Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Strait vs Isthmus | Grade 6 | Social Science | Concept Video | #1000StepsSriShakthi

so hi students this is muhammad ashfaq in this video we'll be learning about the difference between a straight as well as isthmus and .

This topic is based on a geography subject let's get into the topic so what is a straight so by seeing the picture itself you can understand this blue color represents water and this brown color represents land mass .

And you can see that this small water channel or small water body that connects this two bigger water bodies we can call this as a straight or in other words a small water body that divides two bigger land mass will also be known .

As a straight and one good example that connects this straight is park straight you may have heard about park strait yes it is located near india and sri lanka you can see here in this picture the sparks tray and this is a narrow .

Water channel that divides the two big land mass india as well as sri lanka and it also connects two bigger water bodies indian ocean as well as bay of being gone so this can be a very good example for .

The street and you can also find more straits throughout the world let's get into isthmus which is exactly opposite to the straight here if you see a narrow landmass you can see here the narrow landmass that connects two bigger land mass or in other words a narrow land mass that divides .

Two bigger water bodies we call that as isthmus so in straight it is a narrow water channel that connects two bigger water channels in is a narrow landmass that connects two bigger landmass and if you see an example for esther a very good famous place panama .

That connects two big continents north america as well as south america and this panama canal or panama is acts as a connection line between this northern america as well as southern america and this also divides two bigger water bodies which are nothing but .

Pacific ocean as well as atlantic ocean hope you got an idea about straight as well as islamists let's learn something new and we were talking about parks trade and there was a project initiated by the indian government to reduce the transportation .

Distance as well as the time by making a travel path for the ships which are coming from the other parts of the world and according to this program the name of this program is sedu sambhatram titan say the samvidaram plan which .

Helps mostly if you see the sea route of the ships it will cross the sri lankan country then it will go to the bay of bengal water body but if we implement this plan by making the ships to pass through the .

Sparks trade we can reduce nearly 400 nautical miles as well as around 36 hours of time which helps in saving the petrol as well as reaching the destination as much as faster than earlier situation but unfortunately due to various reasons this project was not brought into implemented implementation with this information i .

Would like to conclude this video thank you students let's meet with a new video in next class thank you have a great day bye


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