Friday, May 20, 2022

Islam VS Archaeology

Welcome to everybody dear friends the subject over to this video is Islam versus archeology a cautionary note the Department of Union that Islam is based on falsehood and the Muslims have nothing to say should not proceed further to ask this video you know the modern Crusaders have .

Created a hyper on dame to falsify Mecca as the city of kavala and birthplace of the prophet hazrat muhammad sallallahu alehiwassallaam but it is impossible for the whole wall to do so as because lakhs approves for Mecca unknown and clear to the Muslims the Crusaders have failed to realize that Islam has nothing to do with .

Archeology ecology is a subject based mainly on excavation with whose islam has no relation their series of videos on youtube in this connection seem to be the results of their misunderstandings of islam as a whole the people who walk on that history is butter colossi walk on the wrong track as these Crusaders – because Islam is .

Based on the Quran and the Hadees none of race is under the ground and therefore no need is there to relate Islam with archeology ecology plays a vital role to trace the past of idolatry it has a role in determining anything of Islam Islam is always a living religion that has no connection with any type of excavation .

So the propaganda pioneered by dan gibson and gels made false on their own shoulders to prove its reality and to convince not their friends but the muslims only to whom Islam matters they have failed in total to do it the caption lock ecology and Islam for added burden gives on X values no meaning and Allah and Muhammad had .

Nothing to do with Islam and the Quran uploaded by Z Smith sounds better as a declared falsehood the Muslims have got nothing to do with other nonsense or falsehood in Slama that illusion of simplicity under will straight path of Allah let us bid farewell to the unwanted Issus has come .

Troublemakers by saying our religion is ours and here religion is yours let us live side by side in peace and harmony we got poking nose into the efforts of his other dear viewers it is unknown to you that reality does not care for an excavation or history or arguments Islam is standing before you like the Himalayas .

Or caring for anybody or anything on the art under the sky those who do not be good with it unlike those who feel like fish out of water when they face anything good Islam has forbidden one and intoxicants fornication and adultery in discipline and anarchy always the greater part of mankind er .

Forint so it is natural for them to find fault with Islam what can I do for them nothing nothing just let them go in adult Islam as long as their birth and boys permit may Allah help us in this or that worlds my dear viewers thank you for watching the video thank you all .



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