Sunday, May 22, 2022

Percentage v/s Percentile? | Fun Math | Don’t Memorise

What is the difference between percentage and percentile in school we've seen percentage while in some comparative exams it's percentile what's the difference let us take a simple example say there are 50 students in your class and your marks are 480 out of 750 what's your percentage here percentage would be .

480 divided by 750 multiplied by 100 which is 64 percent this 64 doesn't help you in comparing yourself with other students then how does percentile help and how do we calculate it suppose your rank in the class is ninth we have a very simple formula to calculate the percentile the numerator .

Will have the number of students who scored lesser marks than you did and the denominator will have the total number of students multiply this by 100 so 41 divided by 50 multiplied by 100 is 82 so the answer is 82 percentile as your rank 9th in the class your percentile is 82. this means 82 of the .

Students have scored lesser marks than you did so in your class if there are 100 students and your rank is 21 then what is your percentile let us know in the comment section below


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