Thursday, May 19, 2022

Gelfand vs. Grischuk, Candidates ’11 | Chess and Psychology – IM Dorsa Derakhshani

Hello everybody how's it going hope you are having a great uh kindness start of your week um so i had a very eventful day yesterday uh definitely today too a lot of sleeping today actually but okay so um i'm pretty excited to just go ahead and um share one of galefun's .

Masterpieces because i was just looking through his games a little because i think i was talking to someone about his third book uh over the weekend and i kind of just wanted to go back and take a quick look at um just some of his games and um .

I think this was this was my second most favorite my most favorite one is actually the one where he played against dominguez in 2013 um the the feeder grand prix i think it was but this one is uh when he played against um uh chris chuck .

And i thought that was also another really good one so let's just go ahead and try to cover that also if you see a ginormous hand sanitizer behind me that's literally right in front of my door so i've been doing that um as much as possible just trying to leave it in front of the door so i just .

Remember to do it and oh i think hello everybody hi steve hi yaroslav have luck luckless uh hi donald roddy tracy whoa oh no i wasn't lost or kidnapped well theoretically i was slightly lost because i didn't know where my streaming was going that was a little final yeah that was a little funny um i .

Thought i was streaming on youtube but then i got scared this was going on twitch and apparently it was not going anywhere so that was fun but anyways oh hi chesleep yeah yep that was a very great game and so most of you might already know this game uh if you know .

This game and if you want to throw hands around be my like ta feel free to do that i would love that well a lot of different countries too i've been to to portugal my brother lives in england so i guess that counts all right let's go ahead and look at this game for a little bit so um .

Go on this white um i think this is nuts i mean the opening doesn't really hold that's much difference compared to well i mean there's not like a novelty in it from the third move that would be very shocking and um so from what i understand uh christchurch chose this line because it .

Was the last round and he wanted to go super um super sharp in the opening and it kind of makes sense when you want to play sharp chromophils is usually one of the first things that comes to mind so all right um i mean from what i understand he had .

Played the c65 idea earlier in the um earlier i want to say uh with girlfriend but i'm also pretty sure he played it with other people so i yeah it's a little hard to be super precise when it comes to who played what since everybody played everything with everyone at this point .

And that statement sounds very professional um okay i'm saying a lot of our countries surprisingly i was in philippines 2011. well i'm in usa now barcelona i kind of lived there for a year all right let's just go ahead and dive back in to gail fundraiser and .

So everything super normal nothing's nothing out of the ordinary so far everybody's just developing so i just want to take like a quick minute and talk about this position because well this is a good position and i think it's very important to be able to actually .

Um identify well what are we trying to achieve so what what do you think well i mean hold on if you know the theory you know the theory so that's not that doesn't we're not looking to uh to learn the theory we're just trying to understand the position so let's try to um give that a little .

Chance so right now um for those of you who play this opening feel free to also give me um moves and recommendations but specifically for those of you who don't play this opening what do you think is what do you think white wants to do what do you think .

Black wants to do generally um how like white where do you think the pieces belong for white and black i think that's one of the most important things to be able to identify in any position especially in this type of positions that the center is still up for grabs .

So so i managed and some days um it's i don't really choose where to stream it's kind of pre-decided by the club the unlike generally uh just a psychology is going to be streamed on youtube whereas the latest classes or the king and pawn warfare is streamed on twitch .

Um from it can be brought from twitch to youtube so nothing um there's nothing stopping us but do we yeah i it's like we want to have both twitch and youtube as much as possible alright so i see an idea with e3 okay make sense does the pawn is under attack alright you want to get the dark bishop out so i'm assuming .

Someone might be thinking f4 okay one should play queen sign should try to limit blacks counter play in center i like that good job pipe and jack so i see a move debate between e3 or bishop bishop e3 i'm assuming that's also due to um this pawn being under attack right so you want .

You want to figure something after your pawn uh well d5 actually doesn't really work i think just because you're going to lose this pawn anyways so let's not really go for that queen takes tifa oops queen takes d5 and um i mean white still has a game it's not like white is losing but i .

Don't think it's worth it we shouldn't try to actively put ourselves in a worse position so i do agree with move e3 um i don't think bishop e3 is that great i mean it's definitely doable but then knight c4 is one of the things to consider uh or just castle and later on trying to .

Go something with knight c4 um so let's just go ahead and go for e3 yeah i agree that white kind of wants to play solid white's most likely gonna do stuff in the center slash queen side so black should most likely be doing stuff and center slash king side yeah .

Castle okay let's castle now um now what do you think we should do it seems like black is getting ready to play e5 right um so interesting it's not a race the position is super sharp already so we can just chill out .

I mean i i mean kind of but at the same time you don't want to chill out too much because you don't want your opponents to get the chance to do whatever they want so when you see your opponent wanting to play e5 you could start considering something with d5 that's one of the moves .

Uh what i think about the idea bishop b2 i think it's very interesting but it doesn't help us right now because right now the move e5 is coming up so that's something to consider um yeah so we should definitely keep in mind about well how to deal with e5 yeah so do we want .

Black to get the chance to play e5 or are we just happy with um well basically what are we trying to do let's see uh i'm seeing some ideas i kind of like them but at the same time i think it would be a .

Little bit more um interesting so the main thing that i'm seeing is the idea with d5 but i think the problem with it is that well you can play d5 but then knight goes to a5 and now the c4 square is being kind of bombarded .

And yes you can try to play something like knight to d4 to take even more squares away and defend your pawn with your bishop but this this bishop is still kind of a little unhappy but this is totally playable nothing wrong with d5 however would we want this pawn to be on e5 .

And we play d5 because like it feels like if the pawn is on e5 and you play d5 our e5 our d5 might be a little bit stronger because there won't be any more e6 to deal with it and if the if the pawn is already on e5 then it's kind of blocking the bit shot .

So that's something something else to consider do we want to wait for e5 before we play d5 and so yeah that's another um possibility there are there were some suggestions for e3 i don't think b3 i mean it doesn't feel like there's something like .

Humongously wrong with it but at the same time e5 and now if you were to play d5 now there's this e4 and you don't yeah that's not gonna be pretty so we shouldn't play b3 if we want to go for e5 to five yep it does get a little bit messy i agree .

So in the game galvan just went ahead and played rookie one i kinda just like the idea of rookie one um because you are not making like a super um decisive move like b3 you're not really committing to anything super specific um a3 doesn't really make much sense .

Because well it's not like a wrong move but it's also not really going with the flow of the position because knight beats four is not really a threat if not before it was a threat yeah a3 would make perfect sense um so with rookie 1 .

Now we're well we already we're kind of waiting to see what black does because now if black plays e5 we go d5 and now we can do this e4 right and now this bishop can try to come up here too now this bishop looks a little um funny so that would be ideal we can throw in a b3 to completely make sure this knight stays out there .

And i really do like this position i think it would be pretty awesome if this happened white just has much more activity so after rookie one great stroke is the smart this is a very important game he's not going to risk e5 d5 and getting into a pleasant position .

So in the game he went to a5 now what do you think is the idea with a5 is it just simply a move to gain more space in the queen side or does it actually have like a hidden idea it got really cool here uh it's kind of funny whenever i start talking and i look at peach's direction .

Because as you probably remember his majesty is sleeping right up here very cute position he's um kind of just opens his eyes and gives me like a tiny huh and then goes back to sleep i wish i was a cat he's always either sleeping or last night he started chasing his own tail .

That was just hilarious i was on the call with my mom and i was facetiming her and i showed him i showed her peachy chasing his own tail it was just actually a video dance instead of just calling my mom ah some ideas with taking more space and activating the rook oh that's actually .

Interesting i think in long term that's that sounds very interesting yeah but at the moment do you think there is a serious threat or like a5 is just trying to give white the chance to mess it up okay i i like this idea you guys are just mainly considering that black is just .

Grabbing space okay so what do you think white should do i agree if it were to play b3 a5 would be pretty useful yeah so i think a5 overall is pretty sneaky and i really like it so um yeah i think the idea of a5 is very valid very um scary .

Well let me rephrase that not scary very very sneaky just kind of waiting for opponents to kind of wait and mess it up i love that it's great so um we don't really uh as white we don't really want to do much in the queen side at the moment we want to kind of take a minute and see how and how it .

Unravels um so not exactly queen b3 but i think when c2 is worth mentioning because well to be fair queen c2 was played in a different game um whose game was this oh uh rumbledini li chao and huntymonsisk 2010 .

So i believe this was played their queen c2 and if i'm not mistaken the game ended in a draw yeah and um it was interesting bishop and then you just get the center you go for the center and it was a very interesting game but the girlfriend chose .

Not to go into this line he really wanted to still keep to surprise and just play a little bit more easy um oh queen e2 i like that idea still keeping the queen around uh you might want to simply try and uh get your bishop out i kind of like that um keep in mind if .

You use player to play d5 this is still a mistake because you would still lose your pawn i think queen two two is a good idea but i think galvan didn't play it because like one year before this game that quiz youtube was played so it was still pretty fresh and he didn't really want to do that .

Steve north that is a good question um the problem is that white doesn't have any um balance going on for that sort of attack on the king side so that's why we can't just start um like a super checkmate but i think we are trying to i think with queen youtube we're definitely trying to .

Uh after queen e2 black just played bishop g4 so um if we i think if black played something like bishop f5 then what do you think white would do because now it's like i mean this is still a very interesting position black uh did the sneaky evil avoided .

Sneaky queenie two nobody is really threatening anything immediately but both sides are kind of just waiting for the opponent to mess it up so that's why we should try to figure out how can your opponent mess it up well first of all this is the only place .

That's not exactly developed and it can be developed so it can go three different squares so it's important to try and make a decision for black which one where should black go with this bishop so what do you guys think and to be completely fair these are all .

Theories so if some of you know this feel free to throw hansen in the chat and help everybody else out too but for those of you who don't play this or this is a little out of your areas of expertise i used to play grandfather black but just very briefly temporarily i didn't really play it for years .

So this this is not exactly an everyday type of type of type of deal position for me so yeah i think the idea of bishop f5 is pretty valid there's a g4 bishop e6 i think all three of them are worth considering but so which one do you think it black should go for i see a lot of bishop g4s interesting .

Oh i see one uh bishop f5 oh interesting let's try and dive a little deeper while i try to unfreeze myself uh it really started to get cold out here um okay so um all right let's take it first of all let's start with bishop f5 .

So bishop five is not the best idea because well to be fair bishop is kind of hitting blanks and as white you could consider two moves either first of all d5 or first and or rook d1 would idea d5 for example a4 now you push d5 and then as we've seen a little before this idea .

With knight d4 and um this kind of feels pretty nice right knight c4 and i think this is a pretty pleasant position for white and all right um so this was a game that happened with galefland ii this was a game in um yelp on top of 2011 but .

This or this at the moment feels much more comfortable for white uh because white can just try to play something a long lines of a3 or sorry rook b1 try to push for b3 or let's go back there we go or something just like queen c2 and putting more pressure on this pawn .

So white has a lot of options and black already has some weaknesses the best thing about black solution is this knight which is not dead permanently oh i see some farsi in the chat interesting all right so we see why bishop f5 is not the most popular choice um what about bishop to e6 .

What do tango white should do now so to be fair white has many other like many many um alternatives so it's not just one move that white can do or can't do but some of these moves are for example a3 for example knight to d2 or um something with .

Rook d1 as we saw in the previous one yeah thank you rick d1 and uh the only thing to kind of keep in mind is if you were to play rook d1 then bishop c who are attacking your queen you gotta play something like queen scene 2 knight b4 and now what do you want to do .

With your queen so harry i think you're correct and we will we will be looking at bishop g4 briefly because bishop g we're kind of looking at bishop jupiter last because that's actually what happened in the game so now what do you want to do with your queen .

I kind of think queen b1 is kind of the only move unfortunately because yeah you can try something with like queen e4 but then they're like c6 or there's e6 and your queen is very misplaced up here so queen b1 is the best choice and right now as black .

E5 is very very very interesting so now what do you think white should do after this e5 i see everybody is kind of going towards queen b1 anyways funny captain doll um well bishop d3 right now is not a threat because he would take it and we would love to take two pieces for .

One rook that would be like the dream so what do you think we should go for after e5 so i see one idea with b3 interesting and if b3 then takes on d4 if you were to take it back then bishop can move away and you have isolated pawn and your rook is a little um .

Just kind of weird here this is playable but black does have pretty black has a better game i think black actually i can uh we can yeah we can say black does have advantage sorry but yeah this is this is uh easier for black to play .

Two bishops open center open targets so let's just go ahead and take a look at is there anything else to do after e5 i think taking james i think you're correct taking you at least we definitely should consider it um levy i where do you want to play knight d5 .

Um something about knight takes d4 i'm assuming you are mentioning if b3 then take you wanted to take with the knight well the problem is now bishop d3 gets a little scary because now uh there would be this c5 and your knight is pinned and we do we don't really want to to do .

That we want two pieces for rook we don't exactly want to have to deal with just um one piece for the rack you know this is this would be better for black already so if in this situation you kind of have to take it to the pawn and you would kind of have to be forced .

Into this position as well and it's just not really pleasant let's see was this a game um i think this was this was a game and uh mcnabb um the duke the jewish oh my god i am horrible with pronunciations .

Uh but this game was played in 2010 hunting monsters and anybody who knows me you guys don't grow with pronunciation so i apologize for that but i can't really do much about it besides it for my english which i'm trying but it will take some years before my pronunciation is better .

But alright any question in this line with b3 and take take yeah i think i think you guys are kind of warming up to the idea of taking right now but the problem is kind of like after take uh queen takes d1 knight takes c1 and .

Bishop d3 and you're kind of your queen is kind of getting trapped which is kind of funny right painful but funny trying to see if that was mentioned in the chat so i'm gonna wait like a few seconds for everybody to kind of catch up .

And the questions to pile up before we dive in uh to answer the question yourselves yeah you were right c5 was there yep um harry i could you please remind me which position are you talking about after a3 ed um where a3 um i'm assuming instead of b3 whoa .

There's a question of a3 so i guess here a3 um it's possible but if take take on the here and taking on c3 is is still possible because rook d1 still exists and you can't really move your bishop anywhere bishop d2 i just take it if you were to play a queen to c2 .

Now there is again take here and b3 is coming and this is a very very scary position for white oh i see a miller you wanted to do this atheist to prevent all this ah genius wow yeah i think this a3 would uh at the this moment would be pretty painful to .

Be honest like yeah you can try knight d2 but then just take and yeah if to be honest this i this is a very scary end game to want to play um especially with ooh these pawns and this bishop yeah i don't want to play this i won't i'd rather go to a .

Haunted house oh i think this was actually a game that caruana played as black this makes a little more sense too yeah um karana played this game and his opponent played queen d1 right now which was a humongous blunder this is a game between um lately and .

Caruana and contempt 2010 interesting and apparently tyranna only took five minutes for the whole game oh boy that must have been painful for white so queen d2 is a possibility with idea that queen d2 you're just kind of naturally giving that chance to um queen d1 is a blunder because if queen .

D1 just bishop b2 so queen d2 would be more logical but still kind of painful i really don't want to play this position it's just a very painful position you're just defending left and right and this is just super winning okay so let's go .

Way way way back way way way way back but it did it did get pretty interesting i hope that positions comes up in the thumbnail all right so we were somewhere around here and we were asking okay if e5 what should we do i agree yeah practically that endgame white would definitely lose at least .

Seven out of ten yeah i was also slightly surprised that this line was played yeah queen b1 does not look very pleasant i agree with that as well so let's just go a little back so after e5 to be totally honest um taking does not work as well so most likely b3 would be the way to go .

But b3 is also still pretty painful take take and we would get to an um to a little unhappy position so that's kind of why bishop e6 would have been the best way to go and um bishop e6 what white could do is if you played rook d1 as in the game with bishop c4 .

Um you don't really have to play queen c2 because as we saw queen 2 comes with knight b4 and queen b1 kind of makes it a little hard after e5 so you could just play something with queen e1 it's not really that pretty to be honest not before still exists with the idea of jumping to c2 and .

Making it more painful but i think it's worth a try um another way to think about it if you don't really want to play rook d1 i guess um what about a3 now just to stop these ideas still a four and now this knight will jump around here .

So that also fails uh maybe knight d2 yeah maybe knight d2 to keep these pawns here so you're keeping your squares but also at the same time you're protecting the the c4 square there it is yeah knight the tukan stops it opens up the bishop you are getting some ideas with d5 .

Ideally you still are gonna try and play this rook d1 but hopefully maybe like a knight e4 so there are a lot of things to be done but knight d2 seems to be the most interesting one instead of rick d1 what about b3 right away interesting but still a4 yeah .

If a4 if you were to like take take take take now this trip got activated well it's not like too activated because still kind of um stopped but now this is another target so i don't i wouldn't want to play this as white i would want to play this as black kind of black's pieces seem to have more .

Activity than whites and i don't think that would be ideal for white yep so knight d2 would be the best way to go in this position however black did not play bishop e6 he went for bishop g4 white simply played destruct sorry this h3 .

Kicking the bishop bishop goes back to e6 and now um from what i understand please feel free to correct me but in this position white simply played b3 which is a which was a novelty at the time um the other ways to go about it was for .

Example knight to d2 or rook to d1 however if rook d1 i think bishop c4 is the way to go and they would kind of get to the semi same ish position either with a4 or like queen c8 or um trying to see can e5 be i think e5 right now doesn't work .

Because of the pawn on h3 the king does have a leeway take that take that take that and yeah this does work actually take it with that because this chuck doesn't work as strong since the king can just run away anyways let's go back back back back and i wanted to talk a little bit about .

Knight d2 so knight d2 what do you think black should do bishop civil war is interesting but i wouldn't call it the i wouldn't call it deadly so miller which position are you considering and um no i'm not i'm not streaming live from iran i live in san luis missouri .

Uruguay center's chess club haha let's see some ideas about stuff i agree with that um i still don't want to play b3 right away um oh okay after extra yeah i agree after h3 it kind of makes a little bit more sense knight d2 is definitely playable but i think the problem um .

Well i think this knight before would be a little interesting as well because knight's going to c2 and now after d1 queen c8 this is another way to go about it um this is still a pretty fight you can try a3 that guy can move away but this pawn is still under attack you can take that maybe .

If take with knights just king h2 defend your pawn so i do like this position i think white does have a pretty good fighting similar as black i think the only change you can see is what to do with this bishop to be honest and e4 could also be coming up i do like this position .

All right so let's go back to the main line knight d2 is pretty possible rook d1 is possible after h3 but b3 was uh if i'm not mistaken uh like home preparation from gelfand so i think that's worth more and after b3 black simply played a4 now what do you think white should do well .

We shouldn't take that that's the first thing no taking what else um keith could you please remind me which position are you mentioning i am looking at the chat yeah that's the chat is right here on the lovely ipad which is kind of running out of battery .

Um yeah but i do have to say i'm very happy with the participation tonight it's just really great i think tonight is one of the busiest nights with uh in terms of comments and the engaging and i think it's really great to thank you everybody i see a lot of new names i see .

A lot of um familiar ones from previously i order a twitch channel so huge thank you for everybody but what do you guys want to do now we still got to finish up this game which is a very long game uh i'm actually playing this weekend i'm playing uh european women's club cup .

I agree let's go rp1 let's save this rook from trouble no pinning i like it let's go uh if take we take back in the game black played queen c8 going after h3 whoa i double clicked king h2 defending my pawn i don't like to give up on g4 is possible but it doesn't really .

It's it's two it's too early king h2 makes but stance this stroke a5 that was mentioned much much earlier after some after black played a5 someone mentioned maybe rocket by rick h5 there you go here is your rookie fighter h5 um so .

All right okay fine now um he now black can simply it's kind of like trying to form some sort of an attack to be honest but um white doesn't really have to worry too much about it so first of all white could simply try and play knight's p5 to stop this or as it went in the game rook d1 is .

Another way to go so rook d1 i kind of really do like the idea of rooftop i'm kind of ignoring you i'm like i want to play my d5 i'm just activating my rook what do you want to do i kind of do prefer this to knight b5 and now in the game black played rook h5 now why to move what do you think we .

Should do as white you kind of know what black is going after so um oh great i'm glad you like this malik um yeah i do teach different classes for the club i think this is the only one on youtube then i teach a bunch of them on you on twitch so feel free to check those .

Out too uh steve i don't think white's position is too weak it's like yeah definitely it is surviving and um i don't think surviving is the right word they just black black has very few ideas that's already trying out and white is kind of .

Waiting for the right moment to to unleash in the center and that would be pretty deadly so it's just about the timing of it oh i see a lot of different ideas with h4 knight moves i don't really like knight g1 knight h4 is the best way to go about it bishop f6 .

And one more super strong move from white what do you think white should do and i agree i don't think h4 is a good idea because bishop g4 existed so why to move what do you think we should do oh i see pawn g4 i see an idea with bishop f3 which you have to read is considered .

Worth considering but um the problem with bishop f3 is rook takes h4 and yeah just take back take on h3 and white starts to get kind of a little unpleasant so for that reason we don't really want to .

Give that chance to black and that's why we don't really want to go for bishop f3 this is a this move is kind of a very interesting move i'll give it another few seconds maybe someone will come with us no e4 is still too early still you can't play e4 your d4 is falling d5 still too early your c3 is still .

Under attack oh no we like our bishop we don't want to take it there then h3 would be super weak nope oh very surprised nobody's saying this move huh well the best way to go about it is oops is f4 now f4 kind of stops this e5 forever .

And to top that taking on h4 doesn't really work as well because you just take back if rook takes now you have a super cool move of queen f1 also to top that king g3 is also an interesting move imagine if you can play king g3 and still have a great move .

You can imagine how great that this position is for white uh queen f5 queen f1 however is a little bit just more i won't say classy because queen f1 kind of stops everything and now white could simply start going at it in the center d5 coming this bishop is no longer here to attack .

So you can just unleash the center and white is actually pretty pretty pretty much better now um so bishop takes that short doesn't work black in the game played rook d8 and what do you guys think white should do now to be completely fair a move such as f5 is definitely worth considering .

But we it's it shouldn't matter that we're losing upon in this position or if bishop takes h4 but i think it's very interesting to try and find a very interest very safe but at the same time sneaky balance between when to push up by when not to push and i think this move .

Is that because white played queen to f2 still going like preparing for f5 but also supporting the knight a little bit also supporting d4 a little bit so i think queen f2 is that perfect balance i know right this bishop is still on c1 while we're doing all this .

F5 would have been possible bishop d7 then you could try to like push over there a little taking on h4 and i i just don't like the idea of giving my opponent i don't like giving black too many chances to to take over stuff so i wouldn't really do this .

To be honest i kind of like queen of two i like to keep it sweet and spicy black played tank okay take was a mistake black should have actually played rook back to a5 yep it's very weird but that's what black should have done but taking on s4 now white's just how gonna have a blast .

You take that guy back but and now you're considering to you know really unleash in the center black played knight to d5 take take and now well at the moment white can't play e4 but we can easily prepare for it right we want to play e4 we can't because rook .

Takes d4 so how do we defect how do we um protect d4 it should be two right makes sense you just have to kind of be uh be able to ask yourself the questions of what to do now what now what now what does my opponent want how do i stop it so bishop b2 is the way to go .

Um and after bishop b2 i think white played rook b5 which was another mistake because for example now e4 is coming up keep in mind that whoops ah no the wrong way that yes theoretically we could take over here and win some material but bishop takes .

Back and now this bishop ah the ship gets too strong and white does not want that so that's why we didn't take bishop b2 we want to just push on e4 it's kind of funny that black is like putting a stroke against me i'm like nah i don't want to eat that trick queenie two going after this guy .

Going back on h5 because if you were to take now i have d5 and your bishop is getting worse and my bishop is becoming a monster so rook goes back to h5 and now after like 20 something 25 moves we get this move that we wanted with e4 now d5 is coming up right forking and .

Everything yep exactly i'm kind of glad you guys are answering each other in the chats too yeah we don't want to give up our light squares funnily enough if you take it i have king g3 which is i think such an awesome move attacking the rook and we .

Still want to do d5 i mean seriously if you win with a move such as king g3 it just it should show you how your grades how your position is grades how great your position is there we go that's the right english way to talk that's the right way to talk english geez i've been watching a little too .

Much farsi stuff i should stop so bishop takes b3 happened in the game white goes right c1 right we don't want to lose our pieces while we're attacking and you still are going for this d5 still opening up your bishop black in the game went for knight to a5 now what do you think white should do .

These are the last few moves of the game which is very interesting so what do you think white should do we've talked about this reaching this position for a while now so now that we're here so so what's now well your rook on d2 wouldn't be doing .

Much euro can see one is actually doing something making some sort of an attack oops yeah exactly d5 awesome opening up your bishop your monster's bishop in the game uh christian played b6 position is getting a little helpless to be honest bishop e5 attacking this .

Imagine if your rick was on d2 you couldn't do that now you're going after this pawn too uh blackboard c5 and white played on poisson didn't really have to queen b5 would have also been super uh strong because you can just you know eat this .

Pawn too so taking on c6 makes sense as well and here actually c7 is worth considering two but galvan just wanted to play it's normal he went bishop all the way to a1 surprisingly because i'm also assuming that if he could just take on v3 and .

Give this check and pick up this knight that would also be super winning and i don't think he just want he wanted to avoid complications in my and my um in my mind and so when christian played troops when restrict played drug c5 that kind of stops the plan momentarily take take but to be honest i think .

Taking here is still worth considering but we shouldn't really i mean if you see a more an easier way to win you shouldn't go for the more complicated one so if you see one a way to keep your pawn then you should do that because the opponent's e6 is very valuable but if you don't see any way to .

Win this is another way to try and consider it but let's go back to the game take take and the girlfriend just simply went queen to b5 well rook g1 would not be threatening anything because then you would have to move your bishop and try and create something with .

The pawns where the white scheme is mainly in this center slash queen side and trying to create some chances with the bishops so it's a little bit of different dynamic so right queen b5 the game is getting spicy queen c7 and now what do you think black .

What do you think white should do these are last few moves of the game like literally two three moves left keep in mind queen c7 is technically defending this knight attacking this pawn and technically your c6 pawn is also under attack um i don't think queen c6 would have one .

Because i mean if queen c6 as white you can just take that guy i'm assuming dirt b3 would also work so queen c7 ah exactly let's take the exchange well let's give up well not really exchanged you're taking um the b3 but if you were to take it back i would just take it with check .

And i would also get to keep my c6 pawn so that's kind of what we want to go for we want to be able to get those uh two pieces and keep our pawn in the game uh gristrix simply played knight takes e6 and well kind of gave up the piece which was very interesting i guess black white simply will goes e5 opening .

Up the other bishops stopping queen f4 ideas um knight d4 and um did queen c4 check i'm assuming bishop d4 is coming up as well b7 is coming up as well a lot of things are coming up none of them are very pleasant for black and um yeah at this moment .

Segrestruck resigned and i think that is how girlfriend became the one the um okay i don't want to say the wrong word give me one second exactly the candidates and kazan okay that's what i wanted to say um world champion candidates yeah the award .

Wasn't coming up but yeah so that's how grease trick won this candidate tournament and 2011 and i think that was actually pretty cool to see that because it was such an up and down game we saw how it could have gone wrong for black uh or how could have gone wrong .

For white actually and how black tried to uh make it work but it was kind of too late at that point and the idea of rk5 rk5 i really liked that i think that was interesting but it just wasn't really enough and along the way black made some mistakes as well .

Um for example queen c7 here was a mistake like bishop a2 was better let's look at another example um a little bit earlier with like the rooks moving around when the rook was on h5 so whoops that we got lost a little in the position so after f4 .

D8 queen f2 taking here was wrong uh it would have been more interesting to just pack and leave the stroke so yeah that are the black the bottom line is that black made more inaccuracies and more mistakes than white and that's kind of why white won and surprisingly gmp she did not make any appearances it's not .

Staring at me but she stayed away the whole time well i think that's the first all right with that i think i am going to go ahead and um start wrapping up the stream i still have a about 50 more pages to read for my biochemistry but um i am doing latest night this week .

On twitch thursday so feel free to stop by thursday on twitch or friday on twitch if not i'll just see you right back here next tuesday have fun with the rest of your week


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