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Is Ayurveda Better than Modern Medicine|Ayurveda Vs Medical Science

um ayurveda is much much more advanced than medical science then what do you have to say about it ayurveda is much much more advanced than medical science like what logic is there to that that's my question like .

See um i agree that ayurveda was a very advanced science of medicine back in the day okay like say a thousand thousand years back ayurveda was probably like the most advanced medical uh system in the whole world probably okay i mean we were doing surgeries when you know .

The rest of the world's world didn't do much like we had sushruta doing surgeries and all that and we have very good documentation of uh you know surgeries being done and all that so back then yeah it was amazing but right now no see if you see a lot of fireweather .

Techs they rely on things that are like 1000 2000 years back okay right they say that these russian monies were like enlightened people and they wrote this to help us yeah yeah but uh back then in their age they were definitely way ahead of their time they were like .

Really great for their time yeah but as albert einstein or someone said whatever doesn't you know change with new info is not science it's a religion you blindly believe it okay and um so ayurveda has this whole theory that all disorders in the body .

Are based on balance in uh like four elements kapha vata pitta and one more i'm not very sure right i mean this was the thought in whole of medicine like even western medicine like from the time of hippocrates and all those people there there was this theory of four humors that's .

That's how it was called in western medicine okay what these people use and all that um uh we used to they used to call it uh you know the theory of four humors which has been not in use for the past 150 to 200 years because as we learned more about the human body we realized all this was .

Just made of things and not real physiological things everything that is in medicine right now has been observed with experimentation has been seen under a microscope this is what people don't understand that some of the ayurvedic knowledge has been discarded by scientific .

Community uh and they just they just feel that it's they just reject our idea but they don't understand that science test everything and then they reject stuff yeah i mean see this ayurveda whatever the basis .

Is the four human thing that is what even western medicine was following if you see like one of the main this thing in western medicine back then like 200 years back was blood rating anything happened any infection let the blood out okay because back then they thought .

Infections were because of bad blood okay we obviously now know that it's not the case okay so we don't follow it okay so one person's comment on my uh youtube video was uh uh you know western medicine causes death do you know how george washington died .

He was subjected to this we call it exanguination okay letting blood out what they were doing long back that's how george washington died died that is the that is what western medicine does to people aye or whether we save lives like no that's not how it works so .

Whatever see even if i'm uh even if i'm like a really big person okay like let's let's just say i'm someone like anthony fawci who's like really big who has been the director of uh national institute of health immunology for a very long time in fact the textbooks that i read harrison's medicine .

He's the second author it's like the biggest textbook in the world if he comes up with some theory about covet today and he says okay guys this is how it causes disease and i know how it has to be treated no one is going to believe him unless he shows proof that is how .

Medicine works today but ayurveda again works like if there was someone great like antonifochi back then for their time someone great who has achieved a lot of things in their field in ayurveda and he comes up and says this disease is caused by this thing i know and this is the drug that .

Has been followed for thousands of years and that is still being followed okay no one is questioning it their senses they were great people who gave this so it has to be true okay you have to realize that everyone are humans and they can be wrong they don't have to be wrong they can be wrong and no one is questioning that .

Yeah so if you were having this conversation 200 years back i would probably say ayurveda is much more safer because there are there are no risky treatments like exsanguination and all that .


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