Thursday, May 26, 2022

K12 Grade 3 – Science: Mass vs Weight

hey kids let's talk about measurement because matter comes in solid liquid gas and each have different characteristics there are also different ways of measuring them this time we'll first measure a solid object remember that we define matter as anything that takes up space and has .

Mass for solids we can measure how much space they're taking up based on their size and the amount of mass they have like how have an PAC they are we do this by using units of measurement this is so everyone can have the same numbers and not be confused when they compare it with others we can measure an object size by its length width and height .

Length measures how long something is with measures how wide something is height measures how tall something is starting from the top all the way to the bottom the units of measurement we can use are either meter centimeter inch or kilometer one meter is roughly the span of both your arms outstretched centimeters and inches are small where .

The lines you see on rulers kilometers on the other hand are used for covering long distances like how far your houses from your school let's use an example let's measure this block of woods length width and height using my ruler we found that it's 24 centimeters long five centimeters thick and 30 centimeters tall but how heavy is this .

Block of wood now when we talk about weight it has something to do with mass and gravity how well first we have to learn that gravity is the force that keeps us on the ground and it comes from the earth itself so the reason we don't stay in the air when we jump is because gravity is pulling us down and since we know that mass is how much matter is in .

An object we also have to know that maths never changes you yourself have maths but of course your mass or how much matter you have is different from your weight your weight is 30 kilograms that is however you are but when you go to the moon you may not be as heavy because the earth is too far away and grab .

They can't pull you down this month on the moon you might weigh only 4.96 kilograms but you still have the same mass when we measure heaviness we use the unit's grams and kilograms grams are used for small objects and kilograms for big objects using a weighing scale we can measure that this block afford to waste one kilogram it's quiz time what .

Do we measure when we look for an object's length how about its width and its height that's correct for the length we measure how long an object is for its width how thick or wide and for its height how tall what unit of measurement do we use for the length width and height that's right we use centimeters meters .

Inch or kilometers what's the difference between mass and weight mass is the amount of matter inside an object it doesn't change weight is how heavy something is and means gravity what unit of measurement do we use to know how heavy something is you got it we use grams for small objects and .

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