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The Important Difference Between Cardano Mainnet and ITN Rewards Dates

Hi everybody this is rick here welcome to digital fortress i'm doing this live stream to take your questions welcome everyone for being here i'm going to go over the schedule for when rewards occur i'm going to try to be brief and to the point and then i'll take your questions hello five star emperor king cardano .

Welcome thanks for being here um so basically there's not going to be any rewards on august 18th that you'll see you will not receive your rewards so right now you see your pools making blocks right so you're delegated to a certain pool and you see them making blocks so i just wanted to spell out the timeline here .

Compared to the itn so that we have a better idea of how or when we're going to get the rewards so basically the 18th you don't get rewards even though your pools are making blocks now for the blocks that are being currently made you're going to get those rewards on .

August 23rd okay that's when those rewards come out so the current epic the blocks being made then there's going to be a pause and then you'll get them on august 23rd at the end of the next epic and so i have the diagram that i put up as the thumbnail .

I'm going to go over that diagram i'll compare to the itn well here's my uh here's my brief description of the comparison to itn note on the itn it gave us instant gratification okay we were uh so i'll give you an example let's say on day one when we .

Were doing the itn for six months which we really enjoyed we had a lot of fun with it but on day one i would delegate my steak on day two it would become active or it would go into effect because epics were only one day long then on day three blocks would be .

Produced based on my stake at the end of day three i would get the rewards the beginning of day four because each epic was a day so i would see an immediate turnaround and a more instant gratification for the poll i was delegating to or i would see very quickly if if that pool was having .

Issues which we don't have that problem on the haskell but there were some issues with the rust versions and so you would you would very quickly see did or did i get rewards or not with that pull and then you could quickly shift um over a period of three or four days to a .

Different poll and see if you got rewards there and the ability to switch from pool to pool you're seeing results quicker so you're able to make decisions faster now with the new schedule where the epic is five days .

It's going to be a little bit more difficult so i made that schedule you saw that i posted on the thumbnail and i'm going to pull that schedule up now and i'll go over it and then i'll take your questions because i'm sure there was a lot of questions about you know how does this work so give me a moment to arrange my .

Windows and i'm going to share the screen of the schedule that i made i'm going to share the entire desktop because i'm going to have to pull some other windows and there it is okay so the desktop is up and let me make sure i can still see chat in case you guys have questions .

Okay all right so you should be able to see my desktop i'll give it a moment to make sure i can see it also and uh so hello five star emperor king gardano john hamilton welcome retro crypto steve s radapool hello crypto hello everyone thor juan sierra no central authority .

Welcome everyone all right now you can all see that screen now um i'm going to go over the dates all right so as long as you delegated before august 8th like currently you might be delegated to a pool and today is august 17th .

Okay but you're you're not going to get rewards for that until uh three more epics out somewhere at the end of the month after august or i think 28th you'll get the reward so as long as you've delegated before august 8th here you will get rewards august 23rd here .

And then we'll just walk through this flow chart and what i did is i cut out the extra stuff at the bottom because it's irrelevant and more confusing so as long as you delegated prior to august 8th okay even if you delegated before august 3rd okay so you delegate the stake then .

There's a snapshot at that point and an epic elapses where nothing happens right here if i were to write something it would say nothing okay then after that entire epic from august 8th to 13th the delegation becomes active and now the pools are making blocks that is .

Present that's where we are today we're on august 17th we are here so those pools are producing blocks currently then the rewards will be calculated as this epic is kind of like nothing okay and then the results of the delegation .

Back here august 3 through 8th you will get them on august 23rd at 21 45 universal time code august 23rd utc and of course the cycle continues there is never a break in rewards okay if i re-delegate let's say i delegated august 3 through 8th and i'll see the rewards of that pool on august 23rd .

But let's say i redelegated today on august 17th right here okay i'm gonna have to follow this map out over over over and over so sometime after august 28th beginning of september i will get the rewards for the delegation from today but i would have to recalculate it .

So i'll do a few more of these videos where i update the dates on here and walk people through it because there's um no one good place except for yuroi it appears that you're always going to have a good schedule and i think the one in dallas will also work out well but we'll find out let me know if you have any questions in the chat i'm going .

To pull up euro here on my other screen um let me pull that up so i can show you what i mean by i think you're oi let me put that over there okay so for euro users there is a calendar in here okay there's nowhere else i can find some sort of calendar where august 23rd .

You get the rewards that's here on the dashboard so you go to the aurori dashboard the reason and the main reason i'm doing this video is because i've had a lot of people ask me when do we get rewards and i'll let them know or i'll say something about when the rewards are available .

And some people were under the assumption that they were going to get rewards on august 18th but what happened was when we pushed the d equals one five days to the right and it stayed at equals one that pushed everything else also to the right so everything .

Moved to the right by five days until d was dropped down to 0.9 about nine ten days ago before the beginning of two epochs ago so you see how it can be confusing all right so euro here has the calendar so yoroy could be the champ it also has rewards epics five days indicator down here .

This graph may come in handy it looks like it very well may may come in handy when it starts filling in with data all right but you do have the calendar here and it has the date and time so you see it has august 23rd august 28th september 2nd and it tells you that epic now i'm what .

I'm curious to see is if it tells you which pool returned those rewards because it is still confusing for me i have to think through it very thoroughly to think okay when i start seeing these rewards where was i delegated what was i delegated to at the time that that happened .

Okay all right so that's uh that's on your roy um there's also a marker in daedalus that may also prove useful in the delegation center we'll see how that goes all right so i'm going to go back over to this schedule and again a reminder if you delegated between .

August 3 through 8th you'll see those rewards on august 23rd if you uh if you delegated uh august 8th through 13th and you did not prior to this blue bar if you delegate in this time zone you will see your rewards august 28th and if you delegated or redelegated during this epic the current one you'll .

See those rewards on september 2nd so it just it keeps shifting to the right shifting to the right and we don't see that kind of like immediate feedback loop that we saw on the itn where you saw very quickly whether or not you were getting good rewards so i just want to make sure that .

Was clear to everyone and i'm going to check chat for your questions and then i'll try to be brief let's see do any questions there let's see vikings checking in thor how you doing all right grow pool all right glad it was nice and clear grow glad you liked it .

Let's see excited for the 23rd let's see notice the time remaining for each epic and you're always wrong uh that one should not be there just 20 hours i don't know if gro i don't know if euro is wrong or not i'd have to take a closer look at it but i think it will be more usable when it starts filling in .

With data i'm going to believe it when i see it kind of guy so when you start seeing data collecting that graph then we could probably make a better determination as to what you're always doing because you know sebastian and ruslan did a lot of work on that along with a bunch of other devs .

And uh they kind of think things through pretty thoroughly so we'll see but you could be you could be right we'll see um let's see steve s says rick on sunday we're talking about staples being able to turn on smart contracts on or save resources and keep them off will delegators get the rewards for choosing polls that keep them on .

That is a great question i do not know the answer i don't know the answer to that so steve we'll have to follow up on that question keep keep asking that and i'll try to get that also asked i don't know if delegators will get rewards from those erc 20 erc223 and new types of cardano .

Tokens that you see appearing on the on the uh gogan it's probably going to be out probably around the end of november is my guess mid-december i'd lean a little bit towards prior to christmas for that um but great question steve all right skin uh says that the yoyograph .

Becomes very handy i'll show you how your delegation is doing it will be very helpful i think so yeah once we see the uri graph fill in with data we might find it more we'll see how useful that is i'm pretty sure it's going to be helpful i'm going to be looking at it closely bovines hello how you doing he says hi .

Rick what is the best way to check pull saturation as long as it pulls under about 207 million it's not saturated it's a little bit more simpler than the itn i'm not sure what the mathematical difference is but on the itn i think it was how much ada came into .

Existence based on people putting their private seed phrase into the itn and bringing that into existence but on the main net the 8 already exists so my understanding is total supply all right if i'm wrong i apologize but it's total supply divided by 150 and now that will determine your saturation point .

Okay all right i hope answered your question beau vines i hope answered it correctly uh let's see five star emperor says atomic socks i don't use it so i don't know uh let's see october black how you doing there buddy um he says i'm late to the party you're never .

Late sir you're never late you're always early when it comes to cardano as long as you're in cardano before 2021 you are early okay so welcome all right no other questions there i am going to punch out i was going to keep this short that way people can watch the replay and i'm not babbling on all evening thank .

You for watching digital fortress you all have a great day have a great evening happy staking and i'll do some updates on these videos with the timelines all right you all take care okay bye-bye once i find my window have a good evening


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