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Software Engineer in INDIA vs USA 🔥 | Savings, Rent and Cost of living | Google USA Microsoft FAANG

So You get offer of almost 110-120k US dollars per year So tax here is very amazing Some States are there which do not have income tax at all Eventually it becomes 42 or 41 % or move after marriage So even after this if we save 2k dollars , that also becomes around 1 lakh 50 thousand rupees You cannot stay in US for more than 5 years Its an uncertainty that you will get VISA or not Very big because it is lottery based .

Hi guys I am Nishant Chahar. I am a software engineer at Microsoft So in today's video we gonna talk about India vs USA We will talk about jobs and all How does the salary looks like How much you can save And today we have Gaurav sir with us For one more video And in this lets take his introduction Then we will start the video .

Hey everyone. So my name is Gaurav Gaurav Bhola And I am software Engineer at Google It has been around three years for me So in US I have almost completed 7 months Before this I was in India And in India I was working on Google pay Google pay. You guys must have heard it And after that here in US , I am working on Android .

Android OS which is made for cars That is called Android Automotive operating system And before google, I was working on Bluestacks Bluestacks has completed 10 years but still it is a startup So I have worked for 4 year in it Kind of a full stack engineer My graduation was from NIT kurukshetra As an industrial engineer .

So yeah So from non CS to getting a job at google, we worked about that in an another video We have made one more video In which we have talked about remote jobs, remote works Both of those will be coming in i button And you can follow sir's channel That will be tagged in Description Now lets start the video without any delay So the first question is what is the compensation remains if a new fresher guy joins there .

So what becomes the salary, how much stocks you get So lets talk about the bay area because I have more idea about bay area And all the data and all that I will tell This all is available on levels.fii So you can go on that and see level wise also Lets talk about freshers So if you join as a fresher In bay area software engineer .

So you get offer of around 110-120k US dollar per year So this is the base salary And if we talk about stocks That varies company to company So to begin with as in when you join, Microsoft can give you stocks of around 60-70k Whose vesting will be almost 4-5 years Google also gives almost the same UBER gives a little bit more Mostly for freshers it is around 110-120k .

And will you tell something about tax of bay area Means what is the average tax So that we will get an idea of taxation in India vs US Average tax Here tax is very amazing So here something like The federal government As in central government Like we say in India .

They apply tax It remains around 20-25% of them I am telling you the average tax rate There are some slabs But eventually average it becomes this. And if we talk about California So California state also applies income tax That varies around 10-12% So before moving further in the video, Coding Ninjas has come out with a great offer on Holi .

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And some states are there who do not have income tax at all Like Washington is one that I know There is no state income tax there So yes at least in theory You can go in such state Where there is not income tax So you will be able to save more. People think like that But then salaries are also low there But still saving become a little bit more .

But year that's about it Yes so almost how much is this 35 20-25 almost around 34-35k Other than these there are some taxes that they apply Some related to education And some one or two are also there That 2, 2.5 like that so eventually it becomes 41-42% So it is very funny .

But here, there is one interesting thing that if you You are eligible bachelor An if you are thinking that you have to marry But also you are thinking of moving in I will suggest that move after marrying Because here the concept is That if married people file income tax together, Means they are married couple and they file income tax , ITR and all together .

So they get very good return in that And your slabs also increase a little bit And the average tax rate will become a little bit low And if you see on the salary of both So it will make a good effect Life hacks If you have this that , first you are marrying and then moving So move after marrying In India everyone will know that tax becomes around 30% .

If you go above 10 lakhs, Then it becomes 30% If you take new scheme, then there is some difference And if you take some deductions in old Then you save some of your tax So for that you can watch the video of a good CA Yo can watch the video of some finance people. They will explain better that what are tax slabs and all But yeah it almost it becomes 30% tax But still it is less than US In 42% vs 30 % , 30 will win .

But then we will talk about cost of living there So we will get some more idea that the huge difference in salaries 100k USD vs 15 lakhs here 12-13 lakhs whatever you get How much difference comes in that in savings and all So Gaurav will you tell something about cost of living? Like what is the rent In average transport and all In groceries and all .

How much is spent? So actually lets look this like So regardless of your in hand whatever it is, Lets say for month, for now lets consider 6k is your in hand I do not know how much it will be But lets assume that it is 6 thousand So at least in bay area everything is very much mechanical Mechanical in the sense everything is fixed. Nothing is random .

And all the people like us , everyone will have similar So you come here You lets say eve if you are married To begin with you look for a one bedroom apartment And you will not get it less than 2200 The overall good apartment that you will want in which there should be GYM also So it will stretch up to 2400-2500 Rent per month So Your 2500 went straight .

From your per month salary After that comes Groceries So if there are two people A reasonable per month Groceries limit I will say around 800-900 Lets take 1000 in fact Provided that you are Because work from home is going here. You are not going to office So almost you are eating at home .

Even if you are not eating at home Still it costs around 10-12 dollar per meal per person It is managed in 600 also but Now I am counting weekends and everything You will go outside . There you will find a little bit costly Maybe you will eat more You will order something fancy So 800-900. Lets assume 1000 after relaxing This doesn't includes only food, some utilities are also involved Other than this .

Then we come Car In bay area public transport is not very good So without car you are effectively crippled So eventually you will have to buy a car So in car it is like take on lease You will get in 200-300 dollar in good condition per month And you will give something for petrol So eventually it goes to around 600 .

Then 600-700 If you are not doing lease. You are taking second hand car So lets see if you will see 3-4 years in horizon So per month you will find it same Provided obviously you will not take in starting You will take on EMI after doing some down payment So almost 600 for car And this is it Other than this if you want to live in luxury, you can spend as much as you want .

Take many subscriptions Everything is costly So almost it comes around 4000 dollars If we do total It becomes around 4000 dollars The salary that we considered is 6000 So after this if we save 2000 dollars so that is almost around 1 lakh 50 thousand rupees So the salary that a guy is going to get in India That salary he gets after going on a good level .

You save that much Lets me clear one thing here after pausing Here there are some catches They are We considered that there were two people They were husband wife Or only husband is earning And this all was in that perspective Now ones your wife starts earning .

So effectively all of that is your savings Exactly Exactly So this decision is very good That we talked before that you save your taxes And your savings also increase Exactly this is the reason If both of you goes together You can shift by considering this .

If we see like that if a bachelor moves , then his financials will a little bit low Because then you will see two BHK that will cost around 28,29 or in 3000 . So your rent , your share will come to 1500 And I have seen like what people do Someone also lives in living room So if it is two BHK So like 3 people live in that room So effectively that will be divided by two So it becomes a little bit more low Because one guy will be living in living room and two will be living in separate rooms .

And then they share the rent in the same proportion That living room one will give a little bit less Bedroom one will give some more And all those things So yes you can do cost cutting If you are not taking the car then you can travel on cycle That will also reduce 500-600 dollars from that And after doing all these things Right you can take near to your office .

So by doing all these things you can easily save That is always an option But this was that You are living a normal life And not compromising so much So this will be the total savings Like around 1 lakh, 1 lakh 50 thousand You will do Even if you are single. then also .

This much will happen So Gaurav you recently shifted Like not recently, now you have completed 6-7 months So you might get some difficulties Like switching to a new city Switching to a new country So would you like to share something? Yes actually right So here one thing is that if you are already moved in India .

One or two times So you will not face so much problem Almost challenges will be same That are in India Leys say if you are moving from Delhi to Bangalore Or the other way around So the challenges that you see there One is You feel some anxiety because you have to set up everything And new city .

You do not know anybody So these all things are obvious Here it happens a little bit more Because here you are in a different country altogether This very thought where you know that You are not connected to your home by land So it takes some time to get adjusted to that And other than this In problems .

Culture shock There is a little bit This was not for me Because in US very significant Not very significant But I have come 4 times before I stayed here 1-1.5 months I have derived a lot in US Not for me but for my wife all of this was very new .

And here people are also not visible as you go out Roads looks very deserted SO if you have come from India You are in the habit of seeing a lot of people Out there on the road Or anywhere you go So here, in that sense, it looks very deserted So in starting, it looks like everything is going very boring .

At least for the first 4-5 months After that you get in the habit of this so then everything becomes very normal I am pretty sure that when we will go to India, it will seem a little bit weird Means not very different challenges Almost same challenges that are there A little bit extra Just because it is a different country You will have to plan travels a lot I think In India you can travel on a very short notice like from Bangalore to your home state .

Or from Hyderabad to your home state anywhere But India from USA, you will have to go after a lot of planning Because one thing is tickets are very expensive Plus the scene of Holidays and all Correct Actually tickets is the main problem Because holidays also at least in the big tech companies Almost the offerings that are in India , are also here Culture is almost same .

In Facebook , Google it is same So in that sense I can't see that much difference That you have to take leaves You will not get this and that It entirely depends on your team And the work you are doing Actually tickets is an important point where you have to think a lot Tickets is the only thing Let me mention on tickets also .

So it is very interesting That if I see tickets for Diwali They are happening in around 1200 USD 1200 USD for two persons Up and Down That is very much cheap If you see you normally do not find around 2000 And currently you are getting for Diwali in this much Up and Down for two people .

That is very cheap So I think I should do it But on an average you get around 1700-1800 Up and down for two people This much goes So you have to think about finances Because if you will go and come very frequently Lets say three times in an year Then you will think that why have you come to US? .

If your end goal is just to save fly then why are you even here Your 2-3 lakhs of rupees will be spent on Up and Down only So this is it Plus it is nothing. With it you will be bringing some gifts and all For sure So these will also be add on So earlier your main goal was that you would save money there That will be a little bit low So like Diwali is around 6-7 months from here .

So you have to start planning this much early so that you get tickets on a little bit cheaper rate So this is the one thing So Gaurav tell us that how easy is job hunting? Before that one thing That you went in google recently On which type of VISA , google has sent you to the US Now can you switch to some other company Or you will have to apply for some other things for that Like any other type of VISA you will have to take .

So actually if we talk about work VISAs here So two are primary VISAs One is H1B And one is L1 So I came on L1 So L1 is basically intra company employee transfer What happens in case of L1 That your VISA is tied with your company Your job .

So if you leave the job, your VISA is invalid. You will have to return to India Which also means that I cannot change the job on this VISA I cannot apply to other companies in The US And one implication of this VISA is That you cannot stay in US for more than five years Actually not even 5 years It is 3 years After 3 years you have to take extension .

There are significant chances of denial So three years At max 5 years Then you will have to come back After that you will have to work in an non US office for one year To take L1 again So yeah this all is for L1 Second VISA was H1B Lets talk about that .

H1B is a VISA in which you can change the job And its time maximum 7 years First time you get 4 years You can take extension of three years And after that you can take that VISA again In L1 it happens that you will have to go for one year Outside of the US In it nothing is like this You can take again after extension .

You just need approval that you easily get But tricky scene for H1B is That it is lottery based Everyone do not get it And Indians and many people shifts To US Right they do But no company hires directly on H1B In US .

Means you are in India and you are looking for the job of US They will not hire you directly on H1B Because it is an uncertainty That you will get the VISA or not Because it is lottery based You do not get the VISA even after getting the lottery Because the meaning of lottery is that now you can appear for the interview And you can be rejected even in interview So mostly companies do not do .

This intra company transfer is very nice thing But some companies give option of H1B That they will apply for you And you can appear for the interview So lets say you came on L1 Now it is not a good thing for the company because now you are working for the US rule And you are only limited to five years It is not good for the company So company gives you an option .

That we will apply H1B on your behalf For you So yes people come here on L1 In many companies And the they apply for H1 every year Those who have to stay for long term They then apply for H1 And that is lottery based So keep applying every year until it comes .

Thank you so much Gaurav for taking out time. It was amazing talking to you Second video that we recorded That will be coming in i button If you haven't watched it, then go and watch it And thank you so much for taking out time Lets meet in next video Till then bye


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