Thursday, May 26, 2022

Physics Lecture – 14 – Mass vs Weight

What is going on guys welcome to your fourteenth physics tutorial and in this surah well I want to explain you guys the difference between mass and weight and that is supposed to be an A right there even though my handwriting is not that great so a lot of people use the terms mass and weight interchangeably but the truth is these two terms are .

Very very different so let me go ahead and first explain you guys what mass is mass is defined as the amount of stuff inside an object so all objects your car your computer the pencil you might be holding they have stuff inside it a bunch of atoms particles a bunch of scientific crap so technically when I say how much stuff is inside an object .

Whenever I say stuff it's technically called matter now why scientists named it matter instead of stuff well I don't think they thought that stuff was a very technical term so basically the amount of stuff or matter inside an object makes up an object's mass so if you guys are saying you know what that sounds an awful lot like weight to me well it's .

Easy to get too confused so let me go ahead and explain you guys what weight is now and how scientists use it whenever you are referring to weight now I'm gonna go ahead and talk about earth right now but it's really any body that has gravity you can have gravity on the moon on Mars on earth but I'm gonna go ahead and talk about the gravity of .

Earth right now so here is the core of the earth and of course since we live on earth we have something called gravity that's always pulling us towards the center of the earth now what weight is is that force how strong is that pull that is pulling you your body towards the center of the earth the stronger it is the more that .

Object is gonna weigh so again whenever scientists talk about weight they're talking about the force that's pulling an object toward the center of anybody then typically in my examples I'm going to be talking about the earth but again you can have weigh on the moon you can have weight on the Mars so on and so forth so if you guys are still .

Saying you know what mass and weight it's gonna be really easy to confuse the two well let me go ahead and talk to you guys a little bit more about weight and hopefully this should clear something up so say we were standing on earth here's my beautiful earth right now and there's the core of the earth now say we had two people that were identical clones of .

Another one was standing just on a flat plane and another was standing on a mountain hey I'm up here so pretty much the exact same person whoa if you know how gravity works the force of gravity is stronger the closer you are to the center of the earth so this person right here is going to be pulled towards the center of the Earth's earth .

With a stronger force than this person right here so this person even though they were the exact same person same size same everything this person would weigh more because they're closer to the earth and that's another fun fact did you know that if you stood on top of a mountain then you actually weigh less than if you were standing on the bottom .

Of the mountain or on a flat plane like this guy right here so the further away you get from the center of the earth the less you weigh so you know if you don't want to go on a diet or something you know just move to like Denver Colorado and your weight lipid less so you know or you can you know exercise but who wants to do that another thing is people .

Always ask why don't physicists use weight all the time why do they love using mass well let's go ahead and think about it here is beautiful earth that must be like Australia and this is you know Canada yada yada yada whenever you have an object such as actually don't want to draw a person anymore say you had a big chunk of wood and this is your .

Chunk of wood right now that wood would have a certain amount of weight however if that chunk of wood was on the moon then since the moon is smaller its pull of gravity is weaker so this block of wood would weigh less that's why people are able to hop around on the moon and it looks like they're swimming because the .

Gravity on the moon is really weak so you only weigh a fraction of what you were worth to weigh on earth if you went to the moon so obviously we can see that even though this object and this object are the exact same whenever we try to take its way in different places in the universe its weight can change easy however its .

Mass on the other hand is consistent the same amount of stuff in this block is gonna be there whenever we put it on the earth on the moon on Mars the amount of matter inside that object or the amount of mass is gonna be consistent no matter where you are so that's why physicists prefer mass instead of weight because if you took an object and move it from .

Earth to the moon to Mars its weight is gonna fluctuate so you can never really get a good understanding however its mass is a better I don't know it's just a better way to measure things because it's more consistent no matter if you're on a mountain on the ground on the moon on Mars mass is gonna stay the same so again on earth because gravity is .

Usually the same mass and weight are indeed related but for the purposes of physics and the rest of these tutorials I'm gonna be using mass because it's basically better than weight no one ever complains that they need to lose mass for the new years and that's another reason that just right wait wait right there that's embarrassing so anyways .

I've been talking for way too long so I'm gonna go get a drink of juicy juice maybe grab a juice box or something and I will see you guys in the next lesson


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