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Learn English! Adjective vs Nouns | adjectives | adjective noun | biology nexus

Hey everyone this is anam and you're watching biology nexus in this video we're gonna discuss about the difference between adjective and noun so without further ado let's begin the video there are so many people who always being confused between the adjective and noun in this video i'll try my level best to .

Tell you the simple and easiest way to understand adjective and noun and what is the difference between both of them so if we just have a look on the definition of noun a noun is a word used to identify any of a class of people places or things .

Or to name a particular one so simply we can say a noun is actually a word that refers to a things like book a person like michael jackson or any name you can add here an animal like dog cat rabbit a place like uk america pakistan india .

Tokyo any country name a quality like softness hardness and idea like justice or any kind of action so this is a noun now if we talk about an adjective or we can say the definition of adjective when a word that can be used as a noun .

Modifies a noun or a proper noun it is called an adjective so it's all about the proper definition of adjective and noun but you can understand you can learn with lot of example so let's start very first example we have vegetable vegetable is .

But if we say vegetable salad now in this way vegetable is an adjective let's take another example chocolate chocolate is a noun however if we say chocolate cake now in this way chocolate is an adjective because it's modifies a noun okay for your convenience let's take .

Another example piano piano is enough of course however if we say piano player now in this context piano is an adjective let's take another example chicken chicken is enough but if we say chicken dinner now in this way chicken is an adjective because it's modified enough .

One more simple example i got here for your convenience italian italian is a noun when we're talking about someone nationality we say she is an italian italian in this context is a noun however when we say italian food now here italian is an adjective and notice .

That the proper noun italian remain capitalized when it is used as an adjective and i would like to mention here one more thing for you an adjective that is formed from a proper noun is called proper adjective let's take another example gold .

Gold is anna however when we say gold medal now in this way gold is an objective because it's modified enough now i have some simple practice session for you you can see the different sentences on your screen and from these sentences i bowled the words noun with the blue color and adjective with a green color .

But i give you few seconds to read and understand and after some second i will tell you the answer so the first sentence on your screen several kinds of butterflies flew around us now the words civilians kinds and butterflies are the bolded word just read and understand from these three .

Words what is noun and what is an adjective time is up in this sentence several is an adjective why kinds and butterflies are nouns check your answer if there's right or wrong okay the second sentence on your screen .

Our teacher mr james identified apple trees along the nature trails now in this sentence our teacher mr james apple trees nature and trail these are bolded words .

Now you decided from these words which are nouns and which are adjectives and the time start now time is up so in this sentence our apple and nature are adjectives while teacher james trees .

And trail are nouns let's move towards the third sentence on your screen many people are working to clean up the bird path you can start now time is up so in this sentence many and words are the adjectives .

While people and part are nouns now the sentence number four on your screen the colorful jelly beans sat in the center of a glass table your time start now time is up so in this sentence the word colorful and the word glass are .

Adjective while jelly beans table and center are nouns so the sentence number five and the last sentence we have someone has filled the fruit bowl with cashews and almonds you're done start now time is up now in this sentence fruit is an adjective while bow .

Caches and almonds are now so that was a simple practice session for you hope so you like this and understood very well however there are so many types of adjectives and nouns that we'll discuss very soon in upcoming videos thank you so much for watching so if you understood the concept of adjective and noun write your opinion in .

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