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The Difference Between Video Calling Platforms and a Produced Live Stream Event

All right so now we're right now we're rocking and rolling we're okay we're we're cooking with a stovetop cooker now so top cooker we're popping did you ever do uh what was that popcorn that had that was in the tin foil .

Jiffy pop jiffy pop years ago i was like a wee little lad my dad had a sailboat and we jiffy popped some popcorn but we over jiffy'd it blew up yeah well i yeah you got to be really careful with that because then you don't want to burn the bottom because then it like ruins the whole batch yeah well it's .

Kind of like microwaving popcorn right same thing leave it in just a couple seconds too long and i like making just regular like uh popcorn in the pan with butter and oil you're remembering when's the last time you did that you've never what just sounds dangerous with all this .

Stuff oh no well no you put a lid on it or where's the popcorn go you just gotta have a big enough pot oh okay yeah okay no it's good i mean it doesn't have to be too deep but you know i actually have a popcorn it's a microwave popcorn popper for kernels .

So you please you just put the no oil no nothing you just put the kernels in this bowl and it's like got a ceramic something on the bottom lid or something what's that with a lid then with a lid yep and then you just stick it in the microwave and it pops the popcorn .

That's cool you know what i've done before with popcorn when i don't have like the you know the bat the popcorn microwave microwave stuff i put it into a brown paper bag like a lunch bag right and just like tape it with like masking tape like i fold it down tape it with masking tape it totally works .

Yeah just plain old popcorn not like no butter flavor or anything like that but yeah look at all this stuff you learn in the pre-show you know we should talk we should be doing uh like the the cooking show the pre cooking show it's the single person's guide to cooking .

Yeah here's how to make meals for one popcorn which is great for dinner although let's talk about gourmet popcorn because i didn't learn about this until my gosh my mid-20s um but i forget what type of yeast it is but it's the flaky yeast oh the brewer's yeast brewer's yeast yeah butter .

Just butter and brewer's yeast on popcorn absolutely delicious that's like that's a meal favorite way yes yes my favorite way of of doing it i mean we both know we've we've both had you know ice cream for dinner before oh yeah ben and jerry's that's an easy get it on sales that's like dinner for .

Less than five bucks you can't do can't do much better oh yeah i mean how dare you have some vegetables that's gourmet there's there's more gourmet cooking for one ben and jerry's ben and jerry's just just insert spoon yeah easy actually that could be a that could .

Be a fun show right just easy meal prep easy meal prep yeah and it's all just like really open yep insert spoon maybe that could be a tick tock who's ever watching go ahead feel free to make it channel out yeah that one okay if it becomes popular well if if it .

Becomes popular people will will copy it anyways and do their own version of it so it doesn't matter so that's what i like about tick tock there's um there's a well you know i like watching the review videos so people that watch videos and typically it's an artist so they're like .

Oh i'm a rapper and i'm watching metal videos and they're like oh my gosh those are hilarious um there's a couple that goes through and just finds weird uh obscure things on the internet and they do a whole show talking about it and they typically get over a million .

A mile so i think when we go live we should do our own music okay you're in charge i don't know about that are you going to do a little a little beatbox go slowly all right here we go we're going live uh let's actually play some of like real music let's do .

A little intro video since i did it last week all right welcome to the show my name is ryan your name's sue yes it is it is it's funny with the little video i was like i felt like i was like getting ready for like the newscast i'm like wait how's my hair .

Last last minute prep okay next time you got to have the little compact you know in front of you and wait like all those live go oh my gosh um so beauty tips that's a great we could talk about that at the next show because i'm having i'm having an okay hair day you and your hair .

Me and my hair um that's why i used to love just shaving it it was so easy this is a good edgy look though for you i think you i think you're rocking it yeah thank you i'm surprised that how many people uh like it even my mom has been like okay fair enough we're gonna rock we're gonna roll with .

It it's when i it's gonna be summer or summertime uh christmas when i go visit my my parents up in uh coeur d'alene my dad my stepmom that'll that'll be fun because it'll be the first time they've seen it so it'll be fun going out in northern idaho very conservative northern idaho .

So we'll have fun you're a rebel might have to go to the shooting range that'll be fun with them okay we have so much to talk about get some fake tattoos and stuff i'm gonna have lots of fun i don't know we'll see what happens um let's talk about the name of our show yes a live show yes our our live show .

The live show yes i don't know if there's another show that we're doing i mean we we produce other shows we do we do indeed yeah but our tagline are you talking about our tagline talking about the tagline the name of the show we haven't figured out what the name of the show is so i'm i'm kind of going with zuma's for meetings meetings .

Are boring yes exactly and specifically around the fact if you're doing virtual events how can you put on something that's fun engaging different even though zoom is simple everybody knows how to use it and it's kind of a i think it's an easy default and it .

Makes sense however there are other opportunities out there and today we just want to kind of go through two specific examples where zoom is for meetings meetings are boring and i think before we go into those examples we should probably talk a little bit .

Why that is and i'm going to say the it's not the mental health even though we've we've talked about the mental health aspect of being on zoom all the time but really from a if you think about uh an anchor um songs food we were talking about ice cream for a lot of people ice cream is a .

Positive uh anchor right if i eat ice cream it has a positive thing so it becomes an anchor because i'm like oh maybe i'm feeling a little runt and i want to feel better so i'm going to go get some ice cream music can be that way it can remind us of people it can remind us of special .

Events and when we hear that now we have an auditory anchor that's like oh my goodness something good might make us sad um so there's all kinds of anchors you know and i think one of the best ones is people that have had a bad experience at a restaurant .

Like a yes bad not a bad service yeah maybe even bad service if it's bad enough um but they will never go back to that restaurant because there's a negative anchor that's attached to that restaurant so when we think about zoom and if you're doing events and you're doing maybe a podcast .

And you're like okay zoom is my thing and you're doing meetings or and you're doing meetings so every type of energy or anchor comes with hosting something on zoom and i think that's the first thing that we want to kind of talk about because if you're if you're a larger business and .

You're actually doing your meet teens and your employees are engaging and maybe it's not zoom zoom has kind of become a verb right it's like xerox like xerox like kleenex anything else so you know you could be using any other platform out there to have a video video conferencing .

There is it becomes an anchor right there certain emotions especially if you're doing multiple meetings a day if you look on your calendar and it's like oh i have another video meeting with person yes exactly one after the other getting excited about that well i've talked to so many people who .

Have they say i have literally been on back to back zoom meetings all day long with with bosses with clients with different people you know learn than doing you know the learning pieces oh i was going to doing a webinar thing i was on that and it's just .

I really pulled up an article and it said something about um fighting zoom fatigue and the article was written at the end of may and i thought uh you thought you had zoom fatigue in may oh my friends wow we are struggling right now yeah yeah .

Definitely um so i want to kind of preface the beginning of today's show with that so just kind of realizing what emotions are being attached if you decide to do a podcast or or other things and there's ways of getting around it but let's let's actually showcase a couple of examples .

And the first example we're actually going to use is a an early i'll call it a show that you were doing on zoom yes correct this was back this is may 27th so this is very early very limited uh options and and whatnot and the first thing i want to just kind of point out with this is that .

Big black bars at the top big black bar at the bottom you actually in post production put uh the name in here and and you also did a nice little intro however if you're doing this live you're not going to be able to add all of these features instead what you're going to get .

Is simply this right exactly all we're going to see is these black bars at the top and zoom does have some features so as an example you were able to just showcase yourself and if you had showcased i don't know if you actually here you go yeah you did so you also showcased the speaker at one .

Point and these are the options you have it's either the two of you or one of you and that's it and you had to stop right there am i picking my nose in that oh i'm sorry well let's back it up just a smidge and see what happens oh picking my nose no no i think it was .

Just it was just a little scratch we could do it okay good i'm sorry i think i can slow it down if you want no it's okay here no no i can slow it down no no we're good we're good it's okay okay no let's not do that so essentially this is what you get so if .

People are going to watch this maybe live may it be in post this is essentially what you get and you get a sense of of what this is you already kind of know it's a zoom meeting simply because of the layout and the problem some of the problems that i that i have with this is the fact that .

I don't know this gal's name i don't necessarily know your name if i'm just watching for the first time um so there's no name call outs there and uh there's all this great real estate from a branding point of view that's not being used right this is just one of the downsides .

To using zoom as a platform it's it's very limited and it kind of looks like a meeting right like like one more meeting yeah another meeting and but hey you know what back in the early days when we were all just we've got to do .

Something this was really for a lot of people the best choice and it was a great way of being able to get out there so it makes it made sense um but as we move forward there are other options out there so this is a show this is a weekly show .

That i produce with steve nobleton and this is not using zoom so this is actually using vmix which is how sue and i right now i'll come back to us this is how we're speaking right now and you'll notice we've got you know some graphics at the top we've .

Got some little stuff there we've got our logo way over there in the corner so we have all of these different accoutrements if you will that we're actually allowed to overlay and if you notice the video quality compared to your average zoom meeting is a lot .

Better than zoom so we now have a different experience so if we go back to that anchoring stitch that anchoring what i was talking about earlier about anchors uh that anchor is it's it's something's different people recognize that it's different there's some color in it now it's not just black .

Um the boxes can be resized so if you have it just has it just seems like it has like you know more more feeling to it like there's more like like it looks inviting to me when you go oh you know what actually this looks like a show i want to watch it's steve doing his kung fu mind yeah right .

Thing right now i think that's what it is but you can see he is his team did a great job from a branding point of view uh we have the name up we've got the guest name up so as you're going through you can remember who's speaking and then as we kind of bounce through let me scrub .

Through his guest is able to speak also and it's not just a full screen because a lot of times people will just do a full screen in fact i can do it let me find my camera so this as an example here we are full screen we lose a lot of that branding versus .

When we do it this way and we shrink it down a little bit and we put the branding around it now it just i think it adds a little more credibility also yeah um and people are gonna be more engaged yes i hope so i think that's what i think that's what everybody's missing right .

Now right is is is that engagement it just and those do plain zoom meetings just feel so static and you just kind of it makes it a lot easier to tune out a little bit where you kind of go oh wait what did i miss right that's right i thought i was in a .

Meeting again whoops yeah and you have to you really do need to break that that connection to it just being a meeting so i want to go back real quick let me pull this up let me go back to yours that you did and the other thing i want to talk about is .

You have you recorded the meeting right then you had to open it up in a editing software and you did all of that in order to put this beautiful intro on it and then i believe uh we probably have name come on oh i got it going so you put it on i'm like what's .

Happening if people if you don't know you could change the speed i totally recommend doing it it's so much fun on different things to speed it up on zoom or slow it way down um and then at one point you also here it is you were able to put um yes name in here so this was all done in post-production so that's additional .

Time that's additional resources um and it and if you're going live you're not going to be able to do this live because this was all done in post-production what's really cool about this show is everything that you see all the edits the cuts uh all the branding .

And even you get to the end and steve is going to make his thing so he's got his box that he's in all of this is done on the fly so the live version looks just the same as the recorded version if you will and that's because it's actually there is no .

Post-production exactly which is is great because it saves time energy money uh resources and everything else so for me i mean there but there but there is a little bit more of the pre-production uh kind of this the setup but once you .

Have those things in place they're just there and it's a matter of you know you as the as the producer clicking the button and knowing and going to the next thing and having all of the branding consistent throughout the whole thing right and if you'll look at kind of the .

Way sue and i have this show set up we're actually a little bit bigger on the screen versus say what steve is doing stephenopoliton is doing here he's got a lot of room down here at the bottom for his branding and so his the boxes that he's actually and his guests are actually .

Are in are are different they're different size than what we're doing our stuff is at the top so what's nice about this is you have complete control over it exactly and you you have the flexibility of creating the event that you want versus being confined to what you can do on zoom and zoom is .

Making some great you know specifically zoom microsoft meetings they're they're making some great strides where you can pin multiple people now um they're doing a lot of great things but it's still a meeting platform it is not an event pro event platform it's not a let's do a live show .

Platform um so anyway okay let's go on so that's kind of the podcast um the live show you know two guests maybe even three people if you wanted that three people you know we could split this up with three guests but let's actually talk about events and the first one that i have .

Is going to be north bay business journal this is a company that's locally here in sonoma county they have been putting on wonderful events for years and years and years in person and they had to make a very quick change to online and so they went zoom .

And so it's nice what they've done in a sense that we actually have branding here so instead of having a person show up they created a slide and had a an image show up for branding and then within the individual speakers they did the little green screen effect and then they put an image behind .

Themselves so that you have some branding from a consistency point of view great however we still have blocks we've got a black background um we've got repeating branding on both sides that maybe doesn't need to be duplicated so there's still a lot of .

Limitations on what you're able to do and i think what they've done with the limitations you know they've done a great job it's just that within zoom you can only do so much yes and so recognizing the limitations that come with zoom versus say going to .

An actual um a platform such as vmix where you're able to create a lot of change in and different so this is for pmg i'm on on the board it's a non-profit for local marketing people in sonoma county uh based up in santa rosa and we did a we did our lunch and learn on we have a weekly or monthly excuse me .

Lunch and learn and what's nice is we have the president and of course i she's going to just have her eyes closed because i imagine any place i find it's not going to be the right spot but she is able to present with a branded background so we don't have the big black boxes any .

Anywhere uh additionally somewhere in here i know i popped her name up maybe it's there somewhere i know i did it well i'm just going to let that play through i know i popped her name up anyway um ideally their name would pop up .

Gosh you gotta love this sometimes don't you i know i'm gonna have to say technology will make a liar out of you yes i'm like what's going on here there we go there we go pause i'm like i know i put it in there so you're able to do different things right and so .

Even like with the names that pop up here if you're having different people rotate and rotate in or rotate out you're able to change that effectively and maybe at some other point you want to re-emphasize the person's name we have all of this flexibility .

The other nice thing is we can go from two people talking just like we've been doing you could have a single person talk and you can also do wonderful things like being able to share uh slideshows powerpoints and um you know pretty much whatever you want because you have the flexibility .

Versus when you're going within say a zoom-like platform you're really got a lot of restrictions so i think yeah today was really just talking about the flexibility that if you go beyond even if you go to like a b live or you go to ecamm um there's so many different tools out .

There it's not that you have to use vmix and we're not um we're not this is not a paid promotion or anything it's just simply the tool that we use so we're the most familiar with it as far as flexibility goes and being able to present a beautiful branded piece that represents your brand .

Your vision and what you want to do well it's also it's taking that professional element to the next level so you know zoom as you said zoom is very accessible everybody knows how to use it um and yes you can you can take that and you can do a pretty good job with zoom and but there are those limitations and if you really do .

Want to take it to the next level and be very professional have the branding have that look have a good feel to your event in your show it's you know we highly suggest using something other than zoom um to really just take it to the .

Next level to keep your your audience engaged also because you know looking at the colors and everything is a little more fun than just that black background you know especially with the the nice light that you have a little up lighting that yeah matches yeah let's go yeah i worked hard .

On that getting fancy that's right so i don't um you know that's all i really have to say about kind of taking things beyond zoom i think those are really really good examples because like i said you can use the zoom it's very functional it works but .

That's a great example of showing the difference because i think a lot of people because zoom is very comfortable because they've been using it for several months now they've had to be in lots of meetings they've done webinars they've done all that stuff it feels comfortable .

But the a lot of times when we talk to people they don't quite understand why you would not want to use zoom and you would want to do something different and i think these are really good examples of you know just right side by side to see well okay here's zoom and yes you can do .

Zoom and here are the limitations and here's what it could be and beyond so there and a good idea i'm gonna you keep on talking sorry i was like oh we could actually we could actually do kind of like a little side by side side by side something there it'd be kind of cool yeah yeah but i mean i think just just .

Illustrating that for people like i said we've had conversations and people go yeah but i'm i can just use zoom and i can i can just do that and it'll be fine and and i think that honestly yeah that probably could be fine for a while but as we continue .

On the i think i think you know we're gonna still be doing a lot of virtual events into next year and it's just it's just a matter of time before you're going to need to step up your game um and so and don't be don't be left behind don't be the last person who's still using zoom and not doing .

Anything and going oh man they're doing these amazing things i wish i would have done that sooner yeah so you have the opportunity to to move up and move forward yeah i'm going to pull there you go yeah i'm going to pull my picture off of here i got to find out which slide yeah we're on this one here let me go on .

A good old multi-view and there we go yeah it's kind of cool so you can kind of see from a end user point of view right which which one would you rather do you think would might be more engaging um has that professionalism that i don't know i'm going to say .

Professionalism only because i was able to stop where their names showed up right pmg slide right yeah i think that's a good i think that's a good example and i think the one i don't know if you want to do the side by side of the .

Of the interview that i did side by side with steve's those were i mean that's a pretty that's a pretty stark difference going from my zoom which was me one person black bars very boring very static and then going to what steve is doing on a weekly basis .

For his show and interviewing different people and i think it's you know doing taking it to the next level is really honoring your guests too they're taking their time to be on your show provide their expertise all of that and you really want to show them in the best light possible too .

And be you know showing yourself as a professional as well so i think that that's really important yeah definitely and uh got that had to get it set up yeah there you go so here you go that's perfect so yeah that's quite a difference the before is on the right side and the .

After is on the left side as far as potential and options that are out there right yep and i would even say you know to our audience which would you prefer the watch not knowing what the content is but just visually which one looks a little more engaging to you .

Right absolutely yeah that's and that's what you want you want engagement and you definitely want people to stay on your show watch your show not feel like it's just another boring zoom meeting right it's it's not it's something better and it's got more content and it looks good so yeah and and you .

Gotta you have to break that that anchor that connection that oh you know um even with the holidays coming up you know can you imagine um somebody is like oh my gosh we got to do something for the for the holiday party but we can't we can't go to dinner like we normally .

Would can't rent out the whole restaurant bring 50 people into a room and do all that we'll have a festive zoom um yeah exactly and then people are going to be like oh yeah okay zoom that's sounds awesome well you know it might be .

A good reason to drink so i don't know it could actually turn into a really good night potentially potentially it could that's a good point but yeah for those for those holiday parties too you know it's a good chance to showcase even some of your um your .

Employees that maybe you want to give a thanks to or show gratitude or give an award and it's bigger and better than just oh we got on a zoom call and i'll pop you up there and hit it right congratulations all right yeah let's keep going with our meeting i'll let the cat out of the bag in the .

Sense that we are putting together a uh holiday party what do you call it a holiday party it's a virtual holiday virtual holiday party in a box yeah so that is something we're working on once we have it all done we'll go ahead and if we .

If we remember we'll put a link down below otherwise leave a comment and let us know that you would like to have access to that virtual it's going to be a free download we'll be helping people out with that so they can have put on a better a better virtual holiday party um yes for their family or for their .

Staff exactly that's engaging and fun and people want to go to yeah instead of just another boring meeting which we don't people don't want to go we don't want it we don't want we're over it all right perfect uh anything else you'd like to add .

No just make sure you come back next week it's our weekly show on tuesdays at 4 p.m pacific time we'd love to see you here and of course if you have any comments about any of our content or you'd like to hear us talk about anything share anything with you we'd love to hear in your .

Comments so in our comments so please let us know all right perfect until then everybody we'll see you next week take care bye


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