except bits that drew that too 50 percent is guaranteed 50 percent here also you have good good placements guys i have another class i'm not able to go another class because i don't want to disturb anyone .

As i know as a student you have definitely there is a lot of trouble and we have only the one platform that i can connect with you so more than 140 people are watching this video i have a class i'm not leaving because i want to help you really and let me you know i have a patience .

For few minutes more otherwise i will cancel the class whatever is the next one but give me some time i'll be connecting i'm sorry i'm not able to take every text that is there in the chat i'm very sorry guys yeah 72 marks me in obc category world diet is .

Difficult shiva old diet is um if you are applying for if you are applying for any interdisciplinary you will get a chance hold it is yeah those people who are not aware of that um 52 colleges are there through the ccmt in the last year .

So 52 colleges are there and among them nietz and triple id some of them and some of the centrally funded institutes too like you have very good institutes here too joking i'm saying that prefer iit's first choice even though top nits are having good placements but .

New iodis are also having good placements then why do you choose the tag of iit why do you leave that tag yeah aadesh score 500 cse general go to nit straight away if possible seven underscore mechanical general 700 score it is very very difficult to get .

Uh in core branches when your ids you may try but very less chance too 49 marks in gate 49 marks is equal to our rank goes beyond thousand rank beyond so very difficult to get any iit and it is also slightly difficult but try lower energies .

Sumid 450 score sick yes you will get iit is also sumed there is a chance of getting even iit is two but you will definitely get yes so then it is definitely you will get ew is 36 marks rahul what is paper to obc uh probably better to prepare you know for other exams .

Directly not possibly are directly not possible which iit is the best for civil limb tech you can prefer any top iit like i can say that i t delhi very good placements guys for all the engineering streams itdl is one of the best one .

And i see bangalore and iit bombay iit kharagpur iit madras iit kanpur having very good placements and don't worry including iit hyderabad utkarsh the marks no if you get a nearly thousand rank to 2000 rank there is a chance utkarsh we're talking about pc 441 general any chance .

Um nits that will the last option if you wait till the last round there is a chance directly you may not prince kumar 600 obc civil 600 obc civil what do you want to apply prints it is you have to leave the option and you have only option that is interdisciplinary courses .

Because of you have a reservation so you will be called energies you will get prince kumar shubhajit iit you may have a chance yeah you may have a chance for the new ads like i added tirupati iit gandhinagar you may be considering if nobody is there in front of you .

67 cse 67 cse set one guys please like the session those people who are joined late and don't forget to like the session i know it is very difficult to uh you know talk with this many people parallely ec 46 score now iits are not possible you may try .

Nits and it is also difficult to get that to top 10 analytics is difficult 530 score civil engineering 530 score you will have lot of people in front of you ranjal and that is the only option that you have with the 530 score if you are going for .

The core vamshi uh 50 marks and it is you may have a chance but i it is it's a really difficult machine yes that is what i am telling most of you do not know the gate score only you know the marks then once you get the result we are going to come up with .

The videos today i came up with the ghost gate score versus institute and m tech look at this guys those people who are applying for iit's best top ideas i'm talking about remaining hard is i don't know if you are having greater than 850 score .

Please try to apply to this iits try to apply to this side is you have a good chance for general and if you are having greater than 750 score and if they are conducting written test or interview yes you will be called for the selection and perform well and reservation if you have .

Greater than 500 if you have don't worry about it please apply and somewhere you may get a chance somewhere the reservation people but other people have to fight so many people are there for obc ews and general everybody so this is the top ideas i'm .

Talking about remaining it is slightly you know minus 100 might go for the short listing for the shortlisting yes everybody definitely know it don't worry those people who are are looking for the life changing yes just join the this it is i'm talking .

About those people who are looking for the life-changing feature and don't join every wherever you get admission guys you have to cry after two years if you don't get an opportunity so those people are looking for an opportunity and choose the best iit .

If you're not getting the best id i have seen the people and especially i got a call two days back you want to join at isc and he is getting good score too but he's waiting for the next year to get into top if not he will get somewhere admission so sometimes it is better to choose as .

Per your knowledge the best according to your knowledge so don't blindly choose the opportunity that you are getting but if you don't have any opportunities your choice but when you have an opportunity give your best and in case if you are getting less than .

500 score and maybe you can give one attempt if you don't have any problem with the gap but i never encourage to waste your time and in case if you want to join this top it is the best solution is the one year gap doesn't matter .

If you have the clarity that you can crack the exam right you know the gate exam already you have faced this year gate exam i will recommend guys i will recommend this it is will have the bright future of course other it is too okay if you are going for top nits and look at the .

Score and definitely you should have a more than 700 score if you want to get if you want to get of course 650 sometimes 600 but the 700 for general and obc 700 600 is fine and scs even 350 also fine everybody and whoever want to apply for top nits and keep this in mind .

If you are near to 700 definitely you will get some nit and sometimes if you don't get because of the competition that is heavy because of the last few years might be you know competing this year also because gate score is eligible for three years and some people may not join this .

Year they will join next year so you might see some competition so plus 50 minus 50 will happen to this score too yes so shill that is what i'm talking about don't worry about 1500 rank is safer a triple itd uh cooldown there is which which branch .

You are from 730 in electrical general is it rank or score just mention that yeah i'm not getting sometimes what are you trying to say yes if you get very good rank like less than 100 yes plenty options why not yes tesla yes you have a chance everybody will not .

Take the same course right yeah guys i have another class i'm very sorry um but i don't want to leave as many people are waiting for something i don't want to maybe energy trichy data those people want to do and always do the certification from .

Uh other online platforms you know that the data on analytics not only data analytics and you can prefer data science machine learning ai and business analytics if you are from mba these courses are very popular these days guys but do other certification courses to .

Give the best profile yes vignesh you will be called for interdisciplinary don't worry about it bishop very difficult no you may not uh very difficult to say that may or may not be shall i have seen the last years .

The cutoff is also going to 23 something like that pratik ms has no cut-off prathik the master of science has no cutoff the cutoff depends on the which people are applying how many are applying depends that they will make cut off yeah mostly ms they don't look at only .

On cut off gate score they also look at other uh profile like what you have done in your b tech what is your percentage and all combinedly they will be selecting don't worry about if you want to apply a mess apply it and if you are shortlisted face it safe score for old it is .

The safe score out of thousand get try to get aboy 100 score try to get above 800 score already have given safe score right this is the 850 so put 800 score for getting into iit guys those people are applying for research programs and if you are having a .

Iits iit's ideas i am saying if you are having more than 700 score from general and obc 600 other reservation about 300 you can apply for research programs you may be called for rate intestinal interview by looking at your academic record and night is for if you want to apply for phd .

Then this score is also fine yeah look at this if you want to apply for research programs yeah and those people who are not aware i'm just enlightening guys the iit is isc why we prefer rather than nits the average package goes to seven to .

Nine lakhs and more i.t jobs more core jobs even many psus come to guys those people who are losing opportunity in psus right now even psus comes to recruit at iits and isro drdo other organizations also comes for recruitment when you go for an it's triple it is .

Acceptable hyderabad i'm talking about the average package goes to you know four to five lakhs so that is the difficult part here but if you look at the top are 10 students in top and 90s they will have even more than 10 package 10 lakhs per annum so that is what the difficulty is .

Average when you compare the 4 to 5 lakhs or you know 6 lakh sometimes and more i.t jobs are there but less core jobs when you go for nit so this is the main difference why the people prefer iits to have a good uh opportunities what will be civil engineering cutoff for this year and we already had .

Analysis of vishal and please watch that video analysis we already made it yeah yeah i'm very sorry guys please like the session we are going to come up with we are going to come up with a lot of uh such sessions and this session especially for you .

People guys and you made it and you have asked so many questions and i hope this is not an end and once the result comes we are always there on youtube to help you based on your score we will definitely help you which it to apply now which id i'm not able to tell you because i don't know exactly your score .

And i just want you to wait till the exam the result once the result comes please come to this channel we are here to help you yes um yes cool they it is safe if you have obc reservation all right and those people who are applying for msc phd and .

Average package guys it's a more than m tech those people who are not aware of that ms research has a more average package than the mtech people the reason is they have a lot of the research prof they have a lot of opportunities in research organizations .

In research organization the package is more than the normal amtec course people so that is goes to that goes to average 15 to 20 lakhs per annum and scope of research is going to be domain specific and also you are also might be interested for teaching .

Yes this research programs are going to help you ms phd this course is more towards to research and teaching so you will be enjoying lot and also you will have a very good package compared to m tech people yes m tech ta versus research programs i'm talking about .

Guys look at mtech is course program which is two years and more courses you are going to do and not focused on particular domain for research but second year you are going to do the main project in mtech and placements are good i'm not saying bad it's very good in every institute top institute and when it comes to mtech .

It doesn't matter iit nid which one you choose it it is going to be like two point five to three years for ms and phd it is four to five years after m tech if you go after b tech five to six years and your less courses more towards to the research focused on .

Particular research area and research is about two years in a particular domain and in that is for ms and for phd it is three to five years only research apart from courses so overall it is going to be i have mentioned the years and the choosing area of research and .

Guide is very very important not the college those people who don't know here college is not important here the choosing the research area and the guide under which faculty you want to conduct the research or you want to perform the research so it's very very .

Important those people are not aware of the research program blindly don't join because i am the best option our best example i have chosen a phd program at isc but after two and a half years i dropped it even though i got the best institute in india to perf to pursue phd but it's all depends on .

The research area and the guide if these two are not a positive side then definitely you have to drop so don't cry after choosing the research program but you have very good placements and very good opportunities if you complete it yes i'm very sorry to .

Leave now but definitely we will come up tomorrow and day after tomorrow every day we will be there on youtube for some program we will try to help you i'm very sorry thank you so much and please comment in the video we will reply it everybody .

And um we are going to make the video soon on tomorrow i'm going to make that to enlight and please comment below on this video after completion of the session i will reply today night itself today night itself i will reply to everyone please comment this video after the end after ending the session .

So don't forget that thank you so much for joining this today session and in case if anybody want to take the grade up course or get a super subscription and we are starting the batch from the next monday enrollment already started so you can go for any branch i have just mentioned a computer science .

But all the engineering streams we have started weekend as well as regular in case if you have any doubt nine six five double zero five to nine zero four is a number and grade of super is the one of the best platform online platform which provides structured life courses and you will have the top educators and top .

Faculty who are going to complete your syllabus and also we have very good mock test to practice so no need to purchase a green card if you have a grade of super if you don't have it you purchase a green card you can go for only mock test practicing yes thank you so much please .

Don't forget to rate us on google play if you are not using the grade up app and go to the play store today itself and install the grade up app and as you are looking for so many uh uh opportunities in your life and great up is one platform where we always there to help you .

And we don't know who you are but still here we are there for you always and in case if i have not taken any doubt today please don't dislike this video please comment your doubt we are going to reply thank you so much for joining this session please like the session and we are going .

To come up with a lot of such videos not one two three guys we are going to come up with the score wise branch wise iit wise any device and please keep attending our session thank you so much bye bye take care this is


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