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New Riddles Marathon Will Make Your Head Spin

Jessica pam and serge have just met in the hall of a business conference take a closer look at their hands can you guess which one of them is a millionaire serge is wearing a versace watch but it's probably a fake because the word versace is written with an extra letter pam is wearing plenty of jewelry but if you take a closer look you'll see .

Scratches it's gilded jewelry and jessica is wearing only one silver tiffany bracelet and she's the most suitable candidate to be the millionaire rick found a huge yellow diamond on the floor of a fancy boutique three women came over to claim it daisy showed her earrings with yellow diamonds and said the ring was a part of her jewelry set .

Glenda said it was her engagement ring jill said the ring belonged to her grandmother help rick to find out who's lying daisy's earrings are framed in rose gold while the ring in white gold it's not a jewelry set glenda is already wearing an engagement ring on her finger so rick should give .

The ring back to its true owner jill kim is a manager in a luxury restaurant she came back from a break and saw a quarrel between the waiter whose name was tom and a customer nancy nancy had claimed that she had ordered a combo lunch meal but tom said that she didn't order any food but a croissant kim knew exactly who was lying how did .

She guess take a look at the announcement combo meals are served between 1 and 4 pm and the clock shows 6 pm nancy just couldn't have ordered the lunch because it was too late look at the picture find the missing piece .

This cube on the right fits perfectly but you gotta rotate it first bus station guard steven received an anonymous call one eccentric rich guy decided to prank his friends heading to a mountain resort he hired a criminal to hijack the bus along with all the passengers and go on a beach party instead .

Once steven heard this message he ran into the parking lot and saw five people near the bus heading to the mountains help stephen to determine which of the passengers is the possible criminal look at the guy on the right he's not dressed for skiing he's wearing beach clothes .

Freddy was hired to decorate a fancy boutique he was taking pictures when he heard screams freddy saw two women fighting and pulling an expensive handbag both women rose and lily said they put the bag on the register stand to buy it later but freddie knew who was lying how .

Take a look at the picture lily's right arm is in a cast and the bag is standing right behind her broken arm if it was lily's bag she would probably put it on the left side using her healthy arm therefore the bag belongs to rose look at the picture carefully and choose an image identical to this example .

Well done image 4 is identical but it's rotated by 180 degrees detective got a call from the villa of a famous billionaire mr greene who disappeared this morning after he left home to play golf with his coach detective questioned all the witnesses the housemaid said mr green had breakfast and left at 10 am .

Mr green's girlfriend said she left for a photo shoot early in the morning before he woke up mr green's personal golf coach said he had spent all day at home the detective realized that one of the witnesses was lying who the coach was lying he had an appointment with a client .

Anna was visiting her granny in the country granny decided to cook a special dinner and sent anna to the forest to collect some mushrooms granny gave anna a picture of specific mushrooms that she had to pick this was very important because the forest was full of dangerous mushrooms help anna to choose the right mushrooms .

well done mushrooms number three are perfectly safe george and henry met a gorgeous singer tara both men fell in love at first sight and invited her on a yacht when all three arrived at the pier each guy began to claim that he was a millionaire and .

Owner of the yacht help tara to find out which one is a liar look closely at the yacht there is a plaid jacket that matches henry's pants perfectly at the same time the watch at george's hand is cracked and shows 8 am although it's evening time it's unlikely that a millionaire would wear a broken watch .

You ready let's go nash works with three women madison samantha and gabriella he's been in love with one of them for months take a look at the picture of them having a conversation can you tell which of the women nash is in love with psychologists say we tend to point our feet toward the person we like the most in the group nash's feet are pointing at .

Madison so his secret crush must be her a group of friends abby beck tom flynn and ethan were spending an evening together eating and talking abby knew her best friend beck had a secret crush on someone but her friend never told her who the crush was at some point that cracked a joke and everyone started laughing abby paid closer attention to .

Something and immediately figured out who beck's crush was can you guess it too when people laugh they tend to look at those who they like the most so let's see who beck is looking at ooh seems like it's tom emily's won the lottery and now she can choose her prize there are three options .

A brand new ferrari a gucci handbag and jimmy choo shoes take a closer look at them and tell which prize she should choose emily should choose the handbag the logos of ferrari and jimmy choo are wrong so the car and the shoes must be fake .

Esme got lost in the forest again this time it didn't take her long to find at least the old witch's house she petted the cat and asked if the witch could help her get out of the forest again the witch agreed but on one condition esme had to saw for riddle if she succeeded the witch would send her home and if she failed esme would stay with the witch .

And the cat forever esme had to agree the witch gave her three sticks and asked her to turn them into six without breaking any esme managed to do the task how three sticks are exactly enough to make the roman six out of them like this take a look at these two women going to the opera can you tell which one of them .

Is a model of a popular brand both women have louis vuitton bags but take a closer look at the logos the logo on the right is wrong so the bag must be fake it means that the woman on the left is the face of the brand the millers and the johnsons are going on a vacation can you tell which family has a daughter .

Take a closer look at their suitcases the millers have two suitcases but the johnsons have three the extra one must be their daughters who's probably just left for a while let's move to norway after the christmas break two twin sisters alicia and aydah came to visit their mother however one of the sisters has a boyfriend from thailand who she .

Visited right before her mother can you tell which one norway is a cold country in the north also it's winter but unlike her twin sister aydah is tanned it's probably because she just spent her vacation in some warm country like thailand at her boyfriend's place so it must be her a chemist has discovered a new element .

Three days later he suddenly disappeared then his intern is supposed to finish the scientists work however all the data is on the chemist computer and ben doesn't know the passcode he only knows that the passcode is his daughter's name which the scientist has never mentioned luckily there's a hint can you guess the daughter's name .

Her father is a chemist so the key must be something related to chemistry how about the periodic table the ninth element is fluorine which is f the 53rd element is iodine and that's i then there's eight which is oxygen or o and the eleventh element is sodium which is n a so the daughter's name is fiona and that's the password .

Mr and mrs murphy are having a walk in a park with three girls adeline kaylee and sienna two of them are their nieces and the other one is their daughter can you tell which girl is the daughter their daughter is adeline look both mr and mrs murphy have blue eyes it means that their daughter can only have blue eyes too adeline is the only girl with .

Blue eyes three girls mae reagan and tessa came to a private party and said that they're world famous top models however two of them lied can you guess which one of them told the truth and is really a famous top model she must be wearing a real designer purse and not a copy look the logos of .

Reagan and tessa's dolce gabbana purses are wrong so these girls must be lying it seems like the real model is may it's afternoon now you're sitting in your office lightning strikes in the sky and someone knocks on the door at the same time a pale woman enters the room and asks for help you notice a bracelet on her arm her zombie brother is accused .

Of stealing some jewelry but she's sure he is not guilty she asks you to prove it you arrive at the store on a broken display case where the jewelry used to be you notice fingerprints there are three suspects a werewolf an elf and a zombie which of them is the thief the elf the zombie has skeleton hands .

And the werewolf has hairy paws only the elf could leave human-like fingerprints you drive through the streets and see a group of suspicious people standing by the riverbank you stop and get out of the car the people notice you and sprint in the opposite direction you run after them on the sand along the water but can't catch .

Up you look around but don't see anyone then you figure out it was your hallucination triggered by long sleepless nights how did you figure that out you ran after these people on the sand but you can only see the footprints of .

Your boots you're walking back to the car and hear some screams coming from the water a woman is calling for help you run into the river and swim toward the drowning woman but when you approach her you see three people they're all screaming but only one of them is a real human and needs help the rest are mermaids who .

Want to lure you to their kingdom how can you find out who the real woman is dive and check who has a fishtail you save the woman and go to the car it starts raining you don't want to catch a cold so you decide to change your clothes in your apartment but suddenly you hear someone scream for help outside .

You run out of the apartment and forget to lock the door a woman is crying in the street she's standing near the road in the distance you can see a car leaving at high speed the woman says her new car has just been stolen you get into your vehicle and start chasing the criminal the suspect gets out of the car and runs toward an .

Abandoned house he climbs over the fence and disappears inside you go there after him in a small hall five zombies are walking in different directions but zombies don't drive cars one of them is the thief pretending to be a zombie who is it exactly zombies don't sweat but one of the .

Creatures you see is covered with sweat that's because it's the criminal who has been running away from you you walk through the streets there's a warning on a post about lizard people charging at the inhabitants of the city you remember investigating this case but you couldn't find these reptiles now you need to go to the park for .

Several days a large werewolf has been scaring the residents there you know that the werewolf has a wife and she is the only person who can calm the monster down and help him return to his human form you have found three girls each of them might be the werewolf's wife you're looking for you ask his wife to approach .

Him but none of the girls admits she's the one you need so you have to make your own choice do you see some wool on this girl's clothes it's the wolf's fur which means she's the wife she walks up to the monster hugs it and the werewolf turns into a human you're hungry you drop by a pizzeria the .

Owner of the restaurant says that someone has taken all his weekly earnings from the safe the thief wore gloves and left no fingerprints the video cameras were turned off you know this pizzeria has had several similar incidents over the past year every time the insurance company paid the owner the entire amount that had been stolen .

You're sure the owner took his own money to use the insurance again take a look at the office and prove that the owner is guilty look at the air vent behind the grated hatch you can see the bundles of the stolen money you've been looking for there's a long night ahead and you're feeling sleepy you go to a small cafe to .

Get coffee you give the money to the saleswoman and take the cup with a drink you take a sip and realize the woman is in danger right now how do you know that help me is written on the cup she's just given you you decide not to leave the cafe and sit down at the table you can see a man in a .

Black raincoat and hood sitting at the other end of the room the girl behind the cash register is looking at him wearily you look at this visitor for a few seconds and realize he's a vampire what makes you think that it's night outside you can see your reflection in the window the hooded man is sitting by the window too but isn't .

Reflected in it he's a vampire simon had a crush on a new girl in his class finally he asked her out on a date to impress her he told the girl he had undergone a special secret training program and then he visited the moon he even had a picture the girl took a look at it but didn't .

Believe simon why in the picture simon is standing on the moon still there's another moon in the background which is impossible he might have cool photoshop skills but he definitely hadn't thought it through one rich and well-known elderly woman mrs stevenson had been living alone for years she had one interesting quirk .

Every time someone rang the doorbell she wouldn't open the door without putting on her coat and hat first can you guess why she didn't know who the visitor was until she opened the door if she liked that person she'd tell them she'd just returned home and invite them to come in if it was someone she didn't want to .

Spend time with she said she was leaving mrs jordan loved music so she sent her daughter gianna to music school the woman made the girl play every day once mrs jordan had to go on a business trip for two weeks she asked gianna to practice every day and the girl agreed when mrs jordan came back two weeks .

Later she realized gianna hadn't been practicing how did she understand it the piano is dusty which means it's been a while since gianna last opened it a group of aliens from another galaxy discovered planet earth and decided to study people four of them turned into .

Humans and went to our planet to explore but the aliens didn't really succeed in pretending to be humans take a look at these photos and try to find an alien here's the first image can you spot anything strange this guy's skin is blue he must be the .

Alien this one's harder do you see a fake human here it's winter and it's cold but this guy is only wearing shorts that's some non-human ability to tolerate cold temperatures what about this one .

take a closer look at what this guy is eating it doesn't look like human food at all okay what do you say here did you notice this one has six fingers i bet it's him mrs lawrence has three daughters who she .

Doesn't allow to go outside after 8 p.m the woman was at work when a neighbor called her and said she'd seen one of her daughters in the mall mrs lawrence immediately called each of her girls mia said she'd been playing badminton outside nicole said she had an online study .

Session with her friends quinn said she'd been playing computer games who lied mia she couldn't play badminton alone and since her sisters were all busy they couldn't play with her i have a friend anna her mom is the most unusual person i know she has green hair .

Wears skirts with trousers and has a pet raccoon she also has three daughters her oldest daughter's name is wednesday her middle daughter's name is thursday can you guess what her youngest daughter's name is well it's anna's mom so her third .

Daughter's name is anna on the first day of college ruby went missing a detective had three suspects mrs collins the director mr wright the cleaning man and cassidy ruby's best friend mrs collins said that she had to do her midterm report and hadn't left her office mr wright said he hadn't even .

Seen the girl cassidy said they'd spent the whole day together at college but then ruby went home who is lying it must be the director mrs collins it was the first day of college there couldn't possibly be any midterm reports yet .

Della and aurora always tell the truth but on their birthdays they always lie today is september 3rd and their friend mark asks them when their birthdays are della says it was yesterday aurora says it's tomorrow the next day the guy asks the same question but their answers don't change when are the girls birthdays .

each of them lied on one of the days so these two days must be their birthdays della said it was yesterday both times so her birthday must be on september 3rd then the next day she told the truth september 4th is aurora's birthday she told the truth on the first day and then lied on her birthday .

Haisley and skyler are jaywalking paisley is listening to music and skyler is texting who is in danger it's skyler she's jaywalking right where the road takes a turn there's a car approaching her and the driver might not have enough time to react you suddenly wake up trapped in a dark room your only source of light is a .

Candle there are two doors in front of you behind one of them there's a tunnel that will lead you outside to freedom behind the other just a cold brick wall you have a key that will open only one of the doors and you can try it just once so how do you know which door to try .

Hold the candle up to each keyhole the flame will move near the door that leads outside you escape to freedom but you need to send some important documents to your friend beth you can't mail them in a regular package because the precious papers will get stolen .

So you put them in a box and lock it but beth doesn't have the key to this lock how can you send the papers if you can't send the key to the lock separately first send the lock box to beth she'll attach her own lock and send the box back to you then remove your own lock and send the package again .

Beth can then remove her lock and finally open the package bad news you get a call one morning from beth she says the crucial documents were stolen from her office they'd been on the desk the evening before but are nowhere to be found this morning you immediately go there to question the employees .

In no time you gather three suspects sean said he had been at the movies last night michael had taken his girlfriend to an amusement park and christina was at a prestigious art gallery who's lying sean his movie ticket isn't torn having been caught red-handed shawn .

Makes a break for it he hops in his car and drives away law enforcement are on the lookout sean sees a police car right ahead of him and starts driving toward it why would he do that he was on a bridge he needed to go toward the patrol car to get to the other side and make his escape .

No such luck for poor sean he gets caught and locked up but he starts hearing rumors of an inmate planning to break out the guards have two suspects first a quiet bookworm who spends most of his days with his nose buried in sci-fi novels the second a big burly tattooed guy who's always working out .

Who should shawn become friends with if he wants to get out of here the bookworm look closer and you'll see his bookmark is actually a file on friday afternoon the owner of that same prestigious art gallery discovered that four of the most famous artists self-portraits had been stolen during an .

Exhibition the police show up to do an investigation and now they have three suspects sarah the artist said she disappeared into one of the studios to paint john the security guard explained he was just waiting outside and had no idea the portraits were gone .

Daniel the caterer stated he was at a nearby store picking up extra napkins when the robbery took place so who's the thief it's the security guard he couldn't have known the stolen paintings were portraits if he was standing outside as fate would have it there was another incident that night .

Michael who never really liked what passed for art in modern times rushed into the gallery and caused millions of dollars worth of damage to several paintings yet the gallery's owner thanked him for his actions how come michael is a firefighter the water from his hose damaged several masterpieces .

But he still managed to extinguish the fire and save many more works they awarded michael a big check in gratitude he heads home just in time to get his five kids all packed up for a camping trip that weekend mike and his wife are really looking forward to having the weekend .

For themselves to relax but when they woke up on saturday they discovered the check was missing from their safe once the officers showed up they interviewed the three people who were in the house that morning the chef said he was in the kitchen getting school lunches packed the .

Cleaner said he finished cleaning quickly that day and left early the butler had just gotten back after taking the kids to camp three hours away who's lying it's the chef it's saturday so there's no school and the kids have gone camping who knows something anna had the flu and stayed in bed for .

Three days one afternoon her mother came to visit her she walked into her room but anna was gone she immediately called the police and the detectives had three main suspects chris jenna and mark they were anna's roommates and said they left the house and had been out all .

Night when the detectives checked their cars they immediately knew who was lying can you figure it out you have seven seconds it was chris his car was parked too close to a wall and anna's car was parked right next to it since anna didn't leave the house for three days it .

Means neither did he the bank incident on saturday morning the bank received a call that someone took all the jewelry out of the bank's vault officer diaz was on the case and as soon as she walked into the bank she asked to see the security cameras coincidentally they didn't work and she .

Knew this was an inside job she turned to the security guard the cashier and the analyst and asked them to open their office drawers tom the security guard had keys to the vaults to let visitors in mark the cashier had a pair of gloves to handle money tim the analyst had the master key in .

His drawer that opened the vault because he needed some documents there immediately the officer knew who did it can you figure it out it was the analyst the vault was filled with jewelry not documents who took the prints it was a rainy sunday morning and jane .

Who was the prince's housekeeper walked into his room to clean it there she realized that the prince was gone but there was evidence in the room that something had happened broken vases spilled drinks and duct tape on the floor jane called the police right away and they began questioning everyone in the .

House the butler said he was cleaning his car to take the prince shopping jane said that as soon as she walked into the room she called the police the gardener said that he didn't even go inside and was watering the plants in the garden can you help the police figure it out it was the gardener it was raining there .

Was no need to water the plants the talking pit ethan had an argument with his brother and decided to go back home he didn't have a car and took a shortcut through the park while walking he fell into a pit ethan screamed for help but nobody could hear him .

Suddenly a portal opened and threw a slice of pizza in his hands a weird voice whispered every time you say pizza a pizza will fall out of the porthole two minutes later ethan was out of the pit how did he do it he said pizza so many times that the pit got filled with them and he climbed out .

The space disappearance an astronaut was about to go on a spacewalk he needed the okay from the space center on earth but the communications were down since 4 am that morning while waiting for someone to fix the problem he vanished someone on the space station knew what .

Happened but who harry said that he was in his room sleeping nick said that he was reading a book on his bed jenna said she was talking to the space center down on earth who is lying you have seven seconds to figure it out .

It's jenna their communications were down since that morning and nick couldn't get the ok to leave who is not poor jack a hired private investigator is looking for someone who is pretending to be poor to get free stuff at the local coffee shop but everyone there has similar .

Accessories and it's hard to figure it out can you help it's the lady in the gray suit she holds car keys in her hands artificial intelligence alan made a smart home system that can be controlled from his phone one night someone got into his phone and tampered with the system .

Alan was woken up by the tv telling him to get out of the house there were three doors that would lead him to the garage but the system controlled all of them behind the first door the temperature dropped to below zero behind the second door the temperature rose so high that everything started to .

Melt behind the third door two large robots were trying to get any human being that walk past them which way should alan go through you have seven seconds to help him he should walk through the first door the human body can handle freezing .

Temperatures for a few minutes two couples are about to get married the hall is full of guests the bride looks stunning in these long white dresses and the groom seems to be absolutely happy all of a sudden one of the guests noticed there's something wrong with one of the couples can you .

Guess what mary and alex have no reflections at all look at this decorated mirror behind them they must be vampires i wonder how mary did her makeup samantha and julie wanted to have a peaceful sunday afternoon they decided to have a hot air balloon ride and .

Headed to the park the instructor offered them to choose which one they wanted to ride a blue one a green one or a yellow one samantha loves the blue one no surprise look at her clothes and julie wants to go for the green one which girl isn't very attentive .

Samantha the color isn't that important there are no sandbags you want to have a safe ride don't you in one of the galaxies there's planet pink there are many people but few animals only hens and roosters live there they can be of three different colors pink red and yellow andrew went to that planet to see his friends for .

The weekend and while he was walking down the street he saw three bird couples in love no bird can be with the partner of the same color can you guess the color of the partner of the red hen it's the yellow rooster the red hen can't go out with the red one and the pink rooster as you see is madly in love .

With the yellow hem emily's aunt has bought a bottle of perfume for her niece's birthday sadly she couldn't keep it because helga her sister is terribly allergic to perfumes emily brought it back to her aunt who bought it for 65 the old lady sold it to someone for 80 then suddenly she remembered she had .

Another niece so she got it back for 70 sally the forgotten niece turned out to be allergic too so the anti had to sell it again for 60 dollars did she make any profit yep she made five dollars and grabbed a large latte for them a genius invented a watch he thought no .

One else but him could read a minute on his watch lasts an hour and an hour lasts a minute the watch shows the right time twice a day can you read it it's 5 30 just like it is the genius changed the hand placing the hour hand instead of the minute hand and vice versa well that doesn't seem that genius .

Somebody was stealing important documents from the office the guards didn't see anyone neither did the secretary the boss decides to install the security cameras to find out who was doing it they checked the footage carefully and found out who it was can you guess .

It's the man in the white shirt when he went out of the office he had two folders in his hand at the beginning of the day he had only one jamie wanted to know if his wife cheated on her he wasn't sure if she actually went on that business trip in australia he asked her to send a selfie which she did .

When he saw the photo he knew exactly that his wife was lying to him how did he guess well it's january in canada and the streets are full of snow how come there's snow in australia it's supposed to be summer there everybody knows that an old witch lives in this spooky old house .

Nobody really wants to meet her mary is in this house right now but she seems to be alone how come who said witches can't have the name mary back in the day she was young and beautiful too jack has a small shop that sells socks one day he decided to attract more people and launched an advertisement .

Socks for free many people came there but all the customers had to pay even though the socks were free why jack would only give the left sock to his customers they looked nice and people wanted to buy it who needs only .

One sock after all a man was driving his car all the way from new york to l.a at the end of the trip he discovered that one of his car's tires had been punctured from the very beginning still he reached his destination successfully how is it possible the punctured tire was a spare one .

You're trapped in a room that's slowly getting filled with water coming from a faucet in the wall there's no windows in the room and the door is sealed shut you have a mop and a big bucket so how are you going to get yourself out of this one come on just turn the faucet off .

Now it's better there are five girls in the room nicole is talking on the phone kimberly is reading jessica is playing hide and seek and melody is tidying up what's sarah doing sarah is playing hide and seek with jessica .

It has 13 hearts but no other organs what's the name of this creature it's a deck of cards what can you catch but never throw a called a team of video bloggers headed to a famous haunted house to make a video about the mysteries hidden inside when .

They arrived they didn't see anything strange the house didn't look creepy at all the guys walked up to the building but cameraman george turned around and refused to enter the house his friends tried to convince him but the guy insisted they should leave the area immediately his friends ignored his warnings and entered the building george .

Was waiting for them in the street all night but they never came out look at the picture and try to detect what was wrong with the house look at the ground all footprints lead to the house but there are no footprints leading away from the building i always run but i never walk i have a .

Mouth but i never talk i have a head but i never weep what am i that's right i'm a river look at the picture can you spot a burglar that's right the thief is inside the house on the left standing next to the window .

One saturday morning two sisters jenny and maya played hide and seek at home it was jenny's turn to hide and she decided to bring the game to the next level so she got on her longboard left the house and hit the road maya counted to 100 and began looking for jenny she searched the entire house but didn't find her sister the teenager .

Started to worry she went out to the street and decided to ask the neighbors alice said she had been mowing the lawn all morning and hadn't seen anyone derek said he had been woken up by the sound of longboard wheels lisa said she had been on a business trip and had just returned but maya knew for sure that one of her .

Neighbors was lying who was it alice lied take a closer look her lawn isn't mowed what letter of the alphabet is also an organ in the human body it's the letter i .

Aya a princess escaped from a dragon who kept her in a tower she was walking along a dark underground hall with a sand floor when suddenly she saw three tunnels a fire was blazing inside the first tunnel toxic acid was dripping from the ceiling in the second tunnel and the third tunnel was filled with .

Venomous scorpions five minutes later the princess got to the surface and ran through the forest toward her kingdom which tunnel did she choose the first tunnel she put out the flames with sand smart princess i can be touched but i can't be seen what am i .

The heart is the right answer look at the picture what's wrong here the sign says fresh meat mike woke up in the middle of the night because he had a nightmare he looked around and realized he was trapped in a weird house mike searched the place and found four .

Doors to freedom but the first door led to space behind the second door there was a giant magnifying glass anyone who stepped inside would be burned by the sun in no time the third door was hiding a pride of hungry lions and behind the fourth door there was an ocean swarming with sharks help mike choose the right door .

It's the second one sun rays aren't dangerous at night and mike can easily walk through that door


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