Thursday, May 26, 2022

Lia Thomas-“Men Vs Women Vs Biology” || #Biology #CurrentAffairs #Swimming #Sports #LiaThomas

Should transgender athletes be permitted to compete with the gender they identify with trans swimmer leah thomas whom attends the university of pennsylvania has been a main topic on mainstream media sources 16 of leah's swimming teammates feel that they are at an unfair advantage on the biological side .

But according to the ncaa policy regarding trans swimmers leah has met the required levels of gender affirming hormone treatments which suppress high levels of testosterone when it comes to sporting competition men and women should compete with their born identity .

also the suppressing of leah's testosterone would not make him a biological woman lastly should this rule apply to combat sports as well such as wrestling boxing jiu jitsu or karate .

Please provide me with your thoughts on this controversial subject also please keep the comments respectful please like and subscribe to the iph network you gotta stay focused you gotta stay patient .

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